NESARA: US Government of New Earth – No Income Tax!

Posted by:Rana Sabeh onMay 9, 2018

NESARA 2 - National Economic Security & Reformation ActI don’t know about you but I would love for income tax to disappear! Imagine how prosperous Americans would be if we stopped paying the income tax that goes to fund the wealth of the power elite! I was shocked when I learned of this, that the IRS and the Federal Reserve funnel our precious dollars to the power elite keeping us in financial slavery through the economic system they created! You may not believe it and I don’t blame you, it sounds crazy but if only you knew the rest… 😱

NESARA has been vigorously labeled a conspiracy theory as the power elite/cabal do everything they can to discredit this light-based legislation and government of New Earth because it effectively ends their reign of power over humanity and Planet Earth. They even created false flag websites of misinformation to distract and confuse people from the truth about this little-known US law.

I first heard about NESARA in 2016, when I learned about the cabal and our prison planet, the economic slavery they created for us and everything going on in the world right now. I learned about St. Germain’s Prosperity & Humanitarian Funds and New Earth, of which NESARA is an instrumental part. It is so incredible to learn just how much is happening behind the scenes of this world and just how many Glorious Beings are helping the people of Earth during this transition from darkness back to Light. And I barely know a drop in the bucket!

Read more about NESARA at Golden Age of Gaia.

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