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Lightworker Lifestyle was born in 2016 during a segment of my journey that began in 2015, a segment that included dissolving my previous life and coming into full alignment with my soul purpose. In my late 30s I was figuring out what to do with myself, what I could offer the world, what my skills are. As I reflected on the events that lead me to this point I could see how they are all interconnected and were stepping stones building up to where and who I AM now. In 2004 I was inspired to get my AA degree in Graphic Design. In 2008 I created Blackfoot Graphics to do freelance after I swore I would never work for myself because I was in ego consciousness, and my ego liked the safety of being an employee receiving a steady paycheck. Well it was time for that comfort zone to be shattered and expanded so I jumped off the deep end of the Cliff of the Unknown and asked my current employer to let me go so I could work on my new business while receiving unemployment. When you’re in alignment with your soul you do things your ego would never do! After working with clients for some years I had this nagging feeling that I was here to do more, to create more, to be of service in a much bigger way. Lightworker Lifestyle is one expression of my Soul Aspect/Higher Self. It’s the beginning of a multitude of projects in my blueprint that will be made manifest through me. YAY for getting to contribute to creating New Earth in the physical!

In 2019 I wrote out the framework from which everything I co-create will be based on. I call it the “Prime Directive”. Yes, I love Star Trek. I’m a space nerd, what do you expect?! 😀

My three primary intentions are:

1. To increase the amount of Light in this world
2. To support my Sisters and Brothers in every way possible by creating products and services to help make their lives easier
3. To contribute to the manifestation of St. Germain’s Golden Age