Affirmation of the Day – My Car Working Perfectly

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Affirmation of the Day - CarMy beautiful car is a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder. She may have more years and mileage on her but I Love her. Up until 2017 I used to manifest car troubles somewhat frequently. In 2015-2016 I used these car troubles to help me release my fear. Fear of not having enough money to pay for all of these repairs. Fear of not being supported. I was also trying to understand how manifestation worked in terms of my thoughts in relation to the objects in my life. Do things break down just because we’re in a physical world with 3D density and it’s inevitable with age or are these breakdowns connected to my energy, thoughts and feelings? In 2017 I discovered Ascended Master Teachings through the I AM Discourses, Bridge to Freedom and more. I learned about my Mighty I AM Presence. I learned about the Beings of Universal Light Substance (science calls them electrons) that every physical object is made of. I learned that if I consistently hold my attention on the Perfection of God flowing through me that by extension all of the energy in my physical objects would also hold this Perfection. During this process I began to let go of more fear –  fear of being stranded on the street during traffic and the fear of getting into my car and not knowing if I would get home or if it would break down. At first it was hard to believe that this Higher Aspect of me would keep my car from breaking down just by saying some affirmations and focusing my attention on it instead of the imperfection that I see with my own eyes. I had to TRUST in an invisible Being instead of the physical world I perceive through my senses. The more I put my attention on my I AM Presence and the Higher dimensions instead of this physical world the more I KNOW that as long as I maintain my focus on above the physical objects in my life will also maintain their perfection. Things don’t have to break down if you raise your consciousness and maintain YOUR OWN Perfection. I have not had car troubles since 2016 and that is a big deal for me.

Freedom is such a magnificent feeling. Having the ability to go anywhere I want anytime I want is such a Blessing. But having the freedom and peace of mind knowing that my car (and all new cars I buy) will never break down again and that I AM always supported by my Mighty I AM Presence is a Blessing beyond words.

** Update May 2018** I contemplated this more because my car is still experiencing a wobbling at high speeds (this happened before in 2004, the trailing arms need to be replaced) and my windshield broke and I have yet to fix it. The answer that came to me is that if something is already broken before I begin using my affirmations, the Perfection of God isn’t going to magically fix it because my consciousness needs to be raised high enough to allow my Holy Christ Self to come through (this was the level of consciousness Jesus had when he performed those “miracles”) (miracles is in quotations because they are just normal occurrences of the Power of God – miracles to us because we have forgotten our Divinity). So I do need to take the human action of replacing these parts that are broken.

So what’s the point of saying affirmations then? When I repeat “I AM the Perfection of God flowing through me into my car” what actually happens is I am now qualifying the Perfection of God that already exists within each and every conscious, intelligent tiny Being of Universal Light Substance that my car is made of to once again sustain and maintain the Perfection of God within them because they were created to obey our commands and we are endowed with the Power of God to command them. So everything that is currently working perfectly will continue to work perfectly as long as I believe in the full power of my Mighty I AM Presence and keep my attention on it instead of outer appearances of imperfection. In other words, complete and absolute FAITH and TRUST that you are always taken care of by your God Self. Jesus can explain the power of “I AM” better than I can:

“When an individual thinks, feels, speaks or writes the words “I AM”, they immediately receive the attention of Life within them as well as around them. Why? Because the words “I AM” are the signal to intelligent Life to create. I learned this lesson at the feet of a Beloved Guru in India. I saw Life immediately obey the fiat or decree that followed this creative statement. It was at the feet of this Guru that I learned the power within the Creative Word “I AM” and began utilizing it Myself, enjoying the buoyant, uplifting feeling of the constructive use of any statement preceded by the word “I AM”… Life will obey you! It always has. Every creation that lives in your world constructively or otherwise is the result of the obedience of Life to your command someplace upon Life’s way. Turn to the constructive, positive, conscious use of the resurrection power of the Creative Word “I AM” and prove to yourself that intelligent Life will obey you and manifest according to your decree. There is no greater teacher than one’s own experience. TRY IT! I CHALLENGE YOU!”
– Jesus, excerpted from “The Challenge of the Christ”

**Update July 2018** For about a month now whenever I get into my car I’ve been saying either aloud or in my head, “I AM MY I AM PRESENCE DRIVING MY CAR, WRAPPING ME IN A BUBBLE OF INVISIBILITY (TO POLICE (because I like to go fast)), INVINCIBILITY AND INVULNERABILITY TO ANY AND ALL HUMAN CREATIONS, INCLUDING (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) CAR ACCIDENTS, ACCIDENTS OF ANY KIND, CAR BREAKDOWNS AND ANYTHING LESS THAN THY ALMIGHTY PERFECTION BECAUSE I AM THE PERFECTION OF GOD FLOWING THROUGH ME!” and not only do I have peace of mind knowing that I am always taken care of and looked after as I walk this physical life with ease and Grace, but my car doesn’t wobble so much now and I still haven’t gotten it fixed! I Love aligning my consciousness to my God-self instead of my human ego self!

Have fun with this and make your own or modify mine to fit your needs! Experience for yourself the Power of your Mighty I AM Presence because you probably won’t believe me until you do!