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Manifesting Money What I've Learned: Soul Agreements
human relationships are like sandpaper
The Difficult People in Your Life are Your Jedi Masters

As I have been writing about in many other posts, I have been on what I call my “manifestation journey” since 2017 (because I was unhappy with my life and wanted to manifest more money to change it), and have learned so much and have made radical acceleration of rediscovery and remembering Who I Am in expanding my level of consciousness.

After exhaustively learning, reading, searching and practicing countless manifestation techniques from Abraham Hicks, Ascended Masters, channeled messages, a QHHT session, another psychic reading, you name it I tried it and finally I am at peace with my life and where I am now. It was actually in the last reading I received in Oct 2019 that I discovered some of my energetic blockages were connected to my dad. This made sense because I have cleared, healed and released so many other blockages I couldn’t imagine what was left.

I know now that money was the carrot needed to push me, to drive me with the fire of dreams and visualizations of a life I wished for and wanted to live so badly, what I call Extraordinary Life 2.0. The time I spent dreaming about this life has built the foundation of my future life after the agreement is complete and I’m free.

I know now I was attempting to manifest through the mind/ego desires and not through the heart/soul. What the mind attempts to create must be in alignment with what the soul aspect wants to experience. If it’s not nothing will happen. Efforting is unnecesary and counter-productive.

I have finally completely accepted that I am exactly where I should be, need to be, at this stage of my life plan. I am fulfilling my soul agreement with my dad.

Life is about all relationships. Everything else is basically filler.

I know that my challenge is to master the virtue of patience, to patiently wait for the agreement with dad to complete without feeling trapped. The difficulty lies in seeing what I have created or what is possible in EL 2.0 and not living it now but instead living what I am living.

In knowing how much financial abundance is available for me to receive through so many channels yet still having to focus on the same channel, the work channel, to receive money. Of knowing I AM unlimited but still playing the limited game.

I want to uphold my agreement, and I am because I have no choice really, the conditions have been created to ensure that, but the difficulty lies in not knowing just how much longer it will continue. How do I reconcile this feeling of what I could be living vs what I am? I have already accepted this living situation but clearly I have more work to do…I know that my perception is all in my mind, whether I choose to feel trapped in stagnation or just patiently waiting for the agreement to complete is my choice. And the difference is higher or lower frequency.

Because ultimately the situation won’t change either way but how I feel about it determines whether I live in heaven or hell…. I may not have a choice in fulfilling this soul agreement but I have a choice in how I live through and experience it.

Because this agreement was created with Love and it will be completed with Love. I refuse to allow my ego to attach to any lower frequency feeling of being trapped or stagnant. I refuse to allow myself to be pulled back into the lower frequency negative feelings! I must accept that EL 2.0 is still a future timeline for me and focus completely on my current life, to fully accept this reality now. In order to be successful I must put EL 2.0 out of my head for now and know that it will be made manifest when it’s time. My living situation may remain the same day in and day out for however many years to come but I AM LIGHT AND FREE! I AM VICTORIOUS!

I know that because dad as a personality is quite challenging to interact with on a daily basis, the gift/blessing he is giving me is constantly stretching me and helping me in every interaction to choose Love and strengthen my resolve to detach from the lower frequencies and not let myself go back down that road because it’s not the direction I’m going.

Through living with him I’m digging deeper than I ever have before, I’m being stretched more than I ever have before and I’m expanding more than I ever have before. Because living with him is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. And it’s also the most important thing I need to do right now which is why I’m at peace knowing that this is exactly where I should be right now. Since I moved in with him in 2015 and up to now in 2020, in five short years I’ve radically, exponentially expanded my consciousness and my heart. With his unconscious help as my mirror, I have opened my heart dramatically and am basking in peace and harmony.

I imagine myself as a Jedi Master Student and my dad is Obi Wan Kenobi and through every interaction with him I see where I am doing good and where I can still improve. Improve in being nicer, kinder, better than I was before. Even though I thought I was doing good I still need to go further and he is showing me that. If I want to become again the Perfected Being I AM like Master Jesus did I have to go further, deeper, kinder, better. I must BE the Love. I must BE the Infinite Patience. I will continue to open my heart more to him and take as much advantage of this golden opportunity as I can because his time is up soon, his demise day is near. And when he is gone this particular evolutionary opportunity will be gone too.

I continue to expand my heart/consciousness and when that time comes for a timeline shift (new Event Space – see The Curators Book Review) I will be so expansive in the higher frequencies and living in heaven! Actually I’m already there now!

