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Invocations for Divine Government in the USA and Globally

Your Light Is Needed Now!

Reprinted with permission from

Dear One, the Company of Heaven said it is difficult for us to fully comprehend how much our invocations and decrees are assisting Humanity and Mother Earth during this incredibly critical time in Earth’s Ascension process. Please listen to your heart and repeat these Invocations as often as you are inspired to do so.

The Company of Heaven is asking us to join together at this important time in Divine Service in order to transmute the residue and the cause, core, effect, record and memory of the obsolete and fear-based miscreations that have formed the patterns of government for the United States of America and the rest of the World in the past.

The Divine Intent of this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan is to pave the way for the NEW and Heart-based form of Divine Government that exists on the New Earth. The patterns of perfections for this form of government are being revealed through our newly activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Strands of DNA and the newly activated catalyst code 12:12 within our DNA. This is a Government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity. A Government based in Oneness, Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

The United States of America has a vital role to play in the manifestation of Divine Government on this Planet. Unfortunately, the events surfacing in the outer-world at this time are reflecting the antithesis of this new Heart-based form of government. That is occurring because the Light of God is increasing through every person’s Heart Flame and our Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA. This is pushing everything that conflicts with God’s Light to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection. Consequently, every day we are witnessing how very broken and corrupt not only our political system in the USA is, but how broken and corrupt the governmental systems are around the World as well.

As we join in consciousness today with the Company of Heaven to empower the activities of Light they have given to us, know that Lightworkers all over the World are joining us as well. Together, through our collective consciousness and our focus of attention, we are cocreating a Chalice of Light that will serve as an Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to anchor the Immaculate Concept for Divine Government in the USA and throughout the World. And we begin.

Archangel Michael and the Legions of Power and Protection

In the Name of Love, Wisdom, Power and Authority of the Beloved Presence of God, I AM, blazing in my heart and the hearts of ALL Humanity and by the power of Light’s Victory now made manifest on Earth, We invoke Archangel Michael and the Legions of Power and Protection to come forth NOW!

Beloved Ones descend into Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. With your Swords of Blue Flame, CUT FREE (repeat 3 times) every force that is not of the Light.

Encapsulate these energies in your Cosmic Circle of White Lightning. Lift every electron of this negativity into the arms of Divine Grace. Instantly transmute it cause, core, effect, record and memory with the full power and might of the Violet Flame back into its original perfection. (pause)

Now Beloved Archangel Michael, We ask that you direct your Legions of Power and Protection to expand this Divine Service into every state, city, town and homestead in the United States of America. With your Swords of Blue Flame, CUT FREE (repeat 3 times) every force that is not of the Light.

Encapsulate these energies in your Cosmic Circle of White Lightning. Lift every electron of this negativity into the arms of Divine Grace. Instantly transmute it cause, core, effect, record and memory with the full power and might of the Violet Flame back into its original perfection. (pause)

Beloved Ones, now expand this Divine Service into every country, nation, city, province, town and hamlet on Earth. With your Swords of Blue Flame, CUT FREE (repeat 3 times) every force that is not of the Light.

Encapsulate these energies in your Cosmic Circle of White Lightning. Lift every electron of this negativity into the arms of Divine Grace. Instantly transmute it cause, core, effect, record and memory with the full power and might of the Violet Flame back into its original perfection.

Now Beloved Legions of Light, in the full Authority of God’s Will on Earth, we COMMAND that in every location where negativity was removed that the Immaculate Concept of the patterns of perfection for Divine Government be permanently established and eternally sustained. And so it is.

The Goddess’ of Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Victory

Now, in the Name of the Almighty Presence of God, I AM, and through the Creative Fire pulsating in every heart…We invoke the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Freedom, the Goddess of Victory and the Goddess of Glory to take their strategic positions around Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. We also invoke the Silent Watcher for Washington, D. C. and all of the Mighty Guardians and Cosmic Beings who dwell in the Etheric Complex over Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas.

Blessed Ones come forth now, and assist us with the most powerful cleansing activity Humanity and the Earth are capable of receiving during this Cosmic Moment. As one unified heart, we now invoke the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of the Violet Transmuting Flame of God’s Infinite Forgiveness.

