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Archangel Michael:
Merry Happy Christmas beautiful Souls. It is Archangel Michael. On this day, angels gather your songs of praise and celebration to God along with your prayers for Peace and Prosperity on Earth. The angels carry your intentions, requests and declarations of love far and wide, letting Galactic communities know: the humanity of Earth chooses harmony, unity, God. Hosanna!
Sananda is with me. Together we are transmitting to you through this message a Christmas Benediction. As you commemorate the Christ Consciousness in Jesus, we too celebrate the Christ Consciousness in you. The story will be told for eons of the bright brave Souls who stood in Faith together on the surface of Earth transmuting the densest energies of pain and suffering into Light, while they transduced God’s energy, God’s Love, so it could be palpably emitted across the planet for the Ascension of all. This year, you are the Christmas Blessing.

Anywhere you still have pain in your life or in your self is where you still believe someplace within your psyche that you are separate from God. This imagined separation is the very mechanism that allows you to concoct and participate in an illusionary reality. It is illusionary because in Truth you are never ever ever separate from God, except where you hold yourself away. You can contemplate what I’m revealing to you by pondering the following explanation.

It is a though you are standing in a lavish garden brimming with ripe vegetables, yet you are starving to death because you don’t believe in vegetables. Oh, you have your reasons why, and they are valid, sort of. Once you almost choked to death on a carrot stick, so you decided carrots weren’t safe to eat. Another time, you were poisoned by the chemical sprays on cauliflower, so you determined that you’d never eat that again. One by one, you had a legitimate disagreeable experience with every vegetable in the garden, until finally – with your burgeoning evidence – you formed the reasonable conclusion that vegetables are not food, and vegetables are dangerous.
Your experiences were valid; they did happen. However, your conclusion, although understandable, is incorrect. It is similar to how – as a result of many horrific experiences over many lifetimes – you pulled away from God. God’s Love is the very grace that heals, balances, imbues meaning and purpose, so you shunned that which would restore and resurrect you. You are starving for God’s Presence and Love. Turn your cup up. God’s Love is infinitely yours.

How do you turn your cup up? Willingness. Sananda recently told you, “Willingness is perfection.” This is what he meant. You do not have to know WHAT to do. There is no formula to follow – a set of new formulas would be the invention of a new program for heaven’s sake. You are not seeking a new program to replace the old. You are reclaiming your own Sovereignty. Be curious and willing to see where you have pushed God away. Be willing to be close with God again, in the way that is meaningful to you, you and God. God is within you, so you know exactly where you need to look.

Everywhere you hurt, feel lack, suffer, act out is where you have withdrawn yourself from God. To be in God’s Presence is Peace. Being with God is the knowledge and experience of all the qualities of Love. If you are believing and experiencing something other than Love, turn within. Turn to God. Choose Love. Be the Light you are, and then it will be impossible for illusionary qualities to be perceived, much less believed.

YOU are the Light and Life of the world. That is not blasphemy – it is blasphemy to declare otherwise. Sananda was that Light on Earth, and you are that Light. You are the embodiment of God’s Light. If you believe otherwise, then it is causing you pain of some kind. Follow that pain inward until you discover the experience or belief that lead you to sweeping erroneous conclusions such as vegetables are not food or God is something separate from you. Take your hand off your own dimmer switch. Stop hiding under a bushel. You cannot hide God’s Light. It is. Let your Light shine!

I Am Archangel Michael here with Sananda. Prepare to give…you are the Christ on Earth now.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/25/16)

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Archangel Michael:

A warm holiday greeting to you, dear beloved family. It is Archangel Michael.

You are getting ready to receive God’s Prosperity in the form of what’s called money. What you actually will be receiving is the feeling and experience of limitless abundance: Freedom. For those of you who have already claimed this Freedom, there will be no delays, detours or bounds to the joyfulness you will embody and to the Goodness you will do.

Leap of Faith!

