St. Germain Affirmations: Wealth and Opulence

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St. Germain Affirmations on SupplyYears ago I learned about the words “I AM” and knew they were powerful but I didn’t REALLY know just how powerful they are until I discovered Ascended Master Teachings – including the “I AM Discourses” from St. Germain. I had heard about the “I AM Discourses” from various people for awhile but didn’t feel compelled to read them until August, 2017. I felt like I had come home. I resonated so deeply with their words and energy they felt like my older brothers and sisters and instantly I knew I had found the answers I had been searching for. The “I AM Discourses” are a treasure trove of golden illumination from Above, a necessary resource for any spiritual seeker on their Ascension Path.

St. Germain is a champion of abundance for all, because abundance and wealth is the nature of God. Poverty and lack only exist because of our fall from Grace; humanity has exiled ourselves for millennia into the desert of lack.

“I AM” affirmations work immediately and when you build up a momentum of energy with consistent usage they become even more powerful. You build more power and momentum if you stick to the same time every day. You can’t say or think it once and expect it to magically work, you have to maintain the energy around the words. And if you’re doing it out of obligation you might as well not do it at all because obligation energy is useless and counterproductive.

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