Manifesting Money: What I’ve Learned – Acceptance

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Manifesting Money: What I've Learned - Acceptance

Manifesting money is something most of us need/want to do to survive and thrive in this physical world that we have created around the use of money. We are all playing the money game in some way, even if you think you aren’t, because your current incarnation is not the only one that is engaged. Your Higher Self/Soul Aspect (HS/SA) is experiencing multiple lives simultaneously, not just yours, and many of those could be involved in lower frequency activities to receive money.

Part of playing the human game is exploring all of the variations of all of the games we are playing, and money is a huge one! Exploring the lower frequency activities is a big part of our Earth mission, we are mapping it all out, doing everything we can possibly think of to each other as we play the separation game of Who We Are Not because in the higher frequencies of Oneness this would all be impossible! Up there we are all consciously connected, there is no veil/illusion of separation, no egos, no thought of harm because we know what you do to one you do to all. But Earth is like the wild west and anything goes down here in 3rd Density because we all believe we are separate and are free to hurt each other and do whatever we want!

Start with your current life – are you enjoying the activity/ies you are doing to receive money now? Does it make your heart sing and fill you with satisfaction and meaning? Do you feel like you are contributing to improving the world or helping people? Do the hours fly by because you are so engrossed it doesn’t even feel like work? Maybe you are neutral – you like your job enough but honestly if you didn’t need money you wouldn’t be doing it? Or do you dread going to work every day because you hate it but do it because you have to receive money to live? Do you resent or hate money (consciously or unconsciously) for making you do this work when you’d rather be doing something else? Have you ever examined your feelings/thoughts/beliefs about money in relation to your job or the activities you do to receive money?

Next look at the external world and imagine if any one of those people is another one of the incarnations of your (HS/SA) and the activities they are doing to receive money. Think about all of the “past” civilizations and how they played the money game. To experience as much as possible and to be well rounded in experience, it’s logical to assume we all have incarnations playing both sides of the game, for example in one life you’re a slave and in another a slave owner or CEO of a multinational corporation. Maybe you’re forced to assassinate people under threat of yours or your family’s death/torture. There are so many scenarios where you could be forced or are forcing people to compromise their morals/ethics/beliefs in order to receive money or food/shelter or anything else to survive. You do what you have to do right?! It’s all part of the game!

This is why releasing judgement is so important for your success. Judgment is such a low frequency energy and when you judge yourself or anyone else you are repelling any good that may come to you. If you know anything about the Law of Attraction please ask yourself what you are doing when you constantly judge yourself? Are you attracting more judgement and more lower frequency energies? In addition to judging yourself, the same is true when you judge other people. For two reasons: 1. Because you have no idea who your HS/SA’s other incarnations are, maybe there are some in the world with you right now and 2. Because other people serve as a mirror for you and when you judge them you are also judging yourself. Do you see how everything always comes back to you? Maybe you have heard in other spiritual teachings where they say “you’re the only one that exists in your world” and that is true to an extent. Of course other people do physically exist in your life but when it comes to how you feel and think about them and the energy you’re projecting it’s all about you baby! So judging yourself for the way you and all of your possible incarnations receive money is another invisible block to receiving the money manifestations you are trying so hard to create and receive.

When you hear about the all of the things people are doing to each other for money – con artists, thieves, scammers, drug dealers, basically all of the “bad” happening in the world right now, if you judge the people doing those activities you could unknowingly be judging one of your own incarnations that are doing these things in another life and your subconscious hears your judgement and records it. You are always programming yourself, consciously or unconsciously. And when you turn your judgement into acceptance and Love you begin to dissolve/clear/heal/release those invisible barriers of misqualified Source energy (karma) blockages that are holding you back.

The following is a channeled message in a weekly email. When I read this message I immediately created the affirmation above and said it out loud many times. I started to cry and felt as if I healed/released something that needed my Love and acceptance. I Love every experience I AM having, every life I AM living, I Love it all! I LOVE EVERYTHING I AM DOING TO RECEIVE MONEY! It may not all be enjoyable or desirable but I Love it so I can heal and release it because it’s a part of me, conscious or unconscious. I expanded the affirmation to include loving and accepting ALL aspects of the glorious Being that I AM, the Light and the Dark, lower and higher frequency, every polarity, etc. Which leads me to my next affirmation blog post: I LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY EVERY ASPECT OF THE BEING THAT I AM. See you there! I LOVE YOU!

Reprinted with permission from Caroline Oceana Ryan. Read the original here.

A Message to Lightworkers – January 3, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we again answer a question from a Light Bearer, who asks:My concern is that I HAVE been feeling and expressing gratitude for what I have, I HAVE been imaging and feeling financial abundance to SHARE, personal freedom, and living in 5D and with NESARA, for 11 years! But I have not attracted these to me in 11 years. I have NOT been wallowing in bitterness/anger at not receiving, thus I could not have been “too low vibe” to receive. Instead, my life force has been withering away, my Hope has gotten weaker even though still in me. What say the Collective to this circumstance, which many are feeling?”