Blaze, blaze, blaze this Sacred Violet Fire in, through and around all inharmonious actions, all lower human consciousness and all obstructions of the Light, that we or any part of Life have ever placed on the pathway of Life’s perfection. Through the Divine Power of Infinite Forgiveness, transmute this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record and memory—NOW and FOREVER.

*Now Beloved Ones, BLAZE and SUSTAIN the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, with the power and might of a thousand Suns, in, through and around:

* The President of the United States of America and his Cabinet—now and forever.

* Blaze this Violet Flame in, through, and around the Senate and the House of Representatives for the United States of America—now and forever.

* Expand this Sacred Fire through the Supreme Court, ALL Courts of Law and ALL legal procedures—now and forever.

* Blaze this Violet Flame in, through, and around the United Nations and ALL of its members—now and forever.

* Now expand the Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns through ALL world leaders and those associated with the governments of Earth at national, state and local levels—now and forever.

We accept this God Victoriously accomplished through the power of God, I AM. And so it is.

The Golden Flame of Enlightenment

Now, through the Supreme Eternal Mercy and Compassion of our Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM—All That Is, we accept the Divine Fiat that the NEW frequencies of the Yellow-Gold Flame of Enlightenment and Christ Consciousness from the very Heart of God shall now Awaken, Enlighten, Empower, Guide and Protect all of Humanity as Divine Government is cocreated in every country of the World.

Through this Divine Enlightenment, God’s Will for the United States of America and all of the countries of the World SHALL MANIFEST, and every country’s Divine Plan will be fulfilled.

Through this Divine Enlightenment every nation will reflect the Will of God, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life.

Through this Divine Enlightenment Divine Government will become the Order of the New Day on Planet Earth.

We consciously decree this and accept it all-powerfully active, ever-expanding, world-encompassing and eternally sustained until Divine Government is tangibly manifest in every country of the World. And so it is, Beloved I AM.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles

Era of Peace

PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446

Phone: 520-885-7909, Fax: 520-347-5440

Currents Financial Realignment Alchemy Blue Emerald Alchemy

During the last few years I have tried so many things to transform my consciousness from scarcity to wealth. Most of them I’m not really sure if they helped or not. By summer of 2020 I’ve done so much shadow work and have gotten myself to a really good place in my belief system with money enough to confidently say I have healed my relationship with money and the flow is being restored. But I still asked for help in being aware of any unconscious blocks I haven’t cleared. A few months ago in July I was guided to Blue Emerald Alchemy. I knew about Newton’s dabbles with alchemy and had read Saint Germain’s book on mental alchemy but had never heard of monoatomic gold or liquid alchemies you can ingest to help raise your frequency. So I did what I always do with something new, I read the entire website. I was fascinated to learn that these substances are imbued with intelligent conscious Life that works with you and your I AM Presence to give you what you need and ask for. Fabulous!

I was delighted to discover they had an alchemy for money YAY called Currents – Prosperity Realignment! So of course I placed an order immediately eager to try it and other formulas. I didn’t know what to expect when my order arrived. They recommend sitting with the bottle and allowing it to calibrate to your energies so I waited a few days before ingesting it although I didn’t feel anything from it because I don’t yet have energetic sensitivities.

So I took 5 drops under my tongue right before bed the first night and nothing happened. Then I took 5 drops under my tongue the next morning and a few hours later ate lunch. About 20 mins after I started to feel really pukey but I didn’t want to lose everything I just ate so I resisted the feeling and then I blacked out for a few seconds. I was standing and quickly sat down. Then I felt as if I was coming back into my body because I felt like I was falling and I almost couldn’t open my eyes or they wouldn’t focus. It was so fascinating to observe this happening! Then I laid down and soon surrendered to my body’s need to release whatever it needed to release. After I threw it all up I instantly felt better. I haven’t experienced anything like that since even though I’m still taking it. So amazing!

So if we break this down and analyze it, the stomach and digestive tract are governed by the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is your personal power center, and personal power is usually entwined with money on this money planet. Of course as everything is always up for interpretation, you are free to believe whatever you wish to believe but I choose to believe that this alchemy helped me to release an energetic block in my solar plexus chakra through that experience. I received absolutely zero information about what it was and have no idea what was cleared and released. And I don’t need to know! I would like to, and if I needed to I’m sure I’d receive an intuitive flash or insight but I didn’t so it’s not important. What IS important is that since then I’ve been expanding into greater levels of the wealth and prosperity frequencies than ever before and my overall default frequency has soared higher than ever before! Not to say that that would necessarily be your experience and I’m not saying this is a quick fix or instant remedy at all. It’s simply another tool, another resource to work with and assist you IN ADDITION to doing the MANDATORY AND CRUCIAL SHADOW WORK.