I know that where I am RIGHT NOW and what I’m doing RIGHT NOW is the most important thing I need to do RIGHT NOW to be of service to my dear brother, my dad. To hold space for him and support him in the best ways that I can. Because that’s the main priority of the incarnation experience – to evolve and grow through our relationships. Everything revolves around relationships. Because that’s all there is!

There is a way to be happy in relationships, and that is to use relationships for their intended purpose, not the purpose you have designed. Relationships are constantly challenging; constantly calling you to create, express, and experience higher and higher aspects of yourself, grander and grander visions of yourself, ever more magnificent versions of yourself. Nowhere can you do this more immediately, impactfully, and immaculately than in relationships. In fact, without relationships, you cannot do it at all.

It is only through your relationship with other people, places, and events that you can even exist (as a knowable quantity, as an identifiable something) in the universe. Remember, absent everything else, you are not. You only are what you are relative to another thing that is not. That is how it is in the world of the relative, as opposed to the world of the absolute—where I reside.

Conversations with God, Book 1 Ch. 8

Everything on Earth exists as an evolutionary platform for our relationships. How we treat and feel about each other is all that matters. The rest is just filler! Mastering the art of patience truly is a virtue! Expanding in patience is my greatest challenge and yet will be the most rewarding.

Because the personality/mind is wrapped up in time – how long is this agreement going to last? When will it be completed? How long do I have to live this way? And the Soul Aspect/Higher Self is not because it is timeless. So the personality either has to learn how to let go of time and accept however long this is going to last or create massive amounts of suffering due to its impatience and resistance. Because no amount of complaining or tantrum throwing is going to change the parameters of the agreement as long as the Soul Aspect/Higher Self continues to choose to fulfill the agreement.

This is one area where we as the personality do not have control; all we can control is our reaction to the situation. Every time an interaction with him is difficult and whenever I dig deep inside myself and choose Love instead of anger, frustration or impatience, I’m strengthening my resolve and commitment to myself to detach from the lower frequencies and soar higher into the highest frequencies of the Source Stream. As I fulfill this agreement, not only do I serve my dear brother I serve myself because we are all One and this challenge is causing me to expand and stretch myself more than anything ever will. I truly feel that after this agreement is complete, there will be nothing in my life that will come close to being as difficult as being of service to my dad. After this I can handle anything!

I truly advise you to dig deep and really look for and find the blessings the difficult people in your life give you. Because like my dad, they are your Jedi Masters pushing you to become the best version of yourself. And when they’re gone, they’re gone and that opportunity is too. And if you don’t, you’re probably gonna have many in your life until you do. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Affirmation of the Day - Thank you for filling my Life with Perfection and thank you for giving me eyes to see the Perfection in everything
Affirmation of the Day - ALL THAT I AM IS PURE PERFECTION

This morning I had a fascinating experience. I was sleeping and woke to go to the bathroom. Once my mind was awake it for some reason randomly tried to allow/invite in thoughts of imperfection about my car’s clutch because my dad keeps saying that it’s probably going to go out soon but I always dismiss that from even entering my mind because I know if it does I will create a clutch breakdown. I know how powerful a creator I am.

So I’m half asleep, have just returned back to bed and as I’m working on falling asleep again my mind tries to go down this track but instantly I redirect to thoughts of Perfection. I repeat over and over: THERE IS ONLY PERFECTION IN MY LIFE. I AM CREATING ONLY PERFECTION IN MY WORLD. ALL THAT I AM IS PURE PERFECTION. I directed all of my attention and energy on these affirmations and although I’ve forgotten some of what happened I remember visualizing myself radiating the brightest, most brilliant pure white Light from within my heart filling every nook and cranny of the being that I AM and radiating out into every aspect of my life, including my car. I filled my car with this Light and blazed it with the Perfection of God that I AM, filled every physical object including electronic devices in my life with this Perfection and affirmed they are always working perfectly and they are. I visualized everything being so air and water tight with Perfection that there was literally physically no room for imperfection. Every particle of energy, wave of Light and all of the space in between was literally filled with Perfection; there was no physical space for imperfection to fit in. I also visualized the imperfection machine literally disconnected from the battery that gives it power (probably my solar plexus chakra). I saw a car battery disconnected and dead with no power left. I physically felt the feeling of being completely filled with Perfection and knew that I had succeeded in removing/dissolving any possible thoughts/feelings or energies that would create imperfection in my car or any aspect of my life. I finally did fall back asleep when I felt this was complete and my solar plexus chakra was very active as I drifted off.

When I awoke I felt so light, buoyant and happy I knew that there is no longer any possibility of ever creating any form of imperfection again. I felt so much gratitude for everything Perfection gives me: stability, reliability, dependability, always working perfectly, knowing I AM always safe and protected and so much more indescribable with words. All morning I continued to joyfully affirm that I AM CREATING ONLY PERFECTION IN MY LIFE and the other affirmations.