For those of you who are willing yet still a bit unsure how to fully pre-claim the Prosperity and Freedom that will cascade across every land and every soul on Earth, I bring insight. First, I thank you for all you have already accomplished. You would not be reading this unless you had already staked your brave claim in God’s plan for Earth. And I offer you the view from my vantage point: this is the final moment during your experience in this reality to make the greatest possible Leap of Faith.

For you, never again will conditions be so destitute that you would find yourself in circumstances that produce the need for such a Leap of Faith. All is Ascending! You are to reap the rewards of all your vast inner work and outer demonstration of steadfast devotion. Things will be better and better forevermore! There just will not be the same opening, the same authentic opportunity to demonstrate FAITH in the face of what seems to be bleak impossibility. For you, the momentum of personal and collective suffering will be hurdled, greatly transcended. There is such a special, inner, deeply sacred triumph in LEAPING in Faith while you still have the chance.

Leap while you still can. To make the ultimate unrestrained leap, which bears the full reward of unbounded opportunity for peace, joy and service, you need only to surrender to God. Release the remainder of your small will into the loving merge of God’s Will. Think, feel, say, do, dream, intend, imagine, be LOVE. Always.

Lay Down Your Burden!

Up until now, you all have experienced plenty of abundance. You’ve had an abundance of lack, an abundance of scarcity, an abundance of strain, trauma and burden. No matter your perceived station in life, in some way you have had an abundance of want, need, hurt, insufficiency – a poverty of some kind. Together, we have embarked on transforming that upside-down reality of dearth into right-side-up divine reality of prosperity of every kind, for all.

The abundance of lack, hardship and suffering helped to cause the worldwide epidemic of selfishness. When it appears that there is not enough food, water, shelter, money, time and love for everyone, even good people begin to grab whatever they can to survive. The panic for survival supersedes the blessing of brotherhood, affecting the collective value system to become awfully imbalanced. The problem amplifies because selfishness itself is the energy of scarcity. Adding selfishness to the oppressed world condition is throwing gasoline on the consuming fire. When you are selfish, you engage LACK. It can be expressed in many forms, such as: arguing, demanding, withholding, blocking, taking, demeaning, stealing, “protecting,” hoarding. Selfishness is scarcity and a pledge to the program of control through fear.

You Are a Natural Born Giver!

The cure for selfishness comes in many forms and has instant results because you are not by nature selfish. To behave selfishly, you muster a tremendous amount of your life-force to swim against your own natural currant. When you stop using your inner resources to swim upstream against your own true nature, you will glide with such ease! You are generous. You are giving and kind. You delight in sharing, offering and contributing.

I quote my brother, Saint Germain, from his recent guidance to you on GIVING:

“Give freely with much joy. Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give until this entire realm, along with every soul, is well healed. YOU KNOW what to do, how to be. You are the Prosperity. You are the miracle. You are the Revaluation. You are the Reset. You are the gift. You are the Event. You are the Redemption. You are the Givers!” ~ St. Germain 11/10/16 LINK
Archangel Michael:

Give without an agenda, without expectation. Give for the delight, empathy and humanity of others. Give freely where there is need. Give generously and I promise: you will feel and be restored as your true and loving self! The antidote to selfishness is Faith; put your trust in God. Gratitude to God for Life annihilates selfishness and scarcity.

I Am Archangel Michael here with our Great Lady Quan Yin and our Beloved St. Germain. Leap!
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/24/16)

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. I come to you today in the name of God to work side-by-side with you to restore the Light of God to the surface of Earth and to humanity. Freedom and Prosperity are now being established, and as they are, the moment dawns to lay down the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that allowed Earth to fall.

You Doubt Yourself Because You Are a Being of Light

Self-doubt is more than lack of confidence in yourself. Lack of confidence is the outcome of your self-doubt, but the actual underpinnings of your insecurity are something deeper and bleaker. The very Good news is that this phase of your experience can be over now. You may transcend, now. Let’s lay bare this unnecessary tendency of you being harsh to you. Your life has been a complicated experience in a world and a dimension where you could not fully be the shining You that you truly are. This is not a reason to hate and doubt yourself.