I am not an affiliate with Blue Emerald Alchemy and I receive absolutely nothing from them in terms of compensation for this post. It’s an honest account of my experience with this product and I’m sharing solely with the intention of helping you on your wealth manifestation journey because we all need to heal our relationships with money in order to create New Earth. The only way I benefit is in seeing ALL of my brothers and siSTARS transmuting their scarcity into prosperity consciousness so we can all live joyously and FREE!

Manifesting-Money What I've Learned - Giving Money
Ascended Master Decree for Gratitude and Acceptance
Ascended Master Decree for Prosperity
Affirmation of the Day - I AM a magnet of attraction drawing to me all the wealth I desire to fulfill my Divine Plan
Affirmation of the Day - I AM wealthy in every possible way!

We live in a money world and when you live in a money world, money affects your life in almost every way. You feel it every day and it either makes life hard and miserable in scarcity or easy and joyful in prosperity. Abundance IS our Divine Birthright. One of the themes of 2020 is increasing prosperity as well as, of course, releasing old programs and paradigms that no longer serve us. One of these old programs is poverty consciousness. We simply cannot birth New Earth in its entirety as long as we are still running the lack and scarcity program and it is time to replace this outdated program with the 5D version of wealth/prosperity consciousness. Through Patricia Cota-Robles at, we have been given tools to help us reprogram ourselves to do just that. Together with the Company of Heaven, she is offering a book called “It Is Time for You to be Financially Free”, which this post is based on. God/Source did not create our scarcity mentality, WE did through our egos and falling from the higher frequencies to the lower where we are now. We severely pinched off the glorious flow, we dammed the river. We moved ourselves into the Land of Lack when we used to live in the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor, the Wonder-full World of Wealth as I call it. It is time for us to once again reclaim our Divine Birthright and release the patterns of imperfection because they are no longer serving us.

Maybe you’ve already been using the Law of Attraction with mixed or poor results. “Manifesting” is the hottest buzzword in the spiritual world right now with everyone claiming to be an expert in doing it. I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert in anything, but I have seen the Law of the Circle, aka The Law of Attraction at work throughout my life. I have successfully moved myself from living in the Land of Lack to the Wonder-full World of Wealth and am continually expanding into even more wealth in every possible way.

You Have to Give Away Money

Nothing radiates the wealth frequency like giving away money! When you give away money joyfully, not fearfully, the vibration you’re broadcasting is that you have so much money you can afford to give it away purely for the joy of giving just to give! All of your bills are paid, you are well fed, well clothed, well housed, all of your basic survival needs are taken care of and now you have plenty left to give to those in need. You have more than enough! YAY! When you’re truly broadcasting the wealth frequency you naturally attract more of the wealth frequency because you are in resonance with it. Everything is about frequency alignment. Your frequency NEVER lies and you can’t fake it. You know when you truly feel wealthy even if you aren’t yet a millionaire and you know when you are faking it because they feel very different. So if you want to receive more money, YOU HAVE TO GIVE AWAY MONEY, freely with no strings attached, no expectation of return from the recipient, simply for the joy of giving. Patricia calls this “seed money”. You do, however, expect a return from the universe, a tenfold return. For example, if you give away $5 you say, “This is a gift of Love that I am giving back to God/Universe in appreciation for my gift of Life. In fulfillment of the Law of the Circle, I AM receiving $50 from the infinite flow of God’s abundance, with the highest good for all concerned.”

