YOU Are Your Own Savior

Posted by:Rana Sabeh onMay 11, 2018

You Are Your Own SaviorThe concept of one person or a few people saving all of humanity is prolific in our world. Whether it’s Jesus or the Justice League, humanity has for too long placed their salvation on the shoulders of others. It amazes me how many superheroes have been created (I get that nowadays it’s about money too) but in the beginning they were created out of people’s feelings of powerlessness to change the world or their own world even. I get it, I felt that way too before I was awakened and activated and began the process of turning my attention away from this world and back to God and the Higher Realms. But we are NOT powerless and ultimately each person MUST save themself because no one else is going to do it for you. Jesus cannot save everyone. It’s not his job to do it for you. He did his own internal self-development work because he was human and he had the veil of amnesia like the rest of us so he had to climb his way back up the ladder too. This process that we are all going through right now, this awakening and shifting and vibration raising and shadow healing, it’s all happening because of Cosmic Decree that it is time for the people of Earth to stop stagnating in their evolution and move forward in the Light. Earth is holding back the rest of our solar system from Ascending and enough is enough. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts and it sucks but if you do not take responsibility for your own salvation you will only cause more suffering for yourself. You can not believe a word I say and call me crazy, you can resist kicking and screaming and make excuses and let your ego tell you it’s too hard and that you can’t do it and in doing that all you are doing is creating more karma for yourself and digging an even deeper hole that you will have to dig yourself out of eventually in another incarnation or two, or 10 or 100. Because one day you WILL have to save yourself.  ❤

Jesus realized that even his dearest disciples and followers were merely allowing the tendencies of human nature to act as they leaned on His power, rather than developing their own Christ nature. Close proximity to the Ascended Host does not mean that anyone should expect the Ascended Ones to do things for them, but that, by the power of radiation the unascended one may be stimulated to use his own God-given powers to be able to do things for himself. – Ascended Master El Morya Excerpted from “The Challenge of the Christ”, page 22

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