Shamanic Practitioner

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Fair Oaks, CA
I combine client-centered therapy and hypnosis because their powerful synergy is one of the best ways to release the grip that emotional trauma has on your life. When these traumatic blocks are removed, you are free to make the changes you’ve been wanting.
I’m a shamanic practitioner, and I help people work together with the spirits of the land they live on to create more vibrant and abundant surroundings for themselves, in benefit of the earth.
10390 Coloma Rd, #1, Rancho Cordova, CA
Seamus Ann Malone has over 10 years experience as a shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed under Paula Denham and was also initiated as a shaman by Nepali Shaman Aama Bombo, a member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, in 2006. Her shamanic practice includes Core Shamanic, Hindu, Tibetan, and Celtic Traditions.

Whether working with groups, circles or individuals, her goal is to guide those that are awakening on their healing journey; to facilitate the remembering of their authentic self, or their true life’s purpose. In addition, to help heal the wounds that are creating limitations and are blocking their ascension.
(916) 633-3077
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