Archangel Michael’s New Year’s Gems: #4 of 11 HARMONY – Peace, Prosperity and Freedom Are Certainly Yours!

In Channeled Messages


Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michael. Come, let’s visit Harmony. It is an existence of mutual respect, unfettered flow and easy being.


Everything is fluid, in motion, evolving. When we greet each other in the Higher Dimensions, we are aware of this. We gently, non-invasively scan one another, determining the most respectful approach. We do not carry into the meeting a previous detrimental notion of how the other being might behave. It is an understandable yet unfortunate side effect of living in such a dangerous dimension that you greet each other with suspicion and warning.

Instead, perhaps use your ability to scan, gently and non-evasively – you are already scanning with every interaction – to notice how the person you greet is doing. Then, offer a quality of love that would best serve that person: warmth, humor, understanding, patience, curiosity…. This is co-creating Harmony.


Laughter, the 5th dimensional portal to everlasting Prosperity of every kind. No tuning needed, just the watchful awareness that the humor not ever turn sour by humiliating, shaming or excluding another. That is not humor and does not result in a 5th dimensional transformation. Let go of all the serious righteousness that wears you down and wears you out and laugh. Laugh easily and often. Laugh it off. Laugh it UP.

Above and Below, Mother Earth Is Our Example

The Earth is on the move! Tune to her. Ask her about it. Approach her with respect and Love. Mother Earth will recognize your efforts and welcome you because she wisely dwells in Harmony, always. Even after all that humanity and others have done to her, she is awaiting your tender approach. Harmony. When Mother Earth enters a Council of Light gathering in the higher realms, there is always a respectful hush, an acknowledgement of her ever-loving demonstration of Peace and Harmony. No matter what is done to her, she is unmovable in her Love. May we all strive to be so.

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/4/2017)

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