The key is CONSCIOUSLY CLAIMING YOUR TENFOLD RETURN because unless you do that it may or may not return to you. You have to file a claim with the universe haha! Way better than with an insurance company because this one is fun and it’s guaranteed! After you claim your tenfold return, you feel the joy and gratitude for that gift. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times because it’s so true – gratitude and joy open the door to God’s abundance and they are indispensable catalysts for our tenfold return. Remember, your thoughts are electric and your feelings are magnetic, so the more you stay in the higher happy vibes the faster and more likely you are to receive what you want. Don’t let your mind/ego try to control it though. Once you feel the joy and gratitude of giving and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you will receive your return, then LET IT GO OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE AND FORGET ABOUT IT. DON’T OBSESS ABOUT IT AND WONDER WHEN IT’S COMING. YOU’LL BLOCK IT AND RUIN YOUR CHANCE OF RECEIVING ANYTHING. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Tell your ego to relax and let your heart take over. If you NEED this money to come to you the game is already over because NEED energy is lack energy and you’re still repelling it away from you as long as you desperately NEED it.

Feeling wealthy is easier when you have money

The most important thing I’ve learned over these years of transforming my wealth consciousness is that it’s very challenging to feel wealthy unless you have access to a good amount of money. Truly broadcasting the wealth frequency is something you do with every decision you make, everything you spend money on or give that makes you feel wealthy and financially free. It’s the same as broadcasting the poverty/scarcity frequency. It permeates your daily life, it structures your day, it dictates where you shop and how you live. It’s incredibly challenging, if not downright impossible in my opinion, to feel wealthy unless all of your basic needs are met and you have a decent amount of money left over every month that you can play with. Play with it because it’s a game! Because unless giving for the joy of giving feels easy, fun and free, you will only continue to give from scarcity consciousness and reinforce the fear of not having enough.

Read about my money manifestation journey here.

It’s important to know that the recipient of your money must be adding to the Light of the world and benefiting Life on this planet one way or another. It could be organizations or individuals as long as they are involved in any constructive activity you would like to support.

Giving to Homeless/Street Beggars

This is something I have long struggled with because of my beliefs about “what they’re going to do with MY hard earned money”. Because for all of my adult life except for the last few years, I’ve been in scarcity consciousness living month to month with just enough to cover my daily living expenses and I had to be very discerning in who I gave money to. Even $1 was a lot to give. And like a lot of people, I judged them based on their appearance and living situation. I know not everyone living on the street has an addiction but as we’re playing the limited information game I have no idea what their story is and what they’re going to do with the money I give them. I don’t see how they’re going to increase the Light of this world or benefit Life in some way. Of course I want to help them, but I want them to use it for food or anything good (constructive) for them, not drugs or anything that is bad (destructive) for them. But of course I can’t control how they spend the money once I give it to them. OR CAN I? The Ascended Masters can help with that!

The Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Protection

…Now if you will pour your Love to the Presence and ask your Mighty I AM Presence and the Ascended Host and the Great Central Sun Magnet you fill you with Our Luminous Love, the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Love and the Higher Mental Body so they can draw to you by that Love whatever there is in this physical world that can assist you to fulfill the Divine Plan, give you the convenience, give you the Protection, give you the Opulence you need to live harmoniously and constructively, and invincibly protected at the same time, so somebody else can’t come and take it away from you. The Great Central Sun Magnet can draw it to you. Our Love can give it to you. Your own Mighty I AM Presence and Higher Mental Body can pour forth in and around you the Love that automatically attracts it to you.

But after you get it, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to let somebody else take it away? Are you going to let somebody else misuse it? Are you going to let human creation, after you made the effort to produce something constructive, are you going to let human creation come in and desecrate It? Whatever you create by your own Love and Light, you are responsible for it.

But if you call forth the Ascended Masters’ Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Protection of whatever you call into your outer use, or into any manifestation of the physical world, Our Protection is a Blue Lightning Charge of Electrical Force that can annihilate absolutely anything. Therefore you can have Indestructible Protection to anything and everything you want to create in the physical world to fulfill your Divine Plan the Ascended Masters’ way and to be a blessing to the rest of Life wherever you abide; and you don’t have to live in the fear and the destruction of individuals who as yet will not serve the Light.

I AM Discourses on Supply, Vol 19, Discourse XIII

The Fiery Christ Blue Lightning Protection Affirmations

This is what I say every time I give money to a homeless person in addition to blessing them with the Love of God/Source.


You Must Do Your Shadow Work

Another major activity that must be done in order to transform your scarcity consciousness is releasing and transmuting all of the etheric records, belief systems and memories you have created – IN ALL OF YOUR CONCURRENT LIVES, NOT JUST THIS ONE – that are vibrating with poverty consciousness. These live in your subconscious operating system. Then you must reprogram yourself with patterns of wealth consciousness. No easy feat! That’s why it’s such a long term process so go easy on yourself.

