Archangel Michael: Leaving COMPETITION at Redemption’s Door! #7 of 10

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Archangel Michael:

A warm hello, steadfast warriors of Light and Love. It is Archangel Michael. I come to offer harmony, unity, cooperation and the irreplaceable satisfaction of co-creation. These are the consequential qualities awaiting to be reclaimed once you scrape away the residue of competition from your lives.
Competition is the vibrational blueprint for creating a society with relationships that result in someone winning and someone else losing. By nefarious design, whenever the energy of competition is involved, it is meant to result in one side becoming lesser by losing/failing while the other side becomes superior through winning/achieving. However, since in Truth we are all one, this dishonorable value system ensures that ultimately, we all lose.
The term “healthy competition” is a ruse. It is a dark marketing tactic which is part of the larger campaign to create a lose-lose society. How can anyone really win if it means that their brother or sister will lose? Real winning means we all win – the Highest Good of ALL.
In the higher Light realms, the higher dimensions, we do not purport competition. We live in the nourishing spirit of Unity and Cooperation. It is rewarding and thrilling to live in this way. We do not miss competition one iota. Competition is not needed to make games exhilarating or achievements meaningful. We get swept up – literally – in celebrating each other’s successes, achievements and strides forward and upward!
Competition has been showcased to be a positive component in just about every area of life. In most Earth cultures, competition is even touted to be necessary for: a thriving economy, getting ahead at work, excelling in sports, surpassing in school, defining success, attaining power, justifying entitlement, achieving rank, and on and on and on. It is an insidious lie.
Competition fosters domination, where everyone alternates between the roles of predator and victim. When competition is superseded by divine cooperation – where the abiding determination is for the Highest Good of ALL – domination is replaced with dominion. Dominion is the intention and fruition of a win-win-win existence. When we thrive in dominion, there is never a reason for anyone to be diminished so that others may appear to rise.
The coming events of Freedom and Prosperity that are soon to sweep across Earth give you the grandest opportunity to reassert dominion in the name of God. To prepare, do it now in your heart of hearts. Bring your conscious awareness to noticing the high level of indoctrination and propaganda which promote competition. See where you have experienced this outmoded way of being. Allow the competitive tendencies you have practiced to simply relax within you, and wash out with the tide of Light engulfing you.
For the sake of your own Enlightenment and for the Highest Good of All, seek harmony, choose unity, offer cooperation. Be One and be at Peace.
I Am Archangel Michael, One with you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/22/16)

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