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Affirmation of the Day_perfect-health Alignment is so important in our everyday lives. It plays such a huge part in how our days unfold and the experiences that “happen” to us. The human body is a magnificent creation of Divine Intelligence, alive and conscious and constantly responding to our commands through thought and feeling. When you tell your body “I’m sick” at the slightest sneeze or “Oh man I have this illness or that illness”, your body is going to do what you tell it no matter what. The human body only deteriorates because we cause it to through believing in the imperfection of the ego and the world around us and not taking care of it. If you held thoughts of Divine Perfection, Perfect health and wellness in your mind you would most likely not get sick because you would only be aligned to wellness. (although it could be Ascension Symptoms, part of your Divine Plan for a larger illness or a deeper belief system) I’m just talking about minor sickness like bacterial and viral illness, not major chronic illness that may serve as karmic repayment or some other reason for being in your experience. Aside from one cold during a major energetic download last year I haven’t been sick in years due to maintaining thoughts of Perfect health. Try it! What do you have to lose?

**Update May 2018**

So far this year I have manifested two common colds – one in February and one last week (in May). For this last one, as I reflect on how this happened, I know the night my thoughts and feelings came together to create this physical effect of imperfection because the very next morning the first symptom, the sore throat, came in like clockwork. It’s really quite amazing when you can make the connection and be aware enough to witness the speed in which your body listens to you and does what you tell it. In this case I was feeling run down from having my normal schedule disturbed to be my mom’s chauffeur every day for three weeks in addition to taking care of my dad and brother – two different households at once just became at bit much for me and near the end of week three I was just exhausted and BOOM! I let illness in through my unguarded thoughts. My feelings of exhaustion, negativity and lower vibes charged the thoughts enough for them to manifest into a lovely cold. It’s fascinating how it happened virtually instantly.

The February cold also manifested because again, my schedule was disrupted for weeks due to having to take my mom to jury duty. I had to wake up earlier than normal and it just threw my body off and my sleep was affected and this lead to feelings of exhaustion. Do you see the pattern here? My point in posting this is to illustrate the power of our thoughts and feelings and how easy it is to create physical illness because we truly are powerful manifestors the way God created us to be, and if you’re not mindful enough to be aware of your thoughts and feelings it will seem like “oh I just caught what’s going around” or “I need to use more hand sanitizer”. I unconsciously created both colds because my thoughts of “Oh I’m so tired I just want to sleep” and whatever else I was thinking that night combined with my feelings of exhaustion were like I submitted an order to the cells in my body and my Body Elemental and they are such good little servers, they brought me just what I didn’t know I ordered – one common cold coming up! And we’re not talking 1990s handwritten orders, we’re talking 2018 instant tech with warp speed!

Do you see how it’s not the external conditions like bacteria on the shopping cart or whatever that causes illness? Well when you start paying attention you will see that YOU are the one that is creating it 99% of the time. You need to experience it for yourself to really believe it. I now solidly KNOW the power of my thoughts charged with feeling WILL create what I want and DON’T want so I am going to make damn sure next time I have to help my mom with something for an extended period of time to make sure I find time for my own self care and to find a way to avoid becoming exhausted because I know that will lead to more unconscious creation of colds and I really don’t want that again! (At least this time I have more tools in my arsenal like the Sacred Emerald Green Fire of Healing and calling on my Mighty I AM Presence for healing to help speed things up but it’s never pleasant to feel temporary imperfection.)


“Every student should guard with great watchfulness that he does not use the “I AM” in negative expression, for when you say: “I AM sick, I have failed, I AM not accomplishing this thing as I should,” you are throwing this mighty energy into action to destroy the thing you wish to accomplish.  This always happens when you use the word “I”, for that is the release of the Universal Power.

Knowing that the “I AM” is you, then when you say, “My head aches, my stomach is out of order….” you are throwing the energy into those parts to act according to the thing you have decreed; for when you say “MY”, it is the same energy acting, because there is only one person who can say “I” or “MY”, and that is you, decreeing for your world.

“The question within the mind of all thinking individuals is that certain herbs or remedial agencies have a certain natural chemical action corresponding to the element within the body. I say to you, what gives or makes the chemical affinity? The Power of your “I AM” which enables you to think!”

– Ascended Master St. Germain

Excerpted from the “I AM Discourses” Vol 3, Discourse VII
Available from the St. Germain Press

An affirmation is an agreement you make with yourself to improve an aspect or all aspects of your life. Affirmations are useless if your subconscious doesn’t believe them. You have to take baby steps in creating ones that are true for you. I can tell if my sub doesn’t believe something because a conflicting thought will surface like “No, you’re not healthy. Germs are everywhere. Use more hand sanitizer!!” When that happens I use muscle self testing (kinesiology) and yes and no questions to drill down and find out the underlying belief of that thought. But you also have to make the decision to choose to believe it’s working and to take all good things that happen to you as evidence of it working. Your entire being has to be on the same page and opt in. If your ego or inner child is sabotaging you you need to do belief work or affirmations won’t work for you. This is my one of my favorite affirmations that I say all the time and it works! Whether I am getting a charge reversed on my account, or whenever I call customer service for something, or when I’m driving on the road and people let me in front of them, it works! When you state an affirmation and really believe it the magic will begin to happen and you start to see evidence of it working. Then it becomes easy to maintain. If this affirmation is too big of a gap for you to believe, create one that you CAN believe.