Spiritual Surrender – Learn How to Let Go of Your Ego

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2015 was the year of my spiritual journey when I learned how to surrender my ego, to let go and let God. Through the suffering I caused myself in moving to my dad’s house and putting myself DEEP out of my comfort zone into really uncomfortable territory, I underwent a metamorphosis of awakening to my true consciousness out of the illusion of unconsciousness. I am now well aware of the ego aspect of myself and am able to observe and recognize when it is activated. Surrender is an ongoing practice; I recently just experienced another opportunity to let go of a belief I was attached to through my car breaking down. Surrender allows us to open to the flow of life and it can be such a joyful feeling to let the universe take over and not have to do everything yourself.

Maria’s words resonate with me very well and so I am inclined to share this post in the hope that you too may learn to experience the freedom of spiritual surrender in your mind.


Spiritual Surrender means to let go of everything, but we can’t do it by will.

It’s not about using will power but to let go of will power, because that’s the only thing that keeps you in bondage, the belief that you somehow can control life.

Spiritual surrender is not about “giving up” while throwing your hands up in the air with frustration just because you don’t get what you want – fast enough. That’s the ego’s game.

Spiritual surrender means to surrender to Life – oftentimes through utter defeat – when everything else has failed and you are on your wit’s end, not in an aggravated way, but with you being on your knees, crying your heart out, surrendering to a greater power, which you soon find out is your True Self.

It’s about letting go of the false self, but because most people take their false self to be their real self, this process can take years and years before it’s final.

We surrender more deeply for every time, and every time is sincere but also immature at first.

In the beginning, when we aren’t really sure of what surrender means, we think it’s about making a wish-list for the Santa for the grown-ups which is the law of attraction with all it’s vision-boards and so on, and then when we have handed over our little wishes and goals to the Almighty Genie, we sit back and wait for things to come to us; aka ‘letting go of the outcome’.

We let go of our wishes, we wait with great expectations (just like kids at Christmas) and we take action with the attitude of “surrendering the outcome to the universe” (with a “go after what you want”-mentality; another one of the egos game, who always stresses us to grasp and strive) but that’s not surrendering at all!

Spiritual surrender means letting go of EVERYTHING – yourself included. 

(NOTE: It’s NOT about becoming lazy! I will address this subject in another post so stay tuned).

That’s often times the final let go; the letting go of all the ideas you have about yourself, and all the things you want yourself to be and become.

You know that whatever is meant to stay, will stay, regardless of what your opinions are about it, so you relax into that – into trusting that life knows how to express itself without your help.

The purpose of life is this moment – are you letting Life express itself fully as you, or are you trying to control it by imposing your little plans and desires on it?

This is what life is now – and no one knows what tomorrow brings – that’s freedom and liberation!

This is what life is – right now. This is how life expresses itself through me – right now. How it will express itself tomorrow I have no clue about. All I really know is Right Now.

All your expectations of life will fall away also, and this is not something that is done by will power – that would be like trying to manipulate life.

The ego thinks that surrender means to surrender with an agenda (“If I surrender this I will receive that”), but that’s not how life works.

To let go thinking you will get something is to manipulate – it’s not sincere.

True surrender really means to let your mind be emptied from all concepts and beliefs, not to “create better feeling beliefs” but to let go of them all. It will happen when you come to the point where you sincerely ask God to take over because you know there’s nothing else you can do.

Spiritual Surrender means complete surrender and letting go.

It means total empty-handedness. (Which include empty-mindedness; you are realizing that You are beyond mind).

The mind gets quiet and cleaned out, and with time you will discover and experience for yourself how the mind tries to make sense of the silence because it’s so used to be active all the time.

Just to make an example; you will find that it fails to find the words to use to gossip, and you can watch it happen with amusement, with an attitude of ‘that’s interesting’, but you don’t get attached to the interest of what’s happening (you kind of stand outside watching it all), and you drop that too.

It’s like being totally relaxed into being and Life – and being totally and utterly OK with whatever is and comes, because you know without a doubt that this moment is your whole life and this moment is the purpose of your life too, so there’s nothing to figure out anymore.

There is no longer a past or future or the need to make plans. Except for practical reasons obviously; it’s great to know when the next train goes and so on, but the personal will is no longer what runs your life. (It never was to begin with).

There’s a sense of not caring anymore. Not in a “I don’t give a shit”-attitude/way, but in a very relaxed and peaceful way – as a matter of simply stating a fact.

Nothing seems to be important and significant that once was.You know that everything is exactly as it’s suppose to be and nothing is wrong. You feel lived, not as if you ‘have a life’, but that you are Life.

This moment becomes so precious that nothing of the old is significant or important in any way.

This is how it feels to really love life. This moment is perfect and unspeakably beautiful. (I’m even all emotional now, can’t find the words that can explain the beauty of this moment).

Surrender means to let go of everything you thought yourself to be and what you believed life was about, and let Life itself live and express itself through you, as you.


So what has your experience been with spiritual surrender? Have you been able to let go and let God? Talk to me in the comments!

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