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Unlock Your Quantum Powers Jean Houston graphic

This exercise is designed to help give you a powerful new perspective on how rapidly you can create the conditions for profound changes to happen in yourself and in your life. Created by Jean Houston and Evolving Wisdom.

It involves the second Key to unlocking your Quantum Powers: Living a New Story in Your Life.

One of the most critical aspects of the transition into living your Quantum Life is to realize that change is actually the foundation of your entire existence.

In every moment you live, your thoughts and experiences change you in some way.

For most people, most of the time, this change is so small as to essentially go unnoticed, and as it is all too easy to become invested in resisting change and keeping things known and comfortably the same, that tends to slow things down even further.

But once you begin to embrace the truth of this constant state of change, it is then up to you how profoundly that change unfolds in your life, through the thoughts and experiences you open yourself up to or consciously choose to pursue.

So, it becomes exceedingly important that you not hold on so tightly to whatever you see as your “story” now, but to instead create a daily experience of wonder and astonishment that reinvents your story as it happens in real time.

In order to do this, you must take hold of the moment you are in and make choices that will lead you to the story you want to live, allowing you to quite literally leap beyond your current boundaries into that life you have dreamed for yourself.

You must discover new ways of creatively engaging yourself in even the most mundane of everyday activities, like getting dressed or preparing food or walking from room to room, as well as finding more significant and inspiring challenges.

You must move out of conditioned habits and into experiments, exploring new possibilities for your interactions with yourself, others and the world.

This generates opportunities for new pathways to arise that will lead you to the future you feel called to create.

Once you do this, you will quickly begin to see the synchronicities reaching out to you at every turn, connecting you more and more deeply to all you are and can be, and so many aspects of your life will simply fall into place, and become, in a word, extraordinary.

Here is an experiment that will help you more easily move into this place of greater possibility:

The Art of Re-storying Your Life

First you must suspend disbelief and imagine very vividly that you can enter into the place where your own life story can be re-patterned and re-storied from the one you’re living now.

Think of it as a second chance, a kind of re-genesis.

You’ve had up to now a good deal of life experience, and chances are you’ve learned much and experienced a full spectrum of joys and sorrows but now wish to consciously enter into the co-creation of an improved, more vital, more creative story for the years ahead.

To start, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Then imagine yourself traveling to that Quantum place where anything and everything is possible.

Feel the energy of that higher realm coursing through you as you change levels, as you change frequencies and leave your current story behind.

Now, in this higher realm, see the vast domain of all possibilities before you and begin to engage those possibilities in the form of a new plan for yourself, a new pattern for your life to come.

Feel this new life coming toward you, rising out of the frequency waves—a potent, positive and creative tide, carrying the elements of your new story. See it right there before you, inviting your engagement.

Now begin to sense and consider what this new story of your life will be.

Perhaps you’ll choose a new career, a new art form to learn and explore, a furthering of some skill or activity you’ve only dabbled with in the past, new friends and relationships that will grant you the full range of emotional expression.

Perhaps there are adventures in store, visits to strange lands, meetings with new cultures and peoples that astonish and inspire you as they bring you more experience, more life, more delight, and more learning.

Perhaps you see a new story in which your spiritual life becomes more prominent, where you discover sources and resources that gift you with beauty, meaning and purpose.

Allow these and so much more to arise, along with the belief that these wonderful changes are not only possible but probable.

Try each possibility out on the screen of your mind and choose those that resonate for you.

See them, feel them, and above all, know them as potential realities that can manifest into the physical space-time world where you currently reside.

Continue to do this until you truly feel the living force of their reality.

And know, too, that the Quantum Field is drawn into your vision and is adding elements, coincidences, and resources to the vision, as well as the people, ideas and opportunities to help you in the realization of your new story.

This is the interdependent co-arising of you and the Universe together.

The more you use this exercise, the more your new story will grow in you, eventually to the point where what began as an imaginative possibility will become an actualizing probability.

And then, as opportunities arrive that begin to fit into the new story you have set in motion, meet each of those opportunities with deep gratitude and joy for the gifts they bring to you.

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In the “Behind the Design” series I go deeper into explaining my thinking and reasoning for the words of each message so you can really understand the energy and intention I put into each design.

**Disclaimer** I am not an expert nor do I claim to be. These are just my thoughts and opinions on this subject. Take what you resonate with and leave the rest.

Recently in the Facebook group “The Shamanic View of Mental Illness” I spoke to a guy who is having trouble with “intrusive thoughts” and was self-medicating with the drug Abilify. He said the drug works well to “make them disappear” but that it “makes me more dull”. He was asking if the intrusive thoughts are signs of buried trauma. I don’t personally understand what an intrusive thought would be – when you’re unconscious your thoughts are in control of you. They trample your mind repeatedly with broken record persistence. I read from various online sites that people think an estimate of 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. At those numbers it seems to me they are all intrusive.

Further into the exchange he explained the thoughts are overblown fears that he magnifies “100x”. I asked if he takes the time to go within and ask himself questions about each thought when it comes up. He basically said no, he doesn’t. And he LMAOed me.

We have been conditioned to go outside of ourselves for help. We would rather talk to a priest, teacher, family member, Cosmo magazine, random people on Facebook but we never think to tap into our own eternal wisdom. We don’t know our own power. And this is what amazes me about humanity. We will do everything under the sun to smother, bury, hide, deny and escape from our deepest, darkest feelings and parts of ourselves. We would rather fill our bodies with poisonous drugs than find the root cause of the discontent. Everything but look inside and acknowledge what’s there. I honestly don’t understand why people choose to cause themselves so much more pain and suffering by evading, escaping and deflecting instead of just facing head on and confronting those thoughts to heal and release them. The longer people do that the worse the issue becomes. Because they are just thoughts. They are only true if you believe them. They can either be a blessing or a curse. Positive or negative. They can inspire and empower or deflate and depress. Unless you have disorganized thinking/schizophrenia you are in control of your thoughts. You are able to discern if this is a thought worth believing or not. You are able to observe and extract each thought, ask yourself questions about each thought and decide what to do with each thought. You are in control of your mind and the thoughts you choose to have if you take the time to become aware of them instead of letting them run rampant and uncontrolled all day. You choose to cause your own suffering or not. The question is: are you ready to let go of the story you’re attached to and let yourself heal or do you continue to wallow in your own misery?

