Ashtar on the Road – A New Cycle Begins with 2017

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Ashtar is the Commander of the New Jerusalem, the Mothership of the Galactic Federation of Light. His messages are channeled by Susan Leland, who along with Fran runs the website, Ashtar on the Road.

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Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, we have so many exciting things that are going on, and right now it is for you to be patient because all is being revealed – if you listen up and mostly if you go within and access your own knowledge.  You all know this is the – let us say – the falling of the dominos that are close to the end of the line!  You follow that, of course, because we’ve talked about the sequential flow of events for some time.  What we were not able to do, and still are not, is give you dates, because that would disrupt the timeline, first of all.  And anytime that the timelines are disrupted, it is a way of saying ‘going a bit backward,’ or delaying.

 What we’re here to do is encourage you to go forward on the timelines, and that’s an entire—well, it’s the opposite!  Now, what will do absolutely the most to finish off the falling of the dominos in your 3D World is to bring NESARA’s Announcement into it.  The World is ready – I can assure you of that!

 This Holy Days Season is unlike any other, and the reason that we can tell you this is because the consciousness has never put out a call as strong as it is doing now for Peace on Earth, for equality in all areas of your lifestyles!!!  Of course, Abundance is one of these, but let’s talk about Abundance and define it as beyond dollars – because pretty soon you’re going to have so many dollars you can take a bath in them if you want to! There will be many things that you can do with the dollars, particularly those of you who are moving the timelines forward as far as the healing of the Planet and all, ALL of its residents below, on and above.  But there are other forms of Abundance. How about Abundance of Joy?  Well that’s a good thing to contemplate, and believe me, we will have Mother Sekhmet with us shortly, and she will expound on that a bit further!

 There is Abundance of Opportunity, whether it be to engage in something that you have passion to do – or perhaps just to take a nice long, relaxing vacation; whether it is to let go of all of those 3D programs – to clear them out and heal yourselves. That’s a good way in itself of bringing those timelines forward, when you have your ‘eyes on the prize,’ as you’re so fond of saying, and that is, of course, the Golden Age Lifestyle!  And I’ve only touched upon a few of its aspects here; you can go into it in any depth that you wish. 

You want to make New Year’s Resolutions? Make them High Vibe; make them High Dimensional.  Bring yourselves up into that Higher level where the Golden Age Lifestyle is just ready and waiting for you, and then describe yourselves.  Start with a self-description of your Lifestyles in the Golden Age!

And remember, we define the word Golden Age as the return of the Lemurian Lifestyle; the High Dimensional Lifestyle, with ease and grace and the Peace on Earth for all!!!   And that starts – you know that song – ‘Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me!’  Well, that is absolute Truth and the location within each of you where this begins is within your own beautiful Hearts – let it radiate throughout all of your energy fields and become contagious.  We like that word, because that describes the process by which you radiate this out and others pick up on it and they may even remark about it to you, particularly family members.

Family members are waking up.  How many of you – raise your hands, if you are among those who have been speaking to your family about the Golden Age, what is coming, about NESARA, about your own self-healing abilities and the need to let go of fear and so on and so on.  Go ahead, raise your hands.  Oh, yes, everybody has had some experiences!  And if not with your own immediate families, because maybe you don’t have any close relatives, how about the distant relatives, or your neighbors or your co-workers or the strangers in the street, because you all know each other – on Higher levels, of course.  And so, you can just simply just say ‘Namaste,’ you know, and go on!

This is becoming less and less prevalent because the consciousness is going up, and the more you radiate the High Vibes, the more people will be drawn to you – they are being drawn already – no accidents, no coincidences.  You meet exactly when you plan to meet, unless of course, one or both of you has made some kind of a postponement in your agreement.

And for the first time, even family members who have been, let us just say, naysayers and deniers are going to say, ‘Oh, what do you know about this or what do you know about that?’  This is really miraculous seeming, and yet part of the dominos falling that has been planned from the beginning because, as you would say, it’s time to end the dramas – and the traumas that have accompanied the dramas – to clear out the last vestiges of fear and all those programs.  We’re not going to talk about that.  The dark hats do a good job of talking about it, but have you noticed, as our Beloved News Reporters* have been stating, even some of those are starting to speak Truth!