Unless you actively heal, clear and release your limiting beliefs about money you will continue to repel it away from you because your subconscious operating system is stronger than your conscious mind no matter how badly you want to receive money or what you want to do with it. You cannot transform your scarcity consciousness into prosperity consciousness without first acknowledging the fears, the beliefs, the thoughts and feelings you have towards money. Humanity is holding so much programming based in scarcity consciousness everyone has a multitude of energy blocks and distortions to clear so don’t get frustrated with yourself if you’re not receiving the money you wish you were. We have reduced the Waterfall of Wealth that is our Divine Birthright from the Infinite Flow of God’s Abundance to a pitiful trickle of meager rations. You must do the work necessary to restore the flow to the mighty free flowing Waterfall once again.

There is just too much information to cover in a blog so I highly recommend for you to just buy the book so you can read everything you need to know to clear this in yourself. There are other invocations you can give that will really help your efforts. Also if you’re like me you like having a resource you can refer back to whenever you need it. It’s only $12 and it will be the best investment in yourself you will ever make. I receive absolutely nothing other than helping my brothers and sisters free themselves from the chains and prison of not having enough when the Garden of Plenty is available for all. I am here to co-create New Earth and I can’t do it without you so hurry up and get it already! Buy it “It Is Time for You to be Financially Free”

I Love You All!!

Your Life is A Reflection of What You're Willing to Tolerate Graphic
Can you see the ways you are imprisoning yourself?
What can you see more clearly that you couldn't see before?

Your outer life is a mirror of your inner life. It’s as simple as that. As within so without. Everything that manifests in the physical begins in the energetic and you are the creator of everything in your world whether you know/believe that or not. YOU ARE. Your thoughts are electric, your feelings are magnetic. Together they activate the Law of the Circle, aka the Law of Attraction. All of the thoughts you have when powered by strong enough feelings become your reality made physically manifest. Your belief system is made of experiences you had as a child that continued to be reinforced/validated throughout your life that became your worldview. Maybe you see the world as hostile or scary and you’ve trapped yourself in playing the victim game and refuse to take responsibility.

So what kind of life have you created for yourself? Do you love or hate your life? Do you take responsibility for creating it or do you blame everyone around you? Do you think your life just “happens” to you and you have no power? Has your life brought you to your knees in surrender? At some point during your life, especially when you’re not happy, it’s important to take a good, hard look inside yourself and your life. When you start asking yourself the really tough questions you’ve been avoiding things will improve and you’ll receive more clarity and direction. The theme of 2020 is claiming your power and releasing everything that’s no longer serving you. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CLAIM YOUR POWER! SET YOURSELF FREE FROM THE BONDAGE OF YOUR EGO! FACE AND RELEASE YOUR FEARS! YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE UNTIL YOU DO! CREATE THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF! IT’S ALL WITHIN YOUR POWER!

Ascended Master Decree for Protection - The Garment of White Light

The Ascended Masters are glorious Beings of Light from the higher frequencies that have dedicated their lives to helping humanity and other civilizations return to their Source-Origin. These teachings are part of a dispensation, a gift given to humanity in the 1950s to guide us with tools and resources that invoke Them and the Light they send to us to help raise our consciousness and frequency. This decree is from the first booklet, “Primary Instruction 1, Whence Why Whither” available on

These Primary Instructions have been lovingly compiled to fulfill the requirement of basic instructions by the Ascended Masters for the illumination and general expansion of the consciousness of each sincere seeker after Truth and God Inspiration. Under the supervision of Ascended Master Lord Maitreya within the Golden Flame of Illumination, the Ascended Master Kuthumi and all the Divine Beings Who represent the Golden Ray of God-Illumination, radiate the full-gathered Cosmic Momentum of Their own individual and collective Illumination in order that it may be presented at this time in the language of the layman. This is done for one purpose, and one purpose only – to give opportunity to those who seek knowledge in order to free themselves and all imprisoned Life on the Earth, beneath the Earth and in its atmosphere.

Without such knowledge, and the application essential after the knowledge is truly assimilated, accepted mentally, charged with the emotional balanced enthusiasm of the students, etherically recorded in their own etheric garments, and activated by the physical vehicles of the students upon the Earth today, we could not know that in a short period of time, redemption of the Earth and Her attendant evolutions is FACT, not FANCY. We hope that all who seek may read!

