ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

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ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) I read somewhere most people think about 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. How many of those do you think about yourself? How many are positive? Negative? Are you even aware of them? Do you know how they make you feel? Are any of them even directed towards your I AM Presence or God? Do you think any thoughts of Love and appreciation towards them on a daily basis?

Thanks to great progress in understanding the human mind, we are aware that our minds have different components or aspects, one of which is the ego. The human ego is not your friend, even though it’s a part of your mind. It may be hard to grasp the abstract concept that it is an aspect of human consciousness that is only out for itself. It does not care about you and will do everything it can to keep you under its control and manipulation for one purpose only: its own survival. Because if you progress on your self-development/spiritual path, when you raise your consciousness higher and higher in the Light, eventually you will have no more need for your ego because you will begin integrating it into your Holy Christ Self and it will cease to exist as it is. So the more stagnant it keeps you, the more negative thoughts it makes you focus on, the more fear and doubt it can instill in you, the slower you will grow and evolve towards Christ Consciousness.


“It all starts with the recognition that you are a self-conscious being who has free will to choose what you identify yourself as. And then you must be mindful of where you direct your attention. Again, this is addressed in greater detail by Mother Mary in her book. The concept she gives is that the Conscious You resides in a sphere, in the container of self. In that container is your I AM Presence, and when your being was first created, there was only the I AM Presence and the Conscious You within your sphere of self.

Yet when you experimented with the duality consciousness, you allowed elements of a lower vibration, elements of duality, to enter this sphere of self. And gradually, over many lifetimes, you have built a mortal sense of self that opposes or seems to oppose your I AM Presence. This is what we also call the ego.

This mortal self is made up of decisions you have made, beliefs you have come to accept. And many of those beliefs are about yourself. You might believe that you are a sinner. You might believe you are a mortal human being who will die when your physical body dies. You might believe that you cannot do this and you cannot do that. You cannot contact God directly in your heart but needs the outer hierarchy of the church, or any number of dualistic beliefs.

As these beliefs enter your sphere of self, they begin to form a gravitational force and it pulls on the Conscious You. It pulls on your attention. It is almost like the force of gravity that prevents you from rising into the air, but pulls you down to earth. Likewise, your mind is being pulled by the gravitational force of the ego that has gained entry into your sphere of self. And as long as that mortal self remains, it will have some pull on your attention and that is why your thoughts are being pulled back to these old thought patterns and habit patterns. And it seems that no matter what you do you cannot get rid of them, they keep pulling on you. ”
– Ascended Master Jesus, channeled by Kim Michaels in the discourse excerpted from “You cannot overcome the ego in an instant, but you can stop identifying with it” from

You also have to understand that in addition to internal pressures from your ego, there are many invisible external forces influencing your mind in any given moment. There is so much momentum built up of thousands and thousands of years of negative energy and effluvia encircling the planet in the astral realms that we are bombarded by these swirling channels of hate, jealousy and every human emotion we are able to feel. When you feel any of these negative emotions, you are tapping into these streams of momentum and not only is it affecting you in that moment but you are adding to the momentum of that negative energy. Then you take into account the Law of the Circle, aka the Law of Attraction and like attracts like, so all of the thoughts that you think (project or broadcast) on a consistent basis like every day, only brings you more of the same energy and you become stuck in a catch-22, a potentially never-ending cycle of this energetic momentum. And because we are all tied together in the collective consciousness we all affect each other, consciously or more commonly unconsciously.

You incarnated as a human being to learn how to control your thoughts and feelings. We are endowed with the same creative power as God, the Creator of All That Is. The problem is we are all creating unconsciously and we get mad or whine and complain that our lives aren’t the way we want them to be when we have free will and the Power of God within us to create and live our Dream Lives. Stop giving away your power to your ego. The best way to break yourself out of this vicious cycle that YOU created is by calling for help from Above – your I AM Presence/Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, Archangels/Angels, God, whomever you feel the most comfortable invoking through prayer, affirmations, decrees whatever. Unless you receive a lifeline of Light and Love from the higher realms you will continue to be stuck – it is just too hard to do on your own. Trust me, I know! It’s so much easier with their help! But you have to ask or they can’t help you because you have free will.

Are you going to continue misusing that power to create anything less than the Perfection that you are?