You Really Do Create Your Own Reality!

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Things Don't Just Happen To Us We Create Them In Some way

Being on the spiritual path you’re bound to hear “you create your own reality” at some point and when you’re first learning about what this means it can be quite frustrating, annoying and confusing to your mind because mainstream society does not teach and has no clue about how the greater reality works. There are multiple variables at play with creating your own reality. Keep in mind this is a very simplistic explanation and I of course don’t know everything but this is what I have intuited from the information I have received and experienced in my life.

Before you are even born your higher self/soul created a blueprint/Divine Plan, like an outline or a theme, for your life filled with the major events it wants to experience, the qualities and characteristics it wants to develop, the wounds and traumas it wants to heal, clear and transcend. It picked your parents/family and all of the major characters that will be a part of your incarnation experience to help accomplish the goals it set out in the blueprint. They are your mirrors, your teachers, your sandpaper (Read this post about soul agreements and relationship sandpaper) and are incredibly valuable to your evolution if you are able to see them for the blessings they are in your life. The more difficult the greater the evolutionary reward if you are able to transcend your differences and heal the relationship.

Then you form belief systems from childhood inherited from your parents/authority figures about who you are and what kind of world you live in. These beliefs will continue to perpetuate in your thoughts and feelings until you are old enough to begin seeking/searching to discover why your life is not the way you want it. And actually have the desire to change/reprogram your consciousness with new beliefs after you heal/clear the old limiting ones.

The next ingredient is the choices and decisions you make throughout your life. These decisions will be either productive or counterproductive to your goals. They are productive when they take you forward into higher levels of evolution with a minimum to no energetic entanglements/low frequency energies connected to the other people involved. (no karma is created) They are counterproductive when the opposite is true – a low level of evolution with a high level of energetic entanglement/low frequency energies are created. (karma is created)

And finally, (as far as I know) you have the karma/low frequency energy entanglements that have been created in every incarnation experience (lifetime). These occur every time you experience a “negative” (anything less than Love) emotion because Source energy, the energy that everything is made of (we call them electrons), including thoughts, feelings and emotions is inherently pure before it comes to us. It’s made of Unconditional Love so when it flows through us and our mental/emotional bodies, our thoughts/feelings, we add to it the impurities of anger, frustration, annoyance, dislike, etc. and it gets stuck in those bodies. Because “negative” energy is such lower frequency, these precious electrons now vibrate much slower, they’re so heavy, and the person’s overall frequency drops in accordance to how much “negative” energy they keep generating.

This impure energy is called karma by us and creates an entanglement/energy cord to the person, place, event, situation, whatever, that is connected with that energy. This is a blessing because it gives you an opportunity to heal and release that impure energy so you can raise your vibration higher. The tricky part is having a level of awareness that enables you to heal and release this energy without creating more. Karmic energy is often uncomfortable and takes you out of your comfort zone. It’s everything that triggers you, that pushes the buttons you have or didn’t even know you have! It often time shows up as really difficult people that annoy the fuck out of you until you realize they’re there to help you heal this energy and relationship to set you both free. And until you do that it will keep showing up in your life in different ways until you finally heal and release it.

So if you notice patterns in your life and wonder why you keep doing the same thing over and over, even when you think you know better, it’s probably this karmic unresolved energy in your unconscious field of energy waiting to acknowledged, healed and released.

“But, man through his free will choice in his experiments with energy has chosen through the ages to misqualify that sacred Life force with imperfection, stamping the energy flowing through him with negation. If you do not permit the energy to outpour into the universe as God intended, you are imprinting it with a negative or imperfect pattern. Anyone who does not constructively qualify the God-energy is rejecting the gifts of the One Supreme Source and adding to the mass effluvia of the planet.

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Excerpted from “Qualifications of Life Essence” by the Beloved Maha Chohan