Self-doubt is produced in two major ways. Firstly, there is the dastardly set-up of the reality you have agreed to participate in on Earth. In that reality, you are intentionally pummeled with every kind of devious energy and conniving scheme – all with the same aim. That aim is to get you to separate yourself from Truth, Love, God, so that you will allow yourself to be perversely controlled through gaps in your true identity – such as the gaping gap of self-doubt.
When you doubt yourself, you open the door for aberrant thoughts and energies that would normally be unable to affect you. It is the definition of a vicious cycle. “They” hurdle an arsenal of malicious thoughts, experiences and energies your way, so that you will doubt yourself. Then, when you doubt yourself, you open the door to be impacted further by the very same malevolent thoughts, experiences and energies. The downward spiral is put in motion.

Secondly, deep within, you always Know the Truth. You Know Love. You Know God. Even if you cannot always recall the Truth in your waking life of Who and What you truly are…deep down, you KNOW. You are a child of God. You are a beautiful and beloved Soul. You are the Light of the world. And yet here you are, seemingly plopped into a reality where lose-lose situations and scenarios seem to abound. How does a being of Light and Love feel when they are presented with experiences such as war, cancer, torture, violence, slavery? They become terribly disoriented, and ALWAYS they begin to hate and doubt themselves. In fact, the more Light you have, the more intense your self-hatred is likely to be.

Self-Compassion Is the Balm Applied through Understanding

Put your self-doubt to work for you in a new healing capacity. Whenever you doubt yourself, first know that when you follow the thread of self-doubt all the way within, you will find self-hatred, self-loathing. Bravely continue on until you discover the inner awareness of how you turned the pain of living in a treacherous lower dimension into shame and blame which you mercilessly heap on yourself. Under the conditions you have withstood, any being of Light would eventually begin to dislike and doubt themselves. It is enough now.

Call to Father God. Ask that he bring his Light of discernment, so that you may begin to untangle what you secretly thought was all you – all your fault, all your responsibility. Yes, it is healing to understand what you did and didn’t do and choose, so that the lessons of Love may forevermore enhance your journey. But please, lay all the shame, all the blame, all the pain at Father’s feet. In his Presence, the Truth is unmistakable. He is the healing you long for.

Allow Father God back into your heart, into your life. In the same way you turned on yourself, you also pushed God away. It is time now to move back into God’s loving embrace, forevermore. You will discover that you never left – except where you determined to keep yourself away. Have you ever played peek-a-boo with a tiny child? The child will close their eyes and think that you can no longer see them. That is exactly what has been happening between you and Father. Open your eyes.

I Am Archangel Michael, here with our Father God. We see you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/23/16)

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Archangel Michael:

A warm hello, steadfast warriors of Light and Love. It is Archangel Michael. I come to offer harmony, unity, cooperation and the irreplaceable satisfaction of co-creation. These are the consequential qualities awaiting to be reclaimed once you scrape away the residue of competition from your lives.
Competition is the vibrational blueprint for creating a society with relationships that result in someone winning and someone else losing. By nefarious design, whenever the energy of competition is involved, it is meant to result in one side becoming lesser by losing/failing while the other side becomes superior through winning/achieving. However, since in Truth we are all one, this dishonorable value system ensures that ultimately, we all lose.
The term “healthy competition” is a ruse. It is a dark marketing tactic which is part of the larger campaign to create a lose-lose society. How can anyone really win if it means that their brother or sister will lose? Real winning means we all win – the Highest Good of ALL.
In the higher Light realms, the higher dimensions, we do not purport competition. We live in the nourishing spirit of Unity and Cooperation. It is rewarding and thrilling to live in this way. We do not miss competition one iota. Competition is not needed to make games exhilarating or achievements meaningful. We get swept up – literally – in celebrating each other’s successes, achievements and strides forward and upward!
Competition has been showcased to be a positive component in just about every area of life. In most Earth cultures, competition is even touted to be necessary for: a thriving economy, getting ahead at work, excelling in sports, surpassing in school, defining success, attaining power, justifying entitlement, achieving rank, and on and on and on. It is an insidious lie.
Competition fosters domination, where everyone alternates between the roles of predator and victim. When competition is superseded by divine cooperation – where the abiding determination is for the Highest Good of ALL – domination is replaced with dominion. Dominion is the intention and fruition of a win-win-win existence. When we thrive in dominion, there is never a reason for anyone to be diminished so that others may appear to rise.
The coming events of Freedom and Prosperity that are soon to sweep across Earth give you the grandest opportunity to reassert dominion in the name of God. To prepare, do it now in your heart of hearts. Bring your conscious awareness to noticing the high level of indoctrination and propaganda which promote competition. See where you have experienced this outmoded way of being. Allow the competitive tendencies you have practiced to simply relax within you, and wash out with the tide of Light engulfing you.
For the sake of your own Enlightenment and for the Highest Good of All, seek harmony, choose unity, offer cooperation. Be One and be at Peace.
I Am Archangel Michael, One with you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 12/22/16)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael here with you to lift your spirits as we continue to transmute and release all that no longer serves. As many of you have gleaned, the timing of my offering of insight on what to leave at Redemption’s door is a direct response to your unified cry for more help in releasing the Prosperity funds. It is the best assistance I can offer you. The more inner dross you realize and release / transmute back to Light the faster you Ascend and the sooner you fulfill all of your dreams, including the wide release of God’s Prosperity on Earth. I assure you, we in the higher dimensions continue to provide every bit of support we can without violating what you know as the Prime Directive – we cannot and will not interfere with your Free Will.

A remarkable note about Free Will: some among you have made the case to the Councils of Light that Free Will does not truly exist on Earth at this time, and so these petitioners have requested all-out benevolent Galactic emergency intervention on behalf of humanity. These supplicants assert that the combination of DNA manipulation along with long-term torture and toxicity of every kind has made it impossible to truly exercise Free Will. They perceive the truth that Free Will is the opportunity to choose to experience anything, yet their passionate pleas on behalf of humanity’s predicament were so compelling that the requests for assistance were presented formally to Father and Mother God, who increased Divine Dispensation to humanity as their loving acknowledgement and favorable response.
It is holy appropriate to talk about Free Will in the discussion of releasing yourself from the grips of fight or flight. Fight or flight is another area of beliefs and behaviors that has been so distorted that you may not realize that you do not have to fall prey to the exaggerated effects of this human response. You have a choice on what to do and how to feel when this response is triggered. Of course, those who worked long and cunningly to consume or drain your life-force wanted you to live in an over-adrenalized state of stress and panic, believing you are at the mercy of your surroundings.
When used in a physical dimension of balance, dignity and harmony, the fight or flight response is used as a protective response to alert immanent physical danger, and so it is needed infrequently. The tremendous imbalance on Earth has instead allowed fight or flight to become a way of life, and it is much wickeder than that. What has devolved into your current experience of fight or flight is heinous.
During your Earth journey, you have moved through complex twists and turns that have often exposed you to devised – yet often not fully transparent – agreements regarding your connection to the human collective. It has caused misunderstanding of how you may maintain your sovereignty and your own protective and co-creative power. All of this has empowered the fight or flight response to taken on a weapon-like ability in two ways.

Firstly, due to the amount of trauma and stress you endure, your fight or flight response is continually set off for situations that do not really require such an elevated response. Secondly, when your fight or flight response is triggered, you don’t just feel the alert in response to what is happening to you in the present moment; you tap in to the collective fight or flight, which is an energetic bandwidth of terror encompassing the planet. That is why when you feel a fight or flight response it can be so overwhelming, so devastating. Someone cuts you off in traffic and suddenly you truly feel – on a physical response level – as though you are in a battle for your life.
Sometimes, everything in your day can be stimulated to feel as though it is an all-out life or death struggle. That is how it was imposed upon you and designed to be. The goal was to get you to continuously contract, flooding you with adrenaline and panic. Under these conditions, even the gentlest soul, the kindest person, the most Light-filled being (you!) will respond in a way that is overly dramatic and often unwarranted. Next, by design, you contract further at the shock of your own response and then…here comes the shame. Please understand, your exaggerated response may happen in that very moment, or it may be delayed. After all, you are all living with some degree of post-traumatic stress syndrome due to the energies and experiences you endure. It is the same for your beloved animals.
Let’s replace enduring with thriving. That is the quest you are now in the process of fulfilling. Here are some tips on how you may respond with Light whenever you feel your fight or flight response triggered:

