SHOP THIS LOOK: Errands… Cute Comfort



I don’t know about you but when I run errands all I care about is comfort, and comfort can be cute. This is my go-to comfort look – ponytail, t shirt, comfy pants and flip flops when it’s not cold. The tote bag is perfect for shopping because it can hold so much and it fits perfectly over my shoulder.

Lightworker Lifestyle Logo Women’s Tshirt, $25.50-27 Buy it here

Scunci Heathered & Solid Fabric Twisters 5 ct, Target, $4.99 Buy it here

Pepper & Mayne Signature Cotton Lounge Pants, Wolf and Badger, $46 (on sale) Buy it here

Lightworker Lifestyle Logo Tote Bag, $19.50 Buy it here

iQushion™ Super-Ergonomic Flip Flops, FitFlop, $32 Buy it here