Archangel Michael’s New Year’s Gems: #2 of 11 CONSTANCY – Peace, Prosperity and Freedom Are Certainly Yours!

In Channeled Messages
Archangel Michael:
A warm embrace of peace to you all.  It is Archangel Michael.  Many of you are rag-doll exhausted.  Thank you for your steadfast service to your Awakening, your family, your community and your world.  Gather close together so that you may receive the Light sustenance from your community of fellow Lightworkers and restorative support from the Company of Heaven, your family beside you only a wisp of a dimension away.
Constancy, Faith, Inner Knowing and the Peace that Transcends Understanding
Constancy and Faith walk hand-in-hand.  Constancy is your Faith applied to the circumstances, feelings and experiences of your life.  Faith is the being; constancy is the doing.  Let’s break it down, and by that I do NOT mean we are going to apply deductive reasoning.  No, that mode of “thinking” has disserved you long enough.  Together, let’s expand our thinking instead of reducing it.  Through God’s intelligence which is within us, we will clarify what – in the Higher realms – is meant by Faith, Constancy, inner Knowing and the Peace that passeth all understanding.
What is Faith?  It is more, much more than blindly believing something or someone.  Real Faith, Divine Faith is following your inner Knowing, even and especially when that Knowing flies in the face of the evidence encircling you.  Self-honesty becomes paramount in deciding to believe inner Knowing or imposed programming.  It all boils down to where you are most invested.  If you want God Truth more than anything else, nothing can stop you from it.
Another tricky trap carefully laid to circumvent you heart while ensnaring your mind and manipulating your beliefs is that you must understand something, so that you can judge it, and only then will you know what to do or how to respond properly.  Your judgement plugs you in to the range of “appropriate mental and emotional responses.”  Your judgment provides the verdict, the conclusion you have ascertained through your “understanding.”  What a mish mash.  You manage to get to a conclusion without including your feelings and your intuition, your connection to your Higher Self.  The sneaky bit is that collectively, you are so used to this way of thinking that you have come to believe it is THE process for getting to how one feels.  Oh woe, it is not.  This process is designed to preclude feeling intelligence.
When you are ready to forgo this tedious not-so-merry-go-round, you will be astonished with how easy it is to give it up AND how much more pleasurable your life becomes when you do.  The solution:  choose Peace…be in Peace, first.  Amid all conditions and occurrences, be at Peace, no matter what.
Within you, there springs the fountain of eternal Peace, God.  Wherever you Love, you are Peace.  However much you displace your cellular pain memory and toxicity with the Light of God through your choices, you fill with Peace.  Peace is natural for you.  Through one little decision, one tiny act, one minute thought after another, reclaim your Peace.  You will reach a tipping point, and after that it will become easy to live from the Peace that transcends understanding.
Constancy with Use of the Violet Fire Heals Humanity, as You Ascend!   
The Violet Flame is a gift from God, the unfed – meaning the Flame gains its aliveness only from Father-Mother God – Flame is a benevolent high dimensional Consciousness which may be used to transmute and transcend personal and planetary dross.  Particular care was afforded in issuing the use of the Violet Flame to humanity for their Freedom.  You could call it a dispensation of safety that allowed humanity to wield the Flame before they re-attained the Mastery required to brandish it safely.  What a gift!  Humanity was generously granted use of the very thing that could be used to acquire their Freedom.
Constancy + Violet Flame = Freedom for ALL.  The generosity of heaven has not gone unmet.  Many souls on Surface Earth have perceived the Violet Flame’s Consciousness and purpose and have used it with wholehearted faithful devotion, causing miraculous transfiguration of themselves and the whole.
The most important component in applying the Violet Flame is that you do it from your heart.  There is exquisite fun to be had with unlocking the Light-encoded gifts embedded within decrees and such.  Yet all that is required for success is that you use the Violet Flame from your heart.  The Violet Flame cannot be used for harm – that is a tenant of the safety dispensation.
Take a breath, feel where you would like to be Lighter, and with all your heart, give it all you’ve got!  Together and aloud we decree:
“I Am the Violet Fire!  I Am the Purity God desires!
Earth is the Violet Fire!  Earth is the Purity God desires!
Humanity is the Violet Fire!  Humanity is the Purity God desires!
Let there be Light (x3)   Light, Light, Light!  
And let that Light be Saint Germain’s New Era of Love Peace and Freedom manifesting Now!”
I Am Archangel Michael.  I Am the Violet Fire!  I Am the purity God desires!
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/1/2017)