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Archangel Michael:
Merry Happy Christmas beautiful Souls. It is Archangel Michael. On this day, angels gather your songs of praise and celebration to God along with your prayers for Peace and Prosperity on Earth. The angels carry your intentions, requests and declarations of love far and wide, letting Galactic communities know: the humanity of Earth chooses harmony, unity, God. Hosanna!
Sananda is with me. Together we are transmitting to you through this message a Christmas Benediction. As you commemorate the Christ Consciousness in Jesus, we too celebrate the Christ Consciousness in you. The story will be told for eons of the bright brave Souls who stood in Faith together on the surface of Earth transmuting the densest energies of pain and suffering into Light, while they transduced God’s energy, God’s Love, so it could be palpably emitted across the planet for the Ascension of all. This year, you are the Christmas Blessing.

Anywhere you still have pain in your life or in your self is where you still believe someplace within your psyche that you are separate from God. This imagined separation is the very mechanism that allows you to concoct and participate in an illusionary reality. It is illusionary because in Truth you are never ever ever separate from God, except where you hold yourself away. You can contemplate what I’m revealing to you by pondering the following explanation.

It is a though you are standing in a lavish garden brimming with ripe vegetables, yet you are starving to death because you don’t believe in vegetables. Oh, you have your reasons why, and they are valid, sort of. Once you almost choked to death on a carrot stick, so you decided carrots weren’t safe to eat. Another time, you were poisoned by the chemical sprays on cauliflower, so you determined that you’d never eat that again. One by one, you had a legitimate disagreeable experience with every vegetable in the garden, until finally – with your burgeoning evidence – you formed the reasonable conclusion that vegetables are not food, and vegetables are dangerous.
Your experiences were valid; they did happen. However, your conclusion, although understandable, is incorrect. It is similar to how – as a result of many horrific experiences over many lifetimes – you pulled away from God. God’s Love is the very grace that heals, balances, imbues meaning and purpose, so you shunned that which would restore and resurrect you. You are starving for God’s Presence and Love. Turn your cup up. God’s Love is infinitely yours.

How do you turn your cup up? Willingness. Sananda recently told you, “Willingness is perfection.” This is what he meant. You do not have to know WHAT to do. There is no formula to follow – a set of new formulas would be the invention of a new program for heaven’s sake. You are not seeking a new program to replace the old. You are reclaiming your own Sovereignty. Be curious and willing to see where you have pushed God away. Be willing to be close with God again, in the way that is meaningful to you, you and God. God is within you, so you know exactly where you need to look.

Everywhere you hurt, feel lack, suffer, act out is where you have withdrawn yourself from God. To be in God’s Presence is Peace. Being with God is the knowledge and experience of all the qualities of Love. If you are believing and experiencing something other than Love, turn within. Turn to God. Choose Love. Be the Light you are, and then it will be impossible for illusionary qualities to be perceived, much less believed.

YOU are the Light and Life of the world. That is not blasphemy – it is blasphemy to declare otherwise. Sananda was that Light on Earth, and you are that Light. You are the embodiment of God’s Light. If you believe otherwise, then it is causing you pain of some kind. Follow that pain inward until you discover the experience or belief that lead you to sweeping erroneous conclusions such as vegetables are not food or God is something separate from you. Take your hand off your own dimmer switch. Stop hiding under a bushel. You cannot hide God’s Light. It is. Let your Light shine!

I Am Archangel Michael here with Sananda. Prepare to give…you are the Christ on Earth now.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/25/16)

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Archangel Michael:

A warm holiday greeting to you, dear beloved family. It is Archangel Michael.

You are getting ready to receive God’s Prosperity in the form of what’s called money. What you actually will be receiving is the feeling and experience of limitless abundance: Freedom. For those of you who have already claimed this Freedom, there will be no delays, detours or bounds to the joyfulness you will embody and to the Goodness you will do.

Leap of Faith!

For those of you who are willing yet still a bit unsure how to fully pre-claim the Prosperity and Freedom that will cascade across every land and every soul on Earth, I bring insight. First, I thank you for all you have already accomplished. You would not be reading this unless you had already staked your brave claim in God’s plan for Earth. And I offer you the view from my vantage point: this is the final moment during your experience in this reality to make the greatest possible Leap of Faith.

For you, never again will conditions be so destitute that you would find yourself in circumstances that produce the need for such a Leap of Faith. All is Ascending! You are to reap the rewards of all your vast inner work and outer demonstration of steadfast devotion. Things will be better and better forevermore! There just will not be the same opening, the same authentic opportunity to demonstrate FAITH in the face of what seems to be bleak impossibility. For you, the momentum of personal and collective suffering will be hurdled, greatly transcended. There is such a special, inner, deeply sacred triumph in LEAPING in Faith while you still have the chance.

Leap while you still can. To make the ultimate unrestrained leap, which bears the full reward of unbounded opportunity for peace, joy and service, you need only to surrender to God. Release the remainder of your small will into the loving merge of God’s Will. Think, feel, say, do, dream, intend, imagine, be LOVE. Always.

Lay Down Your Burden!

Up until now, you all have experienced plenty of abundance. You’ve had an abundance of lack, an abundance of scarcity, an abundance of strain, trauma and burden. No matter your perceived station in life, in some way you have had an abundance of want, need, hurt, insufficiency – a poverty of some kind. Together, we have embarked on transforming that upside-down reality of dearth into right-side-up divine reality of prosperity of every kind, for all.

The abundance of lack, hardship and suffering helped to cause the worldwide epidemic of selfishness. When it appears that there is not enough food, water, shelter, money, time and love for everyone, even good people begin to grab whatever they can to survive. The panic for survival supersedes the blessing of brotherhood, affecting the collective value system to become awfully imbalanced. The problem amplifies because selfishness itself is the energy of scarcity. Adding selfishness to the oppressed world condition is throwing gasoline on the consuming fire. When you are selfish, you engage LACK. It can be expressed in many forms, such as: arguing, demanding, withholding, blocking, taking, demeaning, stealing, “protecting,” hoarding. Selfishness is scarcity and a pledge to the program of control through fear.

You Are a Natural Born Giver!

The cure for selfishness comes in many forms and has instant results because you are not by nature selfish. To behave selfishly, you muster a tremendous amount of your life-force to swim against your own natural currant. When you stop using your inner resources to swim upstream against your own true nature, you will glide with such ease! You are generous. You are giving and kind. You delight in sharing, offering and contributing.

I quote my brother, Saint Germain, from his recent guidance to you on GIVING:

“Give freely with much joy. Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give until this entire realm, along with every soul, is well healed. YOU KNOW what to do, how to be. You are the Prosperity. You are the miracle. You are the Revaluation. You are the Reset. You are the gift. You are the Event. You are the Redemption. You are the Givers!” ~ St. Germain 11/10/16 LINK
Archangel Michael:

Give without an agenda, without expectation. Give for the delight, empathy and humanity of others. Give freely where there is need. Give generously and I promise: you will feel and be restored as your true and loving self! The antidote to selfishness is Faith; put your trust in God. Gratitude to God for Life annihilates selfishness and scarcity.

I Am Archangel Michael here with our Great Lady Quan Yin and our Beloved St. Germain. Leap!
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/24/16)

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. I come to you today in the name of God to work side-by-side with you to restore the Light of God to the surface of Earth and to humanity. Freedom and Prosperity are now being established, and as they are, the moment dawns to lay down the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that allowed Earth to fall.

You Doubt Yourself Because You Are a Being of Light

Self-doubt is more than lack of confidence in yourself. Lack of confidence is the outcome of your self-doubt, but the actual underpinnings of your insecurity are something deeper and bleaker. The very Good news is that this phase of your experience can be over now. You may transcend, now. Let’s lay bare this unnecessary tendency of you being harsh to you. Your life has been a complicated experience in a world and a dimension where you could not fully be the shining You that you truly are. This is not a reason to hate and doubt yourself.

Self-doubt is produced in two major ways. Firstly, there is the dastardly set-up of the reality you have agreed to participate in on Earth. In that reality, you are intentionally pummeled with every kind of devious energy and conniving scheme – all with the same aim. That aim is to get you to separate yourself from Truth, Love, God, so that you will allow yourself to be perversely controlled through gaps in your true identity – such as the gaping gap of self-doubt.
When you doubt yourself, you open the door for aberrant thoughts and energies that would normally be unable to affect you. It is the definition of a vicious cycle. “They” hurdle an arsenal of malicious thoughts, experiences and energies your way, so that you will doubt yourself. Then, when you doubt yourself, you open the door to be impacted further by the very same malevolent thoughts, experiences and energies. The downward spiral is put in motion.

Secondly, deep within, you always Know the Truth. You Know Love. You Know God. Even if you cannot always recall the Truth in your waking life of Who and What you truly are…deep down, you KNOW. You are a child of God. You are a beautiful and beloved Soul. You are the Light of the world. And yet here you are, seemingly plopped into a reality where lose-lose situations and scenarios seem to abound. How does a being of Light and Love feel when they are presented with experiences such as war, cancer, torture, violence, slavery? They become terribly disoriented, and ALWAYS they begin to hate and doubt themselves. In fact, the more Light you have, the more intense your self-hatred is likely to be.

Self-Compassion Is the Balm Applied through Understanding

Put your self-doubt to work for you in a new healing capacity. Whenever you doubt yourself, first know that when you follow the thread of self-doubt all the way within, you will find self-hatred, self-loathing. Bravely continue on until you discover the inner awareness of how you turned the pain of living in a treacherous lower dimension into shame and blame which you mercilessly heap on yourself. Under the conditions you have withstood, any being of Light would eventually begin to dislike and doubt themselves. It is enough now.

Call to Father God. Ask that he bring his Light of discernment, so that you may begin to untangle what you secretly thought was all you – all your fault, all your responsibility. Yes, it is healing to understand what you did and didn’t do and choose, so that the lessons of Love may forevermore enhance your journey. But please, lay all the shame, all the blame, all the pain at Father’s feet. In his Presence, the Truth is unmistakable. He is the healing you long for.

Allow Father God back into your heart, into your life. In the same way you turned on yourself, you also pushed God away. It is time now to move back into God’s loving embrace, forevermore. You will discover that you never left – except where you determined to keep yourself away. Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a tiny child? The child will close their eyes and think that you can no longer see them. That is exactly what has been happening between you and Father. Open your eyes.

I Am Archangel Michael, here with our Father God. We see you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/23/16)

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Archangel Michael:

A warm hello, steadfast warriors of Light and Love. It is Archangel Michael. I come to offer harmony, unity, cooperation and the irreplaceable satisfaction of co-creation. These are the consequential qualities awaiting to be reclaimed once you scrape away the residue of competition from your lives.
Competition is the vibrational blueprint for creating a society with relationships that result in someone winning and someone else losing. By nefarious design, whenever the energy of competition is involved, it is meant to result in one side becoming lesser by losing/failing while the other side becomes superior through winning/achieving. However, since in Truth we are all one, this dishonorable value system ensures that ultimately, we all lose.
The term “healthy competition” is a ruse. It is a dark marketing tactic which is part of the larger campaign to create a lose-lose society. How can anyone really win if it means that their brother or sister will lose? Real winning means we all win – the Highest Good of ALL.
In the higher Light realms, the higher dimensions, we do not purport competition. We live in the nourishing spirit of Unity and Cooperation. It is rewarding and thrilling to live in this way. We do not miss competition one iota. Competition is not needed to make games exhilarating or achievements meaningful. We get swept up – literally – in celebrating each other’s successes, achievements and strides forward and upward!
Competition has been showcased to be a positive component in just about every area of life. In most Earth cultures, competition is even touted to be necessary for: a thriving economy, getting ahead at work, excelling in sports, surpassing in school, defining success, attaining power, justifying entitlement, achieving rank, and on and on and on. It is an insidious lie.
Competition fosters domination, where everyone alternates between the roles of predator and victim. When competition is superseded by divine cooperation – where the abiding determination is for the Highest Good of ALL – domination is replaced with dominion. Dominion is the intention and fruition of a win-win-win existence. When we thrive in dominion, there is never a reason for anyone to be diminished so that others may appear to rise.
The coming events of Freedom and Prosperity that are soon to sweep across Earth give you the grandest opportunity to reassert dominion in the name of God. To prepare, do it now in your heart of hearts. Bring your conscious awareness to noticing the high level of indoctrination and propaganda which promote competition. See where you have experienced this outmoded way of being. Allow the competitive tendencies you have practiced to simply relax within you, and wash out with the tide of Light engulfing you.
For the sake of your own Enlightenment and for the Highest Good of All, seek harmony, choose unity, offer cooperation. Be One and be at Peace.
I Am Archangel Michael, One with you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/22/16)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael here with you to lift your spirits as we continue to transmute and release all that no longer serves. As many of you have gleaned, the timing of my offering of insight on what to leave at Redemption’s door is a direct response to your unified cry for more help in releasing the Prosperity funds. It is the best assistance I can offer you. The more inner dross you realize and release / transmute back to Light the faster you Ascend and the sooner you fulfill all of your dreams, including the wide release of God’s Prosperity on Earth. I assure you, we in the higher dimensions continue to provide every bit of support we can without violating what you know as the Prime Directive – we cannot and will not interfere with your Free Will.

A remarkable note about Free Will: some among you have made the case to the Councils of Light that Free Will does not truly exist on Earth at this time, and so these petitioners have requested all-out benevolent Galactic emergency intervention on behalf of humanity. These supplicants assert that the combination of DNA manipulation along with long-term torture and toxicity of every kind has made it impossible to truly exercise Free Will. They perceive the truth that Free Will is the opportunity to choose to experience anything, yet their passionate pleas on behalf of humanity’s predicament were so compelling that the requests for assistance were presented formally to Father and Mother God, who increased Divine Dispensation to humanity as their loving acknowledgement and favorable response.
It is holy appropriate to talk about Free Will in the discussion of releasing yourself from the grips of fight or flight. Fight or flight is another area of beliefs and behaviors that has been so distorted that you may not realize that you do not have to fall prey to the exaggerated effects of this human response. You have a choice on what to do and how to feel when this response is triggered. Of course, those who worked long and cunningly to consume or drain your life-force wanted you to live in an over-adrenalized state of stress and panic, believing you are at the mercy of your surroundings.
When used in a physical dimension of balance, dignity and harmony, the fight or flight response is used as a protective response to alert immanent physical danger, and so it is needed infrequently. The tremendous imbalance on Earth has instead allowed fight or flight to become a way of life, and it is much wickeder than that. What has devolved into your current experience of fight or flight is heinous.
During your Earth journey, you have moved through complex twists and turns that have often exposed you to devised – yet often not fully transparent – agreements regarding your connection to the human collective. It has caused misunderstanding of how you may maintain your sovereignty and your own protective and co-creative power. All of this has empowered the fight or flight response to taken on a weapon-like ability in two ways.

Firstly, due to the amount of trauma and stress you endure, your fight or flight response is continually set off for situations that do not really require such an elevated response. Secondly, when your fight or flight response is triggered, you don’t just feel the alert in response to what is happening to you in the present moment; you tap in to the collective fight or flight, which is an energetic bandwidth of terror encompassing the planet. That is why when you feel a fight or flight response it can be so overwhelming, so devastating. Someone cuts you off in traffic and suddenly you truly feel – on a physical response level – as though you are in a battle for your life.
Sometimes, everything in your day can be stimulated to feel as though it is an all-out life or death struggle. That is how it was imposed upon you and designed to be. The goal was to get you to continuously contract, flooding you with adrenaline and panic. Under these conditions, even the gentlest soul, the kindest person, the most Light-filled being (you!) will respond in a way that is overly dramatic and often unwarranted. Next, by design, you contract further at the shock of your own response and then…here comes the shame. Please understand, your exaggerated response may happen in that very moment, or it may be delayed. After all, you are all living with some degree of post-traumatic stress syndrome due to the energies and experiences you endure. It is the same for your beloved animals.
Let’s replace enduring with thriving. That is the quest you are now in the process of fulfilling. Here are some tips on how you may respond with Light whenever you feel your fight or flight response triggered:

Notice what’s happening. The simple act of Awareness will tremendously mitigate and heal the imbalance of your fight or flight condition.
Instead of contracting, choose instead to expand. Even as you experience fight or flight, you may choose to expand.
Ask for assistance. Be willing to see and do all that is required for your own liberation, yet remember that no one makes it through Ascension without loving support from others on the surface and above.
Invoke the Violet Flame! Do it earnestly, and all will be transmuted and transformed.
Demonstrate compassion through kindness and patience when you see others respond in an exaggerated or seemingly inappropriate manner.
Chuckle. Laughter is a 5th dimensional gift that restores balance.
Instead of fight or flight, CHOOSE TO STAY AND LOVE!
Fight or flight may be restored to its proper function. Stay and Love. Ground, center, breathe and choose. Decide to expand instead of contract. At first, perhaps your efforts may feel a bit unnatural and even scary or dangerous. Never mind, that will pass. Expand in Love, as Love. Don’t collapse. Expand in the Light that lives you, which is God.
With you every breath of the way!