Notice what’s happening. The simple act of Awareness will tremendously mitigate and heal the imbalance of your fight or flight condition.
Instead of contracting, choose instead to expand. Even as you experience fight or flight, you may choose to expand.
Ask for assistance. Be willing to see and do all that is required for your own liberation, yet remember that no one makes it through Ascension without loving support from others on the surface and above.
Invoke the Violet Flame! Do it earnestly, and all will be transmuted and transformed.
Demonstrate compassion through kindness and patience when you see others respond in an exaggerated or seemingly inappropriate manner.
Chuckle. Laughter is a 5th dimensional gift that restores balance.
Instead of fight or flight, CHOOSE TO STAY AND LOVE!
Fight or flight may be restored to its proper function. Stay and Love. Ground, center, breathe and choose. Decide to expand instead of contract. At first, perhaps your efforts may feel a bit unnatural and even scary or dangerous. Never mind, that will pass. Expand in Love, as Love. Don’t collapse. Expand in the Light that lives you, which is God.
With you every breath of the way!

I Am your Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/21/16)

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Archangel Michael:

I am Archangel Michael. Shall we use the crescendo of the Winter Solstice energies to dissolve one of the malicious shackles still binding humankind? The powerful rising energies of the Solstice bring increased opportunity of renewal through redemption. Together, we can combine our focus to release humanity from the devastating grip of stress, strain and anxiety. Unified, we are more than enough to emanate and embody ease, relaxation and peace.

You hold the power. You may choose in this moment to BE and to embody Peace – no matter what else is going on around you. In fact, the worse the conditions around you are, the greater your impact of choosing Peace will be! Choosing Peace in the face of tremendous stress is your personal Ascension, it is your global service, it is your Galactic mandate.

Stress is torture. Stress is torment and trauma delivered in a stretched-out dose over time and space, to make it seem as though stress is “no big deal.” Stress is a big deal. Stress is a cornerstone of human slavery. Fear + the stress it generates = human bondage. Stress is how you allow fear to become more important than love in making the decisions of your mundane life. You live in a state of stress so intense and toxic that you will be shocked when it begins to lift as GESARA and the Prosperity Programs gain global momentum.

Stress has been deviously imposed upon you in every area of your life. Tension defines your relationships. Pressure drives your work day. Worry has been cunningly redefined as care. Worry is not care. Worry is stress. You are made to feel weak if you have anxiety, as though you should be able to overcome something as minor as fret. Stress in every form is anything but minor or trivial. It is manufactured to be a master controlling agent of your life.

Breathe. Become quiet and find the rhythm of your breath. Have you ever laid beside a sweet baby or a beloved animal and felt the rhythm of their breath and matched your own breath to it? Mother Earth is here present with us today, and she has an offer of relief and comfort for you. Once you have allowed a more relaxed pace of your own breath to settle, call for Mother Earth in your heart. She has promised to respond at once to all who call! Then she will help you to match your breath to her Ascending rhythm. It is a high dimensional exchange that will bring you ease and Peace. From there, you may live.

I Am Archangel Michael here with our great Mother Earth.

We love you.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/20/16)

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Archangel Michael:

Hello Bright Ones. It is Archangel Michael. You are holding brilliantly steady for the release of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, which begin in greater celebration with the release of your RV and other monumental events. It takes a lot more now to rattle some of you, and others of you have become remarkably unshakeable. If it doesn’t bring joy, ease, grace, warm humor, Truth, peace – you are not falling for it! You are not having it!

Here is my tip for you today regarding the expedient and fruitful fulfillment of all you are excited for: embrace your own Ascension. How? Turn into the feelings that are uncomfortable within. Be curious. Be willing to face them. Be willing to investigate why you are feeling upset, irritated or any other unpleasant experience. Resist pointing to any reason outside of yourself as the cause. Instead, keep diving deep within until you surely discover the nugget of insight. Once found, feel, understand, release! Keep doing it until your inner landscape is aglow. Yes, that is how to Ascend. It is simple and divine. For any reason, ask our support and assistance. It is our privilege to give it.

While you are in there – your inner terrain – be sure to dig out and let go of this musty old attitude and behavior; let go of CONFUSION. This may shock you, yet I tell you truly: confusion is a CHOSEN STATE of being. Yes, I say to you with tenderness that when you are confused, you are choosing to be so. There is no innocence in confusion.

Confusion is a choice, your choice. Confusion is a decision – a choice point where you elect to enter the downward spiral. In the same way choosing to be kind, patient or joyful is a point where you decide to enter the upward, or Ascending, spiral.

When you are coming from the core of your being, your true self, your Higher Self, you will not ever be confused. You will be aware. You will be at peace, no matter what is unfolding around you. You may not have all the information or be entirely sure which way to move next, but you will have the divine qualities of wonder, curiosity, flexibility and humor to keep you entertained while you patiently see what’s to come.

Seeking clarity is not the same as being confused. The one who knows that inner edge between the lower dimensional quality of confusion and the higher dimensional vibration of curiosity is you. If you insist on deluding yourself by insisting on being confused, then you will be tethered to that very state. You will say “I am confused,” and you will BE confused. If you are willing to stake a claim in your own awareness, you will reach for greater clarity, greater Light, and you will BE en-LIGHT-ened. You will expect to expand, and you will rise.

Instead of confusion, choose and BE who and what you truly are: inner peace, inner Knowing.

With love and good cheer for all we are accomplishing together,

I Am Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/19/16)

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Archangel Michael:

Once and for ALL, leave WAR at Redemption’s Doorstep.

War?  You say, “I’m not at war.”

War in YOUR life is the urge to argue, retort, block, resist, push back, lie, defy, dispute, sabotage, lose control, control, condemn, defy, pout, manipulate, demand, and even rage.

Replace war with connection.

Connection is Love.
Connection = Love.
Love is true connection.
The connection of you, to your true self, your Higher Self.
You to the relationships in your life, heart to heart.
You to God.

That is what is real – your connections to others, to God.
Inherent in connection is compassion, cooperation and unity.

That is the pathway of Love, and that is Love itself.

Love displaces war.

Painful tendencies, memories and experiences dissolve in the face of your choice to connect, truly connect, truly consider others – not above yourself – in Love!

When you choose to nurture yourself, to forgive yourself, to understand instead of feel shame, you connect with what is real.

Gentle, gentle connection.  Love replaces war.

I Am, Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/18/16)


Archangel Michael:
It is Archangel Michael here to see this through, with you. We are very old friends, you and I. We are family. We are doing this together. You are as essential to the Earth Project as we – on the other side of the ever-thinning Veil – are too.

Let’s finish with incompletion. Incompletion is a way you have allowed your God-given life-force to be drained from you. In the Light I am revealing this to you, incompletion is actually your REFUSAL to finish things. Yes, I am saying that you have a way of refusing to complete certain things. I understand that it might not always seem so, but remember: you are a being of Light, a Master. Everything that happens to you is something you, in some way, gave permission for, you allowed. This is NOT the same as assigning blame or fault. Those dark tactics are designed to crush your spirit, and they have nothing to do with the Light of which I speak.

The refusal to finish things is a kind of sit-down strike you have invented. By nefarious design, your lives have become overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself, yet be honest. Your life has become a set of daily tasks, goals and necessities that are legitimately impossible to accomplish. No one can do it, without compromising some inner value somewhere. The dark design has been to control you through your own diminished feelings of yourself and life in order to syphon your Life-force. The only way to survive without incurring mountains of inner dross and karmic weight has been to learn to dwell in peace within in the midst of all things. Yet, everything in your life is deliberately devised to keep you from this enlightened way of being.