What can you do?

When a thought comes up that I have trouble with I find a quiet place where I can sit still and won’t be bothered. Then I let myself relax by just being aware of my surroundings and what I notice. Then I bring up the thought and I observe how my body feels. I take note of any tightness, increased heart palpitations, anxiety, feelings and emotions that come up. You might want to write this down in a journal if you have a lot of thoughts that you want to heal and release. It helps to remember what you’ve done in the past and review how far you’ve come. Then I ask myself these questions one by one (with plenty of time in between) and wait to see what comes up. You may find yourself asking questions different than mine and by all means go with whatever gives you the best answers.

You have to make an effort to slow down your thoughts so you can observe them. This only works if you allow space around each thought. You CAN do it.

What does this thought mean to me?

Is it true? Or false? What happens if it’s true/false? Will I be hurt? Will someone else be hurt?

Where does this thought come from? Is it mine? Is it from someone else?

What can I learn from this thought? What do I need to know?  What is it trying to tell me?

Am I ready to heal/release this thought? Does it still serve me? Is my ego attached to it so I believe I need it?

What belief is attached to this thought? How long have I had this belief? Where does this belief come from?

Has this belief served its purpose? Am I ready to heal this belief? Can I let it go?

What if I don’t get any answers?

Oftentimes when I do this my mind is lead on tangents and I may not get clear and tidy answers to every question but I always feel better and have more information than I did before I asked. Remember this is a practice, not a quick-heal magic pill. You’re taking the time to get to know yourself, and that won’t be done in one sitting. More like many, many, many sittings. You may get what you need and you may not. You can ask yourself/your energetic spiritual team/The Universe for clarity. But you have to be open to receiving the answers or you won’t get anything. It can come right away or it can take days/weeks. You may have to ask repeatedly. Answers can come to you in dreams, flashes of insight, random thoughts that pop into your head, feelings, etc. There are so many ways but you have to be aware enough to make the connection. You could also try hypnosis, either self or by a trained therapist. Hypnosis is incredibly effective as a means of accessing your subconscious as an alternative to meditation. But again, depending on what you want to know it can take many sessions. Both put you in altered states of mind that allow deeper communication from within.

Ask your subconscious using yes and no questions

Your subconscious mind is always available to communicate with your conscious mind. But it is limited and can only reply to yes and no questions.

I find that the first immediate reply in my head is usually the correct one. If you don’t trust answers in your head (I didn’t for a long time and sometimes still don’t), another way to know the answers are accurate is to do muscle testing, aka kinesiology. Kinesiology uses your body’s electrical system and your muscles to tell you with spot on accuracy if something is positive or negative for you. I like this definition from Holistic Health Tools:

“If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor or holistic physician experienced in muscle testing, you’ve experienced kinesiology. The doctor tells you to stick out your arm and resist his pressure. It feels like he is trying to push your arm down after he has told you not to let him do it. Everything is going fine, and then all of a sudden he presses and your arm falls down like a floppy fish no matter how hard you try to keep it up. That is using kinesiology.

Simply stated, the body has within it and surrounding it an electrical network or grid. If anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain or enhance your health and your body’s balance, your muscles, when having physical pressure applied, are unable to hold their strength. (Muscle power is directly linked to the balance of the electrical system.) In other words, if pressure is applied to an individual’s extended arm while his/hers body’s electrical system is being adversely affected, the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. The circuits of the electrical system are overloaded or have short-circuited, causing a weakening of that system. However, if pressure is applied while his electrical system is being positively affected, the circuits remain strong, balanced and capable of fully functioning throughout the body. The muscles will remain strong, the person will easily resist and the arm will hold its position.”

When you’re by yourself you use your fingers to test. Using either hand, make a circle with your thumb and first (index) finger. Apply enough pressure to keep it closed. With your other hand using the same fingers, form another circle through the first circle so you have two interlocked circles. After you ask a question, using your dominant hand try to pull your fingers through and break the circle of the other hand. If the answer is positive, the circle is unbreakable and strong. If it’s negative it will be weak and easily break. Start by asking yourself some baseline question you know the answers to like your name, age, etc. When you feel comfortable that it’s accurate you can begin asking the hard questions. After each one try to break the circle and see what the answer is. I really do recommend writing down your answers because this journey of self-exploration works best when tracked.

Finger Muscle-Testing Example
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I didn’t really know what it meant to ‘go within’ until the year 2015. I knew about meditation, and I dabbled but it never really stuck with me. I’ve been on my spiritual journey on and off my entire adult life and only in the last few years has it really intensified resulting in my partial awakening and higher consciousness. It was only when I began doing serious belief work that I went within to ask myself questions about my beliefs. I’ve since cleared a lot of negative beliefs I’ve held my whole life. I can honestly say that I no longer have ANY negative thoughts about myself (and I used to have a ton like everyone else). I can honestly say that I have released pretty much all negative thoughts and emotions like fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, etc. I’m still working on anger, frustration, impatience and more but I’m aware of them when those thoughts come into my head. This is the journey we all signed up for when we asked to incarnate as a human on this planet so until we cross over or ascend into the 5th dimension we will continue working on the lower vibrations within our energy field. You’re never done! Even when you think you are, there’s always more!

I have compassion for all of us that have lived or are living in the illusion of our pain and suffering. What I do not have compassion for anymore, is enabling people to live in their stories and not calling them on what I see or hear. To me it’s more helpful to point out what they may not recognize in themselves and help them see through the story they believe is causing them pain. And if they are not ready for such bluntness they will fight and resist. And that’s fine too. My job as a lightworker is to shed light on darkness, even if it causes more pain to be illuminated. The path to 5D enlightenment can only be made when we acknowledge our shadow and integrate it with our light. You choose how painful or graceful your process is. Everything is coming up now during this tumultuous transition we are going through, so either face it head on and go within or continue to suffer. You ALWAYS have a choice.















Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael.

The key code for humanity’s understanding has been collectively achieved, offered and received.

Your role is necessary, acknowledged and contributes to the personal and collective Awakening.

Surface tension becomes flowing accessibility.

Worry and strain give way to Peace and Knowing.

Passion is not the way through.

Sacrifice is not the way through.

Transcend the desires and beliefs.

