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Manifesting Money - Your Feeling About GivingOne of the most challenging parts of the being mindful about money/Law of Attraction process I experienced was observing my reaction to people asking me for money. And boy were there a lot of them! At some point I made the connection that they were there to help me see where I needed to improve, heal and release these feelings of lack. I know that my Higher Self placed me in the perfect timing to be in the right place at the right time to be confronted with my feelings about giving. Over a period of months in every interaction I began changing my feelings of lack to feeling thankful for what I do have knowing that it could always be worse.

One time, in 2017 I believe, I was planning to go to the store at some point during the day. Suddenly I felt like I really should go NOW so I did, figuring it was my mind wanting to get it done. As soon as I arrived at the shopping center, a man asked me for help. I can’t remember now what he said or how I got involved but I learned that their tire needed to be replaced and of course, they were flat broke. I was thinking how I could help them when a thought popped into my mind that I could buy them a used tire. Then my mind tried to stop me but I knew that this was a test, a make or break moment when I could either choose wealth or lack. So I imagined how I would feel and what I would do if I was a millionaire and I knew instantly I would buy them a new tire, or probably all four. Well, I still have to act within my parameters and budget because if I bought them all four that would NOT affirm my abundance and instead cause me to feel lacking in money. But one used tire installed for $40? Yeah, I CAN afford that! So I did. And I felt so wealthy! And I truly imagined myself to be a millionaire. So you see, every act can either affirm your wealth consciousness or your lack/poverty consciousness. And every act builds on the next. And eventually you start really feeling it and wealth consciousness now becomes your default. You have to expand your perception of your wealth in order to really start feeling wealthy.

This could be the most interesting question in the book. The usual method of creation for most human beings is a three-step process involving thought, word and deed, or action.
First comes thought; the formative idea; the initial concept. Then comes the word. Most thoughts ultimately form themselves into words, which are often then written or spoken. This gives added energy to the thought, pushing it out into the world, where it can be noticed by others.
Finally, in some cases words are put into action, and you have what you call a result; a physical world manifestation of what all started with a thought. Everything around you in your man-made world came into being in this way—or some variation of it. All three creation centers were used. But now comes the question: how to change a Sponsoring Thought? Yes, that is a very good question. And a very important one. For if humans do not change some of their Sponsoring Thoughts, humankind could doom itself to extinction.
The most rapid way to change a root thought, or sponsoring idea, is to reverse the thought-word-deed process.

Do the deed that you want to have the new thought about. Then say the words that you want to have your new thought about. Do this often enough and you’ll train the mind to think a new way.

…You are what you think you are. It’s a vicious circle when the thought is a negative one. You’ve got to find a way to break out of the circle. So much of your present experience is based on your previous thought. Thought leads to experience, which leads to thought, which leads to experience. This can produce constant joy when the Sponsoring Thought is joyous. It can, and does, produce continual hell when the Sponsoring Thought is hellatious.
The trick is to change Sponsoring Thought. I was about to illustrate how to do that.

The first thing to do is reverse the thought-word-deed paradigm. Do you remember the old adage, “Think before you act”?

Well, forget it. If you want to change a root thought, you have to act before you think.
Example: you’re walking down the street and come across an old lady begging for quarters. You realize she’s a bag lady and is living day-to-day. You instantly know that as little money as you have, you surely have enough to share with her. Your first impulse is to give her some change. There’s even a part of you that’s ready to reach in your pocket for a little folding money —a one, or even a five. What the heck, make it a grand moment for her. Light her up.
Then, thought comes in. What, are you crazy? We’ve only got seven dollars to get us through the day! You want to give her a five? So you start fumbling around for that one.