I will mention something here, and this gives me great delight. Yes, they are listening.  Hello, we love you all, no matter what color hat you’re wearing!  And yes, they are reading the reports that our Reporters* and that I myself give – they are transcribed, you know, and also our guest speakers’ messages – and one of the interesting things is that they are picking up on some of the lingo that I have introduced some time ago such as ‘dark hats,’ ‘white hats’ and so on and so on.  And I find this absolutely a part of what I am talking about!

We’re contagious!  We’re getting out there and people are paying attention.  And this can be a very good way of introducing the darkest of hats to the concept that they don’t need to stay in the wearing of the dark hats!!!  They can change their colors, you know like a chameleon.  Only they have to do it for real. They can’t be pretending, because pretending is the part of the plays that you’ve all been participating in – and it’s over. It’s ending!

Now, you know that this year is about to end on your calendars and it is a year of nine.  And what does that mean?  It means, ‘It’s over Rover!’  It’s completion of this cycle, and not only that, but unlike other nine years – because after all they come up regularly – unlike other nine years, what is so grand and glorious about this Holy Days Season is that it ushers in not just any year of one but a real true, Higher Dimensional Era, which of course is the whole goal – it has been for a long time!  It’s a year of one, it’s a year of new beginnings and what beginnings we see!

But I must add, we are not here to get you there.  In other words, you can’t just have a seat on the ship and be taken there. This is your time to shine forth.  Get contagious, real contagious! Shine your lights everywhere.  If you meet someone who is still a doubter, a denier or whatever, just shine your Lovelight that much more, because it’s a collective-consciousness kind of event!!!  And so the calendar year turns over and you begin a whole new Era.

Now, there will be carry-over events and they are not ‘cast in stone,’ as you would say.  But there are some things that we are seeing in this moment, and we will simply say, standby and stay tuned, because the changes are going to be, well in their own way, the most dramatic ones that the World has never seen – occurring in the United States of America and radiating out from there, because the USA is still the leader for getting NESARA announced and implemented.  And President Obama is still scheduled to be the lead announcer, along with others who have been waiting in the wings and are most anxious to assist in delivering the good news!

By the way, I will share a little something from behind the scenes, a little tidbit.  The Voice does not read the news propaganda, but she did happen to see a headline that indicated that Mr. Trump will have access to a television station which the government has arranged for.  Now, you may recall that it has been stated that he ran for President because he wanted his own TV show. There is some Truth to that.  He’s somewhat of a dramatic personality.

Now, this TV station was arranged, not specifically for his convenience, but it just came up.  But think about it with all of the changes coming up.  Might it not be one of the things that on the surface it looks like, ‘Oh no, Mr. Trump gets to be on his own TV station, blah blah blah’ – you know, as only he can do with all of his rhetoric.  But how about, ‘Well there is a purpose in this that is Higher than a broadcast from Mr. Trump, that will be a benefit Worldwide because there is going to be the need for immediate access in one place to the Truth, the High Truth, and only this Truth – but the Truth without any interference from the dark hats that control the news media themselves?!

In other words, Truth from True Source!  So, stay tuned for that one because a lot of times, something that seems to be not so great turns out to be just a part of getting the plan in place!!! And there is no one who is more expert at that than President Obama and President Putin and President Xi.  They are in their human forms to serve in this capacity – just know that they are serving 24/7!

 Rejoice!  This is Holy Days Season unlike any other – even, even more energizing of Love and bringing more Love to Planet Earth than on that occasion wherein you celebrate the birth of the one known as Jeshua!  And there are other celebrations of the Holy Days Season, many celebrations in many cultures beyond Planet Earth, as well as here.  So join – join in the celebrations!  Let your Hearts feel the Love, and spread it throughout all of your beings and then let it loose!!!

 Be the messengers that you came here to be, and be in Joy – and let go of surprise, like there must be a hidden agenda on the part of this or that person who suddenly comes to you and says, ‘What do you know?’ because this is becoming your reality.  You’re all here to teach; you’re all here to learn!

I will just say that the members of the Ashtar on the Road Family and those who tune in regularly to Tara & Rama – and they are often both – are a little bit ahead in what you know.  So, let it out, even if it is simply in a smile or given energetically from your Heart to someone else’s.  And that, Beloved Ones, is the greatest gift that you can give because it is from Love, a gift of Love to all on Planet Earth and beyond!!!

 And so I say thanks to all of you for being here, and to all who are yet to come to hear this message.  Stay tuned – there’s more great news to come!  Salut!”

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