Welcome the New Year With Love – Louise Hay

In Self-development

The New Year is almost upon us. Let’s welcome 2017 with love and joy. Know that what we give out comes back to us multiplied.

This year will be different from any other we have lived. Our knowledge and understanding will grow and deepen in new ways. Our capacity for compassion will expand. Our ability to give and receive love will make daily living feel like heaven on earth.

Every New Year brings us the opportunity for a fresh start. In 2017, peace is within our reach, even as new adventures beckon.

Affirmation Image

This is a wonderful time for reflection. As you prepare to begin your New Year, ask yourself these simple questions:

What shall I now release from my life?
What or who no longer works for me?
What am I holding on to that holds me back?
What thoughts or beliefs belong to the old me?
How am I being unloving to myself?
What do I believe that really works for me?
Am I ready to let go?

What is going on in my life that is terrific and wonderful?
Where am I being very loving to myself?

Where am I most content?
What do I want to bring to my life?
How do I want the next year to be?
Who do I want to bring into my world?
How do I want to look?
What image do I want to project?
How healthy do I want to be?

What changes can I make to feel healthier?
How prosperous do I want to feel?

What kind of world do I want to live in?
How much love am I willing to experience?

Take time to acknowledge all of your positive growth and change in the last year.

Then affirm:

I am one with the infinite wisdom and capabilities of the Universe itself.
All good is available to me, right here and right now.
All I have to do is to use the power of my thoughts to create that which I desire.
I am a Yes person living in a Yes Universe.
And so it is!

Life loves us, and will bring us wonders all year long. I wish you a fabulous 2017!

Excerpted from Life Loves You, Chapters 2 & 3