Displace preferences with Service, suffering with Faith.

Release the driving claim for proof, security and entitlement.

Accept that you are a Soul, a child of God, already Free.

This moment is no longer training or preparation. This is not a drill.

This counts.

Choose God, without hesitation and so fully that your brothers and sisters on the Surface may see the Light of the upsweep.

Do not ridicule, diminish or take.

You are held precious and dear by Father-Mother God.

Take your sacred place at the table.

I Am Archangel Michael, with you.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/11/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michel. Transcendence is the act and condition of choosing and resting in the Light as the Light in the midst of any and everything that is arising around and within you. To Transcend is to choose to be, feel, think and give love, always, regardless of circumstances or conditions. The Masters of Transcendence on Earth are the generous and beloved animals in your lives. We will use their example today to comprehend and to do as they do: ALWAYS CHOOSE NOW TO TRANSCEND.
Che’ Kumara

Che’ is pure love with arms, legs and paws. Che’ is famous for his phrase, “Love wins.” In all circumstances, Che’ loves. He is an accomplished healer who often works with Sananda and the Arcturians. When someone needs healing, Che’ will stay with them putting his paws in various healing configurations for hours upon hours. Che’ is always kind. Sometimes, Che’ likes to appear as a wise Yoda dressed in a fine wise-man’s coat and curling shoes. Che’ is a Master Snuggler, who creates exquisite balance for and with the one he snuggles.

On the land where Che’ lives, there is a portal which is overseen by the Ashtar Command. This portal allows beings who have a density lower than the 5th dimension to come and speak with with the humans healers who live there. The visitors may come on two conditions: 1) Their Galactic Federation Security Team approves the purpose of their visit, 2) The visitor(s) accept the visit protocol training required from the Galactic Federation Security Team.

Che’, being a highly trained and skilled associate of the Galactic Federation of Light, made an agreement with Ashtar that he (Che’) would be the alert system to his human family for whenever visitors come. Che’ has carried out this duty with extreme excellence. When the visitor arriving in the portal is friendly, Che’ gives a soft notification bark. When the visitor is not friendly, Che’ lets his human family know of the arrival with a sharp, piercing repetitive bark. Once the portal is closed, energetically cleaned and re-gridded, Che’ always does a final check to ensure that all is well and as it should be. What a help Che’ is!

Che’ has been known to emanate so much love that many wild animals have been drawn to the house to feel this mighty love, so now Che’ often goes to the edge of the property to send love far and wide to the people and animals of Earth. Che’ is a world level Transmuter and a member of the Lead Inter-Species Earth Transmuting Team. He works both on a global scale, transforming dense energies back into Light and on a personal scale, profoundly assisting his human family by helping to keep the heavy energies from overwhelming them. Che’ is a hero.

Little Lady BamBam

BamBam is such a unique and amazing being. She is admired greatly by her human family and by us in the Company of Heaven for her inner strength, tenacity, spiritual constancy and unrelenting love. BamBam has explained to her human family that she is an “Energy Super-Scrubber.” Both in the house and on the property, BamBam does hours of perimeter check and dense energy cleaning. Nothing of low-density quality may remain on BamBam’s careful watch! During times of intense spiritual work for the family, BamBam will forgo rest in order to ensure that the surroundings remain energetically pristine. She is an expert at helping to clear humans as well as land. It is wondrous to imagine how so much might and devotion comes through such a soft tiny body.

Besides her many gifts and duties, BamBam has a very challenging Mission. BamBam is here to assist the Animal Kingdom, beginning with the big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) to transition from aggressive hunters to their true gentle nature. This has been an extremely challenging Mission, yet BamBam never gives up. Through repeated efforts and deep contemplation, BamBam is overcoming what some would call “instinct” by making conscious loving choices that one-by-one override any dark or dense programming and/or experiences in her body, species and Kingdom. BamBam helps her human family understand how humanity has contributed to the imbalances which have resulted in many animal behaviors. BamBam is wise. Her Mission is overseen by the Great Lady Sekhmet.

BamBam’s love showers over you like a waterfall. When she decides it is LOVE TIME, then forget doing anything else! For 30 minutes or more you will be required to engage in aggressive snuggling such as full body rubs and snugs. It is best to just surrender and get down on the floor with her, so that full on love may be exchanged. Then, when it’s over, it’s over, and she’ll let you know when the next session is. When BamBam is feeling cuddly, she likes to gather drier sheets around herself for comfort. During times like this, it is possible to get one of her famous no-touch kisses. Just ask politely for a kiss, and she might lift her head to give you one. Her kisses send healing and love energy through your entire body, leaving you will a feeling of joy and peace. You may respectfully approach BamBam on the Inner Plains through consciousness and request such a clearing and healing for yourself. BamBam is our hero.


Oh little Firefly! Firefly is a special gift from Mother God. She carries some of Mother’s energy, and her story is a stunner!

Firefly came to her human family only a year ago. Before then, Pebbles was living in the body Firefly now lives in. Pebbles was born as BamBam’s sister. Pebbles was (is) such an elegant and divine Soul. When she had completed her Mission on Earth in this lifetime, Pebbles left her home to travel Home…her family was so proud of her, yet they missed her terribly. She does still visit. Ten days later, the bedraggled body of Pebbles turned up at the door with a new Soul inside! The surprised family gratefully welcomed the tender new little one into their home. The human family was told that the little one’s name was Nancy, but that she would prefer to be called “Firefly” because that is what Mother God calls her. All hearts melted.

Firefly was coming into life for the opportunity to heal violent trauma at the hands of those who are supposed to be protectors both for herself and on behalf of all children: animal and human. She went into a cocoon-like state for many months before emerging. The Pebbles body is a little big for her, so it often looks as though she is wearing baggy sweatpants instead of fur. She is so cute because her Light is so bright and gentle, like Mother’s. She has captured every hearts. She is an extremely important member of the family!

