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Who or what in your life triggers you?

Through contemplation and reflection of my life I have realized that compared to the majority of humanity, I came in with very little karma. I have experienced a very ‘middle of the path’ life, with only mild discomfort and little pain or suffering. So it was a complete shock to my system when in 2015, the next segment of my life had me moving in with my estranged dad. My life fell apart as it does when your soul is manifesting a life plan event because you have stagnated in your attachment to your current life that is no longer serving your growth – I broke up with the boyfriend of 10 years because I was no longer in alignment with him, I had no business prospects, nothing to keep me attached to Orange County and nowhere to live so I had to move to Sacramento. My dad is a person that I didn’t have a bond with; no affection or love or like even really (and still don’t). He is an unconscious personality with an immature soul that is still very much ego centered. He is aggressive; a bully with no boundaries or consideration for other people or their space. His intentions can be good but he has absolutely no interpersonal skills and little to no emotional intelligence. He does have a big heart and does love people in the best way he is able. This is in no way a judgement of him, merely a description from my perspective. To judge him would serve no purpose because all of us can only operate at the level of soul evolution we have attained from the other incarnations combined with where you are/what you have learned in this current life. The personality can only be created within the level of soul evolution so that is simply where he is at and that is Perfection. He is Perfectly where his soul is and wants to be at the pace of its own experience. His evolution speed is none of my business.

My long introduction serves to give you a background of what I was walking into when I moved in in 2015. Having spoken to him very little throughout my adult years I was not looking forward to living with him and believed it would only be temporary. Hah well my soul had other ideas! These past four years have been the most productive segment of my life and that is because I fully believe that my dad was the biggest returning karma I had to deal with in this life. And boy did I deal with it. He has been my best teacher (unbeknownst to him of course) mirroring back to me my shadow self and all of the dark parts that were still lurking within. My anger, my disgust, my contempt, my impatience, my frustration, all lower frequencies and the biggest obstacle to peace and harmony – my ego. I had ego tantrums of epic scale. It’s like I was five again – although I’m not sure that even at age five I threw such massive angry tantrums as I’ve done at age 40. All the while being aware of every single time I acted out and my bad behavior and knowing  THIS IS NOT WHO I REALLY AM. I know I am a Being of Love. Who is this person that I’m acting like in this moment? These past four years have been a massive roller coaster ride of emotion because my dad (as my returning karma) can trigger me like no one else can (although my mom comes close but I’ve worked out my issues with her too).**Disclaimer** I know “bad” behavior is a dualistic judgement. And I agree that all feelings are perfect when you’re feeling them because they are how you feel in that moment. So it’s not “bad” in the sense of being wrong, but in my case acting like that made me feel bad because I knew it wasn’t how I wanted to be. I’m using the term “bad behavior” to indicate the difference in behavior between ego and soul/Higher Self because your soul or Higher Self obviously wouldn’t act this way, only the ego would. And with self-awareness, “bad” behavior in my case helped me strive towards becoming the person I knew I was inside, and eventually I did get there.

And let me make it clear, when I say ‘worked out my issues’ that doesn’t mean physically or verbally with the other person – it means in my head, within only me. What is it in me that I need to resolve that makes them bother me so much? Because they will be who they will be, you can’t change them and it’s not your job to. It’s ONLY your job to change yourself. They are on their own path. So through self-awareness – observing my thoughts, feelings and actions, reading A LOT, massive amounts of contemplation, reflection and intuitive guidance from my soul/Higher Self I have transmuted my karma with my dad and mom into Love. I have achieved that seemingly elusive inner peace because I decided in 2018 that my heart is the most important aspect of my being and I choose to no longer allow anything into it of a lower vibration. My mind is the gateway, the keeper of the thoughts of high or low frequency and I CHOOSE IN EVERY MOMENT, EVERY INTERACTION how I want to be. Do I continue to identify with and give my power to my lower self, my ego? Or am I at the stage of my Ascension path where I now choose to identify with my Higher Self, my I AM Presence, the Presence of God within me? Do I now choose to stop letting into my heart anything external that would disrupt my peace? Let me tell you what a blessing detachment is in maintaining your peace. That will be another post….

The Great Invocation

I’ve seen this invocation a few times online and found a wonderfully informative explanation of its origin and background. I’d like to add that when I say this invocation in my daily routine, instead of the visuals described below I created my own and would encourage you to do the same if the visuals he gives do not resonate with you. His are too detailed and it’s hard for me to say words and hold elaborate visuals at the same time and if it’s too complicated it makes me avoid it altogether so I’d rather use my own simpler visuals.

