Book Review: The Curators by Guy Steven Needler

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I became a fan and avid reader of Guy’s work after reading “The History of God” and “The Origin Speaks” years ago because his books have contributed to the radical expansion of my entire consciousness. I am seriously so thankful for his work because it has significantly helped me to understand how Life works and to appreciate how truly glorious this creation of All That Is is. Those of you who still don’t believe in channeling will not be interested in his work because it’s all channeled information from the higher frequencies – our Source (Source Entity One/SE1) and the Origin of All That Is among other entities. Unlike other channeled information, his work is different in that it’s very scientific, rather technical, abstract and can go right over your head requiring intense concentration to absorb and process. It’s free of any religious overtones, dogma or theology. It’s stripped down science. The closest work I can compare it to (but wayyy more basic) is “Conversations with God” because it’s basically another conversation with higher frequency entities, one of which we call God.

Like many metaphysical teachings I find it’s best to read his books multiple times to expand your comprehension because you glean more every time. To really understand and get the most out of “The Curators”, I highly suggest reading Guy’s other books before this one because they build on each other and if you don’t have the framework/foundation of at least the “The History of God” and “The Origin Speaks” then you will be so lost and won’t understand the content it will be totally counter-productive. Because there is one function of All That Is that you have never heard of before and our realities as we know them wouldn’t exist without it: Event Space.

“The Curators” focuses specifically on the entities created to maintain the multiverse created by SE1, including the physical universe we live in. Our multiverse is massive and there are unfathomable amounts of entities that exist and work within it, including us! Yes, we incarnate mankind are among the caretakers of the physical universe. The Curators work so much with Event Space and our parallel worlds/lives, manipulating it for the greatest efficiency and seamless integration that we, the entities in the evolutionary cycle, are completely oblivious! This was by far the most challenging book to read and comprehend because it’s the most technical, abstract and imparts such a high level of information I have never read before. The concepts introduced are presented in plain language but after one reading there’s so much I still don’t get, hence the need for multiple readings. The beginning of the book begins with busting a few of the most popular myths floating in religious and spiritual teachings – they waste no time in blowing your mind wide open! Guy is always worried that his books are too long with too much information and I say the opposite! I wish they were longer with more detail! I would be so happy with a series of Source/Origin encyclopedias haha! At least until I regain full consciousness then I won’t need outer teachings anymore!

The bottom line is: if you are a seeker, open minded and ready for/desiring expansion of your knowledge and consciousness then this and all of Guy’s books are must-haves for your mind and library. I’m so excited for his next book on healing to be released! If I had my way they’d all already be published instantly right now!

The Kindle edition is available now on Amazon. The print edition won’t be available until December 1, 2019.

*Disclaimer: I do not and will not receive any monetary compensation for this review. It is my honest opinion of this book and his work as one of the many valuable contributions to the field of metaphysics and spiritual teachings.