Firefly is a “Sonic Wave Healer.” She can emit waves of exquisite energy that fill the room and heal everyone it in. Firefly is very gentle and generous and talkative. Don’t even try to have a family meeting without calling to her first or you will hear about it! Her opinions and offerings are always interesting and helpful. She talks and she sings! She makes angelic sounds in song. It is very very special. It is easy to cherish Firefly because she is pure Goodness and reminds us of all that is True and Real and HOME. Firefly is our hero.
Have you considered the profound dreams, goals, Missions, Life Plans and Service of the animals in your life? They are the embodiment and example of transcendence. It is their joy to be so. To transcend is not to become better than something or someone else. It is not to conquer. It is to be the humble and true ambassador of God, of Godness, of Goodness – no matter what else seems to be transpiring.

Hail mighty ones!

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/10/2017)

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Messages From Matthew Graphic

WHEN MATTHEW WARD connected telepathically with his mother Suzanne almost 14 years after he died at age 17 in 1980, he told her about their soul level agreement: She was to prepare for publication transmissions from him and many other off-planet sources. Their information is to enlighten, encourage and guide us along Earth’s ascension pathway during this unprecedented time in the universe.

Topics covered in this message: US presidency; no Russia, China war with US; UN Security Council vote re: Israel; weather anomalies, geophysical incidents; information source re: hacked emails; Illuminati status; spiritual, conscious advancement; ET assistance; lightworkers, love energy

January 8, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2017 promises to be exhilarating as the planet rides powerful energy waves along its ascension course. The waves are fields of light, and since light and love are the same energy, you could think of everyone in your world as residents in a boundless sea of love. We offer a meditation that can let you feel as one with this energy: Envision a panorama of exquisite beauty, see yourself gently floating over that idyllic scene, now feel yourself merging with it and savor the blissful sensation the Oneness of All imparts.   

Now then, dear family, we shall reply to questions, starting with the one most frequently asked: In short, what about the United States presidency? Energy in Earth’s field of potential pertaining to this is in a state the likes of which is so unusual that we know of nothing comparable. Vibrations around President-elect Donald Trump are even lower than previously, those around most of his choices for top posts are low, and vibrations have remained consistently high around Senator Bernie Sanders. If we knew how this will play out, we would happily tell you, but this unique situation of high and low vibrations wildly in motion, yet coexisting almost in a standoff, gives no indication as to the outcome. What we can tell you is, with vibrations continually rising on the planet, whatever resolution is achieved ultimately will be for the highest good of all.    

Please have no fear that Russia or China will start an armed conflict with the United States that could burgeon into a nuclear war. Despite the rhetorical posturing that some of your analysts consider worrisome, none of those countries’ leaders wants to become embroiled in a war that could imperil the world. And, if any other country or rogue group were to send up a missile with a nuclear warhead, ever-diligent crews in spacecraft surrounding Earth will prevent its detonation. This is a good place to answer another question: No, Iran is not secretly developing nuclear weaponry.

We see the UN Security Council’s vote to condemn Israel for building settlements on the West Bank in violation of international law as a sound defeat for the Illuminati. The goal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in the top ranks of that secret society, never has been to serve the best interests of his people or to make peace with Palestine. In addition to keeping the region destabilized so funds keep flowing in for Israel’s defense, he wants to establish an Illuminati powerbase in Jerusalem from whence to spread their control throughout the Mideast. That will not happen.    

Storms and record temperatures are due partially to weather control technology; chemtrails and other toxic pollutants in your atmosphere also have a role in this. So you are right in thinking that the Illuminati, not Mother Nature, are causing anomalous weather conditions as they are responsible for all the contributing factors, factors that are delaying the planet’s return to a moderate climate globally. The prevalence of geophysical incidents does come from two sources: Mining, drilling and fracking to extract fossil fuels is one; the other is Earth’s release of negativity that in part is caused by those environmentally damaging operations.  

We have been asked our source of information that Russian President Vladimir Putin is justified in denying his country’s involvement in the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails and those on a personal computer, which is contrary to the United States intelligence agencies’ conclusion that the Kremlin is responsible. Some members of our universal family living among you are in major intelligence agencies around the globe—it was the ones in US agencies who told us they hacked and released the emails—and other members have expertise in tracking hackers’ “footprints.”

Our sources know that Illuminati in those various agencies report false information to breed conflict. The reports given to US President Barack Obama put the blame on Russia, which led to more sanctions against that country; this was in line with the Illuminati’s penchant for retaliation—they misled Obama and created more economic problems for Putin because both leaders refused to join forces with them. FBI Director James Comey knows who the hackers are, why they released the emails and the criminal evidence they contain; he didn’t disclose that information due to threatening pressure from the Illuminati faction behind Hillary Clinton. 

So, Illuminati presence still is affecting what goes on in your world; however, their global network has been uprooted, their influence keeps weakening, and their diabolical activities have come to light albeit termed “fake news.” Individuals in top positions in numerous countries are being arrested, losing elections or resigning; more will follow and many in the lower ranks are scattering. Their control of Wall Street and European and Asian stock markets is unraveling and so is their banking empire. They won’t much longer be able to hold onto their vast fortunes amassed illegally and immorally—the forces for good will obtain those and use the monies to end impoverishment. 

Expanding renewable energy forms will phase out their fossil fuel industries, free energy sources they have kept under wraps will emerge, and protection of the environment will end wanton destructiveness. Their unjust justice systems will be reformed, prisons-for-profit end, and control of mainstream media in nations with “free press” will meet its end, too.

Healthcare—a maze of global collusion involving pharmaceutical and insurance companies, vaccine and medical equipment manufacturers, and World Health Organization as well as FDA, CDC, NIH, AMA, AHA and related alphabet groups in the United States—will wend its way out of those Illuminati-owned or infiltrated organizations. Toxic therapies will be replaced by long-suppressed safe, natural remedies and proper healthcare will become available to everyone.

As significantly as the Illuminati’s stronghold on those critical areas has adversely affected life on Earth, the most effective means whereby they have subjugated generation after generation after generation has been by exploiting every kind of difference among the peoples to create hostility and divisiveness and by starting wars. People worldwide are hungering for peace. The energy of their collective desires has gained unstoppable momentum over the energy of conquest, and battlefield action will wind down incrementally. Industries that make the machinery of war will produce what a cooperative, progressive civilization needs; construction companies with honorable management will rebuild destroyed cities; money formerly spent on warring will go into projects and programs that uplift and enhance life.