Lovingly Presented by Thomas Printz (Ascended Master El Morya)

“Primary Instruction 1, Whence Why Whither”
Celebrating the Variety and Diversity of Life
Affirmation of the Day - I AM YOU YOU ARE ME TOGETHER WE ARE ONE

We are currently in the midst of the most glorious transformation from separation and duality into unity and oneness. Humanity is realizing our interdependence on each other and all Life on our beautiful Mother Earth Gaia and finally beginning to recognize and realize that what we do to to each other we do to ourselves because we truly are all ONE energy and sentience projected into individual units. Our egos have created and perpetuated the illusion of separation as a coping strategy based on what it perceived as we fell into the lower frequencies.

As each person raises his or her level of consciousness higher and higher, they begin to perceive unity and oneness to be the default operating system of the higher frequencies of Life. The more you open your heart the more connected to Life you feel. The human is such a complicated and amazing machine with seven energetic interfaces called chakras that correspond to seven levels of the electromagnetic auric field.

The human energy field is composed of seven levels. Many people have the erroneous idea that this field is like the layers of an onion. It is not. Each level penetrates through the body and extends outward from the skin. Each successive level is a “higher frequency” or a “higher octave”. Each extends out from the skin several inches farther than the one within it of lower frequency….

The first level of the field is the physical, and the feeling of all sensations, pleasurable and painful. The second level is associated with your feelings or emotions about yourself. The third level is associated with our mental or rational world, the thoughts you think. The fourth level of the field carries our whole world of relationships. From this level, we interact with other people, animals, plants, inanimate objects, the earth, the sun, the stars and the universe as a whole. Here are all our feelings about each other. The fifth level is the level of divine will…this divine will exists within you and all around you. You have free will to align with divine will or not…if you are aligned with divine will…you will feel great power and connectedness with all that is around you because you will be in your place with your purpose and synchronized with all places and all purposes. The sixth level of the field…is the level of feelings within the world of our spirit; it is the level of our divine love…it contains the ecstasy within our spirituality. It is experienced as spiritual love, joy, elation and bliss. Here are great feelings of expansion where we commune in brotherhood with all of the beings of the spiritual worlds of various heavens as well as all of humanity, plants and animals of the earth. The seventh level is the level of divine mind. When it is healthy and we bring our conscious awareness to this level, we experience divine mind within us and enter into the world of the universal divine mind field. Here we understand and know that we are a part of the great pattern of Life.

Barbara Ann Brennan, Light Emerging

Every day I marvel at the glory of Life, at our individuality and uniqueness, at how we are all made of the same energies and consciousness. The complexity and diversity astounds me and fills me with so much awe and wonder and I barely even know a tiny fraction of what exists! I can hardly imagine all of the other forms of Life on other planets in other multiverses! What a privilege and honor it is to be a part of this Glorious Creation!

Smokey Topaz Necklace
Smokey Topaz Necklace
Saint Germain Violet Flame Disc
Saint Germain Violet Flame Disc
Saint Germain Violet Flame Disc
Saint Germain Violet Flame Disc at sunset
The Goddess Vortex Sun Disc
The Goddess Vortex Sun Disc
The Goddess Vortex Sun Disc
The Goddess Vortex Sun Disc at sunset

In February 2020 I was lead to discover and inspired to buy first the Goddess Vortex Sun Disc then a few days later the Violet Flame Disc. Natalya worked fast to ship them together and I received these beauties a few weeks later along with a beautiful surprise gift, a necklace with three smokey topaz gemstones that I wear all of the time!

They were packaged in pretty blue boxes that I keep them in and came with blue pouches for travel (so thoughtful!) as well as thorough instructions on how to use them and more information about their energetic properties.

These discs are not only incredibly powerful vortexes of higher frequency energy they are such beautiful works of art! I have taken them to my friend’s house for a gathering and to a Stargate meditation and everyone oohs and ahhs about how pretty they are and when they hold them they can feel the power and energy within them.

The day I received them I meditated with them as they calibrated and encoded their energies with mine. I could feel activity in my solar plexus, crown and third eye chakras and am so excited because every day since receiving them I have used them in my meditations and the energy is so intense I know I am making so much progress in my purification process.

