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Affirmation of the Day - I AM A DELBERATE CREATOR

Manifestation is a hot topic in the spiritual world. Everyone is talking about it and how to do it. I’ve been on my own “manifestation journey” for about two years now and I have learned so much from so many teachings! I love the CWG trilogy because it’s Truth straight from the Source’s mouth!

The soul conceives, the mind creates, the body experiences. The circle is complete. The soul then knows itself in its own experience. If it does not like what it is experiencing (feeling), or wishes a different experience for any reason, it simply conceives of a new experience of Self, and, quite literally, changes its mind.
Soon the body finds itself in a new experience. (“I am the resurrection and the Life” was a magnificent example of this. How do you think Jesus did it anyway? Or do you not believe it ever happened? Believe it. It happened!)
Yet this much is so: the soul will never override the body or the mind. I made you as a three-in-one being. You are three beings in one, made in the image and likeness of Me.
The three aspects of Self are in no way unequal to each other. Each has a function, but no function is greater than another, nor does any function actually precede another. All are interrelated in an exactly equal way.
Conceive—create—experience. What you conceive you create, what you create you experience, what you experience you conceive. That is why it is said, if you can cause your body to experience something (take abundance, for example), you will soon have the feeling of it in your soul, which will conceive of itself in a new way (namely, abundant), thus presenting your mind with a new thought about that. From the new thought springs more experience, and the body begins living a new reality as a permanent state of being.
Your body, your mind, and your soul (spirit) are one. In this, you are a microcosm of Me—the Divine All, the Holy Everything, the Sum and Substance. You see now how I am the beginning and the end of everything, the Alpha and the Omega.

Conversations with God, Book I, Ch 13

Yet you are always limited by your knowingness—for you—we—are a self-created being.
You cannot be what you do not know your Self to be.
That is why you have been given this life—so that you might know yourself in your own experience. Then you can conceive of yourself as Who You Really Are, and create yourself as that in your experience—and the circle is again complete… only bigger.
And so, you are in the process of growing—or, as I have put it throughout this book, of becoming.
There is no limit to what you can become.

Conversations with God, Book I, Ch 13