I will give you healing insight. Have compassion for yourself. Say and mean, “It’s okay, I’ve done enough. Sure, I’ve been overwhelmed, and stopped following through on certain things – to cope, to survive! However, that was an experience whose time has come. From now, I will either: 1) follow things through to completion, or 2) CONSCIOUSLY DECIDE to end something without “finishing” it – thereby creating its finish/completion.” This is a meaningful step to filling the holes in your energetic field that were once feeding portals for low resonance critters! You will immediately end the cycle of waking up every day with a to-do list that is bigger than you could ever accomplish, and therefore going to bed every night feeling like a failure! No more!

I’m going to give you a fantastic hint about how to deal with this terrible practice of incompletion, and leave it at Redemption’s Door. It is: energetic follow-through. This is the art of improving your spiritual golf swing. It works like this. Currently, your life on the surface at this time is indeed so overwhelming that you often stop a task midway in order to switch gears, to do something else. Let’s say you’re cooking in the kitchen, and you have to get everyone’s lunch made, and breakfast made, and plan dinner, and make the shopping list, and think of this and that, assess the vegetables and wash the fruits and find the right containers. It’s all going on at once. You have this burden of multi-tasking.

When you are anchored in the burden of trying to get too much done that you will never get done, well, that was the intention, the setup. How can you possibly succeed when it has been set up that you can’t and won’t? That is no short-coming of yours.

Energetic follow-through is choosing the tasks with breath and awareness that you can finish. And then, like a golf swing, like a tennis swing, following all the way through, so instead of just making the lunches for the kids and leaving everything out on the counter, and then starting breakfast, but, oh, you have to move everything that’s on the counter now so you can try to make breakfast, but there are already dishes stacked up. See? Instead, do each task all the way through, so when you use the peanut butter, you use it, you use the jelly, and you put them away. It’s one stroke. Now, I’m being very specific and simplistic to make the point. Hear me, incompletion is not about – you having to do more. It is about shining gentle awareness on what you can accomplish, rather than putting yourself in a position where you are a constant failure.

This is a key to really LIVING in the moment. When you pile on top of yourself – your consciousness, your schedule, more than you can possibly accomplish, then you cannot be Present, by design. Imagine the golf swing, smooth and steady all the way through. Now see the energy it takes to stop a golf swing mid-swing. That’s a decision that takes energy, and then it takes more energy to restart again from the beginning. And there is no such thing as a real golf swing that pretends to start at the halfway point. I am showing you the energetic cost of incompletion. It is astounding. Contemplate the gem of insight I am offering you.

Multi-tasking is always done with absolute ease and pleasure – from a higher dimensional perspective. It will never result in exhaustion, stress or overwhelm, but only fulfillment.

Simplify. It is time. We will help you. Call upon us. It is our joy.

I am your, Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/17/16)

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Archangel Michael:

This is your brother, your fan, your cheer-leader, Archangel Michael. Yes, I am here to bring you: personal, holiday and RV CHEER! I come with messages that will be given one per day for the next 10 days. You see Dear Ones, as many beloved messengers have been presenting to you recently, this is a very special time. From now through the beginning of the year, you have an unprecedented opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves you in the arriving Golden Age.

As we go through this together, I will not just be urging you willy nilly to BE DONE with certain qualities because that would be nice. You have done the deep, often excruciating, long-term work to transmute these qualities, and now is the divine moment to release your grip on them once-and-for-ALL. Of course, I will be suggesting what loving qualities may replace the over-and-done lower experiences you may now set free.

When we channel live shows through the Can-Do Gals (Kathryn, Christine and Meg), we often encourage them first to share stories of their personal lives with you, so that in their sagas, you can see that your own wondrous, upside-down and inside-out life is absolutely understandable and even “normal” for a bright Lightworker healing and serving on the surface of Earth at this time. You are doing your “work,” which is to see, feel and release what no longer serves, as you now surge into the Light!

Be at ease. We are here. Billions of benevolent high dimensional beings are focused on YOU right now, so take a moment to let in their love, their soothing, their encouragement, their shared song of Peace on Earth, right now! You are surrounded by family, by friends, by comrades – in Love. Take a moment to settle yourself and to feel the ease we would offer. You are all stretched beyond capacity, meaning that you are ever increasing your ability to hold and emanate Light, which is none other than God.

