Manifesting Money: What I’ve Learned – Pick Up Pennies

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Manifesting Money - Pick Up PenniesBefore I learned about the Law of Attraction whenever I walked by a penny on the ground I would leave it because “it’s just a penny” and it wasn’t important enough for me to bother. I had no idea that that split second thought in my head was broadcasting a vibration of rejection to the Universe. And every time I had a similar thought I was essentially telling the Universe, “No thanks, I don’t want wealth and money”. Now that I am aware of how my thoughts and feelings create my vibration about money I delight in receiving little gifts of change from the Universe. I don’t care if people look at me or what they think about me stopping to pick up some dirty penny on the street. I know better. I know that I am consistently projecting that I AM open to receive and am so very thankful for all that I have! Thank you bring me MORE!

*UPDATE April 2019*

I’ve turned picking up pennies into a game I play with my Incarnation Team/Soul/Higher Self. Whenever I go out and about I ask “How many coin present instant money manifestations will I line up to today?” and see how many they line me up to. Because I AM a cooperative component so they can put me in the right place at the right time to be where that coin is on the ground. One time in I went all day without even getting one and I thought, “Man people really need to start dropping some coins so I can pick them up! and I kid you not a few minutes later I heard a coin fall onto the ground so I waited until the person left and picked up a penny! I laughed with surprise and delight and it made my heart sing with joy that they heard me and answered my thought instantly!

Over the months as I’ve played this game they have given me coins in the most surprising places and are always surprising and delighting me. Every time I receive another one it makes me so happy and instantly raises my vibration. It’s like I’m a kid again playing hide and go seek with my invisible friends. And every time I receive another one it increases my confidence of manifesting and gives me the proof/evidence our mind thinks it needs in order to believe. The other day they lined me up to receive SEVEN coins in about two hours. Now I have SO MUCH fun playing this game and it has exponentially expanded my feeling about my ability to receive wealth and create money manifestations. I could care less what anyone thinks about me picking up coins on the ground because they don’t know what I know and I know that I AM building the momentum of wealth consciousness and because I LOVE RECEIVING INSTANT MONEY MANIFESTATIONS and am constantly affirming that I AM CONSTANTLY RECEIVING PRESENTS FROM ABOVE I know that ALL OF MY WEALTH COMES FROM ABOVE! Actually the weirder the spot where the money is the more it makes me feel like they put it there just so I could find it. My mom even joins me in looking for and picking them up! So the more fun you make it and the more ways you find to enjoy receiving money the more you affirm your love of money and ability to receive money freely, no strings attached. Because I AM ALWAYS RECEIVING MONEY FREELY!

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