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St. Germain Affirmations: Visible Presence

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

St. Germain is an Ascended Master that has made his Ascension like Jesus has and resides in the Company of Heaven with other Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Cosmic Beings. Beloved Saint Germain is now the Great Master who has charge of the New Civilization (including NESARA) that is to come forth in America. He…

I AM Affirmations – Thieves, Hackers, Fraudsters

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Stop feeling like a victim and take control of your life. You are not powerless, you are very powerful if only you would remember that and take back control of your mind. It is time for your ego to relinquish power over you. You DO NOT have to live in fear of the unknown. You…

I AM Affirmations – Good Bacteria

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Every time I hear about a bacteria outbreak like salmonella in bagged salads or eggs or peanut butter and all of the people that got sick it makes me wish they knew that it doesn’t necessarily have to happen to them. Of course, I don’t know what’s in their Divine Plan, maybe they had to…

St. Germain Affirmations: Wealth and Opulence

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Years ago I learned about the words “I AM” and knew they were powerful but I didn’t REALLY know just how powerful they are until I discovered Ascended Master Teachings – including the “I AM Discourses” from St. Germain. I had heard about the “I AM Discourses” from various people for awhile but didn’t feel…

Affirmation of the Day – Hot Water on Demand

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

It’s not just a Blessing to have water on demand but hot water especially. I can’t even imagine living without hot water for cooking and bathing. But there are many people who do, including those who pay rent and live in a dwelling run by slumlords who don’t bother to maintain the property. So I…

Affirmation of the Day – My Car Working Perfectly

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

My beautiful car is a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. She may have more years and mileage on her but I Love her. Up until 2017 I used to manifest car troubles somewhat frequently. In 2015-2016 I used these car troubles to help me release my fear. Fear of not having enough money to pay for all…

Affirmation of the Day – My Beautiful Body

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

My entire life I have always been healthy. As a kid I’ve never even broken a bone or been stung by a bee or anything other kids went through. My perfect health has continued long into my adult years even though I’ve gained weight and haven’t made the best choices in diet and nutrition. And…

Affirmation of the Day – Utilities

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

When you start becoming more mindful, you begin to notice and think about the things you used to take for granted and never thought about because they were always there. Living in America and living in a home, it’s so easy to forget to appreciate the many Blessings we have that people in other countries…

Affirmation of the Day – Water

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Water is one of the most important components for life. Along with air, food and the Universal Life Substance flowing into you through the silver cord from your Mighty I AM Presence, the human body cannot live without water. Water is made of Universal Life Substance (science calls these particles electrons) as is everything in…

Affirmation of the Day – Higher Self

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Along my spiritual journey I’ve learned about the Higher Self, an aspect of us that lives in the higher dimensions that guides us and facilitates our soul growth. This Being in collaboration with our soul, plans each incarnation including what it needs/wants to experience for its evolution. This results in the experiences, good and bad,…


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