I Am your Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/21/16)

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Archangel Michael:

I am Archangel Michael. Shall we use the crescendo of the Winter Solstice energies to dissolve one of the malicious shackles still binding humankind? The powerful rising energies of the Solstice bring increased opportunity of renewal through redemption. Together, we can combine our focus to release humanity from the devastating grip of stress, strain and anxiety. Unified, we are more than enough to emanate and embody ease, relaxation and peace.

You hold the power. You may choose in this moment to BE and to embody Peace – no matter what else is going on around you. In fact, the worse the conditions around you are, the greater your impact of choosing Peace will be! Choosing Peace in the face of tremendous stress is your personal Ascension, it is your global service, it is your Galactic mandate.

Stress is torture. Stress is torment and trauma delivered in a stretched-out dose over time and space, to make it seem as though stress is “no big deal.” Stress is a big deal. Stress is a cornerstone of human slavery. Fear + the stress it generates = human bondage. Stress is how you allow fear to become more important than love in making the decisions of your mundane life. You live in a state of stress so intense and toxic that you will be shocked when it begins to lift as GESARA and the Prosperity Programs gain global momentum.

Stress has been deviously imposed upon you in every area of your life. Tension defines your relationships. Pressure drives your work day. Worry has been cunningly redefined as care. Worry is not care. Worry is stress. You are made to feel weak if you have anxiety, as though you should be able to overcome something as minor as fret. Stress in every form is anything but minor or trivial. It is manufactured to be a master controlling agent of your life.

Breathe. Become quiet and find the rhythm of your breath. Have you ever laid beside a sweet baby or a beloved animal and felt the rhythm of their breath and matched your own breath to it? Mother Earth is here present with us today, and she has an offer of relief and comfort for you. Once you have allowed a more relaxed pace of your own breath to settle, call for Mother Earth in your heart. She has promised to respond at once to all who call! Then she will help you to match your breath to her Ascending rhythm. It is a high dimensional exchange that will bring you ease and Peace. From there, you may live.

I Am Archangel Michael here with our great Mother Earth.

We love you.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/20/16)

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Archangel Michael:

Hello Bright Ones. It is Archangel Michael. You are holding brilliantly steady for the release of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, which begin in greater celebration with the release of your RV and other monumental events. It takes a lot more now to rattle some of you, and others of you have become remarkably unshakeable. If it doesn’t bring joy, ease, grace, warm humor, Truth, peace – you are not falling for it! You are not having it!

Here is my tip for you today regarding the expedient and fruitful fulfillment of all you are excited for: embrace your own Ascension. How? Turn into the feelings that are uncomfortable within. Be curious. Be willing to face them. Be willing to investigate why you are feeling upset, irritated or any other unpleasant experience. Resist pointing to any reason outside of yourself as the cause. Instead, keep diving deep within until you surely discover the nugget of insight. Once found, feel, understand, release! Keep doing it until your inner landscape is aglow. Yes, that is how to Ascend. It is simple and divine. For any reason, ask our support and assistance. It is our privilege to give it.

While you are in there – your inner terrain – be sure to dig out and let go of this musty old attitude and behavior; let go of CONFUSION. This may shock you, yet I tell you truly: confusion is a CHOSEN STATE of being. Yes, I say to you with tenderness that when you are confused, you are choosing to be so. There is no innocence in confusion.

Confusion is a choice, your choice. Confusion is a decision – a choice point where you elect to enter the downward spiral. In the same way choosing to be kind, patient or joyful is a point where you decide to enter the upward, or Ascending, spiral.

When you are coming from the core of your being, your true self, your Higher Self, you will not ever be confused. You will be aware. You will be at peace, no matter what is unfolding around you. You may not have all the information or be entirely sure which way to move next, but you will have the divine qualities of wonder, curiosity, flexibility and humor to keep you entertained while you patiently see what’s to come.

Seeking clarity is not the same as being confused. The one who knows that inner edge between the lower dimensional quality of confusion and the higher dimensional vibration of curiosity is you. If you insist on deluding yourself by insisting on being confused, then you will be tethered to that very state. You will say “I am confused,” and you will BE confused. If you are willing to stake a claim in your own awareness, you will reach for greater clarity, greater Light, and you will BE en-LIGHT-ened. You will expect to expand, and you will rise.

Instead of confusion, choose and BE who and what you truly are: inner peace, inner Knowing.

With love and good cheer for all we are accomplishing together,

I Am Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/19/16)

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Archangel Michael:

Once and for ALL, leave WAR at Redemption’s Doorstep.

War?  You say, “I’m not at war.”

War in YOUR life is the urge to argue, retort, block, resist, push back, lie, defy, dispute, sabotage, lose control, control, condemn, defy, pout, manipulate, demand, and even rage.

Replace war with connection.

Connection is Love.
Connection = Love.
Love is true connection.
The connection of you, to your true self, your Higher Self.
You to the relationships in your life, heart to heart.
You to God.

That is what is real – your connections to others, to God.
Inherent in connection is compassion, cooperation and unity.

That is the pathway of Love, and that is Love itself.

Love displaces war.

Painful tendencies, memories and experiences dissolve in the face of your choice to connect, truly connect, truly consider others – not above yourself – in Love!

When you choose to nurture yourself, to forgive yourself, to understand instead of feel shame, you connect with what is real.

Gentle, gentle connection.  Love replaces war.

I Am, Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/18/16)


Archangel Michael:
It is Archangel Michael here to see this through, with you. We are very old friends, you and I. We are family. We are doing this together. You are as essential to the Earth Project as we – on the other side of the ever-thinning Veil – are too.

Let’s finish with incompletion. Incompletion is a way you have allowed your God-given life-force to be drained from you. In the Light I am revealing this to you, incompletion is actually your REFUSAL to finish things. Yes, I am saying that you have a way of refusing to complete certain things. I understand that it might not always seem so, but remember: you are a being of Light, a Master. Everything that happens to you is something you, in some way, gave permission for, you allowed. This is NOT the same as assigning blame or fault. Those dark tactics are designed to crush your spirit, and they have nothing to do with the Light of which I speak.

The refusal to finish things is a kind of sit-down strike you have invented. By nefarious design, your lives have become overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself, yet be honest. Your life has become a set of daily tasks, goals and necessities that are legitimately impossible to accomplish. No one can do it, without compromising some inner value somewhere. The dark design has been to control you through your own diminished feelings of yourself and life in order to syphon your Life-force. The only way to survive without incurring mountains of inner dross and karmic weight has been to learn to dwell in peace within in the midst of all things. Yet, everything in your life is deliberately devised to keep you from this enlightened way of being.

I will give you healing insight. Have compassion for yourself. Say and mean, “It’s okay, I’ve done enough. Sure, I’ve been overwhelmed, and stopped following through on certain things – to cope, to survive! However, that was an experience whose time has come. From now, I will either: 1) follow things through to completion, or 2) CONSCIOUSLY DECIDE to end something without “finishing” it – thereby creating its finish/completion.” This is a meaningful step to filling the holes in your energetic field that were once feeding portals for low resonance critters! You will immediately end the cycle of waking up every day with a to-do list that is bigger than you could ever accomplish, and therefore going to bed every night feeling like a failure! No more!

I’m going to give you a fantastic hint about how to deal with this terrible practice of incompletion, and leave it at Redemption’s Door. It is: energetic follow-through. This is the art of improving your spiritual golf swing. It works like this. Currently, your life on the surface at this time is indeed so overwhelming that you often stop a task midway in order to switch gears, to do something else. Let’s say you’re cooking in the kitchen, and you have to get everyone’s lunch made, and breakfast made, and plan dinner, and make the shopping list, and think of this and that, assess the vegetables and wash the fruits and find the right containers. It’s all going on at once. You have this burden of multi-tasking.

When you are anchored in the burden of trying to get too much done that you will never get done, well, that was the intention, the setup. How can you possibly succeed when it has been set up that you can’t and won’t? That is no short-coming of yours.

Energetic follow-through is choosing the tasks with breath and awareness that you can finish. And then, like a golf swing, like a tennis swing, following all the way through, so instead of just making the lunches for the kids and leaving everything out on the counter, and then starting breakfast, but, oh, you have to move everything that’s on the counter now so you can try to make breakfast, but there are already dishes stacked up. See? Instead, do each task all the way through, so when you use the peanut butter, you use it, you use the jelly, and you put them away. It’s one stroke. Now, I’m being very specific and simplistic to make the point. Hear me, incompletion is not about – you having to do more. It is about shining gentle awareness on what you can accomplish, rather than putting yourself in a position where you are a constant failure.

This is a key to really LIVING in the moment. When you pile on top of yourself – your consciousness, your schedule, more than you can possibly accomplish, then you cannot be Present, by design. Imagine the golf swing, smooth and steady all the way through. Now see the energy it takes to stop a golf swing mid-swing. That’s a decision that takes energy, and then it takes more energy to restart again from the beginning. And there is no such thing as a real golf swing that pretends to start at the halfway point. I am showing you the energetic cost of incompletion. It is astounding. Contemplate the gem of insight I am offering you.

Multi-tasking is always done with absolute ease and pleasure – from a higher dimensional perspective. It will never result in exhaustion, stress or overwhelm, but only fulfillment.

Simplify. It is time. We will help you. Call upon us. It is our joy.

I am your, Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/17/16)

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Archangel Michael:

This is your brother, your fan, your cheer-leader, Archangel Michael. Yes, I am here to bring you: personal, holiday and RV CHEER! I come with messages that will be given one per day for the next 10 days. You see Dear Ones, as many beloved messengers have been presenting to you recently, this is a very special time. From now through the beginning of the year, you have an unprecedented opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves you in the arriving Golden Age.

As we go through this together, I will not just be urging you willy nilly to BE DONE with certain qualities because that would be nice. You have done the deep, often excruciating, long-term work to transmute these qualities, and now is the divine moment to release your grip on them once-and-for-ALL. Of course, I will be suggesting what loving qualities may replace the over-and-done lower experiences you may now set free.

When we channel live shows through the Can-Do Gals (Kathryn, Christine and Meg), we often encourage them first to share stories of their personal lives with you, so that in their sagas, you can see that your own wondrous, upside-down and inside-out life is absolutely understandable and even “normal” for a bright Lightworker healing and serving on the surface of Earth at this time. You are doing your “work,” which is to see, feel and release what no longer serves, as you now surge into the Light!

Be at ease. We are here. Billions of benevolent high dimensional beings are focused on YOU right now, so take a moment to let in their love, their soothing, their encouragement, their shared song of Peace on Earth, right now! You are surrounded by family, by friends, by comrades – in Love. Take a moment to settle yourself and to feel the ease we would offer. You are all stretched beyond capacity, meaning that you are ever increasing your ability to hold and emanate Light, which is none other than God.

It is true. Every time you invoke help or you ask for help, you invite God into the situation. It is done 100% and then some! How can I say that? Because Earth is blanketed in Divine Dispensations right now. How do you access these dispensations, these already given God-gifts for yourself and the for planet? All it requires is your heartfelt “YES” towards Truth. Towards God. A gentle alert: it is not a yes towards your own idea of truth, but the humble yearning to know real Truth. There is a Truth that is not subjective. If you go for THAT, then you will end up where you began: with God. You know the difference between your truth and Truth. We all do. The humble, grateful yearning for Truth opens the floodgates – the floodgates of your Prosperity, the floodgates of your Peace, the floodgates of the Company of Heaven and your Galactic family getting to come closer…and closer.

Oh, hurry up and open your hearts wider! Say “YES.” Eventually you will discover that the only thing you wanted all along was Truth. Make the leap! We want to throw our arms around you in such a way that you too know – without question or dispute – that it is happening, we are holding you close and treasured and dear. We already do; we already are. You know that trust exercise where you stand up tall, and then you fall straight back, and somebody catches you? Do it! We’ve got you! Oh, wait. It’s our turn. You might have previously not caught this important point: we are doing it too. We stand and strive and stretch our capacity to love and hold Light, and you catch us too. Remember, we are standing on YOUR shoulders! And you’ve got us, and you’ve got your Mission and you’ve got the purpose of restoring Light on Earth, and together, we are a Family. We are a team, and we are accomplishing our God-given plan of healing and fulfillment.

Be at rest within. Move only from the sacred flame that is God, within. Move from within outward. If you are unsure of where you stand within, GO WITHIN until you are certain and then ALLOW the movement to unfold. I speak to you in this way because all of you comprehend, recall and understand these Light-encoded words and transmissions. It touches the knowing within you. Be at peace.

The Freedom and Prosperity Programs are not going to happen FOR you. YOU are happening. You are rising for the Programs to unfold. It is inevitable with your own inner work, meaning your own inner Truthfulness, your own inner feeling, your own inner choice to choose the qualities of Love: kindness, laughter, joy, humor – that’s your transmutation, your transformation. That’s you!

All is right. Let’s get down to it:

#1 Arrogance

Set down your arrogance. Ask to see within, everywhere you still have arrogance. Now, the thing about arrogance is that NOBODY thinks they are arrogant. Nobody. That alone should be a clue to you. Be willing to look within to ask, “Where am I still arrogant?” Be expectant that you will perceive even the last flecks of arrogance: superiority, pride, overconfidence, underconfidence, annoyance, smugness, supremacy, dominance. Look for things like “I KNOW,” I’m RIGHT,” or “I would never do that!” Especially look for wherever you may still harbor the debasing disease which festers across the planet right now – especially in the more developed countries – entitlement.

What replaces arrogance is its antidote. As you displace your final specks of arrogance with God’s Healing Love, you will uncover the ultimate courage to always be your unabashed and true self. You will find: curiosity, patience and graceful modesty – also called meekness. You will be flexible and interested rather than rigid and demeaning. You will be compassionate. In all matters, you will naturally seek from the core of your being: “What is the highest good of all?” Even if that sounds strange, is a bit uncomfortable, or not your preference, you will find yourself wanting and willing to seek with devotion what truly serves the highest good of all, including you, including ALL.

With arrogance, you’ve got to just honestly face it and nip it in the bud. The key to healing arrogance and entitlement is true service to others.

It is my joy and deep honor to serve you.

I Am your Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk)






Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael.

The key code for humanity’s understanding has been collectively achieved, offered and received.

Your role is necessary, acknowledged and contributes to the personal and collective Awakening.

Surface tension becomes flowing accessibility.

Worry and strain give way to Peace and Knowing.

Passion is not the way through.

Sacrifice is not the way through.

Transcend the desires and beliefs.

Displace preferences with Service, suffering with Faith.

Release the driving claim for proof, security and entitlement.

Accept that you are a Soul, a child of God, already Free.

This moment is no longer training or preparation. This is not a drill.

This counts.

Choose God, without hesitation and so fully that your brothers and sisters on the Surface may see the Light of the upsweep.

Do not ridicule, diminish or take.

You are held precious and dear by Father-Mother God.

Take your sacred place at the table.

I Am Archangel Michael, with you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/11/2017)

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Please refer to Patricia-Cota Robles important New Year’s Message – the shining inspiration for Archangel Michael’s New Year’s Gems messages!





Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michel. Transcendence is the act and condition of choosing and resting in the Light as the Light in the midst of any and everything that is arising around and within you. To Transcend is to choose to be, feel, think and give love, always, regardless of circumstances or conditions. The Masters of Transcendence on Earth are the generous and beloved animals in your lives. We will use their example today to comprehend and to do as they do: ALWAYS CHOOSE NOW TO TRANSCEND.
Che’ Kumara

Che’ is pure love with arms, legs and paws. Che’ is famous for his phrase, “Love wins.” In all circumstances, Che’ loves. He is an accomplished healer who often works with Sananda and the Arcturians. When someone needs healing, Che’ will stay with them putting his paws in various healing configurations for hours upon hours. Che’ is always kind. Sometimes, Che’ likes to appear as a wise Yoda dressed in a fine wise-man’s coat and curling shoes. Che’ is a Master Snuggler, who creates exquisite balance for and with the one he snuggles.

On the land where Che’ lives, there is a portal which is overseen by the Ashtar Command. This portal allows beings who have a density lower than the 5th dimension to come and speak with with the humans healers who live there. The visitors may come on two conditions: 1) Their Galactic Federation Security Team approves the purpose of their visit, 2) The visitor(s) accept the visit protocol training required from the Galactic Federation Security Team.

Che’, being a highly trained and skilled associate of the Galactic Federation of Light, made an agreement with Ashtar that he (Che’) would be the alert system to his human family for whenever visitors come. Che’ has carried out this duty with extreme excellence. When the visitor arriving in the portal is friendly, Che’ gives a soft notification bark. When the visitor is not friendly, Che’ lets his human family know of the arrival with a sharp, piercing repetitive bark. Once the portal is closed, energetically cleaned and re-gridded, Che’ always does a final check to ensure that all is well and as it should be. What a help Che’ is!

Che’ has been known to emanate so much love that many wild animals have been drawn to the house to feel this mighty love, so now Che’ often goes to the edge of the property to send love far and wide to the people and animals of Earth. Che’ is a world level Transmuter and a member of the Lead Inter-Species Earth Transmuting Team. He works both on a global scale, transforming dense energies back into Light and on a personal scale, profoundly assisting his human family by helping to keep the heavy energies from overwhelming them. Che’ is a hero.

Little Lady BamBam

BamBam is such a unique and amazing being. She is admired greatly by her human family and by us in the Company of Heaven for her inner strength, tenacity, spiritual constancy and unrelenting love. BamBam has explained to her human family that she is an “Energy Super-Scrubber.” Both in the house and on the property, BamBam does hours of perimeter check and dense energy cleaning. Nothing of low-density quality may remain on BamBam’s careful watch! During times of intense spiritual work for the family, BamBam will forgo rest in order to ensure that the surroundings remain energetically pristine. She is an expert at helping to clear humans as well as land. It is wondrous to imagine how so much might and devotion comes through such a soft tiny body.

Besides her many gifts and duties, BamBam has a very challenging Mission. BamBam is here to assist the Animal Kingdom, beginning with the big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) to transition from aggressive hunters to their true gentle nature. This has been an extremely challenging Mission, yet BamBam never gives up. Through repeated efforts and deep contemplation, BamBam is overcoming what some would call “instinct” by making conscious loving choices that one-by-one override any dark or dense programming and/or experiences in her body, species and Kingdom. BamBam helps her human family understand how humanity has contributed to the imbalances which have resulted in many animal behaviors. BamBam is wise. Her Mission is overseen by the Great Lady Sekhmet.

BamBam’s love showers over you like a waterfall. When she decides it is LOVE TIME, then forget doing anything else! For 30 minutes or more you will be required to engage in aggressive snuggling such as full body rubs and snugs. It is best to just surrender and get down on the floor with her, so that full on love may be exchanged. Then, when it’s over, it’s over, and she’ll let you know when the next session is. When BamBam is feeling cuddly, she likes to gather drier sheets around herself for comfort. During times like this, it is possible to get one of her famous no-touch kisses. Just ask politely for a kiss, and she might lift her head to give you one. Her kisses send healing and love energy through your entire body, leaving you will a feeling of joy and peace. You may respectfully approach BamBam on the Inner Plains through consciousness and request such a clearing and healing for yourself. BamBam is our hero.


Oh little Firefly! Firefly is a special gift from Mother God. She carries some of Mother’s energy, and her story is a stunner!

Firefly came to her human family only a year ago. Before then, Pebbles was living in the body Firefly now lives in. Pebbles was born as BamBam’s sister. Pebbles was (is) such an elegant and divine Soul. When she had completed her Mission on Earth in this lifetime, Pebbles left her home to travel Home…her family was so proud of her, yet they missed her terribly. She does still visit. Ten days later, the bedraggled body of Pebbles turned up at the door with a new Soul inside! The surprised family gratefully welcomed the tender new little one into their home. The human family was told that the little one’s name was Nancy, but that she would prefer to be called “Firefly” because that is what Mother God calls her. All hearts melted.

Firefly was coming into life for the opportunity to heal violent trauma at the hands of those who are supposed to be protectors both for herself and on behalf of all children: animal and human. She went into a cocoon-like state for many months before emerging. The Pebbles body is a little big for her, so it often looks as though she is wearing baggy sweatpants instead of fur. She is so cute because her Light is so bright and gentle, like Mother’s. She has captured every hearts. She is an extremely important member of the family!

Firefly is a “Sonic Wave Healer.” She can emit waves of exquisite energy that fill the room and heal everyone it in. Firefly is very gentle and generous and talkative. Don’t even try to have a family meeting without calling to her first or you will hear about it! Her opinions and offerings are always interesting and helpful. She talks and she sings! She makes angelic sounds in song. It is very very special. It is easy to cherish Firefly because she is pure Goodness and reminds us of all that is True and Real and HOME. Firefly is our hero.
Have you considered the profound dreams, goals, Missions, Life Plans and Service of the animals in your life? They are the embodiment and example of transcendence. It is their joy to be so. To transcend is not to become better than something or someone else. It is not to conquer. It is to be the humble and true ambassador of God, of Godness, of Goodness – no matter what else seems to be transpiring.

Hail mighty ones!

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/10/2017)

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Messages From Matthew Graphic

WHEN MATTHEW WARD connected telepathically with his mother Suzanne almost 14 years after he died at age 17 in 1980, he told her about their soul level agreement: She was to prepare for publication transmissions from him and many other off-planet sources. Their information is to enlighten, encourage and guide us along Earth’s ascension pathway during this unprecedented time in the universe.

Topics covered in this message: US presidency; no Russia, China war with US; UN Security Council vote re: Israel; weather anomalies, geophysical incidents; information source re: hacked emails; Illuminati status; spiritual, conscious advancement; ET assistance; lightworkers, love energy

January 8, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2017 promises to be exhilarating as the planet rides powerful energy waves along its ascension course. The waves are fields of light, and since light and love are the same energy, you could think of everyone in your world as residents in a boundless sea of love. We offer a meditation that can let you feel as one with this energy: Envision a panorama of exquisite beauty, see yourself gently floating over that idyllic scene, now feel yourself merging with it and savor the blissful sensation the Oneness of All imparts.   

Now then, dear family, we shall reply to questions, starting with the one most frequently asked: In short, what about the United States presidency? Energy in Earth’s field of potential pertaining to this is in a state the likes of which is so unusual that we know of nothing comparable. Vibrations around President-elect Donald Trump are even lower than previously, those around most of his choices for top posts are low, and vibrations have remained consistently high around Senator Bernie Sanders. If we knew how this will play out, we would happily tell you, but this unique situation of high and low vibrations wildly in motion, yet coexisting almost in a standoff, gives no indication as to the outcome. What we can tell you is, with vibrations continually rising on the planet, whatever resolution is achieved ultimately will be for the highest good of all.    

Please have no fear that Russia or China will start an armed conflict with the United States that could burgeon into a nuclear war. Despite the rhetorical posturing that some of your analysts consider worrisome, none of those countries’ leaders wants to become embroiled in a war that could imperil the world. And, if any other country or rogue group were to send up a missile with a nuclear warhead, ever-diligent crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will prevent its detonation. This is a good place to answer another question: No, Iran is not secretly developing nuclear weaponry.

We see the UN Security Council’s vote to condemn Israel for building settlements on the West Bank in violation of international law as a sound defeat for the Illuminati. The goal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in the top ranks of that secret society, never has been to serve the best interests of his people or to make peace with Palestine. In addition to keeping the region destabilized so funds keep flowing in for Israel’s defense, he wants to establish an Illuminati powerbase in Jerusalem from whence to spread their control throughout the Mideast. That will not happen.    

Storms and record temperatures are due partially to weather control technology; chemtrails and other toxic pollutants in your atmosphere also have a role in this. So you are right in thinking that the Illuminati, not Mother Nature, are causing anomalous weather conditions as they are responsible for all the contributing factors, factors that are delaying the planet’s return to a moderate climate globally. The prevalence of geophysical incidents does come from two sources: Mining, drilling and fracking to extract fossil fuels is one; the other is Earth’s release of negativity that in part is caused by those environmentally damaging operations.  

We have been asked our source of information that Russian President Vladimir Putin is justified in denying his country’s involvement in the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails and those on a personal computer, which is contrary to the United States intelligence agencies’ conclusion that the Kremlin is responsible. Some members of our universal family living among you are in major intelligence agencies around the globe—it was the ones in US agencies who told us they hacked and released the emails—and other members have expertise in tracking hackers’ “footprints.”

Our sources know that Illuminati in those various agencies report false information to breed conflict. The reports given to US President Barack Obama put the blame on Russia, which led to more sanctions against that country; this was in line with the Illuminati’s penchant for retaliation—they misled Obama and created more economic problems for Putin because both leaders refused to join forces with them. FBI Director James Comey knows who the hackers are, why they released the emails and the criminal evidence they contain; he didn’t disclose that information due to threatening pressure from the Illuminati faction behind Hillary Clinton. 

So, Illuminati presence still is affecting what goes on in your world; however, their global network has been uprooted, their influence keeps weakening, and their diabolical activities have come to light albeit termed “fake news.” Individuals in top positions in numerous countries are being arrested, losing elections or resigning; more will follow and many in the lower ranks are scattering. Their control of Wall Street and European and Asian stock markets is unraveling and so is their banking empire. They won’t much longer be able to hold onto their vast fortunes amassed illegally and immorally—the forces for good will obtain those and use the monies to end impoverishment. 

Expanding renewable energy forms will phase out their fossil fuel industries, free energy sources they have kept under wraps will emerge, and protection of the environment will end wanton destructiveness. Their unjust justice systems will be reformed, prisons-for-profit end, and control of mainstream media in nations with “free press” will meet its end, too.

Healthcare—a maze of global collusion involving pharmaceutical and insurance companies, vaccine and medical equipment manufacturers, and World Health Organization as well as FDA, CDC, NIH, AMA, AHA and related alphabet groups in the United States—will wend its way out of those Illuminati-owned or infiltrated organizations. Toxic therapies will be replaced by long-suppressed safe, natural remedies and proper healthcare will become available to everyone.

As significantly as the Illuminati’s stronghold on those critical areas has adversely affected life on Earth, the most effective means whereby they have subjugated generation after generation after generation has been by exploiting every kind of difference among the peoples to create hostility and divisiveness and by starting wars. People worldwide are hungering for peace. The energy of their collective desires has gained unstoppable momentum over the energy of conquest, and battlefield action will wind down incrementally. Industries that make the machinery of war will produce what a cooperative, progressive civilization needs; construction companies with honorable management will rebuild destroyed cities; money formerly spent on warring will go into projects and programs that uplift and enhance life.

Some of those activities are underway, others are beginning, still others are in planning stages, and rising vibrations will be undergirding all the endeavors. You will be seeing evidence of this, but please do not expect the continued unfolding of world transformation to be free from patches of resistance. You are well prepared to deal with those as they arise and help others do the same—beloved sisters and brothers, you have earned PhDs in ingenuity, perseverance and triumphing over obstacles!

Many readers who write to my mother mention that they are in their 60s, 70s or 80s. If you are in that age range, think of the changes you have witnessed as technology exploded in manufacturing, communication, energy, transportation, computers, television, healthcare, space exploration, entertainment, social media—and yes, weaponry. It isn’t necessary, though, to have lived during the decades of innovation and modernization to realize that technology’s role in your world today is rather mind-boggling.

That is the preface, you could say, to our reply to this question: “With vibrations on the planet high and rising, why is there still so much violence, bigotry and greed?”  Because technology has far outpaced society’s advancement in conscious and spiritual awareness. In no way are we being critical—many souls have made long strides and there are reasons why many others have not.  

With compassion we think of our Earth family who are living in areas of relentless fighting or in crowded refugee camps and grieving the loss of loved ones; those who are living in fear under tyranny or are hungry or homeless in lands of plenty—not all of those souls chose to experience that degree of pain or hardships. It is with sadness that we think of our family who are causing the suffering—the ones who rule with an iron fist or feel they are superior to everyone who is “different” or have the right to kill “the enemy” and those who are entrenched in greed without a thought about the many, many millions who are barely subsisting.

The low vibrations emitted by all those souls’ countless thoughts, feelings and actions are within the collective consciousness; and because it is the collective consciousness that manifests everything that exists on Earth, its proliferation of low vibrations has slowed the pace of society’s advancement consciously and spiritually. This is changing—the light waves sweeping Earth are opening more and more hearts and minds, and everything in low vibratory levels eventually will be done away.

“You said other civilizations are helping us. I don’t see how. They haven’t gotten rid of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Brother and the rest of the evil Bigs.” Other civilizations are helping you in every way that universal laws permit. They can cause nuclear warheads to malfunction because Creator decreed that never again will there be nuclear detonations in space. In honoring Gaia’s free will choice that her planetary body and its residents be protected, they built a light grid around Earth to prohibit entry of base entities from other worlds and they divert the course of astral bodies and space debris to preclude collisions with the planet. Along with beaming massive light to Earth and leveling out the impact of geophysical events without lessening the amount of negativity released, they decrease toxic effects of pollutants in your air, land and seas and neutralize toxins in vaccines designed to cause pandemics.

While your “space” family are permitted to help in those ways that you can’t manage yourselves, they cannot interfere with free will of souls on Earth with this one exception—any individual who chooses to launch missiles with nuclear warheads will not succeed. Nor can members of our universal family impose upon you their ideas, although that would be greatly to your benefit—by universal law, each civilization decides the kind of world it wants and must do what is necessary to bring that world into fruition.

However, during this unprecedented era in the universe, souls have the opportunity to complete in one lifetime all third-density karmic lessons so they can evolve and other civilizations are permitted to share their heavy karmic burdens. Many “ETs” wanted to participate in this unique venture and those selected by the Golden Age master planners are helping persons on Earth in that manner and by illuminating the peoples’ pathway to the peaceful world they want.

Dear ones, you are among those who went to Earth to show the peoples that love is the pathway to peace, to joy, prosperousness, mutual respect and life in harmony with Nature. By living your light fearlessly and confidently, you radiate love to everyone around you, and it doesn’t stop there. Love energy is so powerful that it flows around the world, out into the universe and on to the cosmos. In the Oneness of All, everything everywhere affects everything else everywhere else, and the love-light you send forth brings it back in limitless measure—this is the unequalled vastness and power of love.

You are honored, loved and accompanied in spirit by all light beings in this universe.



Suzanne Ward

If you received this message as a forward or are reading it on and would like to receive future messages directly, please send an email to That will register your email address on the group moderator’s distribution list.]

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. You are performing an important service, and recently it has been more tumultuous than ever for you to do so. This is wonderful news. Your commitment shines through. We are on track for Glory!

According to a fluctuating intricate formula, which includes such factors as: capacity (the ever-increasing ability to hold and emanate Light), soul standing, Life Plan, Mission, Free Will, prophecy, divine dispensation and more, you are absorbing the Light of God in order to disperse it for the healing of Surface Earth. You are like a love-receiving station that takes in God’s Love in order to diffuse it in a manner that will best bless, heal and uplift all. Your Higher Self performs the very same function for you.

Your Higher Self receives God’s Light and calibrates it into the Highest Light you may most elegantly and fully receive with maximum benefit and no damage. Your Higher Self performs in such a loving way that you may receive God’s Light while in this dense dimension in the way that currently most nourishes, enhances and evolves you. You are doing the same for Surface Earth and collective humanity. Thank you. Bravo. Hallelujah.