Some of those activities are underway, others are beginning, still others are in planning stages, and rising vibrations will be undergirding all the endeavors. You will be seeing evidence of this, but please do not expect the continued unfolding of world transformation to be free from patches of resistance. You are well prepared to deal with those as they arise and help others do the same—beloved sisters and brothers, you have earned PhDs in ingenuity, perseverance and triumphing over obstacles!

Many readers who write to my mother mention that they are in their 60s, 70s or 80s. If you are in that age range, think of the changes you have witnessed as technology exploded in manufacturing, communication, energy, transportation, computers, television, healthcare, space exploration, entertainment, social media—and yes, weaponry. It isn’t necessary, though, to have lived during the decades of innovation and modernization to realize that technology’s role in your world today is rather mind-boggling.

That is the preface, you could say, to our reply to this question: “With vibrations on the planet high and rising, why is there still so much violence, bigotry and greed?”  Because technology has far outpaced society’s advancement in conscious and spiritual awareness. In no way are we being critical—many souls have made long strides and there are reasons why many others have not.  

With compassion we think of our Earth family who are living in areas of relentless fighting or in crowded refugee camps and grieving the loss of loved ones; those who are living in fear under tyranny or are hungry or homeless in lands of plenty—not all of those souls chose to experience that degree of pain or hardships. It is with sadness that we think of our family who are causing the suffering—the ones who rule with an iron fist or feel they are superior to everyone who is “different” or have the right to kill “the enemy” and those who are entrenched in greed without a thought about the many, many millions who are barely subsisting.

The low vibrations emitted by all those souls’ countless thoughts, feelings and actions are within the collective consciousness; and because it is the collective consciousness that manifests everything that exists on Earth, its proliferation of low vibrations has slowed the pace of society’s advancement consciously and spiritually. This is changing—the light waves sweeping Earth are opening more and more hearts and minds, and everything in low vibratory levels eventually will be done away.

“You said other civilizations are helping us. I don’t see how. They haven’t gotten rid of Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Bank, Big Brother and the rest of the evil Bigs.” Other civilizations are helping you in every way that universal laws permit. They can cause nuclear warheads to malfunction because Creator decreed that never again will there be nuclear detonations in space. In honoring Gaia’s free will choice that her planetary body and its residents be protected, they built a light grid around Earth to prohibit entry of base entities from other worlds and they divert the course of astral bodies and space debris to preclude collisions with the planet. Along with beaming massive light to Earth and leveling out the impact of geophysical events without lessening the amount of negativity released, they decrease toxic effects of pollutants in your air, land and seas and neutralize toxins in vaccines designed to cause pandemics.

While your “space” family are permitted to help in those ways that you can’t manage yourselves, they cannot interfere with free will of souls on Earth with this one exception—any individual who chooses to launch missiles with nuclear warheads will not succeed. Nor can members of our universal family impose upon you their ideas, although that would be greatly to your benefit—by universal law, each civilization decides the kind of world it wants and must do what is necessary to bring that world into fruition.

However, during this unprecedented era in the universe, souls have the opportunity to complete in one lifetime all third-density karmic lessons so they can evolve and other civilizations are permitted to share their heavy karmic burdens. Many “ETs” wanted to participate in this unique venture and those selected by the Golden Age master planners are helping persons on Earth in that manner and by illuminating the peoples’ pathway to the peaceful world they want.

Dear ones, you are among those who went to Earth to show the peoples that love is the pathway to peace, to joy, prosperousness, mutual respect and life in harmony with Nature. By living your light fearlessly and confidently, you radiate love to everyone around you, and it doesn’t stop there. Love energy is so powerful that it flows around the world, out into the universe and on to the cosmos. In the Oneness of All, everything everywhere affects everything else everywhere else, and the love-light you send forth brings it back in limitless measure—this is the unequalled vastness and power of love.

You are honored, loved and accompanied in spirit by all light beings in this universe.



Suzanne Ward

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. You are performing an important service, and recently it has been more tumultuous than ever for you to do so. This is wonderful news. Your commitment shines through. We are on track for Glory!

According to a fluctuating intricate formula, which includes such factors as: capacity (the ever-increasing ability to hold and emanate Light), soul standing, Life Plan, Mission, Free Will, prophecy, divine dispensation and more, you are absorbing the Light of God in order to disperse it for the healing of Surface Earth. You are like a love-receiving station that takes in God’s Love in order to diffuse it in a manner that will best bless, heal and uplift all. Your Higher Self performs the very same function for you.

Your Higher Self receives God’s Light and calibrates it into the Highest Light you may most elegantly and fully receive with maximum benefit and no damage. Your Higher Self performs in such a loving way that you may receive God’s Light while in this dense dimension in the way that currently most nourishes, enhances and evolves you. You are doing the same for Surface Earth and collective humanity. Thank you. Bravo. Hallelujah.

The brilliance and intensity of the Light now flowing through you is more magnificent than ever. As you are probably very aware this may often cause wild and unwieldy fluctuations for you. One moment, you feel more sublime peace and joy unexpectedly followed by dips of unsettled upset.

You perceive correctly if you have gleaned that transmuting and transducing happen simultaneously and in equal proportions. To be a human tower of activating love — a receiver of Light and a transformer of dross — is a gift of service. Thank you.

I Am Archangel Michael. Stay in the Knowing of the Light. We are close.

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/9/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. I bring you encouragement. Gentle gentle as you rise. Allow your leadership to be marked by kindness. I speak for the Ascended Councils of Light today. We especially thank and hearten the messengers, who are all of you. You are the embodiment of God’s Prosperity, an important facet of the release of all Earth humans from inner bondage. Use your intelligence, your care, your creativity to discern Truth and to uplift one another. Be the Peace that accompanies divine Prosperity.

We celebrate whenever you step across imaginary barriers to greet and inspire one another. The Action-of-Light you joined in yesterday is blazing brightly. Imagine it to be a Violet Flame bonfire on the beach of the greater Action of Light happening the first eleven days of this year. As our beloved messenger Patricia Cota-Robles has brought forward the purpose of this tremendous Action:


We in the Councils of Light urge you to consciously take your place in this triumphant Action. Join the Violet Flame bonfire which assists you in the greater Action. Allow everything within you that is not balance, harmony, or in easy alignment with Love, Light, God to be transmuted now. It’s all right. You have accomplished much. Allow God’s Light to displace any remaining pain and distortion in your memories, in your thoughts, in your feelings in your cells. Intend to become a vessel of greater service and healing by allowing personal and global transmutation to be done through you. Read again with fresh disposition the words we imbued through dear Patricia.

