Archangel Michael: Leaving FIGHT OR FLIGHT at Redemption’s Door! #6 of 10

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael here with you to lift your spirits as we continue to transmute and release all that no longer serves. As many of you have gleaned, the timing of my offering of insight on what to leave at Redemption’s door is a direct response to your unified cry for more help in releasing the Prosperity funds. It is the best assistance I can offer you. The more inner dross you realize and release / transmute back to Light the faster you Ascend and the sooner you fulfill all of your dreams, including the wide release of God’s Prosperity on Earth. I assure you, we in the higher dimensions continue to provide every bit of support we can without violating what you know as the Prime Directive – we cannot and will not interfere with your Free Will.

A remarkable note about Free Will: some among you have made the case to the Councils of Light that Free Will does not truly exist on Earth at this time, and so these petitioners have requested all-out benevolent Galactic emergency intervention on behalf of humanity. These supplicants assert that the combination of DNA manipulation along with long-term torture and toxicity of every kind has made it impossible to truly exercise Free Will. They perceive the truth that Free Will is the opportunity to choose to experience anything, yet their passionate pleas on behalf of humanity’s predicament were so compelling that the requests for assistance were presented formally to Father and Mother God, who increased Divine Dispensation to humanity as their loving acknowledgement and favorable response.
It is holy appropriate to talk about Free Will in the discussion of releasing yourself from the grips of fight or flight. Fight or flight is another area of beliefs and behaviors that has been so distorted that you may not realize that you do not have to fall prey to the exaggerated effects of this human response. You have a choice on what to do and how to feel when this response is triggered. Of course, those who worked long and cunningly to consume or drain your life-force wanted you to live in an over-adrenalized state of stress and panic, believing you are at the mercy of your surroundings.
When used in a physical dimension of balance, dignity and harmony, the fight or flight response is used as a protective response to alert immanent physical danger, and so it is needed infrequently. The tremendous imbalance on Earth has instead allowed fight or flight to become a way of life, and it is much wickeder than that. What has devolved into your current experience of fight or flight is heinous.
During your Earth journey, you have moved through complex twists and turns that have often exposed you to devised – yet often not fully transparent – agreements regarding your connection to the human collective. It has caused misunderstanding of how you may maintain your sovereignty and your own protective and co-creative power. All of this has empowered the fight or flight response to taken on a weapon-like ability in two ways.

Firstly, due to the amount of trauma and stress you endure, your fight or flight response is continually set off for situations that do not really require such an elevated response. Secondly, when your fight or flight response is triggered, you don’t just feel the alert in response to what is happening to you in the present moment; you tap in to the collective fight or flight, which is an energetic bandwidth of terror encompassing the planet. That is why when you feel a fight or flight response it can be so overwhelming, so devastating. Someone cuts you off in traffic and suddenly you truly feel – on a physical response level – as though you are in a battle for your life.
Sometimes, everything in your day can be stimulated to feel as though it is an all-out life or death struggle. That is how it was imposed upon you and designed to be. The goal was to get you to continuously contract, flooding you with adrenaline and panic. Under these conditions, even the gentlest soul, the kindest person, the most Light-filled being (you!) will respond in a way that is overly dramatic and often unwarranted. Next, by design, you contract further at the shock of your own response and then…here comes the shame. Please understand, your exaggerated response may happen in that very moment, or it may be delayed. After all, you are all living with some degree of post-traumatic stress syndrome due to the energies and experiences you endure. It is the same for your beloved animals.
Let’s replace enduring with thriving. That is the quest you are now in the process of fulfilling. Here are some tips on how you may respond with Light whenever you feel your fight or flight response triggered:

Notice what’s happening. The simple act of Awareness will tremendously mitigate and heal the imbalance of your fight or flight condition.
Instead of contracting, choose instead to expand. Even as you experience fight or flight, you may choose to expand.
Ask for assistance. Be willing to see and do all that is required for your own liberation, yet remember that no one makes it through Ascension without loving support from others on the surface and above.
Invoke the Violet Flame! Do it earnestly, and all will be transmuted and transformed.
Demonstrate compassion through kindness and patience when you see others respond in an exaggerated or seemingly inappropriate manner.
Chuckle. Laughter is a 5th dimensional gift that restores balance.
Instead of fight or flight, CHOOSE TO STAY AND LOVE!
Fight or flight may be restored to its proper function. Stay and Love. Ground, center, breathe and choose. Decide to expand instead of contract. At first, perhaps your efforts may feel a bit unnatural and even scary or dangerous. Never mind, that will pass. Expand in Love, as Love. Don’t collapse. Expand in the Light that lives you, which is God.
With you every breath of the way!

I Am your Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/21/16)

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