The brilliance and intensity of the Light now flowing through you is more magnificent than ever. As you are probably very aware this may often cause wild and unwieldy fluctuations for you. One moment, you feel more sublime peace and joy unexpectedly followed by dips of unsettled upset.

You perceive correctly if you have gleaned that transmuting and transducing happen simultaneously and in equal proportions. To be a human tower of activating love — a receiver of Light and a transformer of dross — is a gift of service. Thank you.

I Am Archangel Michael. Stay in the Knowing of the Light. We are close.

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/9/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. I bring you encouragement. Gentle gentle as you rise. Allow your leadership to be marked by kindness. I speak for the Ascended Councils of Light today. We especially thank and hearten the messengers, who are all of you. You are the embodiment of God’s Prosperity, an important facet of the release of all Earth humans from inner bondage. Use your intelligence, your care, your creativity to discern Truth and to uplift one another. Be the Peace that accompanies divine Prosperity.

We celebrate whenever you step across imaginary barriers to greet and inspire one another. The Action-of-Light you joined in yesterday is blazing brightly. Imagine it to be a Violet Flame bonfire on the beach of the greater Action of Light happening the first eleven days of this year. As our beloved messenger Patricia Cota-Robles has brought forward the purpose of this tremendous Action:


We in the Councils of Light urge you to consciously take your place in this triumphant Action. Join the Violet Flame bonfire which assists you in the greater Action. Allow everything within you that is not balance, harmony, or in easy alignment with Love, Light, God to be transmuted now. It’s all right. You have accomplished much. Allow God’s Light to displace any remaining pain and distortion in your memories, in your thoughts, in your feelings in your cells. Intend to become a vessel of greater service and healing by allowing personal and global transmutation to be done through you. Read again with fresh disposition the words we imbued through dear Patricia.

In the Councils of Light, we rise from our meetings to join you at the Violet Flame bonfire. We join you in decreeing the transmission of Light brought to you via Patricia:
In the name of the Infinite Presence of God, I AM, I call to my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Breath, One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of pure Divine Love I affirm:
Beloved I AM Presence enfold me now in Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance as I become a Golden Sun of this Divine Light. (pause)
I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.
I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.
I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace. And so it is.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.
I Am Archangel Michael. Let nothing move you from from being Peace on Earth. When challenge arrises, transmute! It is time to reap. Prepare.

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/9/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. Let’s gather together through our loving attention on the Inner Plains, where – with our unified intention for Peace and Prosperity for Earth and all upon her – we call for the release of God’s healing and bounty through the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, including the release of the RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA. It is meaningful to note that this Action-of-Light was called for from your side of the ever-thinning Veil. We here in the Company of Heaven gladly respond to the invitation and join this well-meaning and effective Action.

Sananda is coordinating this Action which is already in motion. For assistance with inner preparation, please revisit yesterday’s message: CURRENCY.


Hello Family! It is Sananda. Take a moment to feel my energy and come together as a family in the forever now, as you read this. The most important component of your contribution and our glorious success in this and every Light-inspired Action is your intention for Peace on Earth. In your heart of hearts, see and feel the vision of Prosperity for ALL fulfilled. Intend that your Presence and participation be felt in a way that only results in the Highest Good of ALL. That is enough.

Whenever you read this and join in is just the right timing! Since we are uniting together inside and outside of time in the eternal now moment, what matters most is our loving intentions for Peace on Earth and our unified focus that God’s Peace and Prosperity be made realized for all.

Ask your Higher Self & Twin Flame to facilitate for you.

Inside of time, the Action is already in progress through the efforts of a group of Lightworkers. It will increase in magnitude through January 10th at 4:44 AM PST.

At your request, angels will remind you from time to time that the Action is on-going. Whenever you have a thought of this Action of Light, know that it is your angelic helpers, assisting you to focus at just the needed moments. Send your love, peaceful intentions, visions of Prosperity for all and strength of unity through the following configuration.

According to your own choice and inspiration, take your place as follows…

In your mind’s eye – your living imagination – see a large Golden pyramid. The tip of this pyramid reaches high into the heavens, into the higher dimensions, where Peace and Prosperity are the ever-expanding reality. The base of the pyramid reaches into the crystal heart of Mother Earth. Choose a position at either the tip or the base of the pyramid alongside the Lightworkers already gathered.

If you choose the tip of the Golden pyramid, perhaps consider contributing through your loving intuition to a circuit that has been made and engaged, by your human Light family working there. Deep within, you know how to form a very high Light energy circuit. Please do that now and while you sleep, intend the circuit remain “on.”

If you feel drawn to gather at the base of the Golden pyramid, join the circle of Lightworkers already gathered in grounding focus there.

Every soul on Earth at this time has an Ascension Pillar, a Pillar of Light extending infinitely to the core of Earth and up into the highest realms of Light. As you read this in the forever now moment and as a family of love, BLAZE your Pillar of Light! Through your Awareness, reach down, down, down to connect with Mother Earth. Then bring your Awareness up, where you see and feel Father-Mother God awaiting your invitation to connect more than ever before.

Once your Pillar is ablaze, expand to BLAZE the greater family Pillar of Light.

Do only whatever feels comfortable for you. Any way you choose to participate is welcomed and tremendously helpful. You cannot get it “wrong.”

Ask in your heart that this Pillar of Light be regulated by the Higher Selves and Twin Flames of all Lightworkers joining now in loving harmony. They are ready to make it so.

Ask that the maximum amount of energy possible be both transmuted and transduced through this Family configuration of Light, for the period I Sananda have directed.

Call in Saint Germain and the mighty Violet Flame!

Call in Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light for assistance and Protection.

Call to the Galactic fleet, 5th dimensional and higher benevolent benefactors, encircling Earth. Humbly request their assistance through loving focus during this Action.

With all your longing and fiery intention, declare Earth Free and demand the release of the of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, including the RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA.

Be at Peace, Knowing it is done.
Thank you for your service precious family.

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January 5, 206

“Sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full.
Salacious hu-beings cancel appointments.
Strays are collected and returned to Light.
Florescents Illuminate the dark corners.
Marks of Inner Light are emplaced.”
January 8, 2016
“Preludes have finished.
Marshalls are released.
Statics are removed.
Gaia flows enrich the New Earth.”

I Am Sananda here with Archangel Michael, the Councils of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Company of Heaven. We support and join this unified effort for Peace and Prosperity to be realized now on Earth by ALL.
~ Thank you Sananda. We are grateful to be trusted and called upon.

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/8/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. Yesterday, as many Lightworkers can attest, was an all-hands-on-deck kind of day. Of course, in the Light of what is unfolding now on Earth, this is Good news. Another important stride was made. Lightworkers / Lovegivers contributing to the fulfillment of All who are for Freedom, endowing Freedom for All. You are the ones, refusing to buckle under the weight of what has been. You are the ones, shining and alighting the path out, up and free.

Yesterday, just as many of you were contributing in ways known and unknown to you, the channel of these messages was also involved in an Action of the Light. She, alongside many devoted Lightworkers, performed a coordinated Action of Light on the Inner Plains. It was brilliantly successful, as a stride forward and upward. So much so that we in the Company of Heaven have been able to extended its purpose, due the momentum achieved, and we in the invite you to participate, if you feel the call of your heart, in a magnified Action tomorrow. We will give the Action details to you in the morning and follow with an update and then a message (two in one day) the following day.

The kind of Action I speak of is a coordinated effort involving you and us, as one, which furthers the establishment of God’s Light and Love on Earth. You have participated in such Actions many times. Group meditations are an Action. Patricia-Cota Robles and others have facilitated global Actions such as establishing Chalices of Light that upgrade and elevate the entire Earth plain. Participants contribute through intentions of Good Will, Love, Healing and Peace. Would it make you grin to know that Dinarland is an extended Action of transformation and Love? Tomorrow you have the opportunity to use your power of choice and your radiant Light for another such furthering of healing, if you so choose.

It would assist if you would first scrupulously consider the importance and role of currency on Earth. What has been the primary currency for you, for others, for all of Earth? I tell you that I do not speak of the now defunct US fiat dollar, or any such thing.

In the higher realms, our currency is connection, compassion, unity, Love.

On Earth, the currency of victimhood has been paramount. You have been so hurt, so tortured, so toxified, so depleted that you have collectively established the roles and feelings of victim and predator as currency on Earth. For instance, you have been so beaten down that you have adopted an attitude of claiming your rights as a victim. That has elevated victimhood to a kind of currency. You can trade the terrible things you have endured for pity, entitlement and righteous indignation. Be brave. Be willing to seek and to SEE what you have turned into power, into currency.

We are here willing to kindly assist in your contemplation. Thank you for your Service. It matters greatly.

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/7/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is your fan, your admirer, your champion, Archangel Michael. If that introduction puts you off a bit, makes you at all uncomfortable, then I trust that today’s message will help us become closer. I would like you to know me well. I care about you, personally. I am not distant from you. I am not a uni-type Angel or Ascended being. There is no such thing. We are all as unique as all of you are unique. Did you know that uniqueness is established as we are being created by God? On both sides of the Veil of Forgetfulness, we all express our uniqueness, throughout all our existence. Life is the grand opportunity to do just that, with gusto, originality and imagination.

I would like for you to know me. I want us to be close. I Am Archangel Michael, with many titles, qualities, joys, cares and responsibilities. In the higher dimensions, we embody the virtues of the offices we uphold. The offices we inhabit depend upon our capacity – our ability to hold and emanate Light – the grand scheme of Service, our choices and our Ascension. I Am Michael, a being, a child of God, an energy, a friend, a brother, knowable yet undefinable, one who loves and is loved and is love.

In the upside-down world of what Surface Earth has become, “sacred” has often taken on a lofty intimation, inferring somehow that sacred is holy as in aloof, exalted, superior. Sacred became one of the meanings and feelings that was intentionally coopted and reprogramed by the dark regime in order to distance you from intimacy with God. It is not by chance that “scared” is an anagram for “sacred.”

Every word is an address in reality, a point in existence, expressing a thought, a feeling, a meaning. The word sacred does carry a holy communication, yet that message is not about an unreachable, distant, supercilious God. Sacred is always present, as God is. The mundane is teeming with sacredness. Serving, cleaning, clearing, walking, breathing, beginning, feeling, helping, trying, embracing, expressing, ending, experiencing, exchanging, redeeming, carrying, crying, doing, discovering, being, wanting, having, giving – great or small, all are sacred. A breath, a moment, a prayer, a love – all are here and now, all are eternal, all are sacred.

Come close to God. Come as you are. You are utterly and dearly beloved, cherished. When you are ready, I invite you to come close to me. We are old friends. I am here to remind you, to support you, to shine the Light faithfully for you as you Awaken – as you have also done for me.

I love you. You are so very sacred.

I Am your Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/5/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. Come, let’s visit Harmony. It is an existence of mutual respect, unfettered flow and easy being.


Everything is fluid, in motion, evolving. When we greet each other in the Higher Dimensions, we are aware of this. We gently, non-invasively scan one another, determining the most respectful approach. We do not carry into the meeting a previous detrimental notion of how the other being might behave. It is an understandable yet unfortunate side effect of living in such a dangerous dimension that you greet each other with suspicion and warning.

Instead, perhaps use your ability to scan, gently and non-evasively – you are already scanning with every interaction – to notice how the person you greet is doing. Then, offer a quality of love that would best serve that person: warmth, humor, understanding, patience, curiosity…. This is co-creating Harmony.


Laughter, the 5th dimensional portal to everlasting Prosperity of every kind. No tuning needed, just the watchful awareness that the humor not ever turn sour by humiliating, shaming or excluding another. That is not humor and does not result in a 5th dimensional transformation. Let go of all the serious righteousness that wears you down and wears you out and laugh. Laugh easily and often. Laugh it off. Laugh it UP.

Above and Below, Mother Earth Is Our Example

The Earth is on the move! Tune to her. Ask her about it. Approach her with respect and Love. Mother Earth will recognize your efforts and welcome you because she wisely dwells in Harmony, always. Even after all that humanity and others have done to her, she is awaiting your tender approach. Harmony. When Mother Earth enters a Council of Light gathering in the higher realms, there is always a respectful hush, an acknowledgement of her ever-loving demonstration of Peace and Harmony. No matter what is done to her, she is unmovable in her Love. May we all strive to be so.

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/4/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. Hello and hearty congratulations! You are quickly seeing through the old subterfuge of control through intimidation. Instead, you are opting for inner speculation and community support. In doing so, you roll out the golden carpet for the realization of your long-awaited Prosperity. Know this, the bounty of your efforts and God’s grace will leave you stunned in awe at your Redemption appointments. Some of you receiving this message will receive God’s blessing in others ways – no less spectacular. Release yourself to get excited. You will not be deceived or disappointed at the given hour.

You there toiling on the surface for your glorious Ascension and the restoration of God’s Light on Earth could teach us here more than a thing or two about PERSPECTIVE. I bow to your Awareness, diligence and growing Mastery. So, today I will bring you my own favorite portals to the kind of perspective that results in the Highest Good of All, every time.
1) Awe. SEE through the eyes of AWE. Divine awe is brimming with wonder, humility and gratitude and leads to Co-Creation with God in the manner that uplifts and enriches. To really SEE means that the lantern of God’s discernment is lit and burning brightly in your heart. This is the Light of Truth, which doesn’t just serve you – it serves All.

2) Flexibility. BE flexible. This is one of the least lauded attributes of a Master, yet it is its own path to Enlightenment. There is a difference between doing flexibility and be-ing flexible. Doing flexibility is whipping up a contrived state of social nicety and fake willingness. Be-ing flexible means you are at ease, at peace, come what may. You are resting Awake in the sweet spot of Life, ready, caring, creative.
From here – our higher dimensional perspective – so much of what you work towards and look forward to is already energetically accomplished. We tenderly understand the conditions and energies you transmute and endure which basically makes our perspective not worth a hill of beans to you. Unless…you take a dip in the perspective pool with your friends Awe and Flexibility and SEE that you are privy to the higher dimensional view, because you are. Relax your gaze and see the picture within the picture. That’s the way.

