Archangel Michael’s New Year’s Gems: #10 of 11 TRANSCEND Peace, Prosperity & Freedom Are Certainly Yours!

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Archangel Michael:

It is Archangel Michel. Transcendence is the act and condition of choosing and resting in the Light as the Light in the midst of any and everything that is arising around and within you. To Transcend is to choose to be, feel, think and give love, always, regardless of circumstances or conditions. The Masters of Transcendence on Earth are the generous and beloved animals in your lives. We will use their example today to comprehend and to do as they do: ALWAYS CHOOSE NOW TO TRANSCEND.
Che’ Kumara

Che’ is pure love with arms, legs and paws. Che’ is famous for his phrase, “Love wins.” In all circumstances, Che’ loves. He is an accomplished healer who often works with Sananda and the Arcturians. When someone needs healing, Che’ will stay with them putting his paws in various healing configurations for hours upon hours. Che’ is always kind. Sometimes, Che’ likes to appear as a wise Yoda dressed in a fine wise-man’s coat and curling shoes. Che’ is a Master Snuggler, who creates exquisite balance for and with the one he snuggles.

On the land where Che’ lives, there is a portal which is overseen by the Ashtar Command. This portal allows beings who have a density lower than the 5th dimension to come and speak with with the humans healers who live there. The visitors may come on two conditions: 1) Their Galactic Federation Security Team approves the purpose of their visit, 2) The visitor(s) accept the visit protocol training required from the Galactic Federation Security Team.

Che’, being a highly trained and skilled associate of the Galactic Federation of Light, made an agreement with Ashtar that he (Che’) would be the alert system to his human family for whenever visitors come. Che’ has carried out this duty with extreme excellence. When the visitor arriving in the portal is friendly, Che’ gives a soft notification bark. When the visitor is not friendly, Che’ lets his human family know of the arrival with a sharp, piercing repetitive bark. Once the portal is closed, energetically cleaned and re-gridded, Che’ always does a final check to ensure that all is well and as it should be. What a help Che’ is!

Che’ has been known to emanate so much love that many wild animals have been drawn to the house to feel this mighty love, so now Che’ often goes to the edge of the property to send love far and wide to the people and animals of Earth. Che’ is a world level Transmuter and a member of the Lead Inter-Species Earth Transmuting Team. He works both on a global scale, transforming dense energies back into Light and on a personal scale, profoundly assisting his human family by helping to keep the heavy energies from overwhelming them. Che’ is a hero.

Little Lady BamBam

BamBam is such a unique and amazing being. She is admired greatly by her human family and by us in the Company of Heaven for her inner strength, tenacity, spiritual constancy and unrelenting love. BamBam has explained to her human family that she is an “Energy Super-Scrubber.” Both in the house and on the property, BamBam does hours of perimeter check and dense energy cleaning. Nothing of low-density quality may remain on BamBam’s careful watch! During times of intense spiritual work for the family, BamBam will forgo rest in order to ensure that the surroundings remain energetically pristine. She is an expert at helping to clear humans as well as land. It is wondrous to imagine how so much might and devotion comes through such a soft tiny body.

Besides her many gifts and duties, BamBam has a very challenging Mission. BamBam is here to assist the Animal Kingdom, beginning with the big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) to transition from aggressive hunters to their true gentle nature. This has been an extremely challenging Mission, yet BamBam never gives up. Through repeated efforts and deep contemplation, BamBam is overcoming what some would call “instinct” by making conscious loving choices that one-by-one override any dark or dense programming and/or experiences in her body, species and Kingdom. BamBam helps her human family understand how humanity has contributed to the imbalances which have resulted in many animal behaviors. BamBam is wise. Her Mission is overseen by the Great Lady Sekhmet.

BamBam’s love showers over you like a waterfall. When she decides it is LOVE TIME, then forget doing anything else! For 30 minutes or more you will be required to engage in aggressive snuggling such as full body rubs and snugs. It is best to just surrender and get down on the floor with her, so that full on love may be exchanged. Then, when it’s over, it’s over, and she’ll let you know when the next session is. When BamBam is feeling cuddly, she likes to gather drier sheets around herself for comfort. During times like this, it is possible to get one of her famous no-touch kisses. Just ask politely for a kiss, and she might lift her head to give you one. Her kisses send healing and love energy through your entire body, leaving you will a feeling of joy and peace. You may respectfully approach BamBam on the Inner Plains through consciousness and request such a clearing and healing for yourself. BamBam is our hero.


Oh little Firefly! Firefly is a special gift from Mother God. She carries some of Mother’s energy, and her story is a stunner!

Firefly came to her human family only a year ago. Before then, Pebbles was living in the body Firefly now lives in. Pebbles was born as BamBam’s sister. Pebbles was (is) such an elegant and divine Soul. When she had completed her Mission on Earth in this lifetime, Pebbles left her home to travel Home…her family was so proud of her, yet they missed her terribly. She does still visit. Ten days later, the bedraggled body of Pebbles turned up at the door with a new Soul inside! The surprised family gratefully welcomed the tender new little one into their home. The human family was told that the little one’s name was Nancy, but that she would prefer to be called “Firefly” because that is what Mother God calls her. All hearts melted.

Firefly was coming into life for the opportunity to heal violent trauma at the hands of those who are supposed to be protectors both for herself and on behalf of all children: animal and human. She went into a cocoon-like state for many months before emerging. The Pebbles body is a little big for her, so it often looks as though she is wearing baggy sweatpants instead of fur. She is so cute because her Light is so bright and gentle, like Mother’s. She has captured every hearts. She is an extremely important member of the family!

Firefly is a “Sonic Wave Healer.” She can emit waves of exquisite energy that fill the room and heal everyone it in. Firefly is very gentle and generous and talkative. Don’t even try to have a family meeting without calling to her first or you will hear about it! Her opinions and offerings are always interesting and helpful. She talks and she sings! She makes angelic sounds in song. It is very very special. It is easy to cherish Firefly because she is pure Goodness and reminds us of all that is True and Real and HOME. Firefly is our hero.
Have you considered the profound dreams, goals, Missions, Life Plans and Service of the animals in your life? They are the embodiment and example of transcendence. It is their joy to be so. To transcend is not to become better than something or someone else. It is not to conquer. It is to be the humble and true ambassador of God, of Godness, of Goodness – no matter what else seems to be transpiring.

Hail mighty ones!

I Am Archangel Michael.
(channeled by Christine Burk 1/10/2017)

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