On March 24 I experienced the most powerful meditation yet. I usually put the violet flame disc stone side down on my crown so it doesn’t slide off (because the other side is smooth flat glass) then hold the goddess disc on my solar plexus chakra in one hand and an amethyst crystal in my other. I focused all of my attention and energy on opening my third eye and WOW! the energy was so strong and palpable these discs truly are amplifiers and open up the vortex within you! I also spend a lot of time visualizing myself being purified by the Violet, Opal and White Ascension Flames while thinking multiple various affirmations, for example I AM THE VIOLET FIRE FLOWING THROUGH ALL OF MY ENERGY BODIES TRANSMUTING ALL OF MY DARKNESS INTO LIGHT. I actually become/merge with the Sacred Fires as I weave them within every electron of energy, every wave of Light and all of the space in between that I AM! For the Goddess Disc I use the affirmation I AM THE GOLDEN FLAME OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS FLOWING THROUGH ME FILLING ME WITH DIVINE ENLIGHTENMENT. And I visualize myself within a bonfire of shimmering, glorious golden Light.

Recently on April 16 I took them with me to a healing session involving biofield tuning, quantum touch, scalar light therapy and QHHT. When the session was over my whole body was electrified and I was holding them in my hands and the energy was vibrating my hands it was SO POWERFUL! I’ve never felt just how much energy emanates from them in my hands, only on my chakras and now I know!

I am so thankful and overjoyed to have these precious and sacred tools to work with in accelerating my ascension process. I was already enjoying rapid forward movement and now I can move at warp speed with these discs propelling me further faster. I take them to all spiritual activities and I Love them! I am so looking forward to buying Metatron’s disc in the future so I can clear the low frequencies the other three humans I live with are constantly creating. I highly recommend Natalya’s work and if you’re considering buying one DO IT they really work for your highest good!

Rigid Mind graphic

Life doesn’t have to be so hard! Life becomes infinitely more difficult to navigate when you have a rigid mindset, a closed mind that is attached to limited outcomes or results. But when you choose to cultivate a more flexible mind that is not set on certain expectations life opens up and becomes so much easier to handle!

When you live from an ego consciousness it is extremely rigid because that’s what it considers safety and what it can control – nothing changing always staying the same in a little tiny box, a little tiny world. When you live from a soul/higher self consciousness your mind is way more flexible and adaptable, you release the need to control everything and are more willing and able to go with the flow of life.

Suffering is a choice, not a requirement for living on Earth as part of your human incarnation experience. When your consciousness is so focused on the external world and you refuse to claim your power and know that you are responsible for the life you are living you cause yourself to experience more unnecessary suffering by playing the victim game instead of taking ownership for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. Stop letting your ego control you and start letting your soul/higher self take the reigns and begin living the empowered life you are meant to.

Being observational rather than judgmental of your circumstances and experiences is what helps keep you in empowered forward movement, for it is your inner wise one that does the observing and navigates by responding rather than reacting. This allows you to stay out of resistance and to stay in the flow. It is the flow that supports you in every now moment, and if there is anything that needs to be adjusted or tended to, it will naturally come up into your awareness.

You can find balance in the midst of any storm by anchoring deeply into your faith and trust and inner knowing, secure in the fact that every single phase of the unfoldment is serving you in some way, even if you do not have the vantage point to fully understand how at this time. Navigating through the unknown with wisdom and presence is the specialty of the heart, Dear Ones, and the skill you are honing right now that will allow you to fully receive the gifts of transformation that are available to you during these unprecedented times.

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Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Expansion is exactly what satisfies your soul and allows new discoveries to be made that enhance your life expression and reflect your latest level of attainment. Dear Ones, it is not change that creates discomfort, it is the resistance to it! Embrace the unfoldment, for it lovingly leads you to the next highest possibility that exists just beyond what you can see. The flow is the vehicle to get there, and it contains every support you could ever possibly need.

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Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

What you will learn as you continue to move forward in these accelerated times is that your self expression is continually shifting and expanding to reflect your growth and latest level of attainment. Nothing is carved in stone, Dear Ones, and anything you attempt to make solid and immoveable will become a hindrance over time.

