Archangel Michael: Leaving CONFUSION at Redemption’s Door! #4 of 10

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Archangel Michael:

Hello Bright Ones. It is Archangel Michael. You are holding brilliantly steady for the release of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, which begin in greater celebration with the release of your RV and other monumental events. It takes a lot more now to rattle some of you, and others of you have become remarkably unshakeable. If it doesn’t bring joy, ease, grace, warm humor, Truth, peace – you are not falling for it! You are not having it!

Here is my tip for you today regarding the expedient and fruitful fulfillment of all you are excited for: embrace your own Ascension. How? Turn into the feelings that are uncomfortable within. Be curious. Be willing to face them. Be willing to investigate why you are feeling upset, irritated or any other unpleasant experience. Resist pointing to any reason outside of yourself as the cause. Instead, keep diving deep within until you surely discover the nugget of insight. Once found, feel, understand, release! Keep doing it until your inner landscape is aglow. Yes, that is how to Ascend. It is simple and divine. For any reason, ask our support and assistance. It is our privilege to give it.

While you are in there – your inner terrain – be sure to dig out and let go of this musty old attitude and behavior; let go of CONFUSION. This may shock you, yet I tell you truly: confusion is a CHOSEN STATE of being. Yes, I say to you with tenderness that when you are confused, you are choosing to be so. There is no innocence in confusion.

Confusion is a choice, your choice. Confusion is a decision – a choice point where you elect to enter the downward spiral. In the same way choosing to be kind, patient or joyful is a point where you decide to enter the upward, or Ascending, spiral.

When you are coming from the core of your being, your true self, your Higher Self, you will not ever be confused. You will be aware. You will be at peace, no matter what is unfolding around you. You may not have all the information or be entirely sure which way to move next, but you will have the divine qualities of wonder, curiosity, flexibility and humor to keep you entertained while you patiently see what’s to come.

Seeking clarity is not the same as being confused. The one who knows that inner edge between the lower dimensional quality of confusion and the higher dimensional vibration of curiosity is you. If you insist on deluding yourself by insisting on being confused, then you will be tethered to that very state. You will say “I am confused,” and you will BE confused. If you are willing to stake a claim in your own awareness, you will reach for greater clarity, greater Light, and you will BE en-LIGHT-ened. You will expect to expand, and you will rise.

Instead of confusion, choose and BE who and what you truly are: inner peace, inner Knowing.

With love and good cheer for all we are accomplishing together,

I Am Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/19/16)

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