Archangel Michael: Leaving SEPARATION FROM GOD at Redemption’s Door! #10 of 10

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Archangel Michael:
Merry Happy Christmas beautiful Souls. It is Archangel Michael. On this day, angels gather your songs of praise and celebration to God along with your prayers for Peace and Prosperity on Earth. The angels carry your intentions, requests and declarations of love far and wide, letting Galactic communities know: the humanity of Earth chooses harmony, unity, God. Hosanna!
Sananda is with me. Together we are transmitting to you through this message a Christmas Benediction. As you commemorate the Christ Consciousness in Jesus, we too celebrate the Christ Consciousness in you. The story will be told for eons of the bright brave Souls who stood in Faith together on the surface of Earth transmuting the densest energies of pain and suffering into Light, while they transduced God’s energy, God’s Love, so it could be palpably emitted across the planet for the Ascension of all. This year, you are the Christmas Blessing.

Anywhere you still have pain in your life or in your self is where you still believe someplace within your psyche that you are separate from God. This imagined separation is the very mechanism that allows you to concoct and participate in an illusionary reality. It is illusionary because in Truth you are never ever ever separate from God, except where you hold yourself away. You can contemplate what I’m revealing to you by pondering the following explanation.

It is a though you are standing in a lavish garden brimming with ripe vegetables, yet you are starving to death because you don’t believe in vegetables. Oh, you have your reasons why, and they are valid, sort of. Once you almost choked to death on a carrot stick, so you decided carrots weren’t safe to eat. Another time, you were poisoned by the chemical sprays on cauliflower, so you determined that you’d never eat that again. One by one, you had a legitimate disagreeable experience with every vegetable in the garden, until finally – with your burgeoning evidence – you formed the reasonable conclusion that vegetables are not food, and vegetables are dangerous.
Your experiences were valid; they did happen. However, your conclusion, although understandable, is incorrect. It is similar to how – as a result of many horrific experiences over many lifetimes – you pulled away from God. God’s Love is the very grace that heals, balances, imbues meaning and purpose, so you shunned that which would restore and resurrect you. You are starving for God’s Presence and Love. Turn your cup up. God’s Love is infinitely yours.

How do you turn your cup up? Willingness. Sananda recently told you, “Willingness is perfection.” This is what he meant. You do not have to know WHAT to do. There is no formula to follow – a set of new formulas would be the invention of a new program for heaven’s sake. You are not seeking a new program to replace the old. You are reclaiming your own Sovereignty. Be curious and willing to see where you have pushed God away. Be willing to be close with God again, in the way that is meaningful to you, you and God. God is within you, so you know exactly where you need to look.

Everywhere you hurt, feel lack, suffer, act out is where you have withdrawn yourself from God. To be in God’s Presence is Peace. Being with God is the knowledge and experience of all the qualities of Love. If you are believing and experiencing something other than Love, turn within. Turn to God. Choose Love. Be the Light you are, and then it will be impossible for illusionary qualities to be perceived, much less believed.

YOU are the Light and Life of the world. That is not blasphemy – it is blasphemy to declare otherwise. Sananda was that Light on Earth, and you are that Light. You are the embodiment of God’s Light. If you believe otherwise, then it is causing you pain of some kind. Follow that pain inward until you discover the experience or belief that lead you to sweeping erroneous conclusions such as vegetables are not food or God is something separate from you. Take your hand off your own dimmer switch. Stop hiding under a bushel. You cannot hide God’s Light. It is. Let your Light shine!

I Am Archangel Michael here with Sananda. Prepare to give…you are the Christ on Earth now.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/25/16)

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