It can be worthwhile to examine anything that you have taken a hard stand or declaration about in your past. Is it true today, or is it a reflection of who you used to be? Was it based on fear or a desire to control? Does it feel like stagnant energy? Is it holding you back? Does it match the energies of today? Can you loosen up your constraints in that area, or is it time to release it once and for all?

Embracing the unfoldment of the shifting energies combined with your own ever evolving expression of self is how you will have everything you could ever need in order to keep moving forward in the ways that best match you and your soul’s intentions. There is much joy and discovery to be had if you shift into making all your decisions based on the truth of the present moment.

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Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Things Don't Just Happen To Us We Create Them In Some way

Being on the spiritual path you’re bound to hear “you create your own reality” at some point and when you’re first learning about what this means it can be quite frustrating, annoying and confusing to your mind because mainstream society does not teach and has no clue about how the greater reality works. There are multiple variables at play with creating your own reality. Keep in mind this is a very simplistic explanation and I of course don’t know everything but this is what I have intuited from the information I have received and experienced in my life.

Before you are even born your higher self/soul created a blueprint/Divine Plan, like an outline or a theme, for your life filled with the major events it wants to experience, the qualities and characteristics it wants to develop, the wounds and traumas it wants to heal, clear and transcend. It picked your parents/family and all of the major characters that will be a part of your incarnation experience to help accomplish the goals it set out in the blueprint. They are your mirrors, your teachers, your sandpaper (Read this post about soul agreements and relationship sandpaper) and are incredibly valuable to your evolution if you are able to see them for the blessings they are in your life. The more difficult the greater the evolutionary reward if you are able to transcend your differences and heal the relationship.

Then you form belief systems from childhood inherited from your parents/authority figures about who you are and what kind of world you live in. These beliefs will continue to perpetuate in your thoughts and feelings until you are old enough to begin seeking/searching to discover why your life is not the way you want it. And actually have the desire to change/reprogram your consciousness with new beliefs after you heal/clear the old limiting ones.

The next ingredient is the choices and decisions you make throughout your life. These decisions will be either productive or counterproductive to your goals. They are productive when they take you forward into higher levels of evolution with a minimum to no energetic entanglements/low frequency energies connected to the other people involved. (no karma is created) They are counterproductive when the opposite is true – a low level of evolution with a high level of energetic entanglement/low frequency energies are created. (karma is created)

And finally, (as far as I know) you have the karma/low frequency energy entanglements that have been created in every incarnation experience (lifetime). These occur every time you experience a “negative” (anything less than Love) emotion because Source energy, the energy that everything is made of (we call them electrons), including thoughts, feelings and emotions is inherently pure before it comes to us. It’s made of Unconditional Love so when it flows through us and our mental/emotional bodies, our thoughts/feelings, we add to it the impurities of anger, frustration, annoyance, dislike, etc. and it gets stuck in those bodies. Because “negative” energy is such lower frequency, these precious electrons now vibrate much slower, they’re so heavy, and the person’s overall frequency drops in accordance to how much “negative” energy they keep generating.

This impure energy is called karma by us and creates an entanglement/energy cord to the person, place, event, situation, whatever, that is connected with that energy. This is a blessing because it gives you an opportunity to heal and release that impure energy so you can raise your vibration higher. The tricky part is having a level of awareness that enables you to heal and release this energy without creating more. Karmic energy is often uncomfortable and takes you out of your comfort zone. It’s everything that triggers you, that pushes the buttons you have or didn’t even know you have! It often time shows up as really difficult people that annoy the fuck out of you until you realize they’re there to help you heal this energy and relationship to set you both free. And until you do that it will keep showing up in your life in different ways until you finally heal and release it.

So if you notice patterns in your life and wonder why you keep doing the same thing over and over, even when you think you know better, it’s probably this karmic unresolved energy in your unconscious field of energy waiting to acknowledged, healed and released.

“But, man through his free will choice in his experiments with energy has chosen through the ages to misqualify that sacred Life force with imperfection, stamping the energy flowing through him with negation. If you do not permit the energy to outpour into the universe as God intended, you are imprinting it with a negative or imperfect pattern. Anyone who does not constructively qualify the God-energy is rejecting the gifts of the One Supreme Source and adding to the mass effluvia of the planet.

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Excerpted from “Qualifications of Life Essence” by the Beloved Maha Chohan