In the Councils of Light, we rise from our meetings to join you at the Violet Flame bonfire. We join you in decreeing the transmission of Light brought to you via Patricia:
In the name of the Infinite Presence of God, I AM, I call to my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Breath, One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of pure Divine Love I affirm:
Beloved I AM Presence enfold me now in Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance as I become a Golden Sun of this Divine Light. (pause)
I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.
I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.
I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace. And so it is.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.
I Am Archangel Michael. Let nothing move you from from being Peace on Earth. When challenge arrises, transmute! It is time to reap. Prepare.

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/9/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. Let’s gather together through our loving attention on the Inner Plains, where – with our unified intention for Peace and Prosperity for Earth and all upon her – we call for the release of God’s healing and bounty through the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, including the release of the RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA. It is meaningful to note that this Action-of-Light was called for from your side of the ever-thinning Veil. We here in the Company of Heaven gladly respond to the invitation and join this well-meaning and effective Action.

Sananda is coordinating this Action which is already in motion. For assistance with inner preparation, please revisit yesterday’s message: CURRENCY.


Hello Family! It is Sananda. Take a moment to feel my energy and come together as a family in the forever now, as you read this. The most important component of your contribution and our glorious success in this and every Light-inspired Action is your intention for Peace on Earth. In your heart of hearts, see and feel the vision of Prosperity for ALL fulfilled. Intend that your Presence and participation be felt in a way that only results in the Highest Good of ALL. That is enough.

Whenever you read this and join in is just the right timing! Since we are uniting together inside and outside of time in the eternal now moment, what matters most is our loving intentions for Peace on Earth and our unified focus that God’s Peace and Prosperity be made realized for all.

Ask your Higher Self & Twin Flame to facilitate for you.

Inside of time, the Action is already in progress through the efforts of a group of Lightworkers. It will increase in magnitude through January 10th at 4:44 AM PST.

At your request, angels will remind you from time to time that the Action is on-going. Whenever you have a thought of this Action of Light, know that it is your angelic helpers, assisting you to focus at just the needed moments. Send your love, peaceful intentions, visions of Prosperity for all and strength of unity through the following configuration.

According to your own choice and inspiration, take your place as follows…

In your mind’s eye – your living imagination – see a large Golden pyramid. The tip of this pyramid reaches high into the heavens, into the higher dimensions, where Peace and Prosperity are the ever-expanding reality. The base of the pyramid reaches into the crystal heart of Mother Earth. Choose a position at either the tip or the base of the pyramid alongside the Lightworkers already gathered.

If you choose the tip of the Golden pyramid, perhaps consider contributing through your loving intuition to a circuit that has been made and engaged, by your human Light family working there. Deep within, you know how to form a very high Light energy circuit. Please do that now and while you sleep, intend the circuit remain “on.”

If you feel drawn to gather at the base of the Golden pyramid, join the circle of Lightworkers already gathered in grounding focus there.

Every soul on Earth at this time has an Ascension Pillar, a Pillar of Light extending infinitely to the core of Earth and up into the highest realms of Light. As you read this in the forever now moment and as a family of love, BLAZE your Pillar of Light! Through your Awareness, reach down, down, down to connect with Mother Earth. Then bring your Awareness up, where you see and feel Father-Mother God awaiting your invitation to connect more than ever before.

Once your Pillar is ablaze, expand to BLAZE the greater family Pillar of Light.

Do only whatever feels comfortable for you. Any way you choose to participate is welcomed and tremendously helpful. You cannot get it “wrong.”

Ask in your heart that this Pillar of Light be regulated by the Higher Selves and Twin Flames of all Lightworkers joining now in loving harmony. They are ready to make it so.

Ask that the maximum amount of energy possible be both transmuted and transduced through this Family configuration of Light, for the period I Sananda have directed.

Call in Saint Germain and the mighty Violet Flame!

Call in Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light for assistance and Protection.

Call to the Galactic fleet, 5th dimensional and higher benevolent benefactors, encircling Earth. Humbly request their assistance through loving focus during this Action.

With all your longing and fiery intention, declare Earth Free and demand the release of the of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, including the RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA.

Be at Peace, Knowing it is done.
Thank you for your service precious family.

The following updates from GaiaPortal contain Light-encoded relevance to what you are doing.
Update GaiaPortal by ÉirePort

January 5, 206

“Sterilizations of negative embodiments commence in full.
Salacious hu-beings cancel appointments.
Strays are collected and returned to Light.
Florescents Illuminate the dark corners.
Marks of Inner Light are emplaced.”
January 8, 2016
“Preludes have finished.
Marshalls are released.
Statics are removed.
Gaia flows enrich the New Earth.”

I Am Sananda here with Archangel Michael, the Councils of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Company of Heaven. We support and join this unified effort for Peace and Prosperity to be realized now on Earth by ALL.
~ Thank you Sananda. We are grateful to be trusted and called upon.

(channeled by Christine Burk 1/8/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

I Am Archangel Michael. Yesterday, as many Lightworkers can attest, was an all-hands-on-deck kind of day. Of course, in the Light of what is unfolding now on Earth, this is Good news. Another important stride was made. Lightworkers / Lovegivers contributing to the fulfillment of All who are for Freedom, endowing Freedom for All. You are the ones, refusing to buckle under the weight of what has been. You are the ones, shining and alighting the path out, up and free.

Yesterday, just as many of you were contributing in ways known and unknown to you, the channel of these messages was also involved in an Action of the Light. She, alongside many devoted Lightworkers, performed a coordinated Action of Light on the Inner Plains. It was brilliantly successful, as a stride forward and upward. So much so that we in the Company of Heaven have been able to extended its purpose, due the momentum achieved, and we in the invite you to participate, if you feel the call of your heart, in a magnified Action tomorrow. We will give the Action details to you in the morning and follow with an update and then a message (two in one day) the following day.

