Blessing of the Day: Sand Paper

In Blessings

Blessing of the Day - Sand PaperWhen I sit in contemplation and think about my parents, ex-boyfriends, and all of the people that have been in my life, I thank them for the contribution they have made in any way to shaping me, sculpting me and sandblasting me to become the person I am today. My analogy is sand paper. The people in my life briefly or outer acquaintances I call fine grit – they did a little shaping and it was relatively painless. Next are the people in my life longer or that are closer to me who do a little more sculpting, they remove more than just the outer layer and it hurts a little more – I call them medium grit. Finally, the grand poobah of sand paper, coarse grit. This special level is reserved for family and those other dear people who trigger you to no end. They sandblast the shit out of you with high powered sanders and just when you think you’re shiny and perfect bam! they hit you with another spray of sand.

If you are able to pull back, go within and recognize that these dear souls are the treasure in your life providing an immense service to your evolution and growth you would begin to see them not as thorns in your side but as glorious opportunities to heal returning karma and transcend the human limitations keeping you stuck on your Ascension path. You know that before we all incarnated together we made contracts with each other to help us all grow and evolve more in each lifetime. So if you are resistant to seeing the value they bring to your life and refuse to learn from every interaction, if you refuse to expand your capacity and go beyond your comfort zone you will have to experience these trigger people over and over and over until you get it. Until they bring you to your knees in surrender. They WILL break your ego shield eventually so the question is: how much suffering do you choose to put yourself through?