Archangel Michael’s New Year’s Gems: #6 of 11 CURRENCY – Peace, Prosperity & Freedom Are Certainly Yours!

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. Yesterday, as many Lightworkers can attest, was an all-hands-on-deck kind of day. Of course, in the Light of what is unfolding now on Earth, this is Good news. Another important stride was made. Lightworkers / Lovegivers contributing to the fulfillment of All who are for Freedom, endowing Freedom for All. You are the ones, refusing to buckle under the weight of what has been. You are the ones, shining and alighting the path out, up and free.

Yesterday, just as many of you were contributing in ways known and unknown to you, the channel of these messages was also involved in an Action of the Light. She, alongside many devoted Lightworkers, performed a coordinated Action of Light on the Inner Plains. It was brilliantly successful, as a stride forward and upward. So much so that we in the Company of Heaven have been able to extended its purpose, due the momentum achieved, and we in the invite you to participate, if you feel the call of your heart, in a magnified Action tomorrow. We will give the Action details to you in the morning and follow with an update and then a message (two in one day) the following day.

The kind of Action I speak of is a coordinated effort involving you and us, as one, which furthers the establishment of God’s Light and Love on Earth. You have participated in such Actions many times. Group meditations are an Action. Patricia-Cota Robles and others have facilitated global Actions such as establishing Chalices of Light that upgrade and elevate the entire Earth plain. Participants contribute through intentions of Good Will, Love, Healing and Peace. Would it make you grin to know that Dinarland is an extended Action of transformation and Love? Tomorrow you have the opportunity to use your power of choice and your radiant Light for another such furthering of healing, if you so choose.

It would assist if you would first scrupulously consider the importance and role of currency on Earth. What has been the primary currency for you, for others, for all of Earth? I tell you that I do not speak of the now defunct US fiat dollar, or any such thing.

In the higher realms, our currency is connection, compassion, unity, Love.

On Earth, the currency of victimhood has been paramount. You have been so hurt, so tortured, so toxified, so depleted that you have collectively established the roles and feelings of victim and predator as currency on Earth. For instance, you have been so beaten down that you have adopted an attitude of claiming your rights as a victim. That has elevated victimhood to a kind of currency. You can trade the terrible things you have endured for pity, entitlement and righteous indignation. Be brave. Be willing to seek and to SEE what you have turned into power, into currency.

We are here willing to kindly assist in your contemplation. Thank you for your Service. It matters greatly.

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/7/2017)

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