The kind of Action I speak of is a coordinated effort involving you and us, as one, which furthers the establishment of God’s Light and Love on Earth. You have participated in such Actions many times. Group meditations are an Action. Patricia-Cota Robles and others have facilitated global Actions such as establishing Chalices of Light that upgrade and elevate the entire Earth plain. Participants contribute through intentions of Good Will, Love, Healing and Peace. Would it make you grin to know that Dinarland is an extended Action of transformation and Love? Tomorrow you have the opportunity to use your power of choice and your radiant Light for another such furthering of healing, if you so choose.

It would assist if you would first scrupulously consider the importance and role of currency on Earth. What has been the primary currency for you, for others, for all of Earth? I tell you that I do not speak of the now defunct US fiat dollar, or any such thing.

In the higher realms, our currency is connection, compassion, unity, Love.

On Earth, the currency of victimhood has been paramount. You have been so hurt, so tortured, so toxified, so depleted that you have collectively established the roles and feelings of victim and predator as currency on Earth. For instance, you have been so beaten down that you have adopted an attitude of claiming your rights as a victim. That has elevated victimhood to a kind of currency. You can trade the terrible things you have endured for pity, entitlement and righteous indignation. Be brave. Be willing to seek and to SEE what you have turned into power, into currency.

We are here willing to kindly assist in your contemplation. Thank you for your Service. It matters greatly.

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/7/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is your fan, your admirer, your champion, Archangel Michael. If that introduction puts you off a bit, makes you at all uncomfortable, then I trust that today’s message will help us become closer. I would like you to know me well. I care about you, personally. I am not distant from you. I am not a uni-type Angel or Ascended being. There is no such thing. We are all as unique as all of you are unique. Did you know that uniqueness is established as we are being created by God? On both sides of the Veil of Forgetfulness, we all express our uniqueness, throughout all our existence. Life is the grand opportunity to do just that, with gusto, originality and imagination.

I would like for you to know me. I want us to be close. I Am Archangel Michael, with many titles, qualities, joys, cares and responsibilities. In the higher dimensions, we embody the virtues of the offices we uphold. The offices we inhabit depend upon our capacity – our ability to hold and emanate Light – the grand scheme of Service, our choices and our Ascension. I Am Michael, a being, a child of God, an energy, a friend, a brother, knowable yet undefinable, one who loves and is loved and is love.

In the upside-down world of what Surface Earth has become, “sacred” has often taken on a lofty intimation, inferring somehow that sacred is holy as in aloof, exalted, superior. Sacred became one of the meanings and feelings that was intentionally coopted and reprogramed by the dark regime in order to distance you from intimacy with God. It is not by chance that “scared” is an anagram for “sacred.”

Every word is an address in reality, a point in existence, expressing a thought, a feeling, a meaning. The word sacred does carry a holy communication, yet that message is not about an unreachable, distant, supercilious God. Sacred is always present, as God is. The mundane is teeming with sacredness. Serving, cleaning, clearing, walking, breathing, beginning, feeling, helping, trying, embracing, expressing, ending, experiencing, exchanging, redeeming, carrying, crying, doing, discovering, being, wanting, having, giving – great or small, all are sacred. A breath, a moment, a prayer, a love – all are here and now, all are eternal, all are sacred.

Come close to God. Come as you are. You are utterly and dearly beloved, cherished. When you are ready, I invite you to come close to me. We are old friends. I am here to remind you, to support you, to shine the Light faithfully for you as you Awaken – as you have also done for me.

I love you. You are so very sacred.

I Am your Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/5/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. Come, let’s visit Harmony. It is an existence of mutual respect, unfettered flow and easy being.


Everything is fluid, in motion, evolving. When we greet each other in the Higher Dimensions, we are aware of this. We gently, non-invasively scan one another, determining the most respectful approach. We do not carry into the meeting a previous detrimental notion of how the other being might behave. It is an understandable yet unfortunate side effect of living in such a dangerous dimension that you greet each other with suspicion and warning.

Instead, perhaps use your ability to scan, gently and non-evasively – you are already scanning with every interaction – to notice how the person you greet is doing. Then, offer a quality of love that would best serve that person: warmth, humor, understanding, patience, curiosity…. This is co-creating Harmony.


Laughter, the 5th dimensional portal to everlasting Prosperity of every kind. No tuning needed, just the watchful awareness that the humor not ever turn sour by humiliating, shaming or excluding another. That is not humor and does not result in a 5th dimensional transformation. Let go of all the serious righteousness that wears you down and wears you out and laugh. Laugh easily and often. Laugh it off. Laugh it UP.

Above and Below, Mother Earth Is Our Example

The Earth is on the move! Tune to her. Ask her about it. Approach her with respect and Love. Mother Earth will recognize your efforts and welcome you because she wisely dwells in Harmony, always. Even after all that humanity and others have done to her, she is awaiting your tender approach. Harmony. When Mother Earth enters a Council of Light gathering in the higher realms, there is always a respectful hush, an acknowledgement of her ever-loving demonstration of Peace and Harmony. No matter what is done to her, she is unmovable in her Love. May we all strive to be so.

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/4/2017)

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. Hello and hearty congratulations! You are quickly seeing through the old subterfuge of control through intimidation. Instead, you are opting for inner speculation and community support. In doing so, you roll out the golden carpet for the realization of your long-awaited Prosperity. Know this, the bounty of your efforts and God’s grace will leave you stunned in awe at your Redemption appointments. Some of you receiving this message will receive God’s blessing in others ways – no less spectacular. Release yourself to get excited. You will not be deceived or disappointed at the given hour.

You there toiling on the surface for your glorious Ascension and the restoration of God’s Light on Earth could teach us here more than a thing or two about PERSPECTIVE. I bow to your Awareness, diligence and growing Mastery. So, today I will bring you my own favorite portals to the kind of perspective that results in the Highest Good of All, every time.
1) Awe. SEE through the eyes of AWE. Divine awe is brimming with wonder, humility and gratitude and leads to Co-Creation with God in the manner that uplifts and enriches. To really SEE means that the lantern of God’s discernment is lit and burning brightly in your heart. This is the Light of Truth, which doesn’t just serve you – it serves All.

