Affirmation of the Day: Things Always Go My Way

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Affirmation of the Day_Things-Always-Go-My-Way

Things always go my way. Start your day with this mentality and see how much it comes true. Like attracts like and when you start your day in a bad mood or with negative thoughts you will notice how everything seems to go wrong all day until you change your mood. I know I’ve had those days where everything goes wrong and it wasn’t until I learned about the Law of Attraction did I realize that energy is a magnet and like attracts like. So now I pay more attention to my thoughts and my mood and what I’m putting out to the universe because I know that like a boomerang it will come back to me.

An affirmation is an agreement you make with yourself to improve an aspect or all aspects of your life. Affirmations are useless if your subconscious doesn’t believe them. You have to take baby steps in creating ones that are true for you. I can tell if my sub doesn’t believe something because a conflicting thought will surface like “No, things don’t always go your way. Your life sucks. Nothing ever works out for you.” When that happens I use muscle self testing (kinesiology) and yes and no questions to drill down and find out the underlying belief of that thought. But you also have to make the decision to choose to believe it’s working and to take all good things that happen to you as evidence of it working. Your entire being has to be on the same page and opt in. If your ego or inner child is sabotaging you you need to do belief work or affirmations won’t work for you. This is my one of my favorite affirmations that I say all the time and it works! Whether I am getting a charge reversed on my account, or whenever I call customer service for something, or when I’m driving on the road and people let me in front of them, it works! When you state an affirmation and really believe it the magic will begin to happen and you start to see evidence of it working. Then it becomes easy to maintain. If this afirmation is too big of a gap for you to believe, create one that you CAN believe.