Archangel Michael: Leaving SELFISHNESS/SCARCITY at Redemption’s Door! #9 of 10

In Channeled Messages


Archangel Michael:

A warm holiday greeting to you, dear beloved family. It is Archangel Michael.

You are getting ready to receive God’s Prosperity in the form of what’s called money. What you actually will be receiving is the feeling and experience of limitless abundance: Freedom. For those of you who have already claimed this Freedom, there will be no delays, detours or bounds to the joyfulness you will embody and to the Goodness you will do.

Leap of Faith!

For those of you who are willing yet still a bit unsure how to fully pre-claim the Prosperity and Freedom that will cascade across every land and every soul on Earth, I bring insight. First, I thank you for all you have already accomplished. You would not be reading this unless you had already staked your brave claim in God’s plan for Earth. And I offer you the view from my vantage point: this is the final moment during your experience in this reality to make the greatest possible Leap of Faith.

For you, never again will conditions be so destitute that you would find yourself in circumstances that produce the need for such a Leap of Faith. All is Ascending! You are to reap the rewards of all your vast inner work and outer demonstration of steadfast devotion. Things will be better and better forevermore! There just will not be the same opening, the same authentic opportunity to demonstrate FAITH in the face of what seems to be bleak impossibility. For you, the momentum of personal and collective suffering will be hurdled, greatly transcended. There is such a special, inner, deeply sacred triumph in LEAPING in Faith while you still have the chance.

Leap while you still can. To make the ultimate unrestrained leap, which bears the full reward of unbounded opportunity for peace, joy and service, you need only to surrender to God. Release the remainder of your small will into the loving merge of God’s Will. Think, feel, say, do, dream, intend, imagine, be LOVE. Always.

Lay Down Your Burden!

Up until now, you all have experienced plenty of abundance. You’ve had an abundance of lack, an abundance of scarcity, an abundance of strain, trauma and burden. No matter your perceived station in life, in some way you have had an abundance of want, need, hurt, insufficiency – a poverty of some kind. Together, we have embarked on transforming that upside-down reality of dearth into right-side-up divine reality of prosperity of every kind, for all.

The abundance of lack, hardship and suffering helped to cause the worldwide epidemic of selfishness. When it appears that there is not enough food, water, shelter, money, time and love for everyone, even good people begin to grab whatever they can to survive. The panic for survival supersedes the blessing of brotherhood, affecting the collective value system to become awfully imbalanced. The problem amplifies because selfishness itself is the energy of scarcity. Adding selfishness to the oppressed world condition is throwing gasoline on the consuming fire. When you are selfish, you engage LACK. It can be expressed in many forms, such as: arguing, demanding, withholding, blocking, taking, demeaning, stealing, “protecting,” hoarding. Selfishness is scarcity and a pledge to the program of control through fear.

You Are a Natural Born Giver!

The cure for selfishness comes in many forms and has instant results because you are not by nature selfish. To behave selfishly, you muster a tremendous amount of your life-force to swim against your own natural currant. When you stop using your inner resources to swim upstream against your own true nature, you will glide with such ease! You are generous. You are giving and kind. You delight in sharing, offering and contributing.

I quote my brother, Saint Germain, from his recent guidance to you on GIVING:

“Give freely with much joy. Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give until this entire realm, along with every soul, is well healed. YOU KNOW what to do, how to be. You are the Prosperity. You are the miracle. You are the Revaluation. You are the Reset. You are the gift. You are the Event. You are the Redemption. You are the Givers!” ~ St. Germain 11/10/16 LINK
Archangel Michael:

Give without an agenda, without expectation. Give for the delight, empathy and humanity of others. Give freely where there is need. Give generously and I promise: you will feel and be restored as your true and loving self! The antidote to selfishness is Faith; put your trust in God. Gratitude to God for Life annihilates selfishness and scarcity.

I Am Archangel Michael here with our Great Lady Quan Yin and our Beloved St. Germain. Leap!
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/24/16)

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