2) Flexibility. BE flexible. This is one of the least lauded attributes of a Master, yet it is its own path to Enlightenment. There is a difference between doing flexibility and be-ing flexible. Doing flexibility is whipping up a contrived state of social nicety and fake willingness. Be-ing flexible means you are at ease, at peace, come what may. You are resting Awake in the sweet spot of Life, ready, caring, creative.
From here – our higher dimensional perspective – so much of what you work towards and look forward to is already energetically accomplished. We tenderly understand the conditions and energies you transmute and endure which basically makes our perspective not worth a hill of beans to you. Unless…you take a dip in the perspective pool with your friends Awe and Flexibility and SEE that you are privy to the higher dimensional view, because you are. Relax your gaze and see the picture within the picture. That’s the way.

Fondly and eternally, I Am your Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/3/2017)

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Archangel Michael:
A warm embrace of peace to you all.  It is Archangel Michael.  Many of you are rag-doll exhausted.  Thank you for your steadfast service to your Awakening, your family, your community and your world.  Gather close together so that you may receive the Light sustenance from your community of fellow Lightworkers and restorative support from the Company of Heaven, your family beside you only a wisp of a dimension away.
Constancy, Faith, Inner Knowing and the Peace that Transcends Understanding
Constancy and Faith walk hand-in-hand.  Constancy is your Faith applied to the circumstances, feelings and experiences of your life.  Faith is the being; constancy is the doing.  Let’s break it down, and by that I do NOT mean we are going to apply deductive reasoning.  No, that mode of “thinking” has disserved you long enough.  Together, let’s expand our thinking instead of reducing it.  Through God’s intelligence which is within us, we will clarify what – in the Higher realms – is meant by Faith, Constancy, inner Knowing and the Peace that passeth all understanding.
What is Faith?  It is more, much more than blindly believing something or someone.  Real Faith, Divine Faith is following your inner Knowing, even and especially when that Knowing flies in the face of the evidence encircling you.  Self-honesty becomes paramount in deciding to believe inner Knowing or imposed programming.  It all boils down to where you are most invested.  If you want God Truth more than anything else, nothing can stop you from it.
Another tricky trap carefully laid to circumvent you heart while ensnaring your mind and manipulating your beliefs is that you must understand something, so that you can judge it, and only then will you know what to do or how to respond properly.  Your judgement plugs you in to the range of “appropriate mental and emotional responses.”  Your judgment provides the verdict, the conclusion you have ascertained through your “understanding.”  What a mish mash.  You manage to get to a conclusion without including your feelings and your intuition, your connection to your Higher Self.  The sneaky bit is that collectively, you are so used to this way of thinking that you have come to believe it is THE process for getting to how one feels.  Oh woe, it is not.  This process is designed to preclude feeling intelligence.
When you are ready to forgo this tedious not-so-merry-go-round, you will be astonished with how easy it is to give it up AND how much more pleasurable your life becomes when you do.  The solution:  choose Peace…be in Peace, first.  Amid all conditions and occurrences, be at Peace, no matter what.
Within you, there springs the fountain of eternal Peace, God.  Wherever you Love, you are Peace.  However much you displace your cellular pain memory and toxicity with the Light of God through your choices, you fill with Peace.  Peace is natural for you.  Through one little decision, one tiny act, one minute thought after another, reclaim your Peace.  You will reach a tipping point, and after that it will become easy to live from the Peace that transcends understanding.
Constancy with Use of the Violet Fire Heals Humanity, as You Ascend!   
The Violet Flame is a gift from God, the unfed – meaning the Flame gains its aliveness only from Father-Mother God – Flame is a benevolent high dimensional Consciousness which may be used to transmute and transcend personal and planetary dross.  Particular care was afforded in issuing the use of the Violet Flame to humanity for their Freedom.  You could call it a dispensation of safety that allowed humanity to wield the Flame before they re-attained the Mastery required to brandish it safely.  What a gift!  Humanity was generously granted use of the very thing that could be used to acquire their Freedom.
Constancy + Violet Flame = Freedom for ALL.  The generosity of heaven has not gone unmet.  Many souls on Surface Earth have perceived the Violet Flame’s Consciousness and purpose and have used it with wholehearted faithful devotion, causing miraculous transfiguration of themselves and the whole.
The most important component in applying the Violet Flame is that you do it from your heart.  There is exquisite fun to be had with unlocking the Light-encoded gifts embedded within decrees and such.  Yet all that is required for success is that you use the Violet Flame from your heart.  The Violet Flame cannot be used for harm – that is a tenant of the safety dispensation.
Take a breath, feel where you would like to be Lighter, and with all your heart, give it all you’ve got!  Together and aloud we decree:
“I Am the Violet Fire!  I Am the Purity God desires!
Earth is the Violet Fire!  Earth is the Purity God desires!
Humanity is the Violet Fire!  Humanity is the Purity God desires!
Let there be Light (x3)   Light, Light, Light!  
And let that Light be Saint Germain’s New Era of Love Peace and Freedom manifesting Now!”
I Am Archangel Michael.  I Am the Violet Fire!  I Am the purity God desires!
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/1/2017)



Archangel Michael:

Happy Glorious New Year Family of Earth! It is Archangel Michael.

When you work together in sincere collaboration, you Ascend collectively and individually. When you engage in war which includes low resonance dispute of any kind, you personally digress into the descending spiral, and you slow the progress of the restoration of God’s Light on Earth, including the global release of the Freedom Funds. Whether you are aware of this or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, matters not. Your choice to be loving or not is what impacts.

As has been revealed by God’s Ascended Earth Team, the Company of Heaven, through trustworthy messengers such as Patricia Cota-Robles (see New Year’s message below) and others, the beginning of this extraordinary year is ushered in by a miraculous gift of Love Light from God. I, Archangel Michael, am joyfully tasked by God to bring you – in unity with Father-Mother God and The Company of Heaven – an inspiring and insightful message on each of the first eleven days of 2017 to assist your Awakening and Ascension. Of course, it is God’s Plan for Earth at this time that global Awakening be ensured through many events, including the release of the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, the RV/GCR and NESARA/GESARA.

Every shred of loving effort, every drop of awakening Consciousness, every sentient choice to surrender your will to God’s is cumulative and everlasting. You rise or fall upon each and every decision you make. In every case, in all situations, demeaning others results in delay to the realization of our shared dream: liberation for all in the New Golden Age. Divine Truth does not ever belittle, berate, rebuke, scold or humiliate; Divine Truth creates Lightness of being.

I Am Archangel Michael standing in the Light with you and for you, as you choose.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/1/2017)

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