Fondly and eternally, I Am your Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/3/2017)

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Archangel Michael:
A warm embrace of peace to you all.  It is Archangel Michael.  Many of you are rag-doll exhausted.  Thank you for your steadfast service to your Awakening, your family, your community and your world.  Gather close together so that you may receive the Light sustenance from your community of fellow Lightworkers and restorative support from the Company of Heaven, your family beside you only a wisp of a dimension away.
Constancy, Faith, Inner Knowing and the Peace that Transcends Understanding
Constancy and Faith walk hand-in-hand.  Constancy is your Faith applied to the circumstances, feelings and experiences of your life.  Faith is the being; constancy is the doing.  Let’s break it down, and by that I do NOT mean we are going to apply deductive reasoning.  No, that mode of “thinking” has disserved you long enough.  Together, let’s expand our thinking instead of reducing it.  Through God’s intelligence which is within us, we will clarify what – in the Higher realms – is meant by Faith, Constancy, inner Knowing and the Peace that passeth all understanding.
What is Faith?  It is more, much more than blindly believing something or someone.  Real Faith, Divine Faith is following your inner Knowing, even and especially when that Knowing flies in the face of the evidence encircling you.  Self-honesty becomes paramount in deciding to believe inner Knowing or imposed programming.  It all boils down to where you are most invested.  If you want God Truth more than anything else, nothing can stop you from it.
Another tricky trap carefully laid to circumvent you heart while ensnaring your mind and manipulating your beliefs is that you must understand something, so that you can judge it, and only then will you know what to do or how to respond properly.  Your judgement plugs you in to the range of “appropriate mental and emotional responses.”  Your judgment provides the verdict, the conclusion you have ascertained through your “understanding.”  What a mish mash.  You manage to get to a conclusion without including your feelings and your intuition, your connection to your Higher Self.  The sneaky bit is that collectively, you are so used to this way of thinking that you have come to believe it is THE process for getting to how one feels.  Oh woe, it is not.  This process is designed to preclude feeling intelligence.
When you are ready to forgo this tedious not-so-merry-go-round, you will be astonished with how easy it is to give it up AND how much more pleasurable your life becomes when you do.  The solution:  choose Peace…be in Peace, first.  Amid all conditions and occurrences, be at Peace, no matter what.
Within you, there springs the fountain of eternal Peace, God.  Wherever you Love, you are Peace.  However much you displace your cellular pain memory and toxicity with the Light of God through your choices, you fill with Peace.  Peace is natural for you.  Through one little decision, one tiny act, one minute thought after another, reclaim your Peace.  You will reach a tipping point, and after that it will become easy to live from the Peace that transcends understanding.
Constancy with Use of the Violet Fire Heals Humanity, as You Ascend!   
The Violet Flame is a gift from God, the unfed – meaning the Flame gains its aliveness only from Father-Mother God – Flame is a benevolent high dimensional Consciousness which may be used to transmute and transcend personal and planetary dross.  Particular care was afforded in issuing the use of the Violet Flame to humanity for their Freedom.  You could call it a dispensation of safety that allowed humanity to wield the Flame before they re-attained the Mastery required to brandish it safely.  What a gift!  Humanity was generously granted use of the very thing that could be used to acquire their Freedom.
Constancy + Violet Flame = Freedom for ALL.  The generosity of heaven has not gone unmet.  Many souls on Surface Earth have perceived the Violet Flame’s Consciousness and purpose and have used it with wholehearted faithful devotion, causing miraculous transfiguration of themselves and the whole.
The most important component in applying the Violet Flame is that you do it from your heart.  There is exquisite fun to be had with unlocking the Light-encoded gifts embedded within decrees and such.  Yet all that is required for success is that you use the Violet Flame from your heart.  The Violet Flame cannot be used for harm – that is a tenant of the safety dispensation.
Take a breath, feel where you would like to be Lighter, and with all your heart, give it all you’ve got!  Together and aloud we decree:
“I Am the Violet Fire!  I Am the Purity God desires!
Earth is the Violet Fire!  Earth is the Purity God desires!
Humanity is the Violet Fire!  Humanity is the Purity God desires!
Let there be Light (x3)   Light, Light, Light!  
And let that Light be Saint Germain’s New Era of Love Peace and Freedom manifesting Now!”
I Am Archangel Michael.  I Am the Violet Fire!  I Am the purity God desires!
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/1/2017)



Archangel Michael:

Happy Glorious New Year Family of Earth! It is Archangel Michael.

When you work together in sincere collaboration, you Ascend collectively and individually. When you engage in war which includes low resonance dispute of any kind, you personally digress into the descending spiral, and you slow the progress of the restoration of God’s Light on Earth, including the global release of the Freedom Funds. Whether you are aware of this or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, matters not. Your choice to be loving or not is what impacts.

As has been revealed by God’s Ascended Earth Team, the Company of Heaven, through trustworthy messengers such as Patricia Cota-Robles (see New Year’s message below) and others, the beginning of this extraordinary year is ushered in by a miraculous gift of Love Light from God. I, Archangel Michael, am joyfully tasked by God to bring you – in unity with Father-Mother God and The Company of Heaven – an inspiring and insightful message on each of the first eleven days of 2017 to assist your Awakening and Ascension. Of course, it is God’s Plan for Earth at this time that global Awakening be ensured through many events, including the release of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, the RV/GCR and NESARA/GESARA.

Every shred of loving effort, every drop of awakening Consciousness, every sentient choice to surrender your will to God’s is cumulative and everlasting. You rise or fall upon each and every decision you make. In every case, in all situations, demeaning others results in delay to the realization of our shared dream: liberation for all in the New Golden Age. Divine Truth does not ever belittle, berate, rebuke, scold or humiliate; Divine Truth creates Lightness of being.

I Am Archangel Michael standing in the Light with you and for you, as you choose.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/1/2017)

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Channeled by Pat Crosby

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the Cosmic Council – messengers of divine love and guidance in these rapidly changing times.

We remain your family of light communication. Know that we have always been, are, and continue to remain constantly by your side as you go through so many many many planetary changes at this time. We are connected through a divine weave of communication – as we shall now begin to enlighten you from our perspective.

How We Communicate with You

By communication, we mean not only conversations such as this channeled message – from our species to your species through a human transducer. But also of the many whispers into your intelligence, and also of the rapidly increasing circulation of galactic light codes through new grid communication networks set up in recent years. These grids are now rapidly expanding their capacity to carry light codes from one “end” of the galaxy to another. These networks will expand exponentially in 2017 – as will your ability to download and act on these information carrying light codes.

These codes are carriers of the galactic data bank and have immense accumulated knowledge. The grids circulate these knowledge laden codes. It’s like a new branch of the cosmic library opened – and users have full circulation access of the whole galactic archives.

We also want to speak of galactic communication circuitry – of grids and light codes. We want to speak of how beings on your planet communicate in multi dimensions: Structures of communication, transfer of knowledge, and electromagnetic, wave, and other systems of passing information – of communicating souls to souls regardless of the dimensional separations interacting and re-structuring you in your 3D experience.

These structures encompass the simple miracle of how a field of grass or mob of trees communicates with itself, how humans communicate with plants, how species communicate among themselves, how human brains and DNA are expanding their ability to communicate within itself and with others, how light beings communicate with en-fleshed beings, how the galaxy is communicating with you and your planet. This list is for starters – and not at all inclusive.Today, we address some on the front burner of changes impacting your planet and solar system for 2017.

Beautiful and Mysterious Amazing 2017

As the next cycle of time unfolds its beauty and its mystery in the amazing year of 2017 and beyond, your human apparatus will continue to adapt to the increasing frequency of the various waves, light codes, rays and impulses arriving to your planet. Your receiving capacity continues to adapt and expand to receive and decode – and then act on – the information received through this ever increasingly accessible multi-dimensional communication network.

2017 Holds New Bundles of Surprises and Delights

The year 2017 holds a new bundle of surprises and delights for the connoisseuring humans among you: Those of you impassioned by the light, students of the divine mysteries, conveyors and transducers of the light.

Numerologically, 2016 has been a 9 year; one of completion. 2017 is a 10 year and a new giant 1 year – one of divine union, and beginning a new phase in the project of expanding consciousness which is unfolding in the realm of human-galactic partnership, co-creation, and evolution.

2017 heralds a new threshold for those of you consciously (or unconsciously through the purpose of your soul mission) who are bringers and anchors of divine light into your human-planetary mix.

Let us begin with the humble and essential grass.

How a Field of Grass Communicates

Do you remember several grass-themed songs such as “God Bless the Grass” and “Big Yellow Taxi” which reference the grass coming back – even through a little crack in the parking lot – the grass comes back?

“God bless the grass that grows thru the crack.
They roll the concrete over it to try and keep it back.
The concrete gets tired of what it has to do,
It breaks and it buckles and the grass grows thru,
And God bless the grass.”

Grass is an amazing everyday miracle – unfolding right before your very eyes. Grass is a fundamental transducer of photon light into a highly useable and plentiful support of organic life on your beloved earth. Grass grows everywhere. Regardless of your opinion of where you think it should grow – or not – grass continues to evermore transduce golden sunshine light into foodstuffs. Animals eat grass – and grow amazing and strong bodies.

The cycles of life are sustained by the ever present grass. The tiniest, tenderest, most fragile blade of grass breaks up the rocks and create soil supportive of other more tender life forms to take root.

Image credit: David Zinn

Grass Communication Network – How it Works

Grass illustrates the “school of fish” method of communication. Did you ever watch in wonder those videos of hundreds and thousands of fish that all move in perfect unison? Schools of fish that in perfect synchronicity turn on a dime? Flocks of birds do likewise. Notice those flocks that fly through the air and turn in perfect synchronicity?

The humble and strong grass does likewise. Look at an unassuming mowed and manicured lawn. If you put some chemical or fertilizer anywhere on the big lawn, the rest of the lawn knows immediately what you have done. The brilliant communication structure of the roots of the grass system act as a bundle of nerves – we might say the “brain” – of the grass.

If you start to mow the grass, the entire field immediately activates the message to grow!

Immediately, the nervous root system of the grass sends light impulses throughout itself alerting the entire structure of the grassy yard or field that a change has occurred. And immediately, the whole field of the grass makes changes to adapt to this recent change.

If fertilizer is applied, the whole root system sends notice in the form of a field of light transmissions – appearing somewhat like a sheet of lightning flash – that a life-enhancing event has just occurred – so it is timely to convert energy to grow bigger and stronger.

If “weed control” is applied, the whole root system sends an emergency notice to take corrective life-preserving steps to its entire body in one flash of light. Hence the biology of the grass must make emergency action to create some new biochemical and other processes to adapt to the new element – to bypass it, and grow even stronger and bigger. This communication is a light flash event lighting up the entire field of grass.
Hence you have the arrival on your planet of the “super weeds” – plants that have adapted to, communicate the need to adapt, and created new mechanisms of growth and sustenance for themselves as a species – out vibrating other forces that would decimate them – and surviving to new levels of tenacity.

Life is like that – ever adapting, ever changing, ever strategizing. Growing, experimenting, solving puzzles.

Energetic Field “Brains”

Similarly, there is an energetic “brain” that governs, guides and regulates the movement of schools of fish, flocks of birds, and mobs of humans. This brain includes a field of electromagnetic pulsations, rays, geometric light codes, and waves. This field is stirred by rays. Rays are created by mental activity. As you say, thoughts become things. Intention creates reality.
This instantaneous communication occurs throughout the “brains” of the grass – its root system structure. The root structure is a highly efficient transducer of multi-dimensions of energy input: Intentions, the elements, new solutions. Clairvoyants and shamans can watch the light quickening of the plants systems when a new message is coming through. Rapid emergency survival messages can be seen as flashes of light – similar to the flashes of lightning during a storm – except the whole field flashes in one rapid communicating sheet of light. This light may be of various frequencies – ie colors – as needed for a transformative shift.

Non-emergency messages can be seen as a gentle glowing throughout the field of the grass.

Sometimes the light is in the root structure of the field of grass. Sometimes, the light infusion comes from extraneous sources. More of this below.

Note that these processes are 2 – way: There is a sending of new vibration. And there is an ACCEPTING of these new vibrations by the grass.

The movie Avatar brilliantly illustrated how the field of roots communicates multi-dimensionally. You remember that scene where everyone was sitting in group communication with the light impulses emanating from the Mother Tree of Life. Everyone was plugged into the circuitry for instantaneous group energetic communication.

How Humans and Plants Communicate

Light intelligences communicate with herbal and healing plants on your planet by encasing and infusing certain plants with fields of various frequency lights and vibrations – bathing the plants in these lights to install certain frequencies that can be used by shamans, healers and medical researchers, to make vibratory adjustments and healings in human and animal bodies. These transduced fields of energy frequencies are installed with intention from the higher sources of light available to your planet. This communication is truly mind over matter – as intention directly influences the vibratory capacity of the plant to infuse another structure with its vibration. The plant then becomes a carrier of intention. This intention is carried by multidimensional geometrical living entities of light – known as light codes. Or as we could say, light shapes – modulators of frequency for specific intended purposes.

Shamans in traditional societies, and observant humans everywhere can learn to see, feel and intuit the healing light fields of plants, absorb these unique and specific fields into their hands, hearts and minds and transfer these healing vibrations to those they serve with their healing gifts of light and frequency.

Herbalists capture these vibratory patterns into tinctures, ointments, and various preparations that convey the light shapes (or light codes) from one medium to another – say from a plant to a human. In this instance, the plants are transducers of light codes into human structures.

Many shamans are plant whisperers – and listen as the plant spirit explains how these processes are done.

Certain light beings are charged with installing healing lights into certain plants on your planet. The moon, stars and sun also impart certain vibratory frequencies and rays into certain plants.
Plant healers can shift the DNA of plants that are ill or infected and instruct the plants to create new biochemical survival processes.

Thus plant shamans, healers, herbalists and sensitives are conversant with the times, days and methods of capturing the various plant frequencies into products amenable to helping human, animal and earth “problems”.

Mega healer John of God channels spirit entities that also install specific and unique healing frequencies into herbs that are tailor-designed for each human recipient. In other words, these herbs work as inter-dimensional transducers and transferers of energy from other dimensions into the human realms of body processes. The whole process is driven by intention. Intention works through transmitting of light codes.

There are multitudinous methods used by multitudinous beings to provide healing and sustaining transducing means of light onto your planet. There are multitudinous ways for these beings and plant spirits to whisper to receptive human minds just how to harvest and utilize these encased gifts of light. Spirit medicine practitioners are found in all cultures.

There! More mysteries solved for your ever curious and inquiring human minds!

What Are Galactic Light Codes?

Galactic light codes are very compact “zip files” of massive amounts of stored galactic knowledge. They are stored in multi-dimensional geometrical shapes created by intentional design. Humanity is now in the process of receiving these bundled files, unzipping and downloading the transformative blueprints into their DNA to create amazing unprecedented transformation of your biology, human layers, and your planet.

The connection of the galactic, Lemurian and crystalline grids was initiated in 2013 at Lake Titicaca, Peru to permit new circulation of galactic data knowledge bases – ie galactic light codes – into the human matrix of development possibilities. As humanity increases its capacity to receive – and transmit in pure light – the grids expand to carry more traffic.

The grids are plasmic in nature – and can expand and compress with demand. This process is a 2-way street of development. 2017 will show exponential capacity of both these components in the galactic communication exchange of knowledge. In other words, knowledge is flying around the galaxy at the speed of thought on the newly configured communication grid networks.

Further Study Here
Remember you 3-D embodied human beings are on the forefront of gathering knowledge and experiences of flesh-in-body in a material matrix. Your experiences are being encoded and transmitted through the galactic grid system to bring your data research collection (what you call living) to beings all through the galaxy.

So please do not discount the importance of even the simplest of actions, thoughts, emotions, intentions you experience – even the most “humble” of human lives are collecting data on the experience of life. Through the grids, this knowledge is shared galaxy wide with beings from many dimensions.

What’s New in this Process for 2017?

Thus we hope you can see as the impulses, rays, waves, light codes, etc. that are increasingly entering your planetary field and circuitry increase in their frequency and capacity, all life and systems on your planet are receiving this information and adapting rapidly. Some of these changes are emergency adaptations to forces that could be destructive. Others of these changes are evolutionary spirals of increasing frequency as higher frequency and new codes of information become available. Your systems and structures – individually and collectively – are adapting to receive, transduce, and act on this new encoded information. Your earth is on a trajectory of ever-increasing knowledge of how increasing vibration can hold in physical form.

As is often said: You are becoming galactic humans – consciously. For indeed – you are and have been galactic humans for quite some time. You just had your light switch dimmed down. Now your light is getting dialed higher.

Hence you see an explosion of new thought, new inventions, new patterns of social interaction on your planet. Those wishing to hold onto old patterns are fighting against a galactic tidal wave of new energies – so their success in holding old patterns is doomed. We hope you choose to recognize these events as an amazing and unique opportunity to restructure life as you have known it on your planet for the highest good of all.

As the light force embodied in human form that you are, you are on the forefront of creating and anchoring these new patterns. We remind you we are “human whisperers” – and gladly pass on the knowledge of what we have learned in other planets, other systems, other worlds – to assist you, our brave human relatives – in carving out a higher frequency civilization on a planet that is rapidly increasing its vibration.

Hence we wish to partner with you as the energetic “brains” of this planet – transferring our knowledge, our skills, our consciousness to your planetary neural network. As we receive your data transmissions (your experiences) through the grid circuitry, we co-adapt what we do in our partnership with you, Family! Always, for the highest good of all.

The movie Avatar brilliantly and artistically portrays how light codes (seeds) can transform consciousness through interactions. Clips are available on youtube of “The Tree of Light”, the “Tree of Light Memories”, and “Seeds”.

DNA-GALACTIC Communication

On this front, your refined etheric (and physical) DNA is also adapting regularly to all the new sources of information flowing onto your planet.

Your DNA is porous cell-wall methodology to allow light codes (galactic seeds) that are entering your planetary matrix to enter the cellular realm, and deliver their payloads of higher frequency operating instructions and methods – and to interact with the multidimensional functions of manifestations your DNA governs.

DNA is a 2 way communication system. It receives higher intelligence information and instructions. It also imparts on-the-ground – (in-the-cell) – feedback to the communication network of human-galactic – and soon cosmic – information sharing.

Some esoteric scientists are currently investigating and documenting how various waveforms and other methodologies are allowing the nitty-gritty of this communication with DNA to happen.

For our purposes today, we note that this communication IS happening. Hence your cellular awareness and intelligence can make immediate responses to both enhancing as well as destructive forces with which it interfaces.

Your biology is not structured in stone. Your biology is living, breathing, adapting light patterns that are part of and influenced by a “planetary brain” of awareness. So just as the grass adapts and immediately begins to increase its growth rate when danger comes near, so the body of humanity immediately begins to adapt when either destructive or expansionary forces come near.

How amazing are your human bodies – governed by the light of divine intelligence. They can perceive any life threatening or altering energy – whether in the form of chemicals, rays, etc, your humanity-body begins to adapt, evolve, transmute and transform.

How to Consciously Work with the Light Codes in 2017 and Beyond

We remind you that the above process is influenced greatly by your human processes. You have the amazing power – greater than nuclear power – of allowing your system to receive new information and energies and to grow and thrive – or to shut down the new energy and information and be affected negatively by events in your web of ”news” communication and other forces currently circulating on your earth planet.

MUCH has been written on the mind-body-spirit connections – so we will leave it as that for now.

2017: Culminating Old – and Beginning New – Cycles

2017 is a culmination year, a year of finishing various processes that have been underway in various past years and cycles.

2017 is the beginning of fresh cycles of humanity coming to understand more and more how much innate power you have to control your destinies – collectively as well as individually.

2017 is a year when you will up the ante on your conscious partnership with your galactic family.

Amazing fun ahead – for all parties!

The Internet – Mirror of Galactic Grids

The vast planetary communication system created over the past few decades – your internet – allows the spread of information almost instantaneously. Old programs are deleted. New operating systems evolve. All data is archived somewhere (ie akashic records). New apps evolve. New programs are constantly created. New technologies drive changes. More and more people are getting connected. New technologies speed everyone to communicate.

As higher frequency information circulates more broadly, changes accelerate. Lower frequency thoughts wake up dormant lower frequency vibrations – showing in words, and actions of lower frequency. “News” headlines are FULL of these low-frequency stuck communication loops.

Isn’t this an exciting time to read the news! We listen to the conversations among humans and see it as a “stirring of the pot”. As the destructive emotions and thoughts bubble to the top of the pot, they can be skimmed off – and the energy they contain can be transmuted to higher purposes.

The ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, tells of the churning of the great ocean of consciousness. All rises to the surface from the unfathomable depths. Each person has the choice to align and vibrate with the energies of their choice.

Truly, everyone on your planet has endless opportunities now for life-changing transformation on a scale never before available to humankind. This process is one reason the galaxy is fixated and fascinated by the amazing changes taking place on your little planet in space. This process is one reason souls are scurrying from all over the galaxy to incarnate on planet earth and get a front-row seat in this amazing transformative multi-dimensional journey. A journey that only be fully appreciated by being in human embodiment.

The planetary communication system revealed in internet comments – show how the various frequency forces are interacting with each other. This broad spectrum global internet conversation is enlivening, as the full range of human emotions and mental processes becomes readily available for observation. The emotional bodies of humans are getting a thorough workout. And they are getting feedback as to the functionality of their emotions in terms of human survival and human enhancements and quality of living.

All of these processes are driving transformation. No need to feel dismayed at some of the lower frequency communications; the current incoming programs and codes have the capacity to transmute all energies back into pure light – the ground of creating new realities of a higher vibration. Think of the internet forums and comment sections as a place to compost all kinds of old garbage into fertilizer for a new world!

This is a bloody and raw process; it cannot be otherwise – for this is a necessary step to scourge the depths of the human species psyche – to keep raising the bar on the human vibratory frequency – by emptying out the pot of old shit, composting and regrowing with beautiful fragrant flowers.

The Victory of Light is Now Assured

Do not be dismayed when you read and hear these low vibratory displays of energy. Know they are expunging poison from the body-brain-intelligence of humanity.

There is too much light energy and new frequencies pouring through the planetary structures and into your into your DNA now. The tide cannot be turned back. You lightworkers have guided the planet through the minefields and into the clear. The victory is light is now assured.

Dear Ones. You are to be congratulated! You all have a light medal of gold glowing in the heart of your soul – a badge of honor and recognition you will carry with you through all of eternity yet to unfold as you are the in the forefront of driving the light quotient higher on planet earth.

Don’t confuse the struggles of the battlefield with the glorious outcome of the victories of spirit.

You have all – collectively – consciously and unconsciously – brought in this great shift in consciousness onto your planet. This shift is underway. Like human birth, it is a bloody and sometimes painful process. But the birth of the new human is underway – and the positive joyful delivery is certain.

So continue, Dear Humans, with the pangs of the birth process. You are not alone. We act here as your labor coaches, guides and doulas – supporting you, encouraging you, enlightening your every step of the way. Step by step by step… big and tiny… step by step by step. This is a journey we have done – and know the way. We share our cosmic knowledge with you now.

You are galactic pioneers of exploration, discovery, and transformation!
Call Us!

We remind you we are a thought away. When your pangs seem intense, just call out our names and we lend you our light and frequency to support your birthing process. Pangs do not mean you are failing. Pangs mean the end is in sight!

If you can’t remember or don’t know our names, no matter. A short form of calling for us is: GOD – Help! We will get the summons and be on it!

Eternal blessings to our wonderful earth family. We love, admire, and respect you – with no end in sight – ever.


Copyright 2016, Pat Crosby
Creative Commons. Article may be reprinted in full, with link and author credits fully included.

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This is a message from Saul, a higher dimensional being channeled by John Smallman. If you are new to reading channeled messages I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart as you read the words and notice how you’re feeling. If the energy of the words makes you feel good that’s a sign that they are resonating with you. If you don’t feel good, however, I suggest taking some time to sit in silence and ask yourself what you’re feeling and why these words are causing this feeling. These messages are only ever about love so you can trust they are coming from a benevolent being who only wishes to help us raise our consciousness.


There is no reason to be in fear.  Fear is of the illusion, unreal, a reaction to uncertainty which just drains your energy, because it focuses on the future, distracting you from living in this now moment which is the only time that exists.  Now is where you need to focus your attention and your feelings, and through doing that be fully aware of your state of presence right now.  Intend to maintain this constant state of present awareness so that you are fully alive and alert, and then you are open to the intuitive nudges, the wise guidance from those watching over you from the spiritual realms.

You are constantly being watched over by those who would assist you immediately if you call on them.  You are never alone or unsupported, but you do need to pay attention in order to access what is offered.  Frequently you have strong expectations of what your guidance should offer you, and so you often miss what is actually being offered.  Relax, allow, receive, and enjoy the guidance that then arises, miraculously!

Knowing, as in truth you do in every moment, that you are divinely supported and never alone, then relax into Life, into Love, and allow the Reality of that to guide you in every moment.  Always engage lovingly with others, all others!  There are no exceptions to this if you wish to heal yourselves.  Love expands, embraces, supports, and encourages, increasing your energy and your vitality; whereas fear discourages, disempowers, drains, and weakens.  Love responds with Love.  Fear responds with fear.  Remind yourselves frequently that you are Love, open yourselves to allow It to enter within you.  Love is like a vast flowing river that envelops and embraces you in every moment if you will permit.  If you shut It out it is as though you were in the river but covered completely by a dry suit, completely protected or shut off from Its warm embrace.

Love is all about allowing.  You need do nothing else because Its purpose and intent is to totally suffuse and renew your energy field in every moment if you will allow It to do so.  When you do peace and contentment will fill and uplift you.  Do not focus anxiously on the conflicts and suffering you see in the world around you while wondering what you could or should be doing to help relieve them, by all means intend to send your love to those who are suffering, but focus instead on the Love that you are as a divine creation.  By doing this the world is changed, and that is what you incarnated to do.  Where you focus your attention, whatever thoughts you hold – positive or negative – bring into your life those points of focus.

It is very difficult for you not to become distracted by the chaos and confusion with which the illusion constantly bombards you, however, you knew that this would happen before you made the choice to incarnate for this particular lifetime.  So, go within at least once daily to make contact with the divine flame burning constantly within you, It is the flame of divine Love from which you were created and from which you can NEVER be separated.

You are already saved, there is nothing you need or can do to make yourselves more acceptable to God.  God created you already perfect, from Love, from the energy field that is All That Is, and to which you are eternally connected.  You are all God’s beloved children, and there is nothing that you can ever do that can or will change that.  Sin, however grave and unforgivable it may appear to you to be, is of the illusion, it is unreal even though it brings intense pain and suffering to many who are incarnate as humans.  However, your true and eternal existence at One with each other and with your divine Source is unchanging.

Initially you constructed or built the illusion to play games and experience separation because in Reality separation is impossible, and it was only by imagining and building the illusion that you could in any way sense what separation would be like.  Now you have had enough of the intense pain and suffering that it brings you and you desire only to awaken from the nightmare that you built.  All around you are signs that people, humanity, are waking up.  When the conditions of life in the illusion become intolerable you choose to awaken, and that time has come.  The power of your awakening energy fields, your unbreakable connection to Source, is intensifying simply because that is what it does, and purely in order to assist in your awakening process.  Being divine your real wills are completely in alignment with God’s, and so your awakening is divinely assured and inevitable.  You can continue to delay it, but it makes absolutely no sense to do so, after all why would you continue to experience intense pain and suffering when there is no requirement to do so?

It seems that many are addicted to pain and suffering, it has, in fact, become so normal that without it they feel incomplete, that something important in their lives is missing.  God’s Power and God’s Love resides in each of you.  You need seek no gurus, no priests, no pastors, no intermediaries of any kind because each one of you has her or his own unbreakable connection to God which, if you will allow it or listen to it, will lead you home.  Others may be able to help you find your path, but only you can identify it through your own inner knowing, and then choose to follow it home.

That you are eternally and inseparably One with God is reason to celebrate.  To celebrate is healthy, uplifting, inspiring, and fun.  It intensifies your energy fields so that they expand out into the world, melding with others who are also celebrating, and raising the whole planetary frequency so that humanity’s awareness of its true nature arises to the surface of its consciousness thus making it impossible to deny it any longer.

Denial of your divine nature has been an enormous obstruction on your path to awakening.  You have, over the eons since the separation game commenced, been very confused about life and its purpose because of the amnesia that is a powerful aspect of it.  Consequently you have been seeking but unable to find a convincing answer to the question: “What, if there is one, is the purpose of life?”  Many myths arose with stories of gods and goddesses, demons and witches, magicians and sorcerers, but none of them offered any meaningful help or consolation because they all demanded your allegiance to someone or something outside yourself.

God is within you, period.  It is within yourselves, and only there, that you can and will find your unbreakable connection to God, Source, the Creator who so lovingly brought you into existence to enjoy the infinitely abundant fullness of life forever in His Presence.  When you chose to experience separation from your divine Source it was essential that you also chose to remove all memory of It from your conscious awareness otherwise you would have been unable to experience the sense of separation that you wanted.

Always the choice to go within and find God has been available to you, but the distractions of the world outside yourselves, the unreal world, have seduced you for eons with their siren songs that lead only to unmitigated disappointment.  Now, finally, you have made the collective to choice to dissociate yourselves from the distractions of the illusion and return to awareness of your true nature at One with God.  Your eternal Home the Home you have never left, is within you and always has been, It waits patiently and lovingly for you to remember and awaken, and that is what humanity is collectively in the process of doing right now.

The choice to awaken was made eons ago, at the moment when the apparent separation occurred, but the decision to follow through on that choice was made only in the last few decades.  All around you signs of this inevitable decision abound, so take heart and know that you are waking up from the nightmare into full awareness of your Oneness with Source, and that your joy and delight will be unbounded.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Susan Leland is the voice of Ashtar, the Commander of the New Jerusalem and she also channels messages from Sananda as well. If you are new to reading channeled messages I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart as you read the words and notice how you’re feeling. If the energy of the words makes you feel good that’s a sign that they are resonating with you. If you don’t feel good, however, I suggest taking some time to sit in silence and ask yourself what you’re feeling and why these words are causing this feeling. These messages, especially from Jesus, are only ever about love so you can trust they are coming from a benevolent being who only wishes to help us raise our consciousness.

December 13, 2016

“Greetings, most Beloved Family!  I am here, together with the Company of Light, to thank you in a most profound and loving way for being the Lights of Love You Are.  I tell you Truth – the World would be a much more dim place, were it not for you and the blessings you bestow with your loving radiance, with your LoveLights!  Indeed, you are among the Lightworkers, the true Lightworkers whose Hearts are pure, and who recognize the goodness within yourselves.  And who have the Courage – so that if your vibrations slip a bit – you have the Courage to face yourselves, and most importantly to forgive yourselves and to bring yourselves back up so that you are inspiration to all, because the World can feel these energies that you put forth!

“And in this, Beloved Ones, you are true disciples!!!  You learn, and you teach simultaneously.  And that is what being a true disciple is.  It comes from a word from a language that was quite prevalent.  It was a language of Atlantis forwarded into Rome, called Latin.  It comes from the word – the root words are ‘disco, discere’ – to teach, to learn.  And you are all shining, shining bright stars in this.  And so, I stand before you, to thank you for being Who You Truly Are, for letting the Truth of You shine forth!

“You are all individual identities, and you are in human bodies. So do not expect perfection of yourselves in the third dimensional sense.  Because the Truth is that you are perfect!!! You are the perfect divine children of Mother/Father God.  And when you know this, when you look into the mirror and you see your Divinity shining forth, then you stand with all who are either in Light bodies, or in bodies such as yourselves.  But your Lights of Love are One!!!  And you are united in the Oneness with the totality of Who You Are, which is LoveLight.  That is your Truth; that is Who You Really Are!

“Whatever human – or other identities you may be wearing now, or in what you call your past, or in your future – remember this! Your essence is Light – the Light of Love from which we are all made.  And that is the greatest Truth of all!  Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe – the kind of Love that results in Peace, and Joy, and Freedom, no matter what your circumstances are.  And when you are in the realization of this, you join with all of the Lightworkers of Planet Earth and beyond, in bringing this reality into your lifestyles.  And what I am meaning by this is that you raise the vibrations!!!

“When you come together in this, you raise the vibrations of Planet Earth sufficiently to bring yourselves up into Higher levels of dimensionality, where only Love exists; where there is Paradise awaiting each and every one of you; where there is the Freedom to be in Joy, to be in Bliss always; to follow whatever your Hearts have passion for you to do, and yes, to join with your starseed brothers and sisters – to renew acquaintances, and to meet some you have not met before in your consciousness.

“But to recognize the Oneness in all life, it is to be in constant connection, communication, and Communion with all beings of all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms!!!  It is to master telepathic communications which go directly from Heart to Heart and from your Higher Dimensional Selves.  It is to know that you are never alone, and to feel the Joy of being in the Oneness with all beings of LoveLight!

“I thank you, Beloved Ones, for being here to take this journey with me into these Higher Realms.  And I ask you to stay the course, to continue being yourselves, to continue to know the Truth of Who You Really Are, and to honor your own Divinity and then to recognize the Divinity in all life, and to likewise honor this.  I know – I can tell you from my lifetime as Jeshua – I know it is not easy to keep shining your LoveLights in the face of adversities, in the face of ridicule, condemnation, and hurt. We’ve all been there.  You know what it is like.  Get past it, rise above it!  Say

‘Ho’oponopono,’  and move on, because our destination is as I have described to you, and others whose messages you listen to.  Feel the Truth of it, and know that there is nothing that can slow you down, or stop you, or in any way deter you from the course that you have set for yourselves!

“What Humanity is calling forth in 3D – rise above, come into the Higher Realms and be the Beacons, lighting the way for others as teachers and learners at the same time, sharing your wisdoms, and most of all your Love!  And at the same time follow your own course, Higher and Higher.  And open – open to connect with the totality of yourselves to further define your own course – each and every one of you, so that you know for sure where you are going!  Let yourselves know yourselves.  Learn from yourselves, forgive whatever there might be to forgive, and let go of whatever is not true within your beings.  And you will be beautiful Guides into the Higher Realms for all who are inspired, who feel your Lights!

 “And so I thank you, most Beloved Ones, and I offer you the very Special Blessings of this Holy Season, and I invite you to share your Lights with each other, and to keep the feelings, the energies of this moment, where we stand together in our Circle of Love – and where we share with each other the Love We Are. For that, Beloved Ones, is why we are here.  And then let us go forth into the World to serve, to lead, and to be One with the eternal and infinite Lights of Love.  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Korrael.
Given through Susan Leland, December 13, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



This is a message from Jesus (Sananda) channeled by John Smallman. If you are new to reading channeled messages I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart as you read the words and notice how you’re feeling. If the energy of the words makes you feel good that’s a sign that they are resonating with you. If you don’t feel good, however, I suggest taking some time to sit in silence and ask yourself what you’re feeling and why these words are causing this feeling. These messages, especially from Jesus, are only ever about love so you can trust they are coming from a benevolent being who only wishes to help us raise our consciousness.


As you all know, as all life forms presently incarnate on Earth know – and yes you do know! – all is flowing along as divinely planned.  You will have new avenues of growth to explore as your spiritual awareness and acceptance of your knowing of the constant and unimpeded divine Love flow strengthens, releasing the doubts and self-disparagements that you have held closely to your hearts for far too long.  It has been an invalid self-judgment that has caused you much pain and suffering over the eons, as you attempted to abase yourselves before the unreal authority figure you had invented to replace your loving Source.

Instead just open to the REALITY that you are dearly beloved children of God in an eternal and unchanging relationship with Source and withall of God’s perfect creation.  ACCEPT yourselves unconditionally as God does, it truly is insane not to.  There is only Love and with It the unconditional acceptance of all divinely created beings.  And ALL are divinely created beings because God created ALL THAT EXISTS.  There are NO unacceptable beings, ALL are the beloved children of God.  What God creates is perfect, and that perfection is eternally unchanging.

Self-disparagement and self-judgment are extremely negative aspects of the illusion that your egos encourage enthusiastically.  Your egos are the little personal selves you imagined into being to fill and operate your human forms.  That is their only purpose.   They are like a closed off or fenced off aspect of your true Self that you set temporarily aside to deal with the illusion and your human forms within it. That aspect needs to have its many files and folders deleted to return it to its pristine state so that it may be reintegrated with the Oneness that you all are.

God’s Love is the field of Life, of Full Consciousness, to which all conscious entities are eternally connected in an inseparable and utterly joy-filled Relationship.  To be alone, separated, abandoned, forgotten, or unseen is impossible because God, Source, the Creator is infinitely aware of and forever in communication with all of Creation in every moment.

Your individual sense of any personal inadequacies – incompetence, unworthiness, unlovableness, sinfulness, shame, and the resultant ostensible divine disconnect from Source – are all constructs of the ego with which it attempts to keep you separated and dependent on it.  But it is nothing!  Many of you have given your power away to it, allowing it to disparage and judge you, and then accepting those disparaging and false judgments.  Every time you become aware that you are making negative self-judgments, stop!  Then remind yourselves that you are perfect divine beings at One with your Source where there is only Love!

You have all at some time in your lives loved a child or an animal unconditionally, delighting in its simplicity while never judging it.  Its behavior might well have been unruly and messy, but that did not cause you to cease loving it, even for a moment. God’s Love for you is way beyond any unconditional love you may have felt for anyone else.  RELAX, there is absolutely nothing you can do that will even in the smallest way reduce your Father’s love for you.

Knowing that, as deep within yourselves you do, then intend to be always and only loving, and observe how your life changes from one of worry and anxiety to one of peace, joy, and contentment.  You will also notice how all your relationships change for the better because of the loving energy field that extends from you to all with whom you interact, physically, psychologically, spiritually, and electronically.  As the Andrew Lloyd Webber song from his musical Aspects of Love maintains: Love Changes Everything!  And you will discover how true that is.

Love is feared by many because it involves trust, and many have had their trust betrayed while incarnate as humans.  Love is the only Reality.  Betrayal is of the illusion, it is like a preemptive strike against an enemy, and it is nearly always responded to in kind, intensifying the sense of bitterness that led to it in the first place.  All attacks come from an intense sense of inner pain, and possibly shame, that the individual desperately needs to dispose of, and he does so by projecting it outwards onto another, whence it is returned, intensified, often instantly.

Those who claim to be defending love by attacks on another, or on a philosophy, or a religious or political opinion or dogma, are in fact reacting out of fear because they feel their own beliefs threatened.  For many their beliefs are the apparently stable ground on which they stand secure and safe, until someone else disproves them, whereupon they engage in conflict – personal or far more widely spread – to prove themselves right and the other wrong, thus hoping to reestablish the seemingly firm ground they believe supports them.

Love does not attack, nor does It defend Itself, It has no need.  Love is unassailable power and cannot be defeated.  It does not take sides and is beyond conflict, It would stand between those in conflict gently encouraging them to disarm.  Love can resolve conflict, whereas conflict can only lead to more conflict.  This has been demonstrated innumerable times throughout your history, and yet you have frequently resorted to conflict in the mistaken belief that force will prevail, leading to eons of pain and suffering.

The Love now flooding across your beautiful planet and flowing abundantly into the hearts of God’s beloved children will resolve the eons of conflict that have weighed you down for so long.  You all want peace, but many, living in fear, believed that the way to achieve it was through even more forceful conflict, and you even engaged in a number of wars to end all wars.  Finally a large enough percentage of the human collective has come to the awareness of the futility of this approach and has chosen Love over fear.

As the divine Love field continues to expand and intensify in accordance with humanity’s collective choice and decision to engage fully with It, the conflicts across the planet, on every level, will wind down as peace unfolds.  Peace is normal, conflict is insane, and yet for eons the opposite belief has prevailed.  Where you focus your attention brings into your lives the events that resonate with that focus.  Focus on Love, your natural and unchanging state, and just allow fear to fall away, as it will when you focus on Love.

Remember, Love Changes Everything, so engage with Love to change your lives and dissolve the illusion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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The Council of Radiant Light is a 10th dimensional council working holographically with the divine plan for ascension of all Creation. The Council is holographic to the council of Ein Sof and one of our areas of focus involves bringing new programs for the Divine Plan, to Earth, through embodiment and through channeled transmissions.

The Council of Radiant Light knows all human beings as multidimensional masters. There is no exception to that statement. We are here to stimulate and catalyze your inner knowing and discover of your true divine identity and to assist you in graceful transition out of playing the game of limitation and into expressing your divine identity.

Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira, exists as a vehicle for our transmissions and to provide a space for planetary transition team members and awakening humans to connect interdimensionally and together in a multidimemsional communion of light, explore, discover and co-create heaven on earth.


Hello, Beautiful Beings!

Today we want to riff a little bit about you, celebrate you. We love you. We love you and we have so much enthusiasm for what you’re doing. It feels like a good time in our co-creation to reflect back to you what we’re noticing.

​We know you to be the most adventurous souls. Do you see yourself like that? We do. Because we see you exploring life in this amazingly complex and rich environment with a perpetual return to some sort of inner optimism and sense of meaning. You are learning to feel within you to tune to the soul that you are and you’re realizing more and more that your alignment with all that you are is the vehicle for your ascending consciousness. We love to see this and we love to see you believe in yourself, and trust yourself, and start to really get familiar and comfortable with shaping your energy.

We love how much you’re using co-creation like this as inspiration, as inspiration and support and camaraderie. We want you to see what a change that is from when you looked for answers outside of yourself. Now you’re drawn intentionally to experiences that are already in resonance with who you are. The echo your inner knowing. That expand upon your sense of what’s possible in alignment with who you truly are. Together, you’re going even higher.

​We love to see you be soft and gentle yourself, to make light of things and to have humor and generous love in your relationship to you. We love to see you let yourself be in an expanding state and let where you are now also be beautiful to you.

We want you to realize that we see you beginning to live your life as a conscious flow of energy.

As you do this, and as you elevate, lifting higher and higher in consciousness, what you will find, if you’re not already, is that so many of the stories and the ideas about life on earth will drop away. Your relationship, the way you are oriented to your embodiment will change dramatically. It will feel natural and it is, but what used to feel normal by and large, may fall away and the simple directness of what emerges will likely give you joy and make you smile.

There are a lot of stories here, aren’t there?

There are a lot of ways you’ve all been told to think about your life and to feel.

There are a lot of things you’ve been told are important.

There are a lot of rules about how you must act in order to get certain things.

There are a lot of things you’ve been taught and even pressured into, manipulated into, shamed into focusing upon and doing.

As you elevate and align with the truth within you, these things fall away because clarity comes forth, directly from within.

As you live in clarity more and more and as you are feeling good more and more, feeling good being a manifest demonstration of your ongoing alignment, then your sense of meaning and purpose, and your orientation to life, is clearing up. It’s simplifying.

The viewpoints available to you now and coming into focus for you now are much more fun, aren’t they? Isn’t that an accomplishment?

If happiness is what everybody wants, aren’t you getting more of what you want now? Isn’t what’s coming into focus for you now more liberating and expansive and fun? Don’t the viewpoints you’re starting to have about your experience require you less and less to feel bad or try hard? Aren’t they easier and more natural feeling?

Most especially, we’ve noticed and we celebrate your increasing sovereignty.

The more elevated your frequency, the more your consciousness makes it very clear that you don’t need to make life work out for anyone else. In fact, you can’t. You can’t. Your sovereignty and the sovereign truth of all life becomes clearly, brilliantly, and liberatingly, apparent.

Everyone is creating their own experience, co-creating their own experience, whether they’re consciously doing this or not. You can’t create anyone else’s life for them. This is such a radical idea. Living this, is such a radical insight.

We know that many of you still want to make life better for others. We know that many of you still feel that pull to try and make your children, or your spouse, or your friends, or your family, or your world happier. But, in a sense, you really can’t. We’ll say something even more daring here. Even wanting peace on earth, an idea that people think about so much this time of the year, is in a sense fine to hold individually – it’s lovely to want to have a peaceful life. But in a sense, wanting everybody to be in a certain state is kind of aggressive. It’s kind of aggressive, to think you know what’s best for everyone and to wish for everyone to feel the same…and probably that hasn’t occurred to most of you yet.

The idea that – peace – is better and preferable and so everybody ought to want it and live it is, in fact, not sovereign; is in fact not honoring of each and every one; is in fact not seeing each human being as the master they are, here creating the experience they wish to have and are focused upon.

We keep talking about the diversity here, and we really want you to grasp that the diversity is not going away. It’s not going away, and you wouldn’t want it to because the diversity creates more and more clarity within you as you make more and more choices about what you want to experience. The diversity is the platform for expansion. Everyone here is a master. The diversity stimulates your clarity and knowing and with this you expand.

The principles and the structure of creation are active and reliably responding to each and every one of you. As you know this, as you discover this, as you learn to deliberately co-create with this, you become profoundly aware of your freedom.

Everybody’s free to think what they want and be in whatever state they want to be in already. You are also free to claim your sovereignty and to let others find their way from within, as you have found, and are finding your way.

Once you orient to the truth within you, you demonstrate so beautifully what alignment looks like. That is such a gift. As you are in alignment, you become increasingly unconditional. Unconditional in your relationship to the life you encounter.

When you’re unconditional about what you encounter and what you see, that is a gift! Loving life, basking in life, feeling unconditional life flowing within you and feeling your connection to the vaster realms of creation, and being present in that fulfillment – that’s a gift. Your joy, your happiness, your alignment is a gift. In a state of aligned fulfillment, you have much to offer All That Is, and everyone you love and care for. This, along with the creative expression of your uniqueness, is your gift!

We are opening up with you and enjoying the co-creation we are sharing together.

As you tune, as you practice thinking thoughts that feel good to you, and as you choose to live in alignment, most of all sovereign alignment, you are empowering our co-creation with you.

We are here in the non-physical to play our part, to support your alignment, and allowing so that you can experience what you’re expanding into. So, the physical can expand and diversify, and with that, all of life expands and diversify.

You are adventurers and explorers taking life to new levels. We are here holding steady the love we feel for you and amplifying your connection to you so that you can tune into that and let it flow. That’s what it’s all about!

You’re starting to really get that. It’s getting simpler. That is what our co-creation is about: to remind you, to assist you in being fully you, freely you, in your individuated embodied focus for the joy of it.

We are here too for the joy of it, just like you. The joy of it for us is embracing you and all the visions and choices you are making, and then from that state of expanded expression reminding you of who you’ve become, and calling you, amplifying you into alignment with who you really are.

We are here to tout your strength and your ever-expanding capacity so that you can hear it and see it and feel it activated as truth within you when we say it, and live more freely and boldly, from the truth of who you are.

We are here to remind you and to love you dearly, and we do, often, daily, Every time you think of us. Because it is our joy to co-create with you, and to see you extend the realms of creation into new expressions of experience, into new territories of existence, and new arrangements of experience and living and being.

As you unfold this as the light you are in unconditional love, and sovereign alignment, and freedom, and expansive, unlimited joy, creation is basking in your adventure.

We love it, and we love you.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.

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Ashtar is the Commander of the New Jerusalem, the Mothership of the Galactic Federation of Light. His messages are channeled by Susan Leland, who along with Fran runs the website, Ashtar on the Road.

Ashtar on the Road Picture

Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, we have so many exciting things that are going on, and right now it is for you to be patient because all is being revealed – if you listen up and mostly if you go within and access your own knowledge.  You all know this is the – let us say – the falling of the dominos that are close to the end of the line!  You follow that, of course, because we’ve talked about the sequential flow of events for some time.  What we were not able to do, and still are not, is give you dates, because that would disrupt the timeline, first of all.  And anytime that the timelines are disrupted, it is a way of saying ‘going a bit backward,’ or delaying.

 What we’re here to do is encourage you to go forward on the timelines, and that’s an entire—well, it’s the opposite!  Now, what will do absolutely the most to finish off the falling of the dominos in your 3D World is to bring NESARA’s Announcement into it.  The World is ready – I can assure you of that!

 This Holy Days Season is unlike any other, and the reason that we can tell you this is because the consciousness has never put out a call as strong as it is doing now for Peace on Earth, for equality in all areas of your lifestyles!!!  Of course, Abundance is one of these, but let’s talk about Abundance and define it as beyond dollars – because pretty soon you’re going to have so many dollars you can take a bath in them if you want to! There will be many things that you can do with the dollars, particularly those of you who are moving the timelines forward as far as the healing of the Planet and all, ALL of its residents below, on and above.  But there are other forms of Abundance. How about Abundance of Joy?  Well that’s a good thing to contemplate, and believe me, we will have Mother Sekhmet with us shortly, and she will expound on that a bit further!

 There is Abundance of Opportunity, whether it be to engage in something that you have passion to do – or perhaps just to take a nice long, relaxing vacation; whether it is to let go of all of those 3D programs – to clear them out and heal yourselves. That’s a good way in itself of bringing those timelines forward, when you have your ‘eyes on the prize,’ as you’re so fond of saying, and that is, of course, the Golden Age Lifestyle!  And I’ve only touched upon a few of its aspects here; you can go into it in any depth that you wish. 

You want to make New Year’s Resolutions? Make them High Vibe; make them High Dimensional.  Bring yourselves up into that Higher level where the Golden Age Lifestyle is just ready and waiting for you, and then describe yourselves.  Start with a self-description of your Lifestyles in the Golden Age!

And remember, we define the word Golden Age as the return of the Lemurian Lifestyle; the High Dimensional Lifestyle, with ease and grace and the Peace on Earth for all!!!   And that starts – you know that song – ‘Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me!’  Well, that is absolute Truth and the location within each of you where this begins is within your own beautiful Hearts – let it radiate throughout all of your energy fields and become contagious.  We like that word, because that describes the process by which you radiate this out and others pick up on it and they may even remark about it to you, particularly family members.

Family members are waking up.  How many of you – raise your hands, if you are among those who have been speaking to your family about the Golden Age, what is coming, about NESARA, about your own self-healing abilities and the need to let go of fear and so on and so on.  Go ahead, raise your hands.  Oh, yes, everybody has had some experiences!  And if not with your own immediate families, because maybe you don’t have any close relatives, how about the distant relatives, or your neighbors or your co-workers or the strangers in the street, because you all know each other – on Higher levels, of course.  And so, you can just simply just say ‘Namaste,’ you know, and go on!

