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    • I AM God Within Affirmation Tshirt

      “Be still and know that I AM GOD”. Anyone on the religious or spiritual path has surely heard this sentence brought to us by our dear Brother Jesus. The higher you go on your ascension path and the more diligent you are in your spiritual practice the more you really and truly begin to know and feel this as your own truth. Especially if you have a consistent meditation practice and are able to go deep within your consciousness, you experience Life beyond the material and become more and more aware of the oneness of all Life everywhere, and the Source of Life connecting everything together. When you reach God consciousness you know and feel that you truly are GOD WITHIN as a spark, an individualized unit of that Divine energy and sentience and you know that nothing exists that is not God. Claim the Power of God within YOU!

      My intention with this “I AM” affirmation tshirts series is to enable the person using the product to FEEL and BE the message. Let the energy of the words empower you. Affirmations are meant to be said with strength and conviction which is reflected in the design – all caps and bold text. Whenever I read the words I actually DO feel the message because the energy of the words helps me connect with my own authentic internal soul power. People may not realize words do carry quite a powerful energetic impact so it’s best to choose them wisely and choose positively because you are programming yourself. If you are afraid or unwilling to declare this statement to everyone around you perhaps you still have work to do in claiming your power? Or maybe you’re afraid of people’s reaction or judgement of you? This motivational t shirts series is designed to empower you to explore your courage and discover how much you give people your power by still caring what they think of you enough to modify your behavior.

    • Sirian Inside Tshirt

      Most starseeds incarnate on Earth the same way as everyone else but our soul aspects/higher selves originate from other planets or universes. We look human and are playing the human game but inside we feel differently because many of us remember more of who we really are and feel like we are in this world but not of this world.

    Showing 1-2 of 2 results