The following is taken from the website by James Oliver Cyr.

This extraordinarily powerful invocation was given to Humanity by Lord Maitreya (The Master of The Masters) back in 1945 A.D. as the Second World War was coming to a close. Maitreya was The World Teacher in The Office of The Christ Consciousness for Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy (see “Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?“) at the time and had held The Position for 2600 years. It was the first time that the occult invocation had ever been released for mass usage by Those Who oversee the evolutions of all Kingdoms of Nature on this planet. The world crisis had precipitated accelerated action on the part of Hierarchy.

The wording of this invocation is a modernized translation of a very ancient sacerdotal language called Senzar, which was known to and used by the Initiates of the Mystery Schools all over the world from mid-Atlantean Times. It’s mystical phrases were originally seven in number to mirror the septenary beingness of all in this universe (see “A Septenary Universe“). Maitreya made it more relevant and comprehensible to modern Man.

Planet Earth is a free-will system of evolution in which all of those incarnate on the planet are given their freedom to choose how they will express their will, and Higher Beings (e.g. Hierarchy) will not infringe or impose Themselves upon that free will (the Law for this solar system having been enacted by The Lords of Karma). Consequently, invocations such as this are a means for humans to express their free will in calling forth the energies and the activities of The White Brotherhood to benefit Humankind and the planet.

The great energies of The 7 Rays (see “The Seven Rays Explained“) are continually being manipulated and focused and transformed and modulated by Senior Members of The Hierarchy in accordance with the Master Plan of The Planetary Logos, but this invocation, as used by increasing numbers of people, allows The Ascended Masters and The 3 Great Lords (The Manu, The Christ, The Mahachohan) to accelerate and intensify and potentize the usage of the energies for the evolutionary advancement of all life on the planet. The invocation allows an evocative response from The Higher Ups by Law.

This invocation is calling for the Divine Energies of The 3 Aspects of The Triune Godhead (The Will of God, The Love of God, and The Mind of God). We must ask first in order to receive, and we are asking for the Third Ray Energies in the “Light within The Mind of God”, the Second Ray Energies in the “Love within The Heart of God”, and the First Ray Energies in the “Will of God”. Rays 4 through 7 are contained within and projected from The Third Ray, so all of the Rays are being invoked, and Humanity is crying out for The World Teacher and His Ascended Masters to return in physicality to the Earth. We are both asking and giving permission for all of this to happen. The project has been known as the Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy, and we are also giving our energetic invocative support of the Plan of Sanat Kumara (Lord of The World).

It is recommended that you use this invocation in triangular formation with two other people, which increases the power of its response. Maintaining a focus on the Ajna Chakra between the eyebrows, say the words aloud while visualizing a triangle of white light above your heads, and link that light to other triangles around the world.

Once the invocation has been memorized, there are other visualizations which may and should be used. While saying, “From the point of Light ……. “, picture The Buddha in lotus posture with right hand raised in blessing, and picture bright golden light radiating from His hand and His 4th and 6th Chakras into the minds of people everywhere. While saying, “Let Light descend on Earth”, picture the sun (Solar Logos) emanating beams of white light which cover the Earth.

When saying, “From the point of Love …….. “, picture The Christ (The One awaited as The Messiah, The Imam Mahdi, The Bodhisattva of Compassion, and The Avatar of the Aquarian Age) with upraised hands in blessing, radiating a brilliant rose-colored light from His Heart Chakra and hands into the hearts of people everywhere.

When saying, “From the Center where The Will of God is known (Shamballa)”, picture a large globe of brilliant white light over the Gobi Desert of China (the location of Shamballa in the Higher Aetheric), and from this intensely white sphere picture that white light entering the world and prompting action on the part of Mankind.

Those who use this invocation serve as the channels or conduits for the energies coming from Earth’s Hierarchy and emanating out into the world at this physical level of being. You will both benefit yourself and all life on the planet by transmitting these energies. It is fairly obvious that the more people (and triangles) involved in working with this invocation, the more powerful will be its effects, an increase in geometric proportion not arithmetic.

The simplicity of this Great Invocation is elegant. There are none more powerful in modern languages. This was given by The World Teacher Himself, overshadowed as He was by Cosmic Beings known as The Spirit of Peace and The Avatar of Synthesis. By using it we are speeding up the approach of the New Aquarian Age and the actual physical embodiment of most of The Masters associated with the Human Kingdom, Who prepare the way for The Christ. It is only through Humanity that the Master Plan for Earth may be accomplished so as not to abrogate their free will. Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Invoke and ye shall evoke the needed response. It won’t be long now for The Great Ones to be walking amongst us. Some are already here.

