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Your health is completely in your hands. It’s not in your doctor’s or anyone else’s hands but yours. You have forgotten that and have given away your power to your ego and other people. Now it’s time to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

It’s time to remember how powerful a creator you are and how powerful your thoughts are. Your thoughts combined with your feelings create your reality, including your wellness or illness.

When you begin consistently building a spiritual practice and determine to regain control of your mind from your ego and external forces by focusing your energy and attention on a higher power or Spirit you begin to receive assistance from your Higher self/soul and other beings in the higher frequencies that aid you in staying on the spiritual path and helping you to train your mind to focus only on the positive and uplifting instead of the negative and depressing.

Train the Consciousness to Contemplate Only Good

Unawakened men and women are bound by the three-dimensional plane because they do not know of the Creative Power that is conferred upon them individually, and which regulates their life’s experiences.

Therefore, they use their consciousness to SUSTAIN their estate rather than to IMPROVE it. This consciousness mirrors their family, their environment, their race, and then through the creative power within itself, re-projects that which is entertained within it.

Strong souls, from time to time, have broken away, with great effort, from the pattern of their people through the help of an Ascended Being Who placed upon their consciousness a strong impression that they were receptive enough to grasp. However, such people become exceptions to the rule.

With chelas (students), however, once they become aware of the fact that what they entertain in consciousness becomes fact for them, there should come a complete transformation of the inner nature wherein it no longer accepts the reports of the senses which lead to a limited and imperfect expression of the mind, body and affairs.

Such chelas must take their consciousness firmly in hand and dislodge it from its rut of acceptance – shaking it free as you would shake a dust-mop from the window. This process will have to be repeated again and again because the consciousness settles back into its socket by habit and by its own weight.

When you DETERMINE to disconnect that consciousness from the mass mind, you immediately draw the attention of one or more Members of the Ascended Host. They begin to play Their Light into your consciousness which absorbs and entertains more of the Divine Plan in thought and feeling. This makes the sum total of the consciousness lighter and more pliable.

Then, as you consciously TRAIN it to contemplate GOOD, and refuse, repeatedly, to allow the tentacles to reconnect with limitation, you will find it becoming easier to tune into the Golden Age EVER-PRESENT until there will be no instinctive desire of the consciousness to rush back to its former estate every time you let down on your conscious application; and then it will learn to ride above the mass mind on the Wings of Light. Then your steady state of being, like that of the adept, will be a constant perception of and acknowledgement of PERFECTION.

The disconnecting process with the old, and the process of re-orienting the mind with the new is the most difficult period, but it is one which receives the greatest assistance from the Ascended Masters, and you can ask Them to take hold of your consciousness and enfold it in Their Cosmic Hearts. You can insist upon the assistance of the Christ within in this respect, and as your consciousness begins to respond only to expressions of Perfection, both your physical vehicle and your affairs will reflect your corrected thought and feeling.

Excerpted from “Divine Consciousness” at

The human is a physical vehicle that enables your high frequency soul/Higher Self to exist in this low frequency environment. It’s comprised of components called the Four Lower Bodies – the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. The physical body is made of the densest, heaviest energies which is why it’s the only one we can see with our physical eyes. As the densest, it’s the last stop for the energy elevator. Dis-ease is created first in one of the three higher bodies then finally manifests as illness in the physical body. Your body is made of billions of intelligent cells and subatomic particles of Universal Life Substance, we call them electrons, that are obedient to your every conscious or way more likely, unconscious, command. They create in your physical body what you create in your thoughts and feelings. The body does not randomly create illness or dis-ease on its own. You are the God of your own world and they do what you tell them to do!

So when you tell them by consistently repeating and BELIEVING these affirmations you are programming them to do what you say. You are always programming yourself through your thoughts and feelings and you get to choose if they are positive and productive or negative and unproductive.

You CAN become immune and invisible to virus and bacteria by raising your vibration and being only in alignment to good health and wellness by keeping your house in order – your thoughts and feelings as well as taking good care of your body as the Temple of the Most High.

The lower figure on the chart is what might be called your container of self. It contains your four lower bodies. These are interpenetrating energy bodies that co-exist in the same space because they vibrate at different levels of frequencies:

The identity body, also called the etheric body. The contents of your identity body define your sense of identity. How do you see yourself, how do you see God, how do you see the world and how do you see the interaction between them? Do you see yourself as a spiritual being who is here to take dominion over the Earth or do you see yourself as a material being, a product of the Earth with no power to change it?

The mental body contains your thoughts. It is here you form a mental image of the specific things you want to do in the material world and how to accomplish them. This mental image will be based upon your sense of identity, which defines parameters for what you think you can or cannot do. Thus, if you identify yourself as a human being, you will limit what you think you can do.

The emotional body is obviously the seat of your feelings. Emotion means Energy in MOTION. Your thoughts are mental images, but in order to become actions or manifest forms, they must be set in motion, and this happens at the level of the emotional body. However, this body also contains your desires, and they can conflict with your higher goals. Ideally, your emotions should be reflections of your thoughts that are reflections of your sense of identity that again is a reflection of your Divine individuality. Yet it is common that the emotions take on a life of their own and seek to run your life instead of being controlled by your thoughts.

The physical brain and the carnal mind. Many materialistic scientists believe all of our thoughts and feelings are products of the physical brain. And while this is not correct, it is indeed correct that the physical brain is a very complex computer that is fully capable of producing many of our thoughts and sensations.

However, the physical brain is only the hardware for a level of the mind that the ascended masters call the carnal mind. This is the mind that is in charge of taking care of the needs of the physical body, such as the need for protection, food and propagation. The essential question now becomes: which of your four lower bodies is your conscious mind centered upon?

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Energy Hygiene

Bacteria and virus particles are very low frequency and you only come into alignment with them when you accumulate low frequency energy in your energy bodies through stress and other unproductive activities and habits. So consistent self-care is essential to keeping your vibration high enough to be out of alignment (immune) to attracting and receiving into your energy bodies any forms or types of illness causing virus and bacteria.

Your conscious mind – thoughts and feelings – are made from energy. Just as a magnet can attract iron filings, energy also has a certain electromagnetic force. Thus, an accumulation of anger waves in your energy field can exert a magnetic pull on your conscious mind and make you more prone to respond to situations with anger.

It now becomes clear that stress is an accumulation of low-vibration energy in your energy field. Thus, the key to successful stress-management is to learn how to protect your energy field from lower energies and purify it from energy that has already entered. The positive aspect of this is that it is quite easy to transform lower energies into a higher vibration. As your mind has the ability to generate lower energies such as anger, it also has the ability to transform such energy. This will be explained in more detail later.

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