Out of Body Experience

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Address: 365 Roberts Mountain Road
Faber, Virginia 22938 USA
Short Business Description: The Monroe Institute® (TMI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education and research organization, is a preeminent leader in human consciousness exploration. TMI is devoted to the premise that focused consciousness contains the answers to humankind’s questions. Through the use of specific binaural beat technology, education, research, and development, TMI has been advancing the experience of individuals in the exploration of targeted and expanded states of awareness for more than 40 years.
Business Website Address: https://www.monroeinstitute.org
Business Phone Number: (434) 361-1500 Toll Free (866) 881-3440
Business Contact Email: info@monroeinstitute.org
Short Business Description: OBERF www.oberf.org is for all other experiences that are not an ADC or an NDE, such as spiritually transformative event, power of prayer, out of body experience, meditation experiences, premortal existence, precognitive dreams, etc. We have two other websites devoted to other aspects of consciousness experiences. NDERF www.nderf.org is for near death experiences (NDE) and ADCRF www.adcrf.org is for after death communications (ADC).
Business Website Address: http://www.oberf.org/index.html
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