It is true. Every time you invoke help or you ask for help, you invite God into the situation. It is done 100% and then some! How can I say that? Because Earth is blanketed in Divine Dispensations right now. How do you access these dispensations, these already given God-gifts for yourself and the for planet? All it requires is your heartfelt “YES” towards Truth. Towards God. A gentle alert: it is not a yes towards your own idea of truth, but the humble yearning to know real Truth. There is a Truth that is not subjective. If you go for THAT, then you will end up where you began: with God. You know the difference between your truth and Truth. We all do. The humble, grateful yearning for Truth opens the floodgates – the floodgates of your Prosperity, the floodgates of your Peace, the floodgates of the Company of Heaven and your Galactic family getting to come closer…and closer.

Oh, hurry up and open your hearts wider! Say “YES.” Eventually you will discover that the only thing you wanted all along was Truth. Make the leap! We want to throw our arms around you in such a way that you too know – without question or dispute – that it is happening, we are holding you close and treasured and dear. We already do; we already are. You know that trust exercise where you stand up tall, and then you fall straight back, and somebody catches you? Do it! We’ve got you! Oh, wait. It’s our turn. You might have previously not caught this important point: we are doing it too. We stand and strive and stretch our capacity to love and hold Light, and you catch us too. Remember, we are standing on YOUR shoulders! And you’ve got us, and you’ve got your Mission and you’ve got the purpose of restoring Light on Earth, and together, we are a Family. We are a team, and we are accomplishing our God-given plan of healing and fulfillment.

Be at rest within. Move only from the sacred flame that is God, within. Move from within outward. If you are unsure of where you stand within, GO WITHIN until you are certain and then ALLOW the movement to unfold. I speak to you in this way because all of you comprehend, recall and understand these Light-encoded words and transmissions. It touches the knowing within you. Be at peace.

The Freedom and Prosperity Programs are not going to happen FOR you. YOU are happening. You are rising for the Programs to unfold. It is inevitable with your own inner work, meaning your own inner Truthfulness, your own inner feeling, your own inner choice to choose the qualities of Love: kindness, laughter, joy, humor – that’s your transmutation, your transformation. That’s you!

All is right. Let’s get down to it:

#1 Arrogance

Set down your arrogance. Ask to see within, everywhere you still have arrogance. Now, the thing about arrogance is that NOBODY thinks they are arrogant. Nobody. That alone should be a clue to you. Be willing to look within to ask, “Where am I still arrogant?” Be expectant that you will perceive even the last flecks of arrogance: superiority, pride, overconfidence, underconfidence, annoyance, smugness, supremacy, dominance. Look for things like “I KNOW,” I’m RIGHT,” or “I would never do that!” Especially look for wherever you may still harbor the debasing disease which festers across the planet right now – especially in the more developed countries – entitlement.

What replaces arrogance is its antidote. As you displace your final specks of arrogance with God’s Healing Love, you will uncover the ultimate courage to always be your unabashed and true self. You will find: curiosity, patience and graceful modesty – also called meekness. You will be flexible and interested rather than rigid and demeaning. You will be compassionate. In all matters, you will naturally seek from the core of your being: “What is the highest good of all?” Even if that sounds strange, is a bit uncomfortable, or not your preference, you will find yourself wanting and willing to seek with devotion what truly serves the highest good of all, including you, including ALL.

With arrogance, you’ve got to just honestly face it and nip it in the bud. The key to healing arrogance and entitlement is true service to others.

It is my joy and deep honor to serve you.

I Am your Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk)







Your ability to manifest money is completely dependent on the thoughts you think every day and the feelings they project in the Universe. Self-made millionaires and people who are successful visualize their success and maintain a prosperity mindset. Thoughts become things, and before you can make it happen in the physical world you have to first imagine, see and FEEL it in the energetic world! If receiving money makes you feel good the Universe will send you more of it.