This is an excellent question, and one we deal with often. The answer would be individual in each case, though we would say there are things that hold back manifestations for many millions, much to their frustration and upset. Yet we wish first to assure this dear one and all others, that your life force is in fact growing stronger at every moment. What you are experiencing is a release of that which no longer serves you, and when certain energies, which used to propel one forward (including the survival and “getting by” frequency), begin to leave the physical and energy bodies, it will feel as if a great part of you has left, and that you are weaker as a result. In fact, you are becoming stronger, but in ways you cannot yet identify or measure. Understand as well, that there are, as you know, hidden barriers to wealth and other forms of well-being that people carry within themselves, at such a deep level that they are entirely unaware those blockages exist.

You may have lived any number of past lives, for example, in which you labored long, hard hours under a tyrannical overseer who threatened you with complete loss—not only of your job, but with loss of home and food, if you did not produce to a high enough level to please him or her.

You may unconsciously associate receiving money with having to do unpleasant things.

You may have had a number of lives in which you had to do forms of work or compromising behaviors to keep your place in a household, to keep your livelihood, or to keep your life, as a slave.

Or you may have engaged in work that supported industries, businesses, or secretive operations that were utterly abhorrent to you on one level or another, as they exploited animals, human beings, or the environment, or defrauded innocent people in some way.

In order to hold onto your sense of doing what was right, you were put in the position of taking part in something you detested.

Because you felt you had no choice, you protected yourself in any way you could.

This often meant separating yourself from the spirit and energy of money itself, because of what you had to do to receive it, while carrying on with activities and receiving punishments that may have at times taken you out of your body, merely so you could feed yourself and your children.

Is money to blame for the terrible goings on of a chaotic third dimensional planet? We believe that you already know that No, money itself is not to blame. It truly desires to serve and assist humanity.

Nor is Abundance itself to blame. As one moves higher in realization and experience, vibrationally, one begins to understand: There is no one to blame. And yet, you have blamed yourselves quite often, dear ones. You detested yourselves for what you supported in the name of survival—somehow hated yourself for what you and so many others suffered under the overseer’s whip or the mill manager’s strap.

You swore you would never again sell your good services—your life energy—in ways that compromised or hampered your Light and your beautiful, life-affirming intent.

Yet what the human subconscious records from that determination, is not “In my next Earth life, I will create forms of work that are positive and life-affirming for all involved.”

Far more likely, your subconscious decided, “I will avoid money, because of the demeaning behaviors one has to go through in order to get it.”

Punishing work atmospheres and tasks still exist on the Earth plane, as you know. There are still many sweatshops, many desperate situations of slavery via human trafficking and other means, and far too many working too hard for an ignoble and insulting hourly wage, often while demeaned and insulted in the workplace.

The subconscious is fully aware of these situations, and uses them as proof in the collective consciousness, that hardship still exists on the Earth at plentiful levels.

That money is still “hard to come by” and that you have to “work hard” for it.

One’s own place in a family and experience there likewise affects the ability to receive, often straight from infancy.

For example, it is not unusual to hear a parent complaining to a child that they “cost too much.” In other words, they are too expensive to keep. This instills in a child or teen the feeling that their requirements for life well outrun the family’s actual financial income. If the child was asking for things they genuinely needed and desired, that feeling of “there’s no money for that” can follow them for the rest of their lives, influencing outer events and their handling of money that are based on images of lack. Certainly, giving children and teens everything they ask for is not the answer. Yet we would say, word carefully how you explain to a young person that there is a family budget that must be adhered to, and that as they start earning, they will be able to buy themselves much that they desire—while also mentioning the importance of saving and sharing money as well.

Be aware that you not only come into this world with a definite money vibration. Most come in intending to intensify the effects of their previous Earth life circumstances, in an attempt to see them fully and to finally heal them.

Yet the human response, for the most part, is to rail against the condition and not notice of tend to the wound that lies beneath it.

And so the condition must continue on one level or another, with your powerful subconscious marking the way to yet another empty moment of not receiving, until you awaken and realize, This is only a signpost to the real challenge. There’s something here I need to understand.

The appearance of lack doesn’t happen so that the Universe can have a good chuckle on your aimless Earth efforts, then go back to ignoring you. It happens so that you actually see what it is you have suffered from in the past, and can now address that with full conscious awareness that This is Something to Be Dealt With.

There is a vast difference between that moment of Awakening, and the moments that say, “Look, I’ve done it all! I AM a walking Positive Affirmation machine! What’s going on that the Universe is not responding to that?” And we would say, it is responding perfectly—to your dominant vibration, which at the moment, is not fully under your realization and control.

As you work to heal that which lies underneath your everyday thoughts and emotions, you shift from a place of discomfort and frustration to one of openness—to allowing the Universe to work through you easily and Joyfully, without a great deal of effort, as old fears, shocks, trauma, grief, and dogmatic belief systems release themselves from deep within your psyche and energies, and you release them just as fully. This can take some assistance. It is why we work with those who call into the twice-a-month Abundance Calls, and why members of that group submit questions for individualized energetic assistance.

It is why we encourage all to meditate and visualize, to make use of the energy clearings that are available online (many are free), and to use tapping, question answering, and honest, immediate responses to the affirmations you write, so that what your subconscious is holding to be true can be revealed, brought to the surface, and healed in an ongoing way.

Does it help to have a positive conscious mindset? Most assuredly. Yet it is the spirit—the subconscious and the etheric—you came in to heal, and to free. And you are not alone in that, friends! In that and all journeys, we are with you, always.

For more information on dissolving Abundance blocks, you may enjoy the Collective’s book, Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to Creating Money and True Wealth.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan