Affirmation of the Day: The Universe Is On My Side

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Affirmation of the Day_Universe-Is-On-My-Side

The Universe consists of countless Beings that Love and adore us and always want us to succeed. We are always supported by these Beings and aspects of ourselves in higher  dimensions and they do everything they can to help us. Sadly, WE are the ones that stand in our own way by constantly sabotaging ourselves. We keep our attention on our human egos, other humans and the chaotic world around us instead of going within to access our intuition and inner guidance to help us achieve the success we yearn so badly for. Sometimes your Higher Self may give you detours to get you to make a better decision or take a path that’s more aligned to your highest good; when that happens it may feel like the Universe is against you but it’s not. When you are resistant to listening to the signs and being open to another way you cause yourself suffering but don’t blame the Universe or your Higher Self because you didn’t listen. The Universe IS always on your side. ALWAYS.