In the post Affirmation of the Day – My Car Working Perfectly, I explained how my car was the vessel through which I learned to release my fear and was the subject of my curiosity about how our consciousness affects the physical objects around us. In 2017 when I first actively began learning how we create our reality and how our thoughts and feelings do have control over things like cars breaking down and such, I was also consuming many Ascended Masters teachings as fast as I could. The Bridge to Freedom published many invaluable booklets and put them all online for everyone to read for free. Here is an excerpt from “Divine Consciousness“:

Train the Consciousness to Contemplate Only Good

Unawakened men and women are bound by the three-dimensional plane because they do not know of the Creative Power that is conferred upon them individually, and which regulates their life’s experiences.

Therefore, they use their consciousness to SUSTAIN their estate rather than to IMPROVE it. This consciousness mirrors their family, their environment, their race, and then through the creative power within itself, re-projects that which is entertained within it.

Strong souls, from time to time, have broken away, with great effort, from the pattern of their people through the help of an Ascended Being Who placed upon their consciousness a strong impression that they were receptive enough to grasp. However, such people become exceptions to the rule.

With chelas (students), however, once they become aware of the fact that what they entertain in consciousness becomes fact for them, there should come a complete transformation of the inner nature wherein it no longer accepts the reports of the senses which lead to a limited and imperfect expression of the mind, body and affairs.

Such chelas must take their consciousness firmly in hand and dislodge it from its rut of acceptance – shaking it free as you would shake a dust-mop from the window. This process will have to be repeated again and again because the consciousness settles back into its socket by habit and by its own weight.

When you DETERMINE to disconnect that consciousness from the mass mind, you immediately draw the attention of one or more Members of the Ascended Host. They begin to play Their Light into your consciousness which absorbs and entertains more of the Divine Plan in thought and feeling. This makes the sum total of the consciousness lighter and more pliable.

Then, as you consciously TRAIN it to contemplate GOOD, and refuse, repeatedly, to allow the tentacles to reconnect with limitation, you will find it becoming easier to tune into the Golden Age EVER-PRESENT until there will be no instinctive desire of the consciousness to rush back to its former estate every time you let down on your conscious application; and then it will learn to ride above the mass mind on the Wings of Light. Then your steady state of being, like that of the adept, will be a constant perception of and acknowledgement of PERFECTION.

The disconnecting process with the old, and the process of re-orienting the mind with the new is the most difficult period, but it is one which receives the greatest assistance from the Ascended Masters, and you can ask Them to take hold of your consciousness and enfold it in Their Cosmic Hearts. You can insist upon the assistance of the Christ within in this respect, and as your consciousness begins to respond only to expressions of Perfection, both your physical vehicle and your affairs will reflect your corrected thought and feeling.

Excerpted from “Divine Consciousness” at

In our world of relativity/polarity/duality, there are two ways to perceive everything: through the higher self/soul aspect or through the human ego. The human ego version of perfection is control based, limiting, unrealistic and dysfunctional. The higher self/soul aspect version of Perfection is all the qualities of Divinity – everlasting infallibility, reliability, self-sustaining and whole and complete in itself. When you are able to see the Perfection in everything you are at a level of consciousness where you know that this physical holographic world is only the bottom layer of All That Is and there is so much more happening behind the scenes we can’t see. You know without a shadow of a doubt that every single person has an Incarnation Team that is always working with them guiding them in every moment of their lives. You know that the purpose of the Human Incarnation Game on Earth is to experience, expand and evolve and through those wide open parameters we are collectively co-creating everything in our worlds, inner and outer. You know that outer appearances can be, and usually are, deceiving because you only see a tiny sliver of the big picture when you pay attention to and only know what’s happening on the outside because so much more is happening on the inside. You know that no one needs to be “saved” and that everything is happening in Perfect Divine Timing and Order.

You begin to make the connections through reflection and contemplation of your own Life and you see and realize how Perfectly you have been and continue to be so well guided (as long as you listen!) and you see how each event has lead to the next and the next and how they all fit together. You feel that you are exactly where you need to be right now, and if you don’t you know that your next step will be revealed to you when it’s ready. You live in the Divine Combination of surrendered flow, faith and trust. You see the wisdom and Blessings of every situation, every interaction, every relationship – the more difficult the greater the reward if you are able to transcend your ego and open your heart. Perfection is a state of mind as everything is because we live in our heads, we create the worlds we live in and the outside world is merely a mirror of everyone’s inside world. Are you cultivating a perception of imperfection or Perfection?