What Do You Focus on – Divinity or Humanity?

In Self-development

Do You Focus on Your Divinity or Humanity?We are created from Divinity, every single one of us has a spark of God within our hearts. We are created in the image of God, not as humans but our energetic selves, our Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. Human is just a role you’re playing until you Ascend or incarnate on another planet that may or may not be humanoid. So while you’re here on Earth being human, where do you place your attention most of the time? Are you so lost and absorbed in this 3D density that you have completely forgotten Who You Really Are so you focus on your imperfection, the human ego and other aspects of the personality? Or do you remember those Divine aspects of yourself, of which you are the physical individualization, and look up to give them Love, adoration and appreciation for the life they give you in every Eternal Now moment? You have the ability by placing your attention on Above, to transcend your human limitations and RISE, RISE higher than everything going on around you. By keeping your thoughts on High as much as possible throughout your day, you begin to shift your world from 3D to 5D as Planet Earth Herself is raising in vibration. The more you align your thoughts to Above and give Love, appreciation and adoration the more amazing you feel, peace of mind you receive and security you have knowing that you are always being taken care of and cared for. And the absolute best way you can help collective humanity right now is to raise your own vibrations and let your light shine brighter and heal and release the shadow within you because what you do for yourself you do for humanity. The best way to do that is to ask for more light from Above. These Beings are, essentially, a lifeline to help pull you out of the muck of effluvia that otherwise keeps you bound and trapped in these energies. GET UNSTUCK FROM THE MUCK! Your energy is constantly going out into your world and beyond, as you affect the collective energy so does it affect you so what you put out comes right back to you. That, my friends, is the essence of the Law of the Circle, aka the Law of Attraction. ❤