This is becoming less and less prevalent because the consciousness is going up, and the more you radiate the High Vibes, the more people will be drawn to you – they are being drawn already – no accidents, no coincidences.  You meet exactly when you plan to meet, unless of course, one or both of you has made some kind of a postponement in your agreement.

And for the first time, even family members who have been, let us just say, naysayers and deniers are going to say, ‘Oh, what do you know about this or what do you know about that?’  This is really miraculous seeming, and yet part of the dominos falling that has been planned from the beginning because, as you would say, it’s time to end the dramas – and the traumas that have accompanied the dramas – to clear out the last vestiges of fear and all those programs.  We’re not going to talk about that.  The dark hats do a good job of talking about it, but have you noticed, as our Beloved News Reporters* have been stating, even some of those are starting to speak Truth!

I will mention something here, and this gives me great delight. Yes, they are listening.  Hello, we love you all, no matter what color hat you’re wearing!  And yes, they are reading the reports that our Reporters* and that I myself give – they are transcribed, you know, and also our guest speakers’ messages – and one of the interesting things is that they are picking up on some of the lingo that I have introduced some time ago such as ‘dark hats,’ ‘white hats’ and so on and so on.  And I find this absolutely a part of what I am talking about!

We’re contagious!  We’re getting out there and people are paying attention.  And this can be a very good way of introducing the darkest of hats to the concept that they don’t need to stay in the wearing of the dark hats!!!  They can change their colors, you know like a chameleon.  Only they have to do it for real. They can’t be pretending, because pretending is the part of the plays that you’ve all been participating in – and it’s over. It’s ending!

Now, you know that this year is about to end on your calendars and it is a year of nine.  And what does that mean?  It means, ‘It’s over Rover!’  It’s completion of this cycle, and not only that, but unlike other nine years – because after all they come up regularly – unlike other nine years, what is so grand and glorious about this Holy Days Season is that it ushers in not just any year of one but a real true, Higher Dimensional Era, which of course is the whole goal – it has been for a long time!  It’s a year of one, it’s a year of new beginnings and what beginnings we see!

But I must add, we are not here to get you there.  In other words, you can’t just have a seat on the ship and be taken there. This is your time to shine forth.  Get contagious, real contagious! Shine your lights everywhere.  If you meet someone who is still a doubter, a denier or whatever, just shine your Lovelight that much more, because it’s a collective-consciousness kind of event!!!  And so the calendar year turns over and you begin a whole new Era.

Now, there will be carry-over events and they are not ‘cast in stone,’ as you would say.  But there are some things that we are seeing in this moment, and we will simply say, standby and stay tuned, because the changes are going to be, well in their own way, the most dramatic ones that the World has never seen – occurring in the United States of America and radiating out from there, because the USA is still the leader for getting NESARA announced and implemented.  And President Obama is still scheduled to be the lead announcer, along with others who have been waiting in the wings and are most anxious to assist in delivering the good news!

By the way, I will share a little something from behind the scenes, a little tidbit.  The Voice does not read the news propaganda, but she did happen to see a headline that indicated that Mr. Trump will have access to a television station which the government has arranged for.  Now, you may recall that it has been stated that he ran for President because he wanted his own TV show. There is some Truth to that.  He’s somewhat of a dramatic personality.

Now, this TV station was arranged, not specifically for his convenience, but it just came up.  But think about it with all of the changes coming up.  Might it not be one of the things that on the surface it looks like, ‘Oh no, Mr. Trump gets to be on his own TV station, blah blah blah’ – you know, as only he can do with all of his rhetoric.  But how about, ‘Well there is a purpose in this that is Higher than a broadcast from Mr. Trump, that will be a benefit Worldwide because there is going to be the need for immediate access in one place to the Truth, the High Truth, and only this Truth – but the Truth without any interference from the dark hats that control the news media themselves?!

In other words, Truth from True Source!  So, stay tuned for that one because a lot of times, something that seems to be not so great turns out to be just a part of getting the plan in place!!! And there is no one who is more expert at that than President Obama and President Putin and President Xi.  They are in their human forms to serve in this capacity – just know that they are serving 24/7!

 Rejoice!  This is Holy Days Season unlike any other – even, even more energizing of Love and bringing more Love to Planet Earth than on that occasion wherein you celebrate the birth of the one known as Jeshua!  And there are other celebrations of the Holy Days Season, many celebrations in many cultures beyond Planet Earth, as well as here.  So join – join in the celebrations!  Let your Hearts feel the Love, and spread it throughout all of your beings and then let it loose!!!

 Be the messengers that you came here to be, and be in Joy – and let go of surprise, like there must be a hidden agenda on the part of this or that person who suddenly comes to you and says, ‘What do you know?’ because this is becoming your reality.  You’re all here to teach; you’re all here to learn!

I will just say that the members of the Ashtar on the Road Family and those who tune in regularly to Tara & Rama – and they are often both – are a little bit ahead in what you know.  So, let it out, even if it is simply in a smile or given energetically from your Heart to someone else’s.  And that, Beloved Ones, is the greatest gift that you can give because it is from Love, a gift of Love to all on Planet Earth and beyond!!!

 And so I say thanks to all of you for being here, and to all who are yet to come to hear this message.  Stay tuned – there’s more great news to come!  Salut!”

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If you are new to Sheldan Nidle and the messages he channels from the Galactic Federation I suggest checking out his website, Planetary Activation Organization to read past messages and get caught up. I have great optimism for 2017. Maybe disclosure and the release of the funds will happen next year!


Planetary Activation Organization graphic

This special time of the year is heightened in joy by what is about ready to appear. The great spiritual gift of financial freedom is near.

So stand back in anticipation and watch as this new reality quickly assumes its magnificent new form.

11 Batz, 14 Mol. 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! We start today with a brief progress report. Currency items that are earmarked for distribution are in the process of being readied. We know that it has been a long and difficult journey for all. It is therefore important that you know that those at the top of the various distribution levels are preparing to initiate a most amazing process. Once launched, and barring unforeseen circumstances, this process is expected to take over a month to complete. As you know, it has been a truly arduous journey for all. Delivery of prosperity funds is simply the initial stage of this intricate operation. We know that the protracted length of this procedure was complicated by the imperative to keep these actions secure and above board. It therefore created the commitment to go as slow as was necessary. Our purpose was to work with our allies and keep them satisfied about what was unfolding. This series of requirements forced us into a very slow and deliberate mode. Thus, it has taken over two decades to finish this component of our large and complex project. It is our joy to see that your consciousness and perception of this task have allowed a better comprehension of what this journey is all about.

When we first arrived on your beautiful shores, we immediately sensed what was occurring. The Anunnaki were still the Overlords of this surface world, and treated their minions with a firm but velvet glove. It was your position to obey with few or no questions asked. This unfair reality caused us much pain for what you were enduring. We immediately discovered who was in charge of the Holy Light of Heaven’s accomplishments. At first, they were suspicious of our presence but gradually, they began to develop trust. Your Ascended Masters were our patrons, and through them our sacred project was explained to all. Nevertheless, it took us more than two decades to develop the degree of trust required to successfully attain our series of projects. Once achieved, we were able to implement projects that involved both the Masters’ secret sacred societies and the Agarthans. During this time, we increased the number of ships in our fleet and completed the training of those assigned to mentor you. These projects are, of course, continuing.

We have begun to strategize how best to remove the minions that are part of a number of your governments. This process is generally tied to an ongoing legal process associated with the vast corruption and illegal operations of the current American regime. This project was first created to isolate vital aspects of those who ran this illegal action. The other part of the plan was for it to gradually manifest a new legal republic, based upon a series of documents that became known as NESARA. This operation resulted in a few complications that are gradually to be fully resolved. New governance has quickly been able to establish itself worldwide as the framework for the true governance of America. The overriding goal is to transform the current situation through a series of future announcements. Strategically, the exact timing of these announcements needs to be kept hidden from the public. It is therefore vital that this, and the prosperity project, proceed secretly until the proper time for full disclosure. It is our joint policy to keep all of this confidential until the security matters associated with it are completely resolved.

As these stages of secrecy are completed, we move ever closer to disclosure. It is to be much easier for us to operate when we are able to talk publicly with you and delineate what Heaven has decreed. We realize just how vital it is to be able to operate away from the currently required shadows. Our liaisons have been forced to maintain certain protocols that are a bit clumsy. We have kept these up mainly to assuage our partners. In the coming months, this need can fade away as we begin to address you directly. The extent of pollution and climate change promulgated by the Anunnaki’s minions is most troubling. You have caused an amazing degree of imbalance in your atmosphere and oceans, and on your land. They need to be corrected. To us, these tasks are a simple set of operations. However, those who control governments hold policies that are against such procedures. We need to wait until disclosure is formally announced. As you can see, we are approaching a series of events that is to alter the way this global society operates. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This special time of the year is heightened in joy by what is about ready to appear. The great spiritual gift of financial freedom is near. Therefore, let us be merry and of good cheer. This is a time, as well, when the energy of spiritual renewal manifests. Know that this energy is a symbol of a new pledge by Heaven to shower you with grace and action. This symbolizes how committed the Heavenly Hosts are to your safety and redemption from a flow of energies that are positively roaring throughout this realm. Let all humanity take note that this very special compensation is manifesting. Let this holiday season be celebrated in the knowledge that the monstrous evil that has been your bane is lifting. The happiest of holidays to one and all! It is truly a time to be looked upon with joy and heartfelt thanks to Heaven! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

As it always does, this glorious time began to seem beset with delays and the usual frustrations. Across this globe a grand renaissance of consciousness has pushed Gaia’s surface realm to new heights. Long lists of global humanitarian projects have accumulated, along with the funds amassed to provide for their completion. It is a time when the stresses of population growth and the blessings of a new reality are to merge. This glorious planet is to see a birth of miracles that is to bring it the dawn of world peace, founded on your soaring visions. These blessings are to manifest, and an explosion of activity is to see a new attitude arise the world over, driven by this planet’s growing consciousness. Heaven has long planted special seeds to make possible this splendid event. The shaping of this new reality is just the beginning. So stand back in anticipation and watch as this new reality quickly assumes its magnificent new form.

As you can see, so many wondrous miracles are just around the proverbial corner. We Masters are proud of what you are to do when you finally receive your freedom and prosperity. These series of phenomena are to show you just how much you are truly capable of. We have watched patiently and seen how ruthlessly the Anunnaki’s minions have kept you down. All of this is now to change as you transform this beautiful orb that is your home. You are to develop plans to use new technology to clean your waters, air and land. When at last we reveal a number of key truths to you, even more miracles are to suddenly manifest. After your Space family finally lands, you will be able to demonstrate the extent to which your consciousness has grown. Even the Agarthans are in joy at what you have accomplished. It is this marvelous place that can now reunite with the Inner Realms to form a new Gaia!

Today, we continued with our weekly reports. This magical time of the year has brought us much joy! The coming time is sure to bring all a resplendent sequence of wonders. It is also a time for you to use your amazing visions to manifest the true marvel that is humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!).

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This is a message from Jesus (Sananda) channeled by John Smallman. If you are new to reading channeled messages I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart as you read the words and notice how you’re feeling. If the energy of the words makes you feel good that’s a sign that they are resonating with you. If you don’t feel good, however, I suggest taking some time to sit in silence and ask yourself what you’re feeling and why these words are causing this feeling. These messages, especially from Jesus, are only ever about love so you can trust they are coming from a benevolent being who only wishes to help us raise our consciousness.


On the anniversary of my birth it is always a joy to see so many celebrating it.  As we move forward powerfully toward the moment of humanity’s awakening celebration is a most appropriate activity in which to engage.  To awaken will be stunning for you all.  You have prayed and hoped for this for a long time, and now that it is imminent, celebrations put you in the right frame of mind to accept the wonders that are being offered, and acceptance of them will bring you great joy.  Our divine Source has planned a most exalting welcome for you all, a welcome that we here in the spiritual realms as yet have no knowledge of except that it will be absolutely astounding for all present.

As time ends and all move into full conscious awareness of NOW, all that was not in complete alignment with God’s Will, all that is unreal, will be gone as though it had never existed, which of course it never has.  The now moment, the unitary and only state of Presence, will bring all consciousness together as One and many simultaneously, without any remaining sense or feeling of separation which, over the eons, you have come to consider and accept as the normal state of being.

There is only the One and all will now know that state even as they experience individuality and communion concurrently.  What is a complete and incomprehensible paradox for embodied humans will fill you with endless joy.  You will be fulfilled in the fullest sense of that word, as ineffable peace, contentment, satisfaction, and Love in Its most complete state, as Its complete and vital life principle, becomes your eternal and unalterable experience.  Love is always complete, but, as humans, you have not experienced that state, not even conceived of that state, in fact it is utterly inexpressible in terms that would make any sense to your limited human abilities to comprehend.

You are, and always will be, the beloved children of God.  You are free because Love does not command, demand, deprive, or control, It ALLOWS!  God is Love, and so are you, therefore you are free, free to accept what God offers you, or to decline.  You were created free and remain free eternally.  You chose to experience limitation embodied as a human in a small and severely limited human body with a clearly defined and therefore limiting life span.  But, in truth you are free, you always have been free, and you always will be free because your Source, God, the Supreme Intelligence, All That Is created you free, and therefore you remain eternally Free!  That body, that form will die, decay, and pass away, but you are forever.

There is nothing to fear because fear is unreal, like your bodies, and it will decay.  But you can nurture it by focusing on your bodies and their imminent dissolution.  Bodies do not last, they are not meant to last, they were formed to allow you to experience the limitation of separation, and to fall away as you learnt that you were and always will be unlimited beings with no need of limiting forms.  As Love you have limitless potential to create diverse opportunities to express your creative abilities.  One of your choices was limitation.  Now the collective, the One of which you, each and every one without exception, are essential aspects, and without which God would be incomplete, have chosen to set aside limitation and awaken from the insane dream that has seemingly crushed and repressed you for so long.

The time for your collective awakening is NOW!  But of course you chose as humans to engage with and be limited by time, itself an unreal concept within the illusion.  Now you are in the process of discarding or dissolving time, and with it the illusion of which it is an essential and extremely limiting aspect.

Freedom is yours, you only have to claim it.  It will never be enforced or imposed because then it would not be freedom.  This is a concept that is very difficult for you to understand while remaining embodied as a human, because to be human is to be limited and to accept limitation.  But you are not humans, you are divine beings, vast and limitless as you were created, and nothing can contain or restrict you in any way once you choose to be uncontained.

That choice has now been made and so your awakening is assured.  Your Father awaits your awakening with joyful enthusiasm because He has missed your joyful enthusiasm creating along with Him.

Although the illusion and your presence within it is and has always been unreal, illusory, your choice to experience that state has always been divinely honored.  Asleep and dreaming within the illusion you had deprived yourselves of the Joy that is Love, that is Life, that is Source, and your Father was aware of your deep dissatisfaction with the limits you had imposed on yourselves.  He has always willed that you awaken, but He has never required that you awaken.  In His infinite Wisdom He has always known that you will choose to awaken because limitation of any kind is totally unfit for divine beings.  He knows therefore that your awakening is inevitable, and because time is unreal, an insubstantial aspect of the illusion, that it has already occurred but a moment after the collective decision to experience unreality was made.

The illusion is unreal, it was never constructed, it was but momentarily conceived of and then the idea was instantly discarded, dissolving into the nothingness from which it had been imagined and leaving not the slightest trace.  However the power of your thought is immense and so it appeared to come into existence, and you chose to experience it.  God’s Love for you is total, and so, while observing your discomfort benumbed within the illusion, He chose not to override your choice to experience that state, knowing as He does, being All Knowing, that your complete freedom desired and needed that experience to confirm for you that there is only God.

Now your awareness of this knowing is bringing you out of the dream and home to Reality where you have your eternal existence in the brilliant Light of God’s eternal Presence.  That is why you should rejoice and celebrate, for you are about to once more know and experience the divine Reality that is You and your Father in your eternal and infinitely loving embrace where all that can exist does exist.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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