Archangel Michael: Leaving SELF-DOUBT at Redemption’s Door! #8 of 10

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. I come to you today in the name of God to work side-by-side with you to restore the Light of God to the surface of Earth and to humanity. Freedom and Prosperity are now being established, and as they are, the moment dawns to lay down the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that allowed Earth to fall.

You Doubt Yourself Because You Are a Being of Light

Self-doubt is more than lack of confidence in yourself. Lack of confidence is the outcome of your self-doubt, but the actual underpinnings of your insecurity are something deeper and bleaker. The very Good news is that this phase of your experience can be over now. You may transcend, now. Let’s lay bare this unnecessary tendency of you being harsh to you. Your life has been a complicated experience in a world and a dimension where you could not fully be the shining You that you truly are. This is not a reason to hate and doubt yourself.

Self-doubt is produced in two major ways. Firstly, there is the dastardly set-up of the reality you have agreed to participate in on Earth. In that reality, you are intentionally pummeled with every kind of devious energy and conniving scheme – all with the same aim. That aim is to get you to separate yourself from Truth, Love, God, so that you will allow yourself to be perversely controlled through gaps in your true identity – such as the gaping gap of self-doubt.
When you doubt yourself, you open the door for aberrant thoughts and energies that would normally be unable to affect you. It is the definition of a vicious cycle. “They” hurdle an arsenal of malicious thoughts, experiences and energies your way, so that you will doubt yourself. Then, when you doubt yourself, you open the door to be impacted further by the very same malevolent thoughts, experiences and energies. The downward spiral is put in motion.

Secondly, deep within, you always Know the Truth. You Know Love. You Know God. Even if you cannot always recall the Truth in your waking life of Who and What you truly are…deep down, you KNOW. You are a child of God. You are a beautiful and beloved Soul. You are the Light of the world. And yet here you are, seemingly plopped into a reality where lose-lose situations and scenarios seem to abound. How does a being of Light and Love feel when they are presented with experiences such as war, cancer, torture, violence, slavery? They become terribly disoriented, and ALWAYS they begin to hate and doubt themselves. In fact, the more Light you have, the more intense your self-hatred is likely to be.

Self-Compassion Is the Balm Applied through Understanding

Put your self-doubt to work for you in a new healing capacity. Whenever you doubt yourself, first know that when you follow the thread of self-doubt all the way within, you will find self-hatred, self-loathing. Bravely continue on until you discover the inner awareness of how you turned the pain of living in a treacherous lower dimension into shame and blame which you mercilessly heap on yourself. Under the conditions you have withstood, any being of Light would eventually begin to dislike and doubt themselves. It is enough now.

Call to Father God. Ask that he bring his Light of discernment, so that you may begin to untangle what you secretly thought was all you – all your fault, all your responsibility. Yes, it is healing to understand what you did and didn’t do and choose, so that the lessons of Love may forevermore enhance your journey. But please, lay all the shame, all the blame, all the pain at Father’s feet. In his Presence, the Truth is unmistakable. He is the healing you long for.

Allow Father God back into your heart, into your life. In the same way you turned on yourself, you also pushed God away. It is time now to move back into God’s loving embrace, forevermore. You will discover that you never left – except where you determined to keep yourself away. Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a tiny child? The child will close their eyes and think that you can no longer see them. That is exactly what has been happening between you and Father. Open your eyes.

I Am Archangel Michael, here with our Father God. We see you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/23/16)

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