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Archangel Michael: Leaving SELFISHNESS/SCARCITY at Redemption’s Door! #9 of 10

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

12/24/16 Archangel Michael: A warm holiday greeting to you, dear beloved family. It is Archangel Michael. You are getting ready to receive God’s Prosperity in the form of what’s called money. What you actually will be receiving is the feeling and experience of limitless abundance: Freedom. For those of you who have already claimed this…

Affirmation of the Day: I AM Invisible to Police

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

I AM invisible to police. I created this affirmation a few years ago when my car registration expired and a few weeks passed before I could renew it. So while I was driving around I wanted to make sure I didn’t get caught so I started believing that I AM invisible to police. The best…

Affirmation of the Day: People Are So Nice To Me

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

People are so nice to me while driving. They always let me in front of them. This affirmation is for when I’m driving. I used to have major road rage but since I started thinking/saying this and shifted my energy from anger I’m amazed at how well it works. Literally countless times while I’m driving…

Archangel Michael: Leaving SELF-DOUBT at Redemption’s Door! #8 of 10

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

12/23/16 Archangel Michael: I Am Archangel Michael. I come to you today in the name of God to work side-by-side with you to restore the Light of God to the surface of Earth and to humanity. Freedom and Prosperity are now being established, and as they are, the moment dawns to lay down the thoughts,…

Affirmation of the Day: Things Always Go My Way

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Things always go my way. Start your day with this mentality and see how much it comes true. Like attracts like and when you start your day in a bad mood or with negative thoughts you will notice how everything seems to go wrong all day until you change your mood. I know I’ve had…

Affirmation of the Day: Earth Angel

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

I AM Love in Action. I AM an Earth Angel here to channel love to all of humanity.

Affirmation of the Day: The Universe Is On My Side

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

The Universe is always on my side. Always.

Archangel Michael: Leaving COMPETITION at Redemption’s Door! #7 of 10

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

12/22/16 Archangel Michael: A warm hello, steadfast warriors of Light and Love. It is Archangel Michael. I come to offer harmony, unity, cooperation and the irreplaceable satisfaction of co-creation. These are the consequential qualities awaiting to be reclaimed once you scrape away the residue of competition from your lives. Competition is the vibrational blueprint for…

Affirmation of the Day: Thank you Mother/Father God

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

Thank you Mother/Father God for sharing your lovelight with every living being on this planet. Thank you for helping us to raise our vibrations and be Love in Action.

Affirmation of the Day: Perfect Health

Posted by:Rana Sabeh

My thoughts are aligned to perfect health. I do not let illness in. Every little cell is healthy and well.  

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