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Spiritual Tshirts Spiritual Gift GuideI Love tshirts! They are one of my favorite garments to wear! So versatile, so comfy, they can be casual with jeans or dressed up for a night on the town. The best part is how they are the best canvas to share inspirational or spiritual messages with everyone who reads them! In this gift guide I have selected tshirts with inspirational sayings or designs on them. This will be the first of many more to come!




Our older Brother Ascended Master JESUS IS MY FRIEND so of course I resonate with this saying! It doesn’t matter if it’s Christian and I’m not, all paths lead to the same Source!

OM is the universal sound of creation, and chanting OM along with the other bija mantras is an integral part of any lifelong spiritual practice. Some people Netflix and chill, I OM and meditate!

MORE KINDNESS LESS JUDGEMENT speaks for itself! YES PLEASE! If we had more of this we would already be living in the Golden Age. It starts with YOU!

If you pay attention to outer appearances it may look like the world is getting worse but nothing is further from the truth! KEEP CALM AND HOLD THE LIGHT and know that consciousness is raising and we are all in a state of becoming!

In the non-physical Life is unlimited. It’s only here in the Earth Game we’re all playing that limitation exists. When you realize that truly YOU ARE YOUR ONLY LIMIT you can begin to transcend your limitations to become unlimited!

LOVE PEACE JOY speaks for itself. More please!

Sometimes there is no message, just a beautiful design that we are drawn to, as I was to DREAMCATCHER and YIN YANG.

The MASS MEDITATION INITIATIVE is a free annual conscious mass meditation, yoga, music and arts festival in Los Angeles and brings the community together with a global live stream mass meditation.



I don’t know about you but when I run errands all I care about is comfort, and comfort can be cute. This is my go-to comfort look – ponytail, t shirt, comfy pants and flip flops when it’s not cold. The tote bag is perfect for shopping because it can hold so much and it fits perfectly over my shoulder.

Lightworker Lifestyle Logo Women’s Tshirt, $25.50-27 Buy it here

Scunci Heathered & Solid Fabric Twisters 5 ct, Target, $4.99 Buy it here

Pepper & Mayne Signature Cotton Lounge Pants, Wolf and Badger, $46 (on sale) Buy it here

Lightworker Lifestyle Logo Tote Bag, $19.50 Buy it here

iQushion™ Super-Ergonomic Flip Flops, FitFlop, $32 Buy it here






Some days there’s nothing better than wearing a classic jean skirt and a tshirt. Casual and comfort are my everyday go tos. Denim never goes out of style and it only gets more comfy and better with age, making it a staple in any wardrobe. I chose two different shoes depending on my mood and if this is a flip flop day or a socks and sneakers day.

You Are Loved Women’s Tshirt, Lightworker Lifestyle, $25.50-27 Buy it here

Women’s Sonoma Goods for Life Release Hem Jean Skirt, Kohl’s Buy it here

Love Charm Bangle Set, Avenue, $16 Buy it here

Black Leather Crystal Wrap Bracelet, Etsy, $21.88 Buy it here

Jessica Simpson Classic Denim Jacket, Nordstrom Rack, $44.97 Buy it here

Women’s Airwalks Tatum Flat Flip Flop, $10 (clearance) Buy it here

Women’s Airwalks Denim Renny Sneaker, $24.99, Buy it here








So I might not like cold weather all that much but it sure is fun designing cute winter outfits. Here in the Capitol of CA we can get away with wearing lighter winter clothing so in this series I’ve put together some of my favorite winter looks.

Dancing Music Laughter Joy Women’s Tshirt, Lightworker Lifestyle, $27.90-30.23 Buy it here

Lace Printed Leggings, DogzPrinted, $49.95 Buy it here

North Cable Bobble Hat, Superdry, $24.50 Buy it here

Faux fur Cotton Anorak Jacket, Saks Off 5th, $34.99 Buy it here

Women’s Janine Boots, Muk Luks, $99 Buy it here

Laurex Brown Wolf Messenger Bag, Shoebuy, $64.95 Buy it here




I confess, winter is not my favorite season. Hey, I live in California and like most Californians I love the sun and warm weather. But contrast is always good and a little cold is appreciated too. Here in the Capitol of CA we can get away with wearing lighter winter clothing so in this series I’ve put together some cute winter outfits.

