Archangel Michael: Leaving STRESS at Redemption’s Door! #5 of 10

In Channeled Messages


Archangel Michael:

I am Archangel Michael. Shall we use the crescendo of the Winter Solstice energies to dissolve one of the malicious shackles still binding humankind? The powerful rising energies of the Solstice bring increased opportunity of renewal through redemption. Together, we can combine our focus to release humanity from the devastating grip of stress, strain and anxiety. Unified, we are more than enough to emanate and embody ease, relaxation and peace.

You hold the power. You may choose in this moment to BE and to embody Peace – no matter what else is going on around you. In fact, the worse the conditions around you are, the greater your impact of choosing Peace will be! Choosing Peace in the face of tremendous stress is your personal Ascension, it is your global service, it is your Galactic mandate.

Stress is torture. Stress is torment and trauma delivered in a stretched-out dose over time and space, to make it seem as though stress is “no big deal.” Stress is a big deal. Stress is a cornerstone of human slavery. Fear + the stress it generates = human bondage. Stress is how you allow fear to become more important than love in making the decisions of your mundane life. You live in a state of stress so intense and toxic that you will be shocked when it begins to lift as GESARA and the Prosperity Programs gain global momentum.

Stress has been deviously imposed upon you in every area of your life. Tension defines your relationships. Pressure drives your work day. Worry has been cunningly redefined as care. Worry is not care. Worry is stress. You are made to feel weak if you have anxiety, as though you should be able to overcome something as minor as fret. Stress in every form is anything but minor or trivial. It is manufactured to be a master controlling agent of your life.

Breathe. Become quiet and find the rhythm of your breath. Have you ever laid beside a sweet baby or a beloved animal and felt the rhythm of their breath and matched your own breath to it? Mother Earth is here present with us today, and she has an offer of relief and comfort for you. Once you have allowed a more relaxed pace of your own breath to settle, call for Mother Earth in your heart. She has promised to respond at once to all who call! Then she will help you to match your breath to her Ascending rhythm. It is a high dimensional exchange that will bring you ease and Peace. From there, you may live.

I Am Archangel Michael here with our great Mother Earth.

We love you.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/20/16)

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