Song of the 144,000

The Immortal, Book 1 by JJ Dewey is another book I have discovered along my journey and in it is this lovely and powerful song/decree/prayer called the “Song of the 144,000” given by John the Baptist. I say this song as part of my daily decree routine. JJ is offering the first book for free at his website. Here is an excerpt of the chapter containing the song:

“So, are you going to teach us the song then?” I asked eagerly.

“Yes,” John replied.  “Get a pen and paper and write down the words precisely as I tell them to you.  This is one teaching you are not to put in your own words, but must be exactly memorized.”

I got the materials and prepared to write.  “I’m ready,” I said, poised for revelation.

John began by closing his eyes for a moment. Then he opened them and slowly spoke these beautiful words:

“We thank you Father that you have revealed to us your protective universal light; that within this light is complete protection from all destructive forces; that the Holy Spirit of Your Presence permeates us in this light, and wherever we will the light to descend.”

John paused a moment and closed his eyes.  As Elizabeth and I looked on in wonder, we became aware of a white light, ever so softly at first, growing in radiance about an arm’s reach from John’s body until we could hardly gaze upon it.  Then, a few seconds later, we noticed  a radiant light beginning to manifest and dance around our own bodies.  After about another minute the three of us were like three glowing suns of light.

Then John spoke again:

“We thank you Father that you fill us with your protective fires of Love; that within this love is complete protection from all destructive thoughts and feelings; that the consciousness of Christ is lifted up in us in this love, and wherever we will the love to be enflamed.”

John was silent again, and after a few seconds we noticed bright yellow, pink and magenta color added to his aura of light.  Shortly thereafter, we noticed it in our own spheres of light.  Then we felt the fire of tremendous love.  It was a love and fire that permeated to the very soul and was very delicious to the spiritual taste, something beyond our power to put in words.  Somehow Elizabeth and I both sensed we were all feeling it together; and even though we had not felt this intensity before, it seemed very natural and welcome.

Then, just as we were enjoying the greatest experience of our lives, John opened his eyes and spoke again:

“We thank you Father that you are in us and we are in you; that through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of power; that Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven; that through us Your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the Sons and Daughters of Mankind.”

This time, a deep violet with edges of gold manifested in his aura and again spread to our own light.  In addition to feeling the Presence of Spirit and great Love, we now felt a sense of enormous Power that was overwhelming.  If we had any doubt about the existence of a Supreme being before, they vanished when we felt such a great manifestation.  The sense of power seemed so great it felt as if the one who possessed it could snap his fingers and make the world disappear if desired.  It was indeed a humbling experience.

John stretched both hands outward, and the light seemed to circulate around the three of us as if we were one life.  Then he said quietly,  “Ask yourself… When you are in this state is it even possible to feel any fear?  Can you sense it would be impossible for the Dark Ones to disturb this peace?”

I looked at Elizabeth.  “The way I feel right now, I can’t even imagine anything negative existing, let alone fear it.”  Elizabeth nodded, smiling, in agreement.  She seemed unable to speak.

John lowered his arms and the light began to fade, but even when it was gone we continued to feel a great peace within us.  After a moment John  spoke again,  “You, my friends, have just heard the Song of the 144,000 before the throne of God. There are already groups of 144,000 singing the song on the spiritual planes, but this is the beginning of the spiritual song upon the earth.  Soon, it will be on earth as it is in heaven; and there will be 144,000 and more who will feel the Light and Love and Power of the Father-Mother God and allow themselves to be a note played within the music of the spheres.”

After contemplating this beautiful vision I asked, “Are we supposed to say this song or prayer on a regular basis?”

“Yes,” said John.  “Say it together at least once a day and say it as an individual at least once a day.  Each time you say it, however, visualize all those who can sing the song of the soul as if they were in your presence and enjoying the light and love and power you have felt here tonight.  As each new person learns the song the whole will be strengthened and energized.”

John paused and continued, “My time is short and I will teach you more later on this subject.”

We said our good-byes and again watched John walk off into the darkness.

That night Elizabeth and I said the song together before going to bed.  We didn’t see a visible light or feel the fire as we did when John said it, but we felt a peaceful feeling… and Elizabeth was able to fall into a deep sleep without fear of another dark attack.
Copyright 1997 by J J Dewey

Read the entire book for free here.