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    • I AM Beautiful Affirmation Tshirt

      Christina Aguilera said it best in her song of the same title, “I AM BEAUTIFUL” and she really owns her power. Start claiming your power back from believing in the programming and conditioning that makes you think or feel you’re ugly or anything but beautiful. The old adage is true, beauty really does come from the inside so stop focusing so much on external beauty and learn to Love yourself from the inside out and see yourself the way Source and all of the beings in the higher frequencies see you, absolutely gorgeous! Stop accepting what other people think or say about you and claim your power because I AM BEAUTIFUL no matter what they say! OWN IT!

      My intention with this “I AM” affirmation series is to enable the person using the product to FEEL and BE the message. Let the energy of the words empower you. Affirmations are meant to be said with strength and conviction which is reflected in the design – all caps and bold text. Whenever I read the words I actually DO feel the message because the energy of the words helps me connect with my own authentic internal soul power. People may not realize words do carry quite a powerful energetic impact so it’s best to choose them wisely and choose positively because you are programming yourself. If you are afraid or unwilling to declare this statement to everyone around you perhaps you still have work to do in claiming your power? Or maybe you’re afraid of people’s reaction or judgement of you? This spiritual t shirts series is designed to empower you to explore your courage and discover how much you give people your power by still caring what they think of you enough to modify your behavior.

    1 item