Affirmation of the Day – Transcending Fear

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Affirmation of the Day I AM the Violet Fire Transmuting Fear into Love Everywhere I Go
Affirmation of the Day I AM the Calm of the Eye of the Storm All Around Me
Affirmation of the Day I Have Transcended the Turbulence of Fear
Affirmation of the Day I AM Transcending the Turbulence of Fear

The coronavirus is the perfect opportunity to take back control of your mind and feelings/emotions. How much longer do you still want to let fear control you? To let your feelings/emotions control you? Are they in control or are you? For millennia humanity has been ruled by their emotional body and letting fear, worry, anxiety and all of the lower frequency emotions overtake their behaviors and actions. We have also been blessed with a mental body that governs our thoughts. A highly evolved person is one that has balanced both their emotional body and their mental body and is able to stay calm and rational while simultaneously compassionate, loving and detached. It’s time to balance the duality within you. Are you going to take advantage of this time to balance and reset yourself?

Love is the antidote to fear. Fear is the lack of Love, the opposite in this relative, dualistic universe/multiverse that we live in and because we believe in it so much is just as strong as Love is. Sometimes when you’re in the throes of fear it can feel even stronger than Love but it’s not. The reality is there is only Love when it comes down to it. Everything else is a derivative because our Source-Origin is only Love and it is only in these lower frequencies does fear even exist. Through experiencing fear we truly experience Love and know it on a much deeper level because contrast enables us to feel and experience both sides.

But the time has come to release fear. We have explored every variation, every nuance, played every fear game and caused each other to experience fear in every possible way we could think of. Fear has ruled humanity and our Beloved Earth for millions of years and now it’s time for Love to reign once again.

We are now, and have been, in this transition for decades. The transition from fear to Love, 3rd density to 5th density, from ego control to soul/higher self control, from power over others to power over yourself and taking responsibility for your life. And when you have as many different levels of consciousness all living together as we do, it’s not going to be an easy transition for all. Which is now manifesting in the form of the coronavirus. Like everything, it only affects certain people. But fear is affecting almost everyone. Fear is the real virus and it’s being revealed as people disconnect from their mental bodies and rational minds and let their emotional bodies filled with irrational fear take control of their actions and behaviors. Here is a message from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

We would only point out the many hundreds of lives you have lived on this a low-vibrational planet over many thousands of years. For the vast majority of those lives, survival was your main interest. Life on Earth was not only challenging and unsure. It was chaotic and untenable in many respects, in many places, for a very long time. So that the very cells of your body have (until the recent powerful influxes of Light now reaching the planet), been tuned mainly attuned to struggle and fear of loss or death. As you see reports on your news programs and speak with others about a virus that your officials claim has no cure (though all illness is curable), your survival mechanisms leap into action. 

These send warning signals throughout your mind and body, telling you to run and hide, fight the assailant, or freeze with shock or panic. This flight-fight-freeze reaction is well-known to you as being the opposite of the centered calm that humanity is increasingly moving into. Yet many are succumbing to these early and middle Earth age human reactive moments, as if this were the only sensible way to behave. You have by now read in a number of places that the greatest deterrent to having a strong immune system is holding the emotion of fear. The pressure that fear and panic put on the body mean that the stores of nutrition, inner coping mechanisms, and physical endurance must fly to those parts of the body and emotions most in need of assistance.
Read the original message here.

A Message to Lightworkers Caroline Oceana Ryan

Stop focusing on this one virus and think about the bigger picture at hand, that humanity is one step closer to FREEDOM! Because of the massive influx of Light we are constantly getting closer and closer to releasing all of the old paradigms of power over others and moving towards manifesting our next great Golden Age! Next I share a message from Patricia Cota-Robles and the Company of Heaven:

Since the Birth of 2020, we have been receiving information from On High that is revealing the monumental shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth are NOW experiencing. Since the completion of the Eclipse Series that Birthed this New Decade, Humanity’s I AM Presence has been able to Heal the genetic wounds created by our fall from Grace. These wounds are referred to by the Company of Heaven as “enslavement codes.” Our fragmented and fear-based human ego has used these genetic “enslavement codes” to manipulate and control us since our fall into separation and duality millions of years ago.

Now the “cords” that have kept us attached to the old Earth mutated human template of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies have been severed. This means that our fallen human ego can no longer tamper with our Earthly Bodies and our “enslavement codes” can no longer affect us adversely. This life-transforming event paved the way for the next step of the Divine Plan for this New Decade.

The Company of Heaven revealed that after the successful Healing of the wounds from Humanity’s “enslavement codes”, Humanity en masse reached a critical frequency of vibration that created an unstoppable shift of consciousness. This shift is not occurring outside of us. This is a very cellular based TRANSFIGURATION that is occurring within the Core of Purity in every Electron of our Earthly Bodies.

The Company of Heaven said this quantum shift created the sacred space for every person’s I AM Presence to, at long last, RELEASE THE KARMIC BIRTH TEMPLATE that was encoded within our DNA by our fragmented and fear-based human ego after our fall from Grace.

To understand the magnitude of what this means for each and every one of us, the Company of Heaven said that the Karmic Codes within the DNA of this grossly mutated human birth template contain the distorted patterns of aging, disease, mental and emotional dysfunction and even death as we have experienced it for aeons of time. It was never the Divine Intent of our Father-Mother God for the Daughters and Sons of God to experience these painful challenges in our Earthly Bodies.

Once these unfathomable shifts were God Victoriously accomplished by the I AM Presence of every person on Earth, the Light of God that pulsates with the Immaculate Concept of Humanity’s 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies began flowing into the Core of Purity in every Electron of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. Now, this tremendous influx of Light is pushing everything that conflicts with the perfection of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into Light. Part of this purging is manifesting as the Coronavirus. Read the entire message here.

Patricia Cota-Robles channeling the Company of Heaven, March 11, 2020

This last channeling is from Anna Merkaba and the Pleiadians. It’s really wonderful being so connected and receiving so many different yet similar messages from Above that inform, educate and comfort us to the greater reality of what is happening on our glorious planet right now.

What you are all witnessing at this very pivotal moment in time is simply a reprogramming and restructuralization of the platform on which you dwell. Old programming giving way to new understanding of Being, and making way for a true coherent energetic pathways to make way for all to experience Love, unconditional understanding and benevolence.

For the energies of your world has had to come to a halt, in order to magnify the issues at hand, in order to pin point to all the errors of the past, and to instill a new cognitive understanding of that which is. For the time has come to pay attention to that which truly is important, and that which truly fuels your world and all of creation, and to finally align humanity with its highest potential and be benevolence of Being, highest potential and recognition of it’s true intentions.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is the time has come to find peace within, to find the order within the chaotic unfolding upon your planet. And so and thus, as we have already advised you in our previous messages to you, all that you are witnessing is simply a release, of the energies that no longer belong on your planes of existence, and the institution of a new paradigms, new way of life, new thinking patterns.

Albeit the seeming chaos, the true intentions of said experience is that of testing the momentum, testing the grounds and magnifying the underlying core issues of the societies built upon the misunderstanding of the true intention of Being.

And so, a lesson indeed which is being presented for all to experience. Through the magnification glass of fear-based programming, the outcome shall bring much more clearance, a clear vision, understanding of true reality, and result in a more coherent, cooperation of all involved. Read the entire message here.

Anna Merkaba 3.15.2020

The coronavirus is magnifying the fear so it can finally come up to the surface en masse and be healed and released. But it can only be healed and released if you step back, look at yourself and your actions and CHOOSE LOVE instead of fear. Love is always the way. If you let the fear control you, you will weaken your immune system, catch the virus and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s time to gain control of your emotional body and stop letting fear control you. You always have a choice, and now you can choose to release the fear and empower yourself to go into the higher frequencies instead of keeping yourself attached and tethered to the lower. It’s time to RISE ABOVE! Reprogram yourself and evolve beyond the fear. TRANSCEND THE TURBULENCE OF FEAR!