Giving Back

An important part of my vision for Lightworker Lifestyle is giving back
to the people who have dedicated their life to doing spiritual work full time
and potentially sacrificing their opportunity to make more money than they currently do.
100% of the profit of each shirt sold from the “Giving Back” line goes directly to the organization or individual(s).
As my business grows I am excited to add more people/organizations to this list.


Ashtar is the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet and united under the banner of love are millions of ships from all over the galaxy here to help our beautiful planet Gaia and all of her kingdoms including humanity raise our vibrations to the fifth dimension of love into the long-awaited Golden Age.

Ashtar has asked Susan Leland to serve as the voice for channeling his and others’ messages. Together with Fran, Susan runs Ashtar on the Road, the website where you can find these messages given through her along with news and information about activities for the group Ashtar has named ‘Ashtar on the Road’.

I am delighted to collaborate with AOTR to help generate the money necessary to fund their important work. 100% of the profit of every Ashtar on the Road tshirt goes directly to Susan and Fran to help pay their operating costs. We all owe them deep gratitude for the work they do in sharing these messages of love that enable us to raise our vibrations and truly feel part of the galactic family. Visit Ashtar on the Road Website

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