Why Kill Your Ego?

Posted by:Rana Sabeh onMarch 14, 2017

Don't Kill Your Ego Graphic

From many sources throughout my spiritual journey I have heard people talking about “ego death” and I never understood why they would want to kill a part of themselves. To me enlightenment is not about making parts of us disappear but rather to bring all to light and integrate into the whole. All aspects of yourself are important to living in this world. The ego is no less important but people have had to exaggerate it to survive for thousands of years. Now, as humanity has chosen to collectively awaken, it’s time to stop living from your ego and begin to live from your heart. Observe your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Become aware of how you feel when this or that happens. Awareness is the key to understanding yourself and the world you live in; without it you will continue to live blindly, not knowing why you do the things you do or why you created the life that shapes your reality.



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