Archangel Michael’s Christmas Countdown: 10 Things to Leave at Redemption’s Door – #3 War

In Channeled Messages


Archangel Michael:

Once and for ALL, leave WAR at Redemption’s Doorstep.

War?  You say, “I’m not at war.”

War in YOUR life is the urge to argue, retort, block, resist, push back, lie, defy, dispute, sabotage, lose control, control, condemn, defy, pout, manipulate, demand, and even rage.

Replace war with connection.

Connection is Love.
Connection = Love.
Love is true connection.
The connection of you, to your true self, your Higher Self.
You to the relationships in your life, heart to heart.
You to God.

That is what is real – your connections to others, to God.
Inherent in connection is compassion, cooperation and unity.

That is the pathway of Love, and that is Love itself.

Love displaces war.

Painful tendencies, memories and experiences dissolve in the face of your choice to connect, truly connect, truly consider others – not above yourself – in Love!

When you choose to nurture yourself, to forgive yourself, to understand instead of feel shame, you connect with what is real.

Gentle, gentle connection.  Love replaces war.

I Am, Archangel Michael.

(channeled by Christine Burk 12/18/16)