Thought again: Hey, hey, c’mon. You don’t have that many of these that you can just give them away! Give her some coins, for heaven’s sake, and let’s get out of here.
Quickly you reach into the other pocket to try to come up with some quarters. Your fingers feel only nickels and dimes. You’re embarrassed. Here you are, fully clothed, fully fed, and you’re going to nickel-and-dime this poor woman who has nothing.
You try in vain to find a quarter or two. Oh, there’s one, deep in the fold of your pocket. But by now you’ve walked past her, smiling wanly, and it’s too late to go back. She gets nothing. You get nothing, either. Instead of the joy of knowing your abundance and sharing, you now feel as poor as the woman.
Why didn’t you just give her the paper money! It was your first impulse, but your thought got in the way.
Next time, decide to act before you think. Give the money. Go ahead! You’ve got it, and there’s more where that came from. That’s the only thought which separates you from the bag lady. You’re clear there’s more where that came from, and she doesn’t know that.
When you want to change a root thought, act in accordance with the new idea you have. But you must act quickly, or your mind will kill the idea before you know it. I mean that literally. The idea, the new truth, will be dead in you before you’ve had a chance to know it.

So act quickly when the opportunity arises, and, if you do this often enough, your mind will soon get the idea. It will be your new thought.

…New thought is your only chance. It’s your only real opportunity to evolve, to grow, to truly become Who You Really Are. Your mind is right now filled with old thoughts. Not only old thoughts, but mostly someone else’s old thoughts. It’s important now, it’s time now, to change your mind about some things. This is what evolution is all about.

Conversations with God, Book I, Ch. 11

Remember money is only one form of energy. If you don’t have any cash on you or don’t want to give money because you aren’t comfortable with what you think they may use it for there are other ways to give and help someone. I don’t always carry cash so if I can’t give money in that instant I know I can give food or a Blessing or a thought/feeling of giving Love. I also sometimes imagine in my head a picture of giving that person money because I still want to give to them even if I don’t have physical money on hand. Keep in mind this isn’t about the person asking for money. This is about YOU and how you feel about giving. Is your heart open or closed? Giving doesn’t have to be a big act; the energy of being open to give is the same no matter how big or small you give. It’s the same as receiving. Energy is energy, it reads the same so get your human ego head out of the way and open your heart to give more and know that you CAN. Blessings are always free and very powerful. And the bonus is they come back to you tenfold. I give you all of the Blessings from my heart.

Everything you do, do out of sincerity, or the benefit of the action is lost. This is not because I won’t “reward you.” God does not “reward” and “punish,” as you know. But Natural Law requires the body, mind, and spirit to be united in thought, word, and action for the process of creation to work. You cannot fool your mind. If you are insincere, your mind knows it, and that’s that. You’ve just ended any chance that your mind can help you in the creative process.

You can, of course, create without your mind—it’s just a great deal more difficult. You can ask your body to do something your mind doesn’t believe, and if your body does it long enough, your mind will begin to let go of its former thought about that, and create a New Thought. Once you have a New Thought about a thing, you’re well on your way to creating it as a permanent aspect of your being, rather than something you’re just acting out. This is doing things the hard way, and even in such instances, the action must be sincere. Unlike what you can do with people, you cannot manipulate the universe. So here we have a very delicate balance. The body does something in which the mind does not believe, yet the mind must add the ingredient of sincerity to the body’s action for it to work.

The mind may not be able to sincerely agree that the actions of the body can bring you that which you choose, but the mind seems very clear that God will bring good things through you to another.

Whatever you choose for yourself, give to another. If you choose to be happy, cause another to be happy. If you choose to be prosperous, cause another to prosper. If you choose more love in your life, cause another to have more love in theirs. Do this sincerely—not because you seek personal gain, but because you really want the other person to have that—and all the things you give away will come to you.

The very act of your giving something away causes you to experience that you have it to give away. Since you cannot give to another something you do not now have, your mind comes to a new conclusion, a New Thought, about you—namely, that you must have this, or you could not be giving it away. This New Thought then becomes your experience. You start “being” that. And once you start “being” a thing, you’ve engaged the gears of the most powerful creation machine in the universe—your Divine Self. Whatever you are being, you are creating. The circle is complete, and you will create more and more of that in your life. It will be made manifest in your physical experience. This is the greatest secret of life. It is what Book 1 and Book 2 were written to tell you. It was all there, in far greater detail.

If you give to another as a contrivance, a manipulation meant to get something to come to you, your mind knows this. You’ve just given it a signal that you do not now have this. And since the universe is nothing but a big copying machine, reproducing your thoughts in physical form, that will be your experience. That is, you will continue to experience “not having it”—no matter what you do!

Conversations with God, Book III, Ch. 1

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