What You Believe You Receive Women’s Longsleeve Tshirt in Black, Lightworker Lifestyle, $27.90-30.23 Buy it here

Heavy Knit Beanie in Black, Dr. Martens, $48 Buy it here

Mid-rise flared Jeans, The Outnet, $83.30 Buy it here

Black Suede Platform Women’s Sneakers, Puma, $100 Buy it here

The North Face Denali Thermal Scarf, Backcountry, $34.95 Buy it here

Electric Tech One Sunglasses, Backcountry, $89.95 Buy it here




Black is such an awesome color to wear because it’s classy, versatile and goes with almost every other color, especially pink. I really love hot pink and black because the hot pink reminds me of bubble gum – juicy and vibrant against the black. My style is minimal, with small pops of color not overwhelming to the eye. This color combo really stands out when you feel like being a little bold. And remember – when you stay positive for as much as possible every day, you write your own story and it WILL end in glory!

Clockwise from top left:

This Story Hot Pink Women’s Tshirt, Lightworker Lifestyle, $25.50-27. Buy it here

Drawstring Black Leather Bucket Bag, Yoins, $19.95. Buy it here

Oakley Trillbe X, Zappos, $110. Buy it here

Anne Klein Silver Tone 3 pc Bangle Bracelets, Macy’s, $28. Buy it here

Take Off Black Wedge, Asos, $34. Buy it here

MCQ Alexander McQueen Black Leather Miniskirt, IFCHIC, $340. Buy it here





Pink and black are two of my favorite color combinations. I love the contrast and pop of color from the pink Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity tshirt against the black miniskirt, boots and jacket. Paired with either black or silver bracelets (I like cuffs for this look) and you have an easy outfit that’s great for day or night. You could also do a choker with or instead of the bracelets. That’s the fun of trying out different looks, mixing and matching and seeing what you like and don’t like!

Clockwise from left:

Love Peace Harmony Unity Anvil Scoopneck Women’s t shirt in Charity Pink, Lightworker Lifestyle, $26.35-28.90. Buy it here

Black Velvet Choker, Miss Selfridge, $12 Buy it here

Black Button Through Denim Mini Skirt, Miss Selfridge, $38 (on sale) Buy it here

Cat Aluminum Cuff Bracelet, DeCumiDesigns, $19.02 Buy it here

Live Well Laugh Often Aluminum Cuff Bracelet, Jcudesigns, $15.21+ Buy it here

Vero Moda Wool Blend Motorcycle Jacket, Lord & Taylor, $80.99 (clearance) Buy it here

Rieker D4181 Black Leather Knee High Boots, 6PM, $100.08 Buy it here




Offices all around the country enjoy Casual Fridays because it’s the one day people could dress more for comfort then looking professional; Fridays signify the beginning of the weekend and can be more relaxed than the other weekdays. I loved Casual Fridays when I had an office job so I thought it would be fun to create a cute outfit for this theme.


Create Share Repeat Women’s Tshirt, Lightworker Lifestyle, $25.50-27 Buy it here

Moto Denim High Waist Pelmet Skirt, Topshop, $55 Buy it here

The Classic Druzy Purple Bracelet, Etsy, $20 Buy it here

World Peace Blue Azurite Bracelet, Etsy, $20 Buy it here

Street Level Black Front Pocket Tote, Century 21, $36.99 Buy it here

Hooded Skew Zipper Hoodie, Rosegal, $20.78 Buy it here

Purple Glitter Ballet Flats, Etsy, $49 Buy it here


Shop This Look Hiking the Trails

Hiking is one of my all-time favorite outdoor activities. The fresh air, the trees, the fauna, the flowers, (ok maybe not the mosquitoes) I love pretty much everything about walking through nature. I love how the landscape changes and you have a destination you may be intending on reaching. Nature is my meditation because I can get lost observing and enjoying everything around me. It’s truly a zen experience whenever I go on a hike, especially near water. This is my go-to outfit for hiking the trails. Hiking shoes provide the necessary support and thick hiking socks are a must have if you’re walking for long distances or in rougher terrain as they keep your feet from sliding around too much in your shoes and they can help with sweating too.

I Am Unlimited Unisex Tshirt, Lightworker Lifestyle, $22.10-24.65 Buy it here (To see this shirt on a woman click here)

Patagonia Women’s Stretch All-Wear 8 Inch Short, Moosejaw, $55 Buy it here

Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses by Shades of Bamboo,, $51 Buy it here

Canvas Outdoor Hats-Moss,, $23.49 Buy it here

SmartWool Lightweight Hiking Socks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, $17.99 Buy it here

BEARPAW Women’s Paige Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots, Dick’s Sporting